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If you prefer to make your own meal plans, track macros and have an online program that includes lots of support options CLICK HERE for our subscription site KETO-ADAPTED.COM.

ALL NEW Keto Courses!

We also have all NEW Keto Courses that include weekly live webinars, lifetime access, up to 60 days of interactive meal plans and much more. Go HERE to get the NEW Keto Courses.

Pre-Packaged Programs:

For Pre-Packaged programs, see below. Maria offers a range of packages to fit clients’ individual needs and budgets. Each program has several components including meal plans, educational videos and instructional/tutorial videos.  Each package is designed to help you understand what foods to eat and how to develop a healthy lifestyle that will enable your body to heal and to reach your goals.

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Keto-7 Day Cleanse

Perfect place to start. Cleanse the body, get into a ketogenic state and start using fat for fuel fast. Includes meal plan and full supplement plan for detoxing and healing.

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Keto 30 maintenance

Keto-30 Maintain and Heal

This package gives you everything you need to heal your body while maintaining or gaining weight. This is a complete lifestyle changing package.

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Keto 30

Keto-30 Accelerated

This package gives you everything you need to heal your body and Lose Weight. This is a complete lifestyle changing package that has everything you need to reach your goals. Includes more traditional 3 meals a day. (formerly Accelerated package)

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Keto 30+

Keto-30 Advanced Keto

Lose Weight and Heal FASTER than ever. This package includes everything for getting your body healing and losing weight fast. This is a complete lifestyle changing package. Includes 2 meals a day with snack and daily intermittent fasting.

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Keto 90

Keto-90 Complete Package

This is the complete package that not only gives you everything you need to Heal and Lose Weight fast, it also gives you everything you need to Maintain Forever. 

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Phone ConsultPhone Consultation Package

Personalized One-on-One consultation with Maria. A full month of support and everything you need to get on the right track including personalized health assessment and coaching.

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NOTE: Once you purchase any package, no refund is possible (you get all the material as soon as you checkout).

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"I started in mid-June and my family all joined me in July. My husband lost 67 lbs and went from a size 38 to a size 32 pants. He is off of bp meds and his cpap, and fixed his cholesterol.I have lost 63 lbs. I started at a whopping 320 (only 5 foot tall) and am down to 256.6. I have fibromyalgia and eating this way helps my pain so much! I feel so much healthier, no more glue in my gut, and no more insatiable hunger.My daughter was told she was borderline insulin resistant, adhd, and had a behavior disorder. She has lost 38 lbs, and no longer has any symptoms of any of her conditions. She sleeps better at night and has amazing grades in school this year, her first year in Junior high. My oldest daughter also lost around 12 lbs, which was all she needed to lose. My husband is at his goal. I have a long way to go yet, but I'm going to keep on trucking. Keto is the way to go."


“My proudest moment of 2014 has been my transformation to become healthier along with my family and become a much better person. It is still a work in progress (down 55 lbs. so far) but, I have faith in every step no matter how small it is. Thanks so much!”


“I have been following you for about four years but didn’t dive in to the Keto life style until a year ago. As I told you on Saturday, it has changed my life. I am at least 30 pounds down. I went from a size 8 to a 2. I was diagnosed in January of 2011 with a rare Sarcoma and haven’t been given a lot of hope. I have been tumor free since and appreciating every day. I have never felt better or have had more energy than I have ever had in my life. Thanks again"