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Sugar Free Jell0

Testimony of the Day

“Maria words just cannot express how thankful and blessed I feel to have found you and your blog. I started grain fee back in March 2013 with moderate success in weight loss but hit a plateau after about 6-7 months but still had overall amazing success with eliminating stomach issues, fatigue and joint pain. My husband has been hearing me blab on and on about wanting to do one of your nutrition plans sooo that was my early Valentines present from him this year. I am so happy to report that after 5 weeks with the advanced keto package that I have lost another 15-18 pounds BUT most amazingly I have went from a 8-10 in jeans to a 5/6!!! Lord I’ve not wore a 5/6 in years and I feel amazing!!!! I still have 30 days to go by starting my maintenance phase of the plan and I’m very excited to keep seeing results! We are all so very blessed to have a person like you who cares enough to want people to get better and be successful in the right way with weight loss and healing the body! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Maria!

(3 pictures, the collage consists of pics of me at my heaviest around 185-190 along with a new one, a tag with my new clothing size and a new pic in my 5/6 jeans as of last night)” – Dawn”

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sugar free Jell-o


I had the great opportunity to speak at Low Carb Denver. One of the doctors who spoke talked about how easy the keto diet can be and that if you need a keto dessert, just make a package of sugar-free Jell-O! WHAT???? I couldn’t believe my ears! A doctor speaking at the conference is recommending a food item filled with food dye, aspartame and chemicals?

I get frustrated when I hear type 2 diabetics tell me that sugar-free Jell-O is considered a “free” food item for them to consume. There are a few reasons to toss Sugar Free Jell-O out of your pantry!

Ingredients in Jell-O gelatin strawberry flavor = gelatin, adipic acid, disodium phosphate, maltodextrin from corn, fumaric acid, aspartame, less than 2 percent artificial flavor, acesulfame potassium, salt, blue 1 dye and red 40 dye.


There’s good reason to cut the artificial food coloring. They’re in almost all processed foods and even some fresh whole foods; fruit growers are now allowed to dip oranges in a carcinogenic red food dye to make them more appealing. We have a natural instinct linking color to freshness, and to entice kids to eat junk. It’s not just the hot pink cherries in the Captain Crunch that have these detrimental dyes; cheese, vegetable juice, and yogurt contain food coloring. Did you know cheese should be white?Synthetic dyes cause hyperactivity because it is an excitotoxin, where it over stimulates our dopamine production, but then we don’t produce enough; which causes a deficiency. ADD is a symptom of a dopamine deficiency.

Becoming quickly bored with the routine and having a hard time focusing are classic symptoms. People with dopamine deficiencies tend to start a lot of things yet don’t finish them. They work on a lot of different things at once. In an ADHD child, low levels of dopamine don’t allow the child to focus or attend to anything in the environment, looking very physically hyperactive due to their lack of focus. As dopamine levels in the brain begin to rise, we become excited and energized. If it gets too high, which usually happens with stimulations like MSG, food dyes and drugs, then the body becomes hyperstimulated by our environment, becoming guarded and suspicious. With low levels of dopamine, we can’t focus while with high levels of dopamine our focus becomes intense to the point of focusing on everything as though it were directly related to our situation. Steering clear of these excitotoxins are your best defense for your family! Kraft, Coca-Cola and other manufacturers already removed artificial dyes from the products they distribute in other countries, but not in America. Nutri-Grain bars in American include Red 40, Yellow 6 and Blue 1, but in Europe, they use beetroot red, annatto and paprika for color.

2. Aspartame

Aspartame has been found to “eat” tiny holes in our cellular membrane. When this happens, things like Multiple Sclerosis (MS), cancer, mood disorders and many other serious issues will show up. One client in particular LOVED her diet Coke. She drank 6 cans a day. As an adult, she developed MS; which became so severe she was bound to a wheelchair. After doing some research on aspartame, she decided to kick her addiction to soda. Guess what? Her body started to heal. She is no longer in a wheelchair. She still has symptoms, but her diagnosis went from “extreme MS” to “moderate!” Most people I meet say, “I don’t have depression, but I do feel lousy, crabby, and “fly-off the handle” over no reason lately.” My first suggestion is to kick the aspartame from our lips, which can be very difficult, but in the end, they become a happier person. Same with your children!

3. Maltodexterin

The danger is that maltodextrin is very high on the glycemic index: 105. This is 5 points higher than glucose which is 100. And, it is almost double that of table sugar which is around 59.

To learn more on specific foods and how it effects our mood and our children, I have a very shocking class called Food Mood Energy and Weight Loss for only $25 and I also have a Healthy Kids Class. Just click here to get the slides and video! 🙂


 sugar free Jell-o


1 cup cold water

4 tsp unflavored gelatin

1 cup boiling water

3 tea bags (blueberry, chai, peach, lemon, pomegranate or other)

2 TBS Swerve (or stevia glycerite to desired sweetness)

OPTIONAL: 1 tsp extract (blueberry, pineapple, lemon or strawberry, depending on desired flavor)

1-3 tsp citric acid (natural sour taste)


Soften gelatin by soaking in 1 cup of the cold water for a few minutes. Boil water and add 3 tea bags to 1 cup boiling water and steep for 3-5 minutes. Remove the tea bags (squeeze out water from the bags) and add the cold water to the hot tea. Add remaining ingredients, stirring until thoroughly blended. Pour into an 8×8 baking pan. Refrigerate until set. Cut into desired shapes. Makes 4 servings.

Traditional Jell-O = 70 calories, 0g fat, 1g protein, 17g carbs, 0g fiber
“Healthified” Jell-O = 8 calories, 0g fat, 2g protein, 0g carbs

NOTE:  I don’t use regular store brand gelatin.  I use Further Foods Gelatin. It is grass-fed, pasture-raised premium beef hide gelatin. Flavorless and naturally thickens your cooking and baking recipes.  I buy a HUGE amount (gelatin doesn’t spoil!)

 sugar free Jell-o

According to Nourishing Traditions and the Weston A. Price foundation, there are various health benefits to Gelatin, including:

1. Can improve digestion since it naturally binds to water and helps food move more easily though the digestive track.

2. Good for joints and can decrease pain associated with arthritis.

3. Can help tighten loose skin. I get questions all the time on how to do this! Here is one trick!
4. Supports skin, hair and nail growth.

5. Great source of dietary collagen, therefore it helps reduce cellulite! (BEAUTY TIP: do not waste your money on topical creams that claim to reduce cellulite. Collagen is too large to be absorbed by the skin, so those skin creams are a waste of money. Consume it internally and use almond or coconut oil for lotion).

6. Speeds wound healing: Gelatin is mainly composed of the amino acids glycine and proline, which many people don’t consume in adequate amounts as they are found in the bones, fibrous tissues and organs of animals and as a population, we don’t consume these parts as much anymore. These amino acids are needed not only for proper skin, hair and nail growth, but for a healthy immune function and weight regulation! Glycine, which makes up about 1/3 of the amino acids in gelatin powder is anti-inflammatory and evidence is finding that it can help speed wound healing.

7. Helps with sleep: Glycine in gelatin can also help improve quality of sleep.

8. Balances hormones: We are living in a “Sea of Estrogen” (yes, even men!), which can be caused by consuming alcohol, excess carbohydrates, hormones in food, phytoestrogens in soy, xenoestrogens found in plastics, heating food in plastic, even soap is estrogenic. This hormonal imbalance causes aging, inflammation, and infertility. Gelatin has anti-estrogenic effects which can help offset the effects of excess estrogen in the body.

9. Weight Loss: It boosts Human Growth Hormone production and boost metabolism. The largest surge of Human Growth Hormone is 30-70 minutes after bed (I write all about the Human Growth Hormone in my book: Secrets to a Healthy Metabolism).sugar free Jell-o

To help with weight loss, do not eat 3 hours before bed to let the natural rise of Human Growth Hormone happen (or insulin will stop the natural rise) and consume at least 1 tablespoon of gelatin powder before bed. You can eat it plain, but I recommend mixing in to a cup of ‘sleepy time’ tea by dissolving at least 1 TBS in about 1/3 cup cold water and then adding 2/3 cup of the steeped tea.

So Gelatin is a super supplement!


sugar free Jell-o

Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


  • Amanda N says:

    Hi Maria- I have a question and I’m not sure where to ask it, so I apologize it is off topic from your original post.
    I purchased a package of high fat, grass fed beef from a local farmer, and it lists 1.5g of trans fat per serving. I’ve seen trans fat on beef before, and I’m wondering what’s up with that. Is it the same toxic stuff as hydrogenated oils, or is it a ‘natural’ trans fat that (I hope!) isn’t the same as the chemically processed stuff. Any insight would be much appreciated, thanks very much!!

    • There are natural trans fats in things like beef and they are not like the unnatural man made stuff. 🙂

      • Melanie says:

        Thank you so much for answering the question about trans fat in beef (as well as all the other questions you get!). I’ve been wondering this as well and I just came across this response, even though it was from months back. It put my mind at ease.

  • Thanks for all of the helpful information!! I never knew this!!

  • This information is quiet useful

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Kaye says:

    Info I didn’t know about the Maltodextrin, much appreciated.
    Wondering about gelatin tea and timing. Do I need to drink it 3 hours before bed or can I drink it during the 3 hour window of not eating before bed? Thanks!!

    • You can drink it before bed if you like. Just no food at least 3 hours before bed.

      • Janet t says:

        is this broth kinda in place of using chondroitin tablets and glucosomine tablets. I would rather use this for my joint health…I have a grocery list at your store just waiting for all the details to finish up my order. thanks maria…

  • charlotte estess says:

    Soo happy to have a healthy jello, made this today with bluberry pomegranate tea, strawberry extract, swerve, and 1/2tsp stevia glycerite, yumminess! Thx Maria 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    wondering about making gelatin from agar?

  • Anonymous says:

    I have just discovered your blog, and I love it! I found out about you by reading Dr. Davis’ Wheat Belly blog, and he posted a recipe of yours a while back (the lasagna one using thin turkey deli strips instead of pasta (so creative!!).

    I am going to subscribe to your blog and also look at some of your books on amazon.

    Thank you for your generosity in publishing that wonderful bread recipe on this blog. I can’t wait to try it!

  • IhaveallMariasbookandlovethem says:

    What do you think about using a juicer for low carb vegetables and drinking the juice? Things like broccalli, kale, cucumber…..would that give you intense enzymes and minerals and be okay since those are low carb vegetables? A friend gave me some to try. It also had lemon and ginger in it. It was really good. I wondered about the carb count that way

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Maria. What do you think of Truvia? Is it ok?

    • It is OK if it is all you can get. I prefer others like Swerve that don’t come from GMO source. 🙂

      • Cheryl says:

        Wow! Didn’t know it was a GMO. My prob with Swerve is the aftertaste. LOVE how it sweetens but that cool feeling after I eat it and especially if I drink something afterward just bothers md. Any suggestions for cutting that aftertaste?

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh wow… I didn’t know it was GMO! Thanks!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Maria, help!
    After reading your metabolism book, it changed my life and I am so thankful for your recipes … Really want this to be a staple in my home.
    When I made it, twice, it never setup beyond a thick liquid. What could I be doing wrong? It was settling and separating and never turned into jello.
    Thank you for advice on this!

  • alonamusic says:

    It turned out great:) Need to try a different tea next time! I made chai tea ones.

  • martyann says:

    Hi Maria,
    Im in need of some direction as to where to go for good foods to fight cancer. I think bone broth, gelatin right? what else should we do? I’m sorry to throw this on you here but there it is. Thank you for all you do!! Thank you soooo much!!

  • Argia says:

    My 24 year old son is on this journey with me. We are both so thankful for having found your website! I have a couple of your books in my “cart” to purchase after the first of the month.

    I have question regarding your comments above where you state that you should not eat within 3 hours of going to bed. My son works 12 hour shifts, alternating 4 days one week and 3 the next. He comes home at around 8:00 a.m., eats and then heads off to bed by 9:00 a.m., sleeps 8 hours getting up at 5:00, showers, eats dinner and goes to work.

    He has done great by taking the food I cook to work with him and not joining the guys at work for their usual pizza or junk food runs anymore, but he does not get a food break that would allow him to eat any earlier than 8:00 a.m. and he can’t stay up any later than 9:00 a.m. to get enough sleep for the next 12 hour shift. Any suggestions?

    • cemmerich says:

      If you want to maximize your HGH production, not eating at least 3 hours before bed is ideal. But in his case it might not be possible so just try to eat as for from bed as possible. 😉

  • Argia says:

    Thanks Maria!

  • Cynthia says:

    I have the green canister of Great Lakes gelatin. I put it in my bullet-proof coffee. No problem with that, right?

  • Hallie says:

    Maria- I use the Green Can of Great Lakes Gelatin- hydrolyzed collagen. I am assuming this is OK, just dissolves easier in liquids. You recommend to take a tablespoon before bed in tea…….my question, does this not interfere with the HGH production?

    • cemmerich says:

      Yes, that is a good option. Generally, if you have just a few calories (this is only 25) you will be ok. 🙂

  • Irina says:

    what about varicose viens? I heard somewhere that it’s bad to consume this kinds of food (including broths) for this decease….

  • LeAnn says:

    Hi Maria – this must have some protein – 1 Tablespoon is supposed to have 6 grams of protein? I just started using gelatin myself and I use Bernard Jensens’ brand. Also from grassfed cows.

  • Deanna says:

    What is the difference between the green can of gelatin and the orange?

  • Lynnette says:

    I doubled the gelatin and subbed some of the cold water for lemon juice and turned it into fruit snacks!

  • Susan Lynn says:

    Thank you for the info about Maltodextrin, I have been buying the diabetic chocolate from Trader Joes thinking it was an OK sugar replacement….hmmmm. So many ways to go wrong here….I purchased your $300 package around November and have lost over 35 lbs. (I started cutting out carbs in August by reading your blog) My doctor had warned me about my weight gain so when I saw her in January for routine blood test she was ecstatic about my results, both in my blood numbers and my weight loss. Thank you so very much for all of your shared knowledge! Now, my naturally thin husband and kids are on board…BTW, hubby and 1 son have genetically high cholesterol, looking forward to their blood test results after 6 months on your program! My best friend and her family have purchased your assessment and books and are on their way to great health also! I praise God for you Maria! Thank you!

  • Rebecca says:

    Can you consume the jello just before bed….: ) ?

  • EllenS_RD says:

    While I’m happy for your client that her MS symptoms improved, it is highly misleading to claim a cause and effect relationship with aspartame. There is absolutely NO scientific evidence that aspartame can “eat tiny holes” in our cellular membranes or that it causes MS. As a registered dietitian who works closely with the Calorie Control Council, I can assure you that the cells would collapse if there were tiny holes in them and the person would quickly die. It’s important to keep in mind that Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic are among many health organizations that support the safe use of low and no-calorie sweeteners.

  • Jennifer Smith says:

    Hello, I bought the Great Lakes Gelatin and am having a hard time with it. have you ever heard of anyone getting an upset stomach with it? I tried taking it at night with a cup of tea, but it seemed to keep me awake, so I take it during the day tea, coffee or smoothies. Every evening I come down with an awful stomach ache and get terribly bloated. I’m not sure if it’s the gelatin or not, just wondering if you’ve heard of this. Not sure if I should cut my dosage. I’ve also read on some other websites that if people didn’t dissolve the gelatin in something hot, it caused them upset stomachs. maybe I should stick to gelatin in my coffee or tea and forget about the smoothies.

    • cemmerich says:

      Sorry, I haven’t heard that before. 🙂

    • Juliea Smith says:

      I have had the same problem with Great Lakes gelatin. As soon as I got a can I started mixing it in with my smoothie. A few hours later every single time I started having incredibly sharp stimach cramps. Anyone know why?

  • laura says:

    Hi Maria,

    I see that NOW foods has a beef gelatin. Is that a good option? Thanks

  • Jeanie says:

    Maria, I am so happy you have a gelatin recipe. Can I use lemon juice instead of citric acid?

  • angela says:

    When using this brand of gelatin, do you notice any flavor from it when making the jello? I haven’t tried it yet but I was reading some reviews on other sites with some people saying they noticed an ‘off’ taste to the jello like beef or something. Just wondering if you noticed anything like that?

  • Anna says:

    Hi Maria!

    I just wanted to point out that the additive annatto that you mentioned as being an acceptable coloring agent used in Europe, is the dye that is used here in the US to make cheese yellow. So, no worries about eating yellow cheese. It doesn’t have to be white. Cheese food product, however, is a different story.

  • tina says:

    Has anyone who isn’t a fan of tea tried this? Just wondering how much the tea flavor comes through. I’m not a tea drinker, so I don’t have any in the house, I just made a batch with plain boiling water. I used the citric acid and orange extract- fingers crossed!

  • ramona says:

    I used wild orange Essential Oils and it was great – I let cool some before I added

  • Maria says:

    Maria, I don’t drink hot beverages. Can this be made into an ‘iced’ tea after it’s brewed hot and not lose it’s efficacy? I need to know before I place an order through your amazon store. Oooops. I just clicked the link to the ‘unflavored gelatin’ (off the recipe) and once redirected to the site, it says: “Page temporarily unavailable. Sorry for the inconvenience.” I will check again if it can be consumed effectively as an iced tea. Thank you in advance.

  • Kelly says:

    Hi, this is great, because I’m trying to have grass fed gelatin everyday, which Great Lakes Gelatin product do you think is the best most nutritious?. Also what is your opinion on products like – Fucothin, Safslim, high linolieic acid , CLA, NeoCell super collagen powder as well as Primrose oil, Sea buckthorn oil, Avocado oil and Creatine?

  • Ariel says:

    Hi Maria,

    I’m reading that Stevia is an anti-fertilisation agent used by the world Governments to reduce population control. I was also reading studies on rats made in the 50’s, 70’s and 80’s that when Stevia was given to rats, fertility dropped during the mating season. As the FDA approved aspartame, it also approved Stevia…both for HEALTH reasons!!?

    What’s your opinion on this subject please?

  • Ariel says:

    Hmmm…Population control leaded by world leaders is not a study, it’s a fact. And as per the studies of Stevia, I’m reading new things about it that are not dated 3o years ago. I think I’ll stick with just a bit of Erythritol.
    Thanks for your opinion.

  • Ann says:

    Is it ok to use Knox gelatin until I can find the Great Lakes?

  • Kathleen says:

    Maria, First off, thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and for creating delicious recipes for the low carb / keto world. Would you mind providing more information about the studies that indicate aspartame “eats” tiny holes in our cellular membrane? Thank you.

  • Karen says:

    Just read your info about gelatin. Do I understand right in that it will help tighten skin? My skin is loose due to age and losing 45 pounds. I am anxious to try your natural “Jello”. Thank you.

  • Gila Bengio-Friedson says:

    Hi Maria, thank you so much for posting a wealth of information on keto living. I bought your cookbook, Ketogenic Cooking and I love it. I have a question about a product I bought on Amazon : Simply Delish Strawberry Jel Dessert. It’s made with xylitol. I want to know if it’s accepted on the ketogenic diet.

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