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Simple Seafood Stew

Simple Seafood Stew

Have you ever had Cioppino? It is this amazing seafood stew that kind of tastes like pizza. It is absolutely delicious! I had my first bowl of this in San Francisco when Craig had to travel for work and I was lucky enough to come along.

Growing up I despised seafood, but seriously… I grew up in the north central Wisconsin. We don’t exactly have quality seafood. My first experience with shrimp was a rubbery chilled, frozen-burnt cocktail shrimp with a bunch of spicy and sugary cocktail sauce. Not exactly something a small child would be into.

So when we were in San Francisco, Craig made me try shrimp again. I really didn’t want to, but since my love asked me to, I did and it was nothing like I’ve had before! Crisp and flavorful! I ordered the Cioppino and I was hooked! Whenever I travel to the coasts, I always order their specialty seafood!

Here are a few photos from our time in San Francisco. It was 15 years ago and at that time, I wasn’t as healthy as I am now. I would be really good on the weekdays but on the weekends or traveling, I cheated and had wine and on this trip I had sugar-free cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory (not recommended!). But I always skipped the bread and was ‘low carb’ but I didn’t feel as amazing as I do now!

This Simple Seafood Stew was so easy to make! I thawed out a package of Sizzlefish Cod, shrimp and scallops and it only took minutes to make! And if you don’t want to make my Mama Maria’s Marinara sauce, I highly suggest using THIS organic sauce! I order a case at a time and keep them in my pantry for recipes like this Simple Seafood Stew and my Protein Noodle Lasagna!

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Simple Seafood Stew

Maria Emmerich
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 6 minutes
Course Appetizer, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Fish and Seafood, Main Course, Nut Free, Soups and Salads
Cuisine American
Servings 2
Calories 243


  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil or lard or butter if not dairy free
  • 1 4 ounce fillet cod or other white fish, cut into 1 inch pieces (I used 1 package Sizzlefish cod)
  • 6 small shrimp peeled and deveined (I used 1 package Sizzlefish shrimp)
  • 4 medium scallops I used 1 package Sizzlefish scallops
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons Redmond Real salt
  • 2 cups Mama Maria's marinara sauce or Primal Kitchen Marinara
  • fresh ground pepper for garnish


  • Place oil in a large cast iron skillet over medium high heat. Pat fillet, shrimp and scallops dry. Season on all sides with salt. Place into hot skillet and cook for 2 minutes, flip and cook for another 2 minutes. Add marinara sauce and bring to a gentle boil. Simmer for 2 minutes to heat through. Garnish with pepper and serve.
  • Store extras in airtight container in the fridge for 4 days. Can be frozen for up to a month. To reheat, place in a skillet over medium heat for 5 minutes or until heated through.


Calories: 243 | Fat: 11g | Protein: 28g | Carbohydrates: 7g | Fiber: 1g | P:E Ratio: 1.6


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 Thank you for your love and support!

Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


  • Jami E says:

    This looks delicious! I’m struggling with getting enough calories each day. Your sight indicates for quick weight loss I need 1,424 each day. I’m lucky to hit 1,000 on any day as I’m full pretty much all day. I am utilizing intermittent fasting and eating 2 times a day in a 6 hr window. I have fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and have another liver scan coming up in April and I’m wanting to get rid of it!! I have HBP, low thyroid, vestibular migraines & gastritis. I’m worried I’m not getting enough calories for health reasons. Am I ok if I am eating all that I can handle? My Garmin indicates I use approx 1,800 to 2, 000 cal per day. That’s a big deficit. I’m doing as your books and videos say and avoiding dairy and nuts during my 1st 30 days. I did cheat and add cheddar cheese to a dish and had diarrhea the next day. So no more cheese.

    • Maria Emmerich says:

      If the calculator is showing that much for fast weight loss you probably under-estimated your body fat percentage which is common. Or need to reduce activity level. Should be around 1000-1300 for fast weight loss. 🙂

      Calories can be under as long as you hit your protein goal. Your body just uses more stored body fat for fuel (which is fat loss).

  • Therese Henning says:

    What do you think of Kiss My Keto gelcaps? They are M C T oil in a capsule that you can take to up your fat while traveling or when its hard to find something you can have.
    Thanks, Therese

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