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Supercharge your Metabolism Class

By April 1, 2014March 2nd, 2017Uncategorized

Supercharge your Metabolism Class

Want to be inspired to start a healthy lifestyle change? Discover the secrets to what ketosis is and how it heals your body.

If you or someone you know has diabetes, chronic pain, arthritis, PCOS, hormonal issues, Hashimoto’s, gastrointestinal issues, depression, anxiety, skin issues or any autoimmune disease, this class is for you.

Supercharge your Metabolism Class

Treats will be served!  I will also have my all new hardcover cookbook for purchase (and sign if you like) along with all my other books.

WHEN: Saturday April 26th from 1-3pm central standard time

WHERE: My home in River Falls, WI (You will get the directions when you pay below) or WEBINAR for the rest of the world!


COST: $30

In Person SOLD OUT.

Webinar CLICK HERE. (Still some spots left!)

In this class, I will give you the tools to take charge of your bodies fuel source.  Our body has 2 fuel sources, you can be a sugar-burner or you can be a fat-burner (called nutritional ketosis). Going back and fourth between being a sugar burner and a fat burner will cause low energy and inability to get the results you see me posting about my clients. This isn’t a “diet” it is a lifestyle! And I will show you what foods to eat that will keep you in the ‘fat-burning’ mode while squashing your cravings.  Once adapted you will feel amazing, heal from what ails you (autoimmune, high blood pressure, etc.) and lose weight!

Some information you will leave with:

1. How to switch your body’s fuel source in 2 weeks!
2. Medical tests to get done that most medical professionals don’t typically run and don’t tell you about.
3. What foods that are low in starch but still bad for 50% of my clients!
4. Pure Protein and Fat.
5. Intermittent Fasting.
6. What the latest science says about this kind of lifestyle and our long term health.
7. How to activate brown fat, supplements to enhance keto adaptation and much much more!

Supercharge your Metabolism Class

To eat is a necessity; to eat ‘healthy’ is an art.

Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


  • Kert says:

    HI Maria- I’m trying to register 3 people for this class, but am not able to open the link.

  • ywelsh says:

    Will this webinar be recorded so we can watch it more than once to absorb all the info or will it be only a live presentation?

  • Sue says:

    Question, as I’ve never done a webinar: I want to see this, but will be busy during the sir time. If I subscribe, can I access a recording of the webinar? Or, will it be recorded for people to view afterwards without subscribing?

  • April says:

    I would love to see the webinar replay as well.

  • Carol says:

    Will the webinars be recorded for viewing later, in case we miss one or more of them?

  • Tovah! says:

    Damn! I wish I lived in WI so I could attend. The class is a full two hours long (since it’s from 1-3) correct?or is it 1.5 with 1/2 hour for questions.

    I assume u will have a question & answer period. R questions allowed during the video or at the end? If at the end do we get that time portion included? (Maybe someone will ask questions I would).

    You said we get a video after class conducted. Are we able to view more than once? Or is it a link we can use once?

    This is a basics or beginners class?

    Thank u for your time. Hope my questions don’t bug you. :). Best of luck with your move! At least it’s not winter time and will be easier.

    Blessings, Tovah!

    • cemmerich says:

      It is about 1 3/4 hours with 1/2 or Q&A typically. You can watch the video as many times as you like. Thanks!

  • Stacy says:

    This sounds amazing but are you saying . . . Everyone who signs up for the webinar gets a video afterwards.???? Ok, sorry but I just found this funny that you had to make this statement over and over, chuckle chuckle! 😉

  • Jessie says:

    Because of the time difference would this video be available to international sign in as well?

  • Lisa says:

    You already have a video listed under your videos. Is this a different one?? What is the difference between the two different metabolism classes?

  • Amanda says:

    Hey Maria, I’m not familiar with webinars. Are they interactive where people can ask questions or just you dispensing info. Curious for my sister … Thanks!

    • cemmerich says:

      You get video of me, the slides I am on and there is a chat window for questions at the end. 🙂

  • liese says:

    Do you have a new cookbook? What’s the name of it?

  • elease says:

    Hi Maria, will you talk about the calculation of protein, carbs and fat? How its done.

  • Bonnie says:

    I recently purchased the healing/ maintenance plan and am wondering if I already have access to this type of class. I haven’t had time to go through everything I’ve downloaded from you. Thanks! 🙂

    • cemmerich says:

      Yes, in your instructions document there is a link and password for the Supercharge Your Metabolism video. 🙂

  • kathy shepp says:

    Thank you. I must have overheated it. My water was boiling. Off to get another package of Swerve!

  • Jennifer Erickson says:

    I just ordered the webinar and have received a pdf file. Will I also receive a live video via the mail?
    A good friend has referred me to you and I am in desperate need of a life change. Me and my husband are overweight. I also suffer from acne and have been trying to become pregnant for over 2 years.

    Thank you for all you do for others on promoting health!

    • cemmerich says:

      The email you received when you purchased has the information and link for the webinar. Just click that link 30 minutes or so before the class and it will launch the webinar. 🙂

      • Jennifer Erickson says:

        Hi Maria,
        The problem is I won’t be available on 04/26. I see you have stated a video will be available after the webinar. I won’t be home that day but will return on Sunday. Is it possible for you to send me the video via email after the webinar is completed?

        Thank you again for your help and sorry for so many questions. I wish I could attend but we will be out of town that weekend.

  • Kat says:

    I’ve found your e-books very helpful, and have recently learned about overfeeding days.Can you please comment on the latest studies that show that leptin increases with a high carb/low fat day as opposed to a higher calorie day when implemented with a ketogenic lifestyle?


  • Megan says:

    I am wanting to sign up for this webinar but had a quick question. Is it possible to find out what supplements you recommend during the webinar are safe during pregnancy? Thanks so much!

  • Kathy says:

    I ordered the webinar and downloaded on my sons laptop but tried on my tablet and it won’t open. Am I able to download on more than one device? Will I get the video after the class?

    • cemmerich says:

      What you downloaded is just the slides. The live webinar will be on the 26th. The email you got when you purchased has all the instructions. You will also get the video after the class.

  • katrina says:

    I see that we get a video with the webinar. Will the video just be of the class or will the Q&A portion be available for later reference as well?

  • Josie Griffiths says:

    So if I purchase the class I don’t have to be available at that time to watch I just wouldn’t be able to ask questions right?

  • tg1900 says:

    Hi! For the in person seating, will any additional spots become available? Or is someone cannot make it will those spots become available? Just checking, I really wanted to come in person and missed the sign up.

  • Tatiana says:

    Bought the webinar. Got email with this massege: Please note, the download link will expire after 120 hours from now or after 5 attempts, whichever event happens first. What link are they talking about? I am confused.

    • cemmerich says:

      That is just for downloading the slides. You should have received another email with with all the info about the webinar (check your spam too). If you can’t find it use the contact and Craig can help you.

  • Amanda says:

    Can this plan be adapted for a pescatarian?

  • Valerie Pergolizzi says:

    I have already signed up for another event on that day and time (yoga/acupuncture). Is there another way to purchase the webinar?

  • Lisa says:

    I didn’t download the slides in time. Can I get a new link?

  • Sue says:

    If I sign up for the webinar can I view it after the fact if I can’t make it live?

  • Carrie Schueller says:

    The video we get after purchasing the webinar do we watch that on the computer? Goofy question I just don’t know anything about a webinar. I won’t be able to watch the webinar. I really want to see it.

  • Kathleen says:

    Is this webinar any different from the Maximize your Metabolism I did last spring?

  • D Walker says:

    Hi – purchased the webinar on April 2, but haven’t received the webinar email! Thanks. – Sent Craig an email with my info.

  • D Walker says:

    Thanks – Webinar was awesome!

  • Deborah says:

    I am sad, I wasn’t able to stay connected for the whole webinar. When will the video be available for viewing.

  • Patty says:

    Hi. Is there any chance I could purchase the video from the webinar now? I just found this information and would love to see it. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Michael Sullivan says:

    Having purchased the video, but only watched a couple minutes, are we able to get the slides as well? As it is difficult to see the slides from the angle of the video.
    Thank You

  • elise says:

    Hi Maria,

    I still haven’t received the email or may have accidentally deleted it :/ Would it be possible to get it resent?

  • Fernanda says:

    Hello Maria! I am 16 years old and I weigh 118 lbs. I had an eating disorder, but am recovering mentally still and I have recovered physically on a low carb diet. Thankfully, I think that I am weight restored, but I am still unsure of that. I am wondering if you recommend that someone like me does intermittent fasting. If so how should I do it?

    • cemmerich says:

      If you are keto-adapted, I would go by what your body tells you and monitor your weight. So if you aren’t hungry, skip that meal and intermittent fast. They maybe add overfeeding the next day. That is how I do it to maintain. 🙂

  • Fernanda says:

    So I should skip that meal and eat when I am hungry again later or eat until the next day? Also how long should I fast for? Lastly, what is overfeeding and how do I do it; do I not fast on those days?

  • Fernanda says:

    I am hoping to buy it in the future soon, but would you please tell me this now so I can get a head start

    • cemmerich says:

      I typical intermittent fast is 2 meals in a window of about 9-10am until 3-4pm. They can be larger meals than normal if in maintenance as you are. An overfeeding day is just an extra 300-400 calories than you normally would do.

  • Fernanda says:

    Ok thank you so much I really appreciate it!!!

  • Fernanda says:

    One last thing sorry! Should I fast like this everyday?

    • cemmerich says:

      At your age and situation, no. I think this should only be an occasional thing. Later in life (like into your 20’s) it can be an everyday thing. 🙂

  • Trace Collett says:

    Looks like I missed the webinar, will you be having others?
    I have 3 of your books and I have been on the lchf mod protein for a week and haven’t lost 1 pound. I used to do well on low carb diets, just didn’t stay with them long term. I am even doing the coconut in hot wTer 3 x’sday to boost the fat intake. Any ideas? I get frustrated when I don’t see encouragement from the scales, or my clothes.

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