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Cabbage Noodles

By March 4, 2011June 8th, 2020Main Dish

Cabbage Noodles

Testimonies of the Day (Yes, they all came the same day!)

MOOD TESTIMONY: “Hi Maria, Thank you for your wonderful advice!  I started your plan a couple of months ago and I am so happy with how I am feeling.  Mentally and emotionally this is the healthiest I have felt in many, many years! I am off my depression medication and I am sleeping so much better.  I feel more motivated and have more energy than I can ever remember having before. I honestly can’t imagine feeling any better than I do right now!”- Carrie

WEIGHT LOSS AND GUT HEALTH: “It’s day 6 and I’ve lost 6! I feel good too! No bloating, sore intestines, and great energy! Thanks Maria!” -Nan

AUTISM TESTIMONY: “Hi Maria! My family saw an immediate shift in behavior with gluten, casein soy, and sugar-free diet. I honestly thought that we would have a grieving period over cake pops from Starbucks. In the past we had an upset little girl every time she saw that dang green mermaid. I honestly think yanking the processed sugar out COMPLETELY was way bigger for our child. She is 4 and has an autism diagnosis. It’s mostly speech and language we are dealing with so explaining the changes to her was not gonna help a thing. She’s on a whole new protocol, but this diet was the first step. Very impressed by the removal of sugar. She takes one simple no for an answer now. It’s crazy.”- Heather

CONSTIPATION TESTIMONY: “Maria, it’s amazing – after just one day on the supplements no bleeding or pain during and after #2 for the first time since August! Thank you :)” -April

WEIGHT LOSS AND MIGRAINE TESTIMONY: “I’ve been eating the Maria way for 19 days and feel great. The webinar you taught really helped too. I’ve lost 8lbs and I’m never hungry! Thank you! My husband has migraines 3-4 times a month and hasn’t had one yet this month!” -Stephanie

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Margarita Dermatitis

As crazy as that word sounds, it is a real definition! I have this. It isn’t from my excessive margarita consumption;) haha! (I don’t drink). It can happen when you get citrus such as lemon on your skin combined with sun exposure. What is scary about this is that I was using homemade organic products when this happened!

To learn more about what to put on your skin, I have videos on not only how to stock your kitchen pantry, but how to stock your bathroom too. Everything you put on your skin gets absorbed by your liver. A tired and toxic liver affects our moods and how effectively you lose weight. One client of mine changed the estrogenic soaps and cleansers she was using and her liver enzymes went from high to normal!

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It also includes a detailed shopping pantry list and website links where I find my favorite foods, treats, and products for a great price as well as other cooking tutorial videos. A very detailed exercise regime is also included.



1 head of cabbage (cut into long strips, like noodles)
Garlic and spices for cabbage
My “healthified” Meatballs
1/2 jar Marinara Sauce (homemade OR brand with NO SUGAR or SOYBEAN oil!)
1 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese (if not dairy sensitive)


Served with my zero carb Protein Bread and strawberry iced tea!


Lightly saute cabbage with 1/2 TBS butter or coconut oil. I added a tsp of garlic and a teaspoon of spices (with NO fillers). Saute until soft like a noodle. I added cooked meatballs and my “healthified” marinara.

An easy AWESOME dinner. I served it with a piece of homemade Garlic Protein Bread.

White Pasta = 246 calories, 43 carbs, 5 fiber
Cabbage “Pasta” = 22 calories, 5 carbs, 2 fiber

Plan Plan Plan is the key to success

Recipes like my cabbage “pasta” can be found in my cookbook The Art of Healthy Eating Slow Cooker. Cabbage is so cheap and lasts forever, I always keep one in my fridge. Cabbage pasta can be made days ahead of time and stored in an airtight container in the fridge for easy additions to dinner.

One trick that works for our family is that Craig helps clean up after dinner, while I prepare dinner for the next night. I often fill my slow cookers with a main dish, side dish, and dessert (yes, I have 3 beloved slow cookers). Then in the morning, all I have to do is take the slow cooker shell out of the fridge and turn them on. That takes so much stress and anxiety out of my day!

To get over 300 slow cooker recipes, check out The Art of Healthy Eating: Slow Cooker, click HERE to order. 

My favorite slow cooker is $40 off today! Click HERE to find. 

Happy Eating! Thank you all for your love and support!




Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


  • Jamie says:

    Thanks for sharing…I can’t wait to try it! I can tell I’m going to love this blog.

  • This was so good…it was hard to not get seconds; and of course my husband did. He said I can make that whenever I want and it was very easy to make. I made it with the almond breadsticks. A real treat.

  • Shannon says:

    Made this tonight with TJ’s turkey meatballs…the whole family went crazy! Thank you!!

  • Yeah Shannon! My favorite part in reading this is that unlike a lot of families where the mother makes traditional white pasta for everyone else, you had them all eat this! Way to go!!!

  • Angela says:

    My family LOVES butter noodles. You know the kind – the $.99 package of dried noodles and spices in a paper bag that are SOOOOO incredibly (not) healthy for you…
    My go-to meal is always burgers on the grill and a pan of these noodles. It’s quick, easy, and makes me feel like I’m actually cooking.
    I have been eating YOUR way 🙂 for about a week now, being incredibly faithful and I feel great. No weight loss, but overall, I feel better. I ALMOST broke down last night and grabbed a scoop of noodles. My willpower won out and at the last minute I sauteed a handful of mushrooms in butter, sliced off a hunk of cabbage and threw in with them, added onion salt and pepper, then some coconut milk to make more of a sauce. HOLY CRAP! I had “butter noodles!” 🙂 🙂 🙂 For the first time all week, I haven’t felt like I was giving up anything or being left out of what everyone else was eating. (My family is getting there…. It’s baby steps with them. 😉 )
    Thank you for all your hard work and recipes, but mostly for being an example of what you CAN do and encouraging me (by that example) to experiment.

  • Anna says:

    Making this tomorrow! About how many meatballs would equal a serving size?

  • Janet t says:

    maria, I love the cabbage noodles with the coco traditions expeller coco oil and salt. it tastes like buttered yumminess and is so quick and easy and takes on flavors well. thank you for your creative genius. love it.

  • Lisa says:

    Hi, do you have a recipe for the strawberry ice tea? I did a search but couldn’t find it… I know it’s probably really easy for most people but I’m kitchen challenged without a recipe. 😉

  • Rich says:

    Hey Maria – any recommendations for the no sugar added marinara as far as store-bought options go? Which one do you use? Thanks!

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