National Pig Day


30 Day Meal Plan Testimony:“So it’s now day 21 – just got back from a wonderful weekend at the sea. I didn’t feel self-conscious in my bikini, even though some bits are a little too wobbly for my liking – the toning and firming will take time! Best of all though, is that I had a cooler filled with food and ate lots of curried chicken, cabbage fried in masses of bacon grease, pork pot roast, and bacon grease and celery sticks whenever I needed a snack. I did not go hungry. I did not get all bent out of shape because other people were eating ice cream. Instead I rolled along the water’s edge, covered in sand, getting dumped by waves, with sea water up my nose, in my eyes, in my ears… This is miracle stuff Maria – I have not played in the ocean like this for FIFTEEN years!!

The last time I was able to dip my head with impunity into the ocean, was in 1999! I have gone through a hundred kinds of hell with my sinuses for the last decade or so. Maybe it’s a little premature to start raving with joy, but ten days ago, I stopped squirting cortisone up my nose and so far I’ve had no stuffiness or headaches and this is huge. I used to be in awful pain if I got so much as a drop of water in my ears and was forever anxiously mucking about with ear plugs which never worked.

This weekend I simply removed my contact lenses (and hoped that I didn’t fling myself at some strange man, having mistaken him for my husband) and flung myself with childlike glee into the ocean. Biggest problem was making sure that my bikini remained on in the waves! Thank you Maria!” – Lucrecia

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National Pig Day


Did you know there is an actual “National Pig Day?” I didn’t! But what a fun day to celebrate with your Keto family!? The candy companies made Valentine’s day and Easter and Halloween a disaster.

I think this Keto community should make a special day out of National Pig Day!

National Pig Day

I jokingly wrote on Keto Adapted Facebook wall that I wasn’t going to plant a garden last year because all my boys seem to like is bacon and I said too bad I can’t grow “bacon seeds.” Someone posted this photo in a comment. How cute!?

National Pig Day

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National Pig Day


Some awesome ideas for National Pig Day are:

Maria Mind Body Health: Paleo Egg Rolls!

National Pig Day

Maria Mind Body Health: Bacon Cannoli!

National Pig Day

Ditch the Carbs: Cracker Cracklings!

National Pig Day

Maria Mind Body Health: Paleo Scotch Eggs!

National Pig Day

Low Carb Maven: Pork Loin Piccata!

National Pig Day

All Day I Dream About Food: Easy Carnitas!

National Pig Day

i Breathe I’m Hungry: Tourtiere (Canadian Pork Pie)


National Pig Day

Low Carb Yum: Spicy Pork Kelp Noodles!

National Pig Day

Ditch the Carbs: Pork Schnitzel! 

National Pig Day

Low Carb Maven: Homemade Chorizo!

National Pig Day

All Day I Dream About Food: Caramelized Onion & Bacon Smothered Pork Chops!

National Pig Day

i Breathe I’m Hungry: Low Carb Pork Lo Mein!


Holistically Engineered: Slow Cooker Pork Loin! 


Low Carb Maven: Easy Green Chile Stew!




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  • Wenchypoo says:

    Hubby and I made a raid on the local Asian grocery store–the family that owns it raise their own pigs (fed by leftover produce from the store), butcher them, and sell the parts. We must’ve bought enough pork belly and pig feet (for broth) to re-assemble an entire pig! We also buy chicken feet (chickens also raised and fed the same produce), sambal sauce, and canned coconut milk (Aroy D by the case) from them.

    Last month, I discovered a Caribbean grocery store that carried bagged chunks (bigger than stew size) of lamb, goat, smoked turkey, and ox meat–all with BONES STILL IN, and cut lengthwise, so the marrow parts were exposed! I bought one of each bag, and distributed the four kinds of meat among 4 zippy bags to make a ready-to-go broth assortment. That’s when I noticed that goat meat did awful things to my blood sugar for some reason–next time I go, I’m steering clear of the goat meat.

    Other than that, the broth was to die for. I signed up for the upcoming Wellness Summit so I could see and hear you for myself.

  • Alanna says:

    Happy pig day! Speaking of pigs, I ordered some leaf lard yesterday (fatworks had this great sale!!) along with their new chicken schmaltz and beef tallow. Your KFC biscuit recipe uses butter in it, and I’ve heard that leaf lard makes really good crumbly biscuits (along with tasty pie crusts). Do you think some leaf lard would make the biscuits even better? 🙂

  • Stacy says:

    Thank you for this pork post. We have a whole pig in the freezer and now I have menu planning inspirations!!! Happy Pig Day!