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Meatball Cake Pops

These Meatball Cake Pops are perfect for a keto Halloween party!

My son Kai turned 10 last week and I made him a delicious Meat Cake at his request! Click HERE to find his Meat Cake recipe!

I wanted to make his birthday extra special since we aren’t doing much for celebrations because of Covid-19 going on!

Instead of just a meat cake, I also made Mummy Meatball Cake Pops! Yes, we had a lot of food, but both recipes make GREAT leftovers for easy keto meals!

I also love that whenever I reheated the leftovers, it brought a smile to all of our faces!

If you are having a Halloween party with your family or maybe a fun party next year, you must try these delicious Mummy Meatball Cake Pops!

Meatball Cake Pops

Maria Emmerich
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Course Appetizer, Beef and Lamb, Carnivore, Nut Free, Pork, Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 12
Calories 292


  • 1 pound ground beef 85% lean
  • 1/2 pound ground pork or more beef
  • 1 large egg
  • 1/4 cup tomato sauce
  • 1/4 cup minced yellow onion
  • 2 tablespoons dry mustard
  • 2 cloves garlic minced
  • 2 teaspoons Redmond Real salt plus more for seasoning sauce (use code Maria15 for 15% off
  • 1 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper


  • 1/2 cup unsalted butter
  • 8 ounces cream cheese softened
  • 1/4 cup beef bone broth I used Kettle and Fire brand


  • 1 package package Prosciutto
  • Whole Peppercorns for the eyes


  • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Place a piece of parchment onto a rimmed baking sheet.
  • In a large bowl, combine the ground beef, ground pork, egg, tomato sauce, onion, mustard, garlic, salt, pepper. Mix until well combined.
  • Use your hands to form the meat mixture into 1 3/4 inch round meatballs (they will shrink after baking).
  • Place the meatballs onto the prepared baking sheet. Place into the oven to bake for 25-30 minutes or until cooked through and no longer pink inside (160 degrees F internal temperature).
  • Meanwhile, make the sauce: Place the butter in a saucepan and heat until the butter sizzles and brown flecks appear, stirring constantly to keep the butter from burning. Reduce the heat to low. Whisk in the cream cheese, broth, and cheese. Use a stick blender to puree until smooth.
  • When the meatballs are done, remove them from the oven. Allow to cool for 30 minutes in the fridge, so the frosting doesn't melt when you place it onto the meatball cake pops.
  • Once the meatballs are cool, place a corn dog stick into the center of each meatball. Dip each meatball into the warm sauce for a thin layer over each meatball. Place the empty end of the stick into a small pumpkin.
  • Slice the prosciutto into 1/4 thin thin strips. They may break in spots, but that is ok. Use the pieces to wrap around the frosted meatballs while leaving an open strip of area for 2 eyeballs.
  • Place 2 peppercorns into the frosting in the open area.
  • Serve or if desired, reheat in a 350 degree F oven for 5 minutes or until heated through.


Calories: 292 | Fat: 25g | Protein: 16g | Carbohydrates: 2g | Fiber: 0.2g | P:E Ratio: 0.6



“Thanks Maria and Craig Emmerich!!!

4 months ago I watched your carnivore class and started the next day. Well, today is my 4 month carnivore-versary and today I reached a big milestone. 51 pounds gone!

Definitely still a work in progress, but I feel great and have NEVER been able to lose this much weight so easily or quickly.” – Kristy

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Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


  • Karen Stewart says:

    Hi Maria!
    I bought your book keto cleans!!!
    It’s amazing!!!
    I am from Jamaica, but live in Canada for over 30 years!
    Can I order your product from here?

    I also know that I need some kind of support to succeed, but I don’t know if I can afford it.

    Thank you for your hard work!
    And I will take all the advise you give!!!

    Many thanks!!

    Karen Stewart

  • Louisa Wallick says:

    Is the nutrition information available?

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