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As you all know I love camping and hiking in the woods. When we go on long hikes I always try to plan the day before on what to make for the kids that will be easy to hike with. Something that my kids love is when I make beef jerky but that takes quite some time to make and especially on hot summer days, I don’t want to turn on the oven for hours. So I LOVE it when I find tasty jerky without any soy sauce (gluten) or added sugar. Keto Carne has created an amazing jerky that is just beef, water and seasoning. Whether you eat keto, paleo, gluten free or whole 30, you will want to pick some Keto Carne up for your next adventure!

I love finding new and quality small businesses that not only sell amazing products but are kind people! Keto Carne has graciously donated a box of jerky for one lucky winner! How awesome are they???

Click HERE to find KetoCarne jerky. 

It is easy to enter!

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3. Comment below on the best place to hike/camp (maybe I’ll come explore there:)

Winner will be chosen November 13th. Good Luck!


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I checked the scale four times and even got a weight to check it out. I don’t understand it. So I am now 21 lbs down. I know this can’t keep up but wow.
Oh, I almost forgot the most important thing, I am going to the bathroom regularly and sleeping much better but the best surprise is I have not had to take one of my pain pills almost everyday this week. I usually take three a day and would pray for more. Now I am only taking two!
Best of all my blood sugar is leveling off. It has been constant for the last eight days! I have such a long way to go but I believe I will be able to walk again.” – Diane

Keto Carne

Maria Emmerich

About Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


  • Kim says:

    You have to come to New York and check out Allegany State Park, the Adirondack Mountain State Park, Ellicottville, and don’t forget Niagara Falls….your boys definitely need to see that!

  • Duane Wesson says:

    Dinosaur Valley in Glen Rose, Texas is the best place to hike. It’s along a beautiful Paluxy river. There are real dinosaur tracks. Hills and valleys. You may even pick up some arrowheads. Tired of hicking, swim or float in the Paluxy river. Walk through the water and sit in a dinosaur track. It’s wonderful there.

  • Jamie Herzog says:

    One of the most beautiful places to hike and camp is in Paradise Valley, Montana. Gorgeous area, you would love it!

  • Ilana says:

    I love to hike/walk around at Vasquez Rocks in Agua Dulce, California. It’s such an interesting area and has been used as the location for many movies.

  • Jean Frederickson says:

    I’ve hiked in Acadia National Park and Shenandoah National Park. Both were beautiful.

  • Rheanna Smith says:

    Ontario, Wisconsin – the canoe capital of the Kickapoo!! Wildcat Mountain State Park had great camping ground. Its absolutely beautiful!

  • Jennifer says:

    We love hiking and live in a lovely area in PA with lots of trails and mts to hike. We are in the Jim Thorpe area where hiking is really nice and not too difficult.

  • Cindy says:

    I absolutely love hiking, its top of my list of exercises, nothing better then spending time in nature… Feeds my soul.
    Thanks for the opp to win.

  • Heather says:

    GA has a ton of lakes and parks to camp in. The army corp owns most of them, but they are neat to go kayaking in( if you don’t mind clay;))

  • Tamera says:

    We used to live in Colorado and the Rockies were pretty awesome! Now we live in TN and love the Appalachian Mountains.

  • Kelly says:

    We love camping too. Love hiking in North Georgia.

  • Megan says:

    Boundary waters!

  • Is this open to Canada?

  • Mabel says:

    I love Glenwood springs CO!!! Especially Hanging Lake! That is one hike that is so worth the hike!!

  • Jacquie Z says:

    The best locally to us is Nelson Ledges.

  • Liza Anderson says:

    I will definitely look into this jerky. I do have a dehydrator. But, it is always good to have a back up in a pinch. Thank you so much!

  • Liza Anderson says:

    Where I live in CT there are so many walking trails. Sleeping Giant park/mountain is a great location!!

  • Dede says:

    Best place to hike ? I am in in Southern California, so many! Here are a few local ones that are the most scenic and we love the beach: Crystal Cove = Beach Area. Cleveland National Forest = Inland. La Jolla = Beach/Caves.

  • April Dhanens says:

    I grew up in Yosemite National Park and went hiking and backpacking frequently. My favorite spot to hike to was Gaylor Lakes in Tuolumne Meadows. The trailhead is at the east entrance to the park. Once down at lake level it feels like you are on the edge of a huge infinity pool, staring across at the sawtooth peaks in the far distance. Gorgeous!

  • Suzie says:

    Hocking Hills is quite a lovely hiking spot here in Ohio!

  • Maegan says:

    Tanawha or Profile Trail to Calloway Peak on Grandfather Mtn, outside of Boone, Nc, close to Blue Ridge Parkway. The climb is tough but there are several campsites along the way. Stunning views, especially during Fall season. Beautiful!

  • Kristen says:

    Our new neighborhood!

  • Linda says:

    It would be great to have a keto jerky for travel. I would love to try this!

  • Toni says:

    Alaska of course… the trails and mountains are right outside everyone’s front door. Mere moments and nature is under your toes…

  • Coby Burns says:

    Yum! I’ve made beef jerky before. But it wasn’t Keto jerky! I just started my Paleo Restart journey and have lost 12# so far! My fav camping is J camping with friends at Palomar Observatory in So Cal. http://www.palomarsp.org/pmsp/camping.htm
    I want to camp here, the smell of the forest is heaven! http://redwoodsrv.com/

  • Annette says:

    No better place to camp then at the beach! We love Camp Del Mar here in California💕

  • Rebecca Raven says:

    I got tired of picking cooties out of my cocoa years ago. I don’t have to pack it our because I stopped packing it in. 😉

  • Jenny says:

    Itaska State Park in Minnesota!

  • Mary says:

    Franconia Notch, New Hampshire! There are trails that lead to beautiful waterfalls that you actually climb alongside all the way to the top of other waterfalls. It’s call The Basin. I actually dream about it in the very cold weather months. I feel like a leave a small piece of my heart there when I leave. My husband and children love it as well. Check it out someday! You can visit Mt Washington in NH too, climb it even. I’ll go with you🙂

  • never have had beef jerky . this would be a nice way to try it. thanks.

  • Emily S says:

    Big Sur, California is my favorite place in the world. The hiking is wonderful.

  • krickt says:

    We did Glacier National Park and Yellowstone this summer. I love hiking in Glacier National Park. I get the feeling that around every corner is something no one else has ever seen before. I end up hiking miles and miles more than I meant to, because every step brings me to something else cool to see or do.

    Both Glacier and Yellowstone have varying levels of camping from Hotels to primitive to back country. So what ever level you like to camp in, you can do it with style.


  • Claire Moniz says:

    Rhode Island has many walking trails and parks.
    Newport’s Cliff Walk is gorgeous,love it there.

  • Red River, New Mexico is beautiful and has many trails, along with horseback riding!

  • Dana says:

    There are so many great places but I’ll go with Grand Marais, MN, so beautiful and peaceful there.

  • Rebecca Lanphear says:

    Pickett state park in TN is a great place to camp/hike!

  • Susan Clingman says:

    Rocky Mountain National Park, with the base in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado (home of the Stanley Hotel).

  • Mandy W. says:

    My hometown, San Juan Island in Washington state. There are so many fabulous places to go in the San Juan’s, especially for those fellow homeschoolers who love to explore! Also, there are countless tidal pool areas with star fish, limpets, barnacles, whale spotting, etc. Well worth the trip from Wisconsin. 🙂

  • Mary says:

    I’d love to try this jerky! Hubby is down 55 lbs and I’m down 30! It feels great!

  • esperanza orosco says:

    Anywhere in Texas is a great place to explore

  • Joy says:

    Our family’s favorite place to hike is at Mt. Rainier National Park. We live nearby which makes it an easy day hike.

  • Rhonda Hester says:

    Love hiking and camping in the north Georgia mountains, especially this time of the year.

  • Susan says:

    We are lucky to live in Colorado with lots of hiking options – state parks, national forest, county open space parks, and more.

  • Veronica says:

    Come to India!!!! Incredible India !!!!

  • Heather says:

    Looking forward to reading more.

  • Kim Rothman says:

    You should try the Maryland Eastern Shore – Assateague Island is on the ocean and you can camp on the beach!! There are also wild horses and ponies and alot of trails. Love it tgere!

  • Tracy says:

    Would love to try this jerky, as I’m kind of obsessed with the beef jerky world!

  • Stephanie W says:

    We love camping and hiking at Fundy National Park in New Brunswick, Canada!

  • Lenka says:

    Adirondack…High Peak Area!

  • Jenny R says:

    Catoctin Mountins in Western Maryland!

  • Steph says:

    Orlando has some nice camp ground

  • Nikki says:

    We live in FL and jus recently started camping so we havent been many places, but we loved Fort Clinch on the northeastern Florida coastline.

  • Kim says:

    John Muir Woods

  • Jodi says:

    Come to Utah, plenty of beautiful hikes 💙

  • Patti Neyrinck says:

    Wisconsin is great for camping hiking and bike trails there are so many and enjoy them all….. Door County all the way west to the Mississippi!!

  • Sandy Munn says:

    We have a river on our property called the South Fork of the Dismal River. Really nice place to hike! Not another human for miles!
    This Keto Carne jerky looks delicious! I haven’t had jerky since I cut out sugars. I would love to try this!

  • Sherry C. says:

    We love the Black Hills of South Dakota and camp in the Spearfish Canyon!

  • Jennifer K says:

    I love hiking around Tallulah Gorge State Park in Georgia. It’s not far from the start of the Appalachian Trail & with the leaves changing right around now it’s a great time of year.

  • Myra says:

    Meat jerky for the win!

  • Maria says:

    We Love Muskoka

  • Wendy Suzuki says:

    Camp at Oheo Gulch Haleakala National Park, then hike to Makahiku Falls (Maui). Fresh water to swim in!

  • Sharnee says:

    Mt. Alyeska, Girdwood Alaska!!

  • Kathy Fields says:

    Anywhere around Mt. Rainier in WA state. Beautiful! Especially on the west side of the mountain. Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck to all.

  • Kristy Thurber says:

    The Adirondack Mountains near Saranac Lake, New York. Especially in the Fall. The foliage is beautiful.!!!!

  • You can’t beat a hike in Denali National Park to see the tallest mountain in North America!

  • April says:

    Tawawa Park, Sidney Ohio

  • Kelle says:

    I’m looking for some good to-go snacks to take on vacation; these would be great!

  • Dori says:

    Best place to hike is Willow River State park in Wisconsin. 🙂

  • Kae says:

    We have a very nice, and small, state park here in NW OK. Boiling Springs has some very nice trails. And yes, there are springs that boil!

  • Debbie in TX says:

    River Legacy Park in Arlington, Texas has nature trails along the Trinity River where you can spot armadillos, bobcats, and all sorts of wildlife.

  • oneida valentine says:

    Red River, NM is great for hiking.

  • Kelly M. says:

    Living in North Georgia, there are HUNDREDS of great spots! We particularly love Amicalola Falls

  • Annamarie V says:

    Living in the Pacific Northwest we are lucky to have many great hiking spots and I have a great off leash farm located near my house that I can take the dog to with views of the water and mountains.

  • LaDonna Mattson says:

    The Methow Valley; Twisp, Winthrop and Mazama Washington has many wonderful hiking spots!

  • Maureen lemaire says:

    Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Beautiful place. Gorgeous waterfalls.

  • Donna says:

    The High Peaks region of the Adorondacks has spectacular hiking and rock climbing, but a very special hike must be done in the Catskill Mountains of New York. I used to work at a YMCA camp in the Catskills. Each session we would get the campers up at 3am one day, don headlamps and hike up a nearby trail. At the top, if you knew where to look, is a huge ledge, aptly named Giant Ledge, with plenty of room to sit and watch the sun come up over the mountains, with not a house in sight. Its beautiful. Then when the sun comes up, we hook a rappel line to a tree and rappel off the cliff, 75 feet to a trail below. Too cool!

  • Joseph Mikota says:

    The jerky is great tasting, spicy is not too spicy. This is a great product, placing another order.

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