Easy Keto Chocolate Mousse

By May 18, 2018 November 26th, 2018 Videos

Easy Keto Chocolate Mousse

My boys love chocolate and they love it when I celebrate Food Holidays! The other day was National Chocolate Mousse Day and I thought it would be fun to show you just how easy this Keto Chocolate Mousse is! In this YouTube video we make my easy dairy-free chocolate Mousse! Or in  Kai’s words at the end of the cooking video… “chocolate soup!”

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  • This will be perfect for the Victoria Day Weekend! Thanks, Maria!

  • Michelle says:

    I will be making this today. Looks Amazing. Maria I love seeing video’s with the boys. Please keep making them. I watch them and see you with them and tear up everytime. Happy tears of course because your journey to them was so amazing. I cant explain it.. I’m so happy eveything is working out for you both. Some day I really hope to meet you and Craig in person! Much love and Thank you so much for sharing all your talents and family with us.

  • Sallie says:

    This looks great,,,and with some whip cream added on top of the Mousse would be an added treat (for those of us without a dairy allergy)

    My question to you is which iSi whip cream dispenser model do you have? Some of the reviews I have read of the iSi have not been favorable. Since you are so happy with yours I would like to get the one you have.

    Thanks for all your good work,

  • Jaci Kroupa says:

    How much cocoa powder and chocolate did you use, please? Thank you!

  • Cyndi says:

    Which book is this in? I didn’t see a printed recipe.

  • Barb1 says:

    The boys are so cute! The recipe looks good. I like fast and simple