I had the great opportunity to go to New Orleans this past spring to make a few cooking videos of my favorite recipes from various books at Swerve’s Corporate office! Swerve understands how people love to see the recipes being made; I do too! Cooking videos really help me because I am a visual learner. Seeing a recipe being made shows just how easy it can be!

I had such a fantastic time! If you want to be taken care of, New Orleans has the nicest people. Southern hospitality is at it’s finest down there; especially at the Swerve office!

You don’t often think about how much time goes into making a cooking video. I had to make all the food so we had a finished product to photograph. So all morning I made the recipes; we had a break for lunch; then I spent all afternoon filming and making the keto goodies again! I was exhausted! But it was a really amazing experience and I couldn’t have been happier on how the cooking videos turned out! I really hope you enjoy them!

Swerve cooking videos:

Brie and Walnut Flappers

This recipe can be found in Keto Comfort Foods Cookbook. 

Bourbon Chicken

This recipe can be found in Keto Restaurant Favorites cookbook.

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins

This recipe can be found in Keto Comfort Foods Cookbook. 

Lemon Pound Cake

Chocolate Glazed Donuts

This recipe can be found in Keto Comfort Foods Cookbook. 



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“My husband joined me on this Keto journey on Mother’s Day, May 14th of this year.  The “before” picture is probably from a year or so ago and I’m sure I was heavier when I started, but it was the only photo I had (we’d taken some family photos of all of our adult kids and their boyfriends/girlfriends as well).  The shirt was a gift and I love it, but had to safety pin it closed to wear it so it wouldn’t gape open, now I’m doing to have to pin it so it isn’t quite so revealing.

Prolonging hitting “post” so without further ado, I’m posting these for all to see that this was the easiest thing I’ve ever done and if you follow this plan as it’s been laid out, you WILL be successful.  I went from 190.8 and needing a size 14 (but refused to buy them), to 148 pounds in just 4 months and my size 10 jeans are now baggy.  From XL tops to mediums (my 22 year old daughter and I now wear the same size shirt and I’ll admit to wearing her clothes when she’s not home, but don’t tell her.  =) )  My husband has gone from 190-195 to 165-170 at 6 foot tall.  I’m 47, pushing 48 so trust me when I tell you this was the easiest thing I’ve EVER done.  I’d totally given up ever being thin again, I’m a bit lighter than when I got pregnant with my son who was 25 in May, he was our first of 4 kids.” – Alexa

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