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Pumpkin Protein Waffle

By November 9, 2010October 5th, 2023Bread, Breakfast, Holiday Recipes

Protein Pumpkin Waffles

My suggestion is to make a triple batch of these and keep in your freezer for an easy breakfast. Just pop one in the toaster like you would a frozen store-bought Eggo Waffle.

TIP: Make sure your waffle iron is VERY HOT before adding any batter or it will stick.

Pumpkin Protein Waffles

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Course Bread, Breakfast, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Vegetarian
Cuisine American
Servings 6
Calories 209


  • 1 cup blanched almond flour (or 1/2 cup coconut flour for nut free)
  • 1 cup vanilla egg white protein (or unflavored egg white protein powder)
  • 1/2 teaspoon Redmond Real salt
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • 3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk hemp milk for dairy free (1 1/2 cups if using coconut flour)
  • 2 large eggs (4 eggs if using coconut flour)
  • 1/2 cup pumpkin puree
  • 1 teaspoon stevia glycerite (or 4 tablespoons Natural Sweetener)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Spray to grease the waffle iron


  • Preheat waffle iron to high. Combine the dry ingredients in a bowl. Combine the wet ingredients in another bowl. 
  • Slowly add the wet ingredients into the dry. Let sit for 5 minutes.
  • Bake according to your waffle iron directions. Enjoy!


With Coconut Flour:
174 Calories, 6g fat, 16.6g protein, 11g carbs, 4.3g fiber


Calories: 209 | Fat: 11g | Protein: 16.7g | Carbohydrates: 9g | Fiber: 2.9g | P:E Ratio: 1


waffleOne issue that comes up is, how to eat gluten-free and heal the gut with all the “gluten-free” junk out there!

Yes, the waffles in the picture are “gluten-free.” But I have a few reasons why I don’t suggest them. First off, it will still cause inflammation and weight gain. The initial indicator of almost every illness is inflammation of our cells. Therefore it is critical for us to get a better understanding of what causes inflammation and choose the right foods to prevent it from happening!

Inflammation is usually associated with pain, swelling, and heat. BUT it doesn’t always show externally; “silent inflammation” is more dangerous because we usually don’t’ know we have it until an illness falls upon us. Everyday issues like headaches, sinus problems, allergies, skin disorders, acne, heart disease, stroke, aching joints and back, arthritis, and cough are nothing more than a physical manifestation of silent inflammation. By the time we notice and address the symptoms, our cells have already been inflamed for a long time. One of the reasons so many people are dealing with inflammation is because of a rapid rise in blood sugar, which causes biochemical changes in the cell. Choosing low carbohydrate foods is one of the best ways to decrease inflammation. When blood sugar rises, sugar attaches to the collagen in a process called “glycosylation,” increasing inflammation (and increases wrinkles!) Athletes also mistakenly eat too many carbohydrates that hinder their healing and recovery time because they are constantly inflaming their joints.

When I tell clients to eat “gluten-free” they often grab all the “gluten-free” pre-packaged foods on the shelf…but that most likely will cause weight gain and slow the healing process in your gut. Rice flour, the common flour substitute in gluten-free products, is higher in calories, higher in carbohydrates, and lower in nutrients than regular flour. It can cause more inflammation in our bodies. So my recommendation is to use make your own healthier options by using almond flour and coconut flour, which are very easy to digest. The healthy fats in nuts actually are nourishing to our brain.

Using high-quality fats is also essential to reduce inflammation in the body. Omega-6 fats, found in margarine, soybean, corn, and safflower oils, are inflammation-causing fats; these are found in salad dressings, most pre-made pesto sauces, Jiff peanut butter, ALL pre-packaged cookies and cracker, frozen dinners… In contrast, omega-3 fats, found in fish (sardines, anchovies, salmon), vegetables, grass-fed butter, and free-range eggs, have an inflammation-suppressing effect.

Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) is a healthy omega-6 fat that enhances the anti-inflammatory effect of omega-3 fats. Both GLA and omega-3 fish oils are helpful in healing arthritis, eczema, and other inflammatory issues. GLA is found in leafy green vegetables, olive oil, walnut oil, macadamia oil, avocados, and nut butter.

Testimony of the Day

“When I began my journey with you I was size 3X. I had terrible mood swings and depression. I was diagnosed with autoimmune diseases such as fibromyalgia, idiopathic thrombocytic pupurra (I.T.P.), osteoarthritis and asthma. I had fatty liver disease, high blood pressure, eczema, rosacea, skin tags and migraines.

I am now an extra large, I have no depression or mood swings. Though there is no test to prove it, I feel I no longer have fibromyalgia. I no longer use inhalers for asthma and I feel that has disappeared too. The damage from the osteoarthritis unfortunately cannot be reversed. My low blood platelets from the I. T. P. use to average a count of 30, 000 and now sit between 70 and 80, 000. My iron count averaged around 2 or 3 and I use to get infussions every 6 months. I now average a count of 10 and haven’t had a infussion in over 18 months.

A recent ultrasound shows my liver is now normal. My blood pressure is stable. Skin tags are gone, eczema flare ups are rare and my rosacea is better. Migraine headaches are a thing of my past. I haven’t had a cold in over two years. I have removed 90% of prescription medications from my medicine cabinet. Nobody can convince me that this is a coincidence. I believe 100% there is health benefits to this way of eating.” -Terri

If you too want to start healing your body, click HERE for a consult. With the right diet and supplement plan, you can feel like a new person!

Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


  • Anonymous says:

    Maria, looks like another great recipe to try this weekend! Thanks!

    I was wondering if you have tried using dry egg whites, instead of the protein egg or whey powder? I think they would work okay, just maybe a little fluffier and less dense than the protein powder would, depending on if I reconstituted and whipped them.

    Thanks again,


  • MichelleDW says:

    I just made these and they were delicious! I used blanched almond flour, egg white protein powder, and Swerve. So good! I also put some of the mix in a mini 6×6 pan at 350 for 25 minutes and gave my son a “mini-pumpkin cake” for breakfast. He loved it! Thanks Maria!

  • Barbara says:

    These look wonderful. I’m trying these out this weekend. My chicks are still producing eggs so I’ll go for the coconut flour version and use up some of my fabulous Omega 3 eggs! Thanks so much for this recipe…and all the recipes you create!

  • These sound delicious and I am in love with everything pumpkin!

  • kim&jeff says:

    I can’t use any nuts, can you make any other suggestions of things I can use to avoid flour? Thanks!

    • No nuts is tough for baked goods. The best alternative is coconut flour, but it isn’t a 1 to 1 conversion. You typically use 1/4 the amount of coconut flour and twice the liquid (eggs). Good luck! 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Maria, I am currently trying to lose weight and following your guidelines and eating grain free and low carb, and I feel great. But, I was wondering what my max carb intake for each day should be? Do I include carbs from fiber and sugar alcohols? I just want to make sure I’m doing everything right!

    • For losing weight I recommend less than 30 net carbs a day. For net carbs you subtract fiber and sugar alcohols (sugar alcohols like Swerve are not digestible). Good Luck! 🙂

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Maria, Im learning lots about nutrition and the dos and donts at the moment. I love your site and your recipes, tonight I made a cheesecake, microwave stylie inspired from your vanilla bean. What do you mean sugar alcohols are not digestible? What happens to them? I dont understand your answer. Thanks!

  • Dita MacDonald says:

    These waffles look great!! When you say 6 servings do you mean 6 squares or 6 waffles that your waffle iron(as shown) makes??? I love your website.

  • Samantha says:

    Hi again Maria, Ive been on an elimination diet for almost two months now. Admittedly it was the hcg but it has opened my eyes to a new healthy way of eating. I have since found your website and think you are amazing. Im telling all my friends about your website and books. You are a wealth of knowledge!

    In the diet I ate just chicken/fish and fruit/veg mainly and am slowly introducing foods back. Cheese and milk are making me bloat like Im 9 months pregnant so that is an intolerance, or inflammation as you say above. Im also getting it from a few tbsp of peanut butter for some reason. Thing is, its not consistant, like sometimes I get bloating from a particular food like a cappucino, othertimes not. It seems to be if I have a cappucino or peanut butter on a full stomach. The other day it was a cup of mixed coconut/almond milk that did the bloating, though it was on a full but unbloated stomach of happy healthy tolerated foods.

    The last few days my stomach has been bloated and round full time so Ive become used to the feeling, like before, which I know isnt a good thing and Im slipping back into just eating the intolerant food without being so sensitive to the foods as Im already feeling bloated and full, “whats more going to hurt”. I guess it doesnt help with the symptoms being inconsistent and therefore Im not 100% sure the food is going to react bad when I do eat it.. I guess Im always hoping it doesnt as I enjoy peanut butter and milk! But above you say we’re inflaming ourselves.. Ive never thought about it like this before.. if it can cause such a reaction surely its not good. But how do I find out for sure? Should I go back to fish and veg and start off with say just milk for one week and experiement with when it causes a reaction?

    Im eating very well and healthy, low carbs and no sugar and keep to the good fats ie coconut oil, full fat yogurt, almond/coconut milk, eggs, nuts I have daily. I eat good veg, low starch and apples and berries mainly for fruit. Lots of tea. You say above that by the time you address the symptoms your cells have been inflammed for a while.. Im worried I am getting to that stage if Im being bloated full time over the past few days. What are your thoughts? Sorry for long post!

    • Samantha says:

      p.s Ive had this cough for the past two weeks also.. I thought it was part of me detoxing at the end of the 40 days on a limited diet but its still pretty bad, I sound like a smoker. I really dont want to get antibiotics but it cant be from foods as I got the cough from before I started introducing more complex foods in. I thought I would mention this as you say about silent inflammation above. Thanks so much!

    • There is a stool test that you can do that is pretty accurate when looking for allergies. Otherwise you can do a strict elimination (like remove all dairy) for a couple weeks and see how you feel. If you fee good after two weeks, great! If not, try eliminating something else. I do offers services that include health assessments so if you would like help, just contact me here:


      Good Luck!

    • Samantha says:

      thanks a lot for getting back to me maria! i love your website and your recipes and in particular your wealth of information! you are amazing and so inspiring. im always emailing links to my friends! im actually starting the other way from what you said, i already eliminated everything and now im slowly introducing things back in. i have found small amounts are not working, like a bit of kefir yogurt is okay.. but 2 cups and i look pregnant! wont be touching that again.. not even in small amounts as i worry what a little amount would do beneath the surface. i would so love to do a health assessment..! ill look into things next week 🙂

  • Tammie Grey says:

    I’ll try having a different spread than honey.

  • Kristi says:

    Just made these and added in some cinnamon and nutmeg for a Fall spice flavor. Delish!

  • Clever Cook says:

    Hi Maria,
    Is it right that the almond flour waffles have less calories than the coconut flour ones? Cheers


  • Niña X says:

    thanks for these!!! any sale / discount on jay robbs protein for your users coming up?! thanks :)))

  • Maria, thanks for another delicious recipe 🙂 I’ve read somewhere on your blog that protein also turns into fat. Would you please recommend the perfect percentage of protein/fat/carbs per day (for the one in normal weight and working out)?

    • It depends on what your goals are. For the typical person trying to lose weight, I recommend about 60% calories from fat, stay below 30g carbs and the rest protein per day. 🙂

  • Thanks! I got “Nutritious and Delicious” yesterday, so excited! It’s a great and immense job you’ve done, thank you!

  • 🙂 Talking bout weight, while most people are losing on low carb, I’m actually trying to gain some (lean muscles), so I figured it’s necessary to eat more overall, and increase the protein part. Is that right?

    • For lean muscle, I lift weights doing lots of reps with as much weight as I can. Then I take L-Glutamine (helps build and repair muscles) and CLA. I want great lean muscle mass too. Here is a recent photo of me, so don’t worry about lifting too heavy of weights (women don’t have enough testosterone to bulk up too much). 🙂

    • You look wonderful, and so happy 🙂 Thanks for your reply and attention, it means so much when somebody like you is so caring about your blog readers. I hope someday soon I’ll be able to have a private health/nutrition session with you, got tons of questions! 🙂 At the mean time, reading your books and blog.

    • Thank you! I hope we can speak sometime. I would love to help. 🙂 P.S. if this is really you, I love your music! 🙂

    • Oh thank you so very much! Yes, it is me and my music, so happy you liked it. Doing my best to provide spiritual health with it 🙂 By the way, my Russian and Ukrainian friends back at home are getting very interested in your recipes too, I know you have people from all over the world following your healthified lifestyle, and what an amazing thing that is. I’ll keep promoting it over there too, as Slavic cuisine has too much potatoes and breads, and even non-hormones/non-GMO policy and cleaner environment can not completely balance that 🙁 We need you! 🙂

    • Maria, I ordered some L-Glutamine and L-Arginine, but I have a question as to their use. In your book, you say one has to take them before the exercise (only if no food) and after (again, if no food)? So is it better to take them both before of after workout? Or both? I don’t want to grow a volume or mass, just make it defined and toned. And also some arginine and glutamine before bed for HGH? A bit confused… 🙂

    • Take the L-carnitine before workouts on empty stomach. I would return the arganine and use the L-carnitine with your desired for leanness while maintain muscle. 🙂

      Also, just say your other comment. Thank you so much for spreading the word! 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Maria, I am puzzled how there could be so much difference in the protein count on the almond vs. coconut flour waffles when:
    1. only 2 additional eggs are the coconut flour waffles
    2. almond flour has more protein than coconut flour.
    Am I missing something? Thanks. p

  • Anonymous says:


    All of the other diets I have done in my life include a two week introductory phase to kick start the metabolism. Do you recommend doing something similar for someone trying to lose weight? Two weeks of reduced carb intake? Only eating protein and vegetables, then incorporating nuts and dairy? Reduced calories? I just want to make sure I’m really getting the most out of this change and my weight loss goals.


  • Sparky says:

    Would love to try making these tomorrow but I don’t have whey protein (which I see you use often in recipes). What is a substitute for whey protein, or can I just omit it? Thanks 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    I see in your amazon store you “ok” nutribioutic brown rice protein. Is it still as healthy as whey to you? And does it work in all you recipes? Thanks!

  • Anonymous says:

    I tried making this with coconut flour and was rewarded with a thin, insubstantial batter even after waiting 10 minutes for the flour to drink up all the liquid. Dubious of the results, I nevertheless tried to make them into waffles anyway. Big mistake. The waffles wouldn’t come out of the waffle iron even though it was well-greased with butter, and crumbled into a mess of flakes that only vaguely tasted like pumpkin.

    This is the second recipe I have tried from your website – the first being the pizza bites, which were less like pizza bites and more like eggy muffins – and I’m not sure if I should try any more. I want to because your food always looks so good in the pictures… but my two attempts have turned out so disappointing.

    • Not all coconut flours are the same (some soak up more moisture than others). Sometimes you need to adjust based on the batter. Try adding a little more coconut flour until it is closer to a traditional batter.

  • Mandy says:

    what waffle iron do you recommend?

  • The Gluten Free Girl says:

    Is there a flour you can substitute for almond flour?

    Thanks Maria

  • Crystal Wolf says:

    I just made these for my sixteen year old today. I have been reading Secrets of a Healthy Metabolism to her and she is ready to try the Maria way. First time using almond flour and Swerve. She enjoyed them although she said she will have to get used to the new textures. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and recipes!

  • Ania says:

    Is the batter supposed to be pretty liquid like? I felt it was too liquidy and so I decided to add just a little bit of coconut flour to thicken it up. I guess I went to far because the same thing happened as another commenter mentioned, the waffle stuck to the waffle iron and when I tried to get it out it just crumbled completely apart. So then I decided to add some more almond milk to make it less thick and I tried to make pancakes with the rest of the batter. That worked fairly well but it was hard to get the batter to cook in the middle and not burn on the outside. I guess you shouldn’t mix flours. But please let me know if initially the batter should be pretty runny??? Should it be close to the regular waffle batter we are accustomed to or more runny?

  • Debbie says:

    Dear Maria , I followed the recipe unsung the coconut version. My waffles tasted chalky , hard to swallow. Not enjoyable at all. I’m sure that this texture could not be what you intended. What could be wrong?

  • Carolyn says:

    Have Bern waiting to try this recipe, but you also posted a video recipe on Vimeo for Protein Waffles made with Almond Flour. In the Him so video you start with melted coconut oil, but don’t say how much. HELP! Really want to make that version.

  • Merry says:

    Is one serving considered 1 entire waffle or 1/4th of a waffle?

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