National Bacon Day


If anyone is fooled by Turkey “Bacon” labels, let me help you!
1. Look at the serving size: It looks as though turkey bacon (on the right) has 1/2 the calories, BUT it is for only 1 slice vs 2 slices for pork bacon.
2. The process they do to create turkey “bacon” is scary! The food processor mechanically separate the meat and form it into something that looks like bacon.
3. They add atrocious amounts of chemicals that make it somewhat taste like bacon.

4. It doesn’t taste good… seriously people…eat real bacon! It isn’t cancer-causing!



 If you are a lover of bacon and are looking for amazing ketogenic bacon recipes, look no further!
My family LOVES bacon and I love to make food fun! My son Micah got a kick out of my Bacon Cookies!
Here are some of my favorite bacon recipes:
Thank you for your love and support!


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  • linda says:

    Maria – just a quibble. The serving listing is based on 18g of food vs. 15g. The number of slices is not the point…..

  • I’d choose regular bacon over turkey bacon any time!

  • Ann says:

    Is the chemical preparation for Turkey bacon the same if organic?

  • Tere says:

    Happy National Bacon Day to you, too! Already celebrated it this morning and didn’t know it was NBD. I guess I’ll just have to have a formal celebration at supper-time! 😂😂

  • Ruth says:

    We are also bacon lovers and have tried and enjoyed several of your bacon recipes – especially the bacon pizza! Maria, with all these bacon recipes, what do you do with all the resultant bacon grease? I have jars in the fridge and cubes in the freezer – how to use them all up before I make more?

  • Liz says:

    Happy Bacon Day! I would eat more bacon if I could find it cured without sugar! Any suggestions?

  • Ann says:

    FYI: While I believe your post accounts for many manufacturers, I contacted Applegate as I purchase their Turkey Bacon. I asked about the processing specifically mentioned in your post. Here is the reply:

    “We dont use mechanically separated turkey (MST) at all. MST must be stated in the ingredient panel per USDA.

    Our turkey bacon is made from thighs that are chopped (coarsely) seasoned then pressed into a mold, cooked/smoked. After that the product is sliced and packaged. The mold allows tye slices to resemble strips of bacon.”

  • I love the little bacon hearts! And I am 100% with you on the lack of appreciation for turkey bacon. I remember long ago (during the low-fat craze) when my mom tried to get my dad to switch to turkey bacon, and eventually there was a revolt. He refused to eat it!

    Thanks for featuring a couple of my recipes! Great collection; will share.

  • Mary says:

    Do you take special care to get bacon that is sugar free? Would you recommend this practice or is it not a huge deal if sugar is added?

  • Jeffrey Douglas says:

    First time to your website. I bought your book “ketogenic cooking”. In your paragraph about Breakfast Gravy you directed your readers to your website and search biscuits for that recipe. The search ending didn’t take me anywhere near biscuits. This topic was one of the choices, so I have to apologize for interrupting the comments but I don’t know how to find biscuits and I don’t know, yet how to otherwise contact for help. Loved your slow cooking book too.

  • SLP says:

    I just got your book ” The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse”. I’m excited to get started but I have a bacon related question or two. I can’t have pork products right now, they really rip up my stomach, despite the fact that I love pork! In your recipes, can I use turkey or beef bacon? And what about the added sugar? I currently use organic turkey bacon with non mechanical separated turkey. It is still lower fat though, should I add more fat to my meal when using this product? I’m hoping to use beef bacon for the added fat, but it has sugar in the curing process. Also is there any specific place to get questions for your book customers answered?

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