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Tons of Goodness Giveaway

By April 2, 2017May 18th, 2017Uncategorized

Tons of Goodness Giveaway

I love finding tasty keto treats for my little boys to enjoy! It is really cool when the company is run by a very kind small business. It is nice to support such kind people! And Tons of Goodness is run by a lovely woman named Kat who wanted to create a keto and paleo treat free of gluten, dairy, soy and preservatives. She did an amazing job with these little bites of heaven!

I am partial to the Cookie Dough Bites! They seriously taste like a gooey bite of cookie dough!

Click HERE to order!

Tons of Goodness Giveaway

Tons of Goodness is so kind, they graciously donated a box for you to win!

It is easy to enter!

1. Like Keto Adapted on Facebook and share with your friends and family!

2. Like Tons of Goodness on Facebook!

3. Comment below on what your goals are this Spring!

Good Luck! Winner will be chosen April 30th.

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AND THE WINNER IS… Sarah Geist! Congrats!

Tons of Goodness Giveaway


 👉…I am beyond proud of myself and my progress I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post this. I made a commitment to #the30dayketogeniccleanse, and so happy I did. This cleanse helped me jump start a lifestyle change and I am reaping the rewards, health & weight wise. I was struggling with my weight , chronic migraines, bile & acid reflux, fibromyalgia, chronic pancreatitis & hormonal imbalance…This WOE has changed my life… I am medication free, put a major stomach surgery off & feel AMAZING ..Best decision I ever made was to believe in ME… I may have isolated myself to elevate myself but it was worth it 100%..I am focused, committed & dedicated to a healthier version of ME (mentally & physically) and a healthy life for my family.. I will #KetoOn and continue this #woe…My hubby David Freed, lost 10 lbs and his body is much leaner, we didnt measure him before the cleanse…
Thank you to the #ketocommunity for your inspiration and motivation, especially on those days when I wanted to give in….Looking forward to moving forward together…
A heartfelt THANK YOU to you Craig & Maria, for your wealth of knowledge and providing us with such a fine, healthy way of living…
I just received your Quick & Easy book and preordered the Comfort Foods book😊 Looking forward to your Dairy Free one coming out in December!!
Most people I consult are doing keto totally wrong. Get fast results with my 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse book. Click HERE to get it on SALE today!
Thank you for your love and support!

Tons of Goodness Giveaway

Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


  • Danielle says:

    This Spring I would like to continue on my wellness journey, organize my house and share my love of keto life with many friends.😀🌸💞

    • Terry says:

      My goals for spring are to continue eating healthy foods, do water aerobics consistently and more often, and to smile more!

    • Kenneth Schaefer says:

      This spring I would like to get my whole family into the Keto lifestyle.

    • Kelly says:

      I also plan to continue on my wellness plan with the plan to completely transition to ketogenic diet. Love reading all of the stories regarding personal experiences with keto life.

  • Sharnee says:

    Get past this pesky hamstring pull and get back to running again!

  • Ashley says:

    To garden! Haven’t had a garden in a year since my daughter was born in July! Can’t wait to get in the dirt

  • Holly Marie says:

    My goal this spring is to downsize our house!

  • Amy says:

    My goal for the Spring is to exercise more and continue eating the Keto way.

  • Machelle N says:

    My goal is to loose this extra weight for a life of feeling better and To be healthy, me and my family

  • Jennifer Fletcher says:

    This Spring I would like to lose the last 15 lbs after losing 130 in 2 years on Keto !!!

  • Candice says:

    My goals to sTay active and healthy.

  • Ellen says:

    I am going to try to eat a Keto diet to help my type 2. Wish I could afford your program but I live paycheck to paycheck now and due to losing my job last year and the ACA I owe the fed nearly $800 in taxes.

    • Kim Roberts says:

      Best parry about keto is you need to buy food anyways! That’s all you need to be successful. I Highly recommend buying Maria’s book “Keto-Adapted” and research/ read everything you can find on her site!

    • Kim Roberts says:

      Best part about keto is you need to buy food anyways! That’s all you need to be successful. I Highly recommend buying Maria’s book “Keto-Adapted” and research/ read everything you can find on her site!

    • Vicki says:

      I love the way I shop now. I leave off most of the isles in the store and just go around the outside of the isles for my groceries. I save a lot of money on this diet. I have also been very successful losing the weight. I am so grateful for the blessing of Keto in my families life. My husband was a type II diabetic for 13 years. His last A1C was normal! Good wishes for your success.

  • Nathan Brabbit says:

    My goal for this spring is to get under 300# and work my way down towards 200!!

  • pamela says:

    My spring goals are to keep on the keto weight loss train and increase my exercise.

  • Gail says:

    My goals are to get back outside to walk when the temps are better. I live in SE Wisconsin and our winter is still lingering! These Tons of Goodness cookies look like a great treat!

  • Ashley says:

    I’m excited to start eating the Keto way this spring! My goal is to heal my body from the inside out & learning more about the Keto life.

  • Megan says:

    My goal is to be better about meal planning!

  • Jo says:

    Meal planning & walking more

  • Victoria says:

    My goals is to get out and enjoy the beautiful mountains around me. I am down almost 40 pounds, still have more to go, but I am on the right track!. So excited about a healthier snack option. Thank you.

  • Christa says:

    My goals for the spring are to go back to cutting out carbs and exercise more to lose this baby weight!

  • Roz says:

    My goal for Spring is to get past a lot of dietary restrictions I have and keep losing weight and staying on track with healthy living. I hope to add an exercise like yoga in, even at my large size.

  • Julie says:

    This spring my goal is to completed the 30 day cleanse!

  • Gwen Thompson says:

    My goal is to get my husband’s diabetes under control and get his B/P under control and off some of his 13 meds.

    In the process, I hope to get my Hoshimotos under control and rid myself ofy entire body of inflammation. I also need to get my B/P under control and get off some of my 7 meds.

    • Vicki says:

      My husband has been a Type II Diabetic since 2004. His last A1C was normal and his blood sugar is under 100 almost every day. Best Wishes for your success.

  • Amy Jones says:

    My goals this Spring are to continue the keto lifestyle because I feel amazing! I also can’t wait to spend more time with family and plant our garden!

  • melissa murphy says:

    My goals are to just do it, get better, get healthy regardless of criticism from others 🙂

  • Melissa Brown says:

    I love to see such consistent support of small businesses! These look so tasty. Thanks for sharing your new finds.

  • Debbie Hall says:

    This Spring I plan to be more committed to Keto. I’m already very low carb, but need to lose a bit more weight, and want to stick to what I believe is a healthier diet!

  • Erin Ely says:

    My goals this spring, put more intention on taking care of myself and getting my eating and exercise in more balance.

  • Eileen Smith says:

    My fiancé and I just recently started the Keto program.. Although its only been a week we both feel amazing! We want to change our lifestyle and be healthier before we start our new life together! We are still learning, and I would love to have the opportunity to try these with my fiancé! My goal this spring is to continue the keto lifestyle with my fiance and boost our confidence. Just feel better about ourselves overall. Thank you so Much for your blog and for continuing to share your knowledge!

  • Stefanie R says:

    My goal is to keep my daughter’s a1c in the 5’s!

  • My goal this spring is to get to my minor goal of 175lbs! Already down to 195 and family owned low carb treats like these make it easier to commit to this lifestyle as well as share with others! Thank you for doing this!

  • Carolina says:

    I want to Lower my body fat to 20 to 25% I’m at 30 according to the Dexa scan

  • Sarah says:

    This spring I plan to be consistent with this keto lifestyle!

  • Jen says:

    My goal is to decrease protein and increase fat consumption; get off thyroid meds; hair regrow on eyebrows

  • My goals this spring:

    start exercising (my baby is 2 months old)
    enlarge our farm (baby goats being born, adding room for more chickens, etc)
    preparing for our garden
    finish up school (we home school)

  • Amanda says:

    I want to be more consistent with eating right AND incorporate an exercise routine into my regimen!

  • Paula says:

    This Spring I want to continue on my wellness journey which includes low carb eating.

  • Lee Powell says:

    What is the name of the company? I would like to look them up. I am hoping to improve my keto eating this spring. I am still eating some extra carbs.

  • Jill Volllbeer says:

    My goal is to get more comfortable with the Keto lifestyle, so I can (just an example) have an occasional dinner out with family and still stay on plan. I also want to declutter my basement!

  • Linda says:

    My goals this Spring are to contine making bone broth in my Instant Pot and starting to ride my bike again when the weather gets nice!!

  • Brieanna says:

    To kill my Lyme disease and move to Idaho!!!!

  • Jacquie Z says:

    My spring goal is to continue losing weight and to exercise more. Keto on.

  • Karey says:

    My Spring goals are to be happy & healthy, hopefully lean out a little bit.

  • Heather B. says:

    This spring, I hope to continue with eating low carb/high fat so I can feel great, especially for an upcoming vacation to the Rockies!

  • Kathi says:

    I live in Sonoma County wine country. I LOVE wine! I was having trouble keeping my sugars down I was gaining weight in little increments. I decided to jump into Keto with both feet and give up drinking. I’ve been doing well (I’m 3 weeks in) but now that the weather’s nice, my family wants to go wine tasting and barbecue and have parties! It’s a struggle, but I’m hanging in there. My goal is to get through spring and stick to my plan. 🙏🏻

  • Desiree Crisp says:

    Lose weight! It seems that’s always the goal! 😉 Of course get healthy in the process!

  • Stephanie W says:

    My goal is to Keto on!

  • Denise Denman says:

    My goals are to continue with bettering me. I think with keto that I’m gaining mental clarity. Its helping me to work on myself physically and emotionally. I feel much better with my hormones and not on a rollercoaster.

  • Matt Q says:

    My goals the spring are to utilize the keto life to improve my body composition and lipid profile.

  • Katlyn says:

    My goal this spring is to really spring into action on a better lifestyle. Eating clean, deepen relationships, organize my home, etc. Eating clean would be easy if I had these cookie dough bites :]

  • JAMIE LYNNE says:

    My spring goals are to cement my keto habits and get back to biking outside!

  • Heidi says:

    My spring goal is to lose ten pounds and stay keto!

  • Natalie McGilbery says:

    This Spring I’d like to be the healthiest I can be!

  • Naomi Jones says:

    This spring, I am ditching sugar and grains!

  • Amy Bowman says:

    My goal is to do the 30 day cleanse and identify if dairy is inflammatory for me.

  • Anisi Rouleau says:

    This spring I hope to continue to shed pounds and start working out. I started 2017 at 424lb and through Keto alone I’m already down to 385.2! That’s 38.8 lbs down!! My husband and I are planning to try for a second child in a few months, so I’m trying to lose what I can before then and then stay low carb (but not in ketosis) during the pregnancy. This WOE works wonders for me!

  • Alicia Spears says:

    My spring goal is to continue losing weight with keto woe and get back to hiking each weekend 😊

  • Laura Donohoo says:

    My spring goals are to be more active everyday, be better at meal prep so I don’t give in to cravings and lose enough weight to fit into my bridesmaid dress this summer.

  • Katie says:

    Goals: get low carb stay low carb!

  • Kim Roberts says:

    Keep maintaining my healthy weight while rehabbing a total knee replacement!

  • zreynolds says:

    More walking and hiking! Refocusing on portion control.

  • Colleen Ribble says:

    To at least stay gluten free, potatoe free, fruit free, rice free, sugar free, processed food free while I am remodeling the kitchen right to bare bones. Probably won’t be in ketosis but I can hope for the above.

  • Holly says:

    My goal is to get down to 15% body fat. I started at 32.4% and now I’m at 20.3 thanks to keto!

  • Kenna Johnson says:

    My goal for this spring is consistent ketogenic eating, increased water intake, and completion of 5K run!

  • Liz says:

    These look great!

  • I wouldn’t love to try these out!! Goal is to lose 60 pounds and get wedding ready this year! Thanks Maria for the inspiration and good vibes 😘🙏❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Kelli says:

    My goal this spring is to become 100% Keto with my daughter!

  • Lee says:

    Still have 15 pounds to go!

  • Lynette Miller says:

    My goal for this Spring is to continue on my healthy lifestyle journey with keto, and reach my next weight-loss goal.

  • Laura veytia says:

    Meal planning, Keto recipes, exercising more, losing more weight.

  • Gisela says:

    To star exercise again and get into the keto mode.

  • Tina Waltke says:

    For spring I plan to just keep plugging away. 🙂

  • Linda says:

    My goals this spring are to walk more and restart the Keto diet.

  • Leesa Haines says:

    This Spring my goal is to improve my health and lose weight. I was diagnosed with prediabetes and high cholesterol at my last physical. Not cool! Started eating ketogenoc last week and feeling great so far. 😊

  • Steph says:

    My goal is 30 pounds, and riding my new bike.

  • Lindy Dickerson says:

    My goal this spring is to complete Maria Emmerich 30 Day keto Cleanse! Just started yesterday and loving it! Continue my journey to be more healthy and feel fantastic while doing it!

  • Jennifer Raines says:

    My goal is to get back to a regular Bkram or Pilates routine.

  • Jessica says:

    I’m going into the third week of the 30 day cleanse. My husband and I have been pretty faithful to the meal plan. It has been nice to have a simple meal plan with yummy food to help keep us on track. I’d like to do a second round of the cleanse after we finish this one and keep on track. I’d like to lose a bit more weight and then get back to running.

  • Zoe McGrath says:

    I am working towards returning to my former weight prior to quitting smoking 4 1/2 years ago. Only 3kg left to go and then I’ll be ready to set a new goal. Thanks for the opportunity to win some yummy treats. xo

  • Michelle says:

    My goal is to completely transition to LCHF/Keto. I’m doing relatively well with cutting out grains and going mostly LCHF, but I just need to make that final leap!

  • Mary says:

    Yummy! Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Brenda Hackman says:

    My goal this spring is to learn more about the Keto way of living. 🙂

  • Deneal S says:

    My goal is to have more energy by eating right!

  • Anna J says:

    I would love to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight!

  • Renee Ned says:

    Goals are to lay off the diet sodas and lose 10 lbs on keto.

  • JE says:

    My goal this spring is to get past Easter

  • Diane says:

    My goal this spring is to get back into ketosis! It feels great and I can already start to see more muscle definition while following the 30-day weightloss plan. 🙂

  • Tara Carter says:

    Would love to try these! Might help me make it through shark week!

  • Max Smart says:

    My goals are to continue to eat low carb and find more delicious healthy foods to support my blood sugar management to achieve decent A1C numbers. I want all the people struggling to have decent A1C numbers to have delicious foods to make eating as fun as possible while being healthy and carb lean!

  • abbie says:

    To spend more time with my family.

  • Miranda Hines says:

    This spring my goal is to finally get my health back on track, lose weight and beat my pcos

  • Tara Enright says:

    I’m going to keto on! I love this WOE!

  • Jen W. says:

    My goal is to deep clean my house and garage! I want to have less stress and less stuff.

  • Ember says:

    Spring goal – increase my fat intake.

  • Mya says:

    Less stress and to make it to onederland. Lol and do a real pushup

  • Faith Chavez says:

    This spring I am making a healthy lifestyle change. Kicking out sugar and eating clean whole food.

  • Katianna says:

    Trying to keep keto. It’s been hard. I’m a breastfeeding runner mama of two with a carb addict husband…ahhh.

  • Aarika Youngblood says:

    My goal last year was to change my relationship with food- I lost 50 pounds. My goal now is to really start getting active with my body. I know I can do this!!

  • Susan says:

    My goal for this spring is to stay on plan 100%!!

  • Ilana says:

    My goal is to further reduce, or even eliminate, the medications I currently take.

  • Melissa F says:

    My goal is to garden daily!

  • Caitlin says:

    Keep up on my keto diet, and just stay happy!

  • Gary says:

    Getting back on track with a Keto Diet. I fell off because, well I was cheating all the time. Then I fell farther off because of depression (I’m Bipolar and my wife left me). I’m trying to get back on the horse and get my health and mind back in order. My Bipolar was much better when I was Keto and not cheating.

  • Katie says:

    I am five pounds from my goal weight. So my goal this spring is to do all the stuff I know how to do and get there (and keep going!)

  • Emily H says:

    Continue to learn about keto living and cutting out all the junk in my life.

  • Erin Lissner says:

    Spring is a very busy time of year with all the kids activities!!! Always need good healthy snack options for on the go.

  • Andrea says:

    My goal is to get into dietary ketosis and stay there!

  • Chasta says:

    Lose at least 10 pounds and get my home reorganized

  • Dana says:

    My goal this spring is to go dairy and nut free to really heal my body/gut health!!

  • Cynthia says:

    Well, I sure hope I win, but knowing me if I don’t I’m still going to come back to this page and order some (as usual 😜)

  • Carrie Finley says:

    oh man, these look great. I am on day 3 of the 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse, so they would have to wait a bit! They do look lovely!

  • TWalters says:

    My goal for this spring is to lose my last 15 pounds as I Keto on! My other goal is to gradually taper off my antidepressants! Thank you so much for offering these give always Maria!

  • Wendy N says:

    My goal is to be more active. Can’t wait to get outside. Would love to try these as it is so nice to have pre-made healthy snacks when you can’t make your own.

  • Heidi says:

    Figure out my hormones and weight loss

  • Kelly Sobtzak says:

    How fun! I never knew Tons of Goodness existed. My kids will celebrate! 🙂

  • TWalters says:

    My goal for this spring is to lose my last 15 pounds as I Keto on! My other goal is to gradually taper off my antidepressants! Thank you so much for offering these give always Maria!

  • Kathy says:

    I’m retiring from full-time work this spring. My goals are to make everything we eat “healthified” and stick to keto 100%.

  • Kelli says:

    My goals are to eat in moderation and find healthier alternatives.

  • Christina says:

    My goal is to get and stay Keto adapted.

  • Mary says:

    This spring I want to get 100% KETO no matter what is going on. I want to get strong and healthy.

  • Catherine says:

    Thank you! My Spring goal is to re-energize my healthy living!!

  • Josie G says:

    My spring goals are to de-clutter my home and to find a balance in my social life and eating keto that ‘feels’ good and is sustainable long term. I always feel SO good when I stay eating keto and don’t deviate.

  • Sky says:

    This spring finds me traveling more than ever with my son. We are on a mission to bring better eating to all the kids (and their parents of course) we find along the way in our RV adventures! These Bites will go a long way toward that goal. Thanks Maria for keeping us all up to date on what might be out there for us to help spread the word. 🙂

  • Dawn M says:

    My goal is to get on track!
    My excuses need to stop.

  • Hope says:

    My goal is to get my whole family to eat lower carb and on a budget!

  • Tara says:

    Thank you. This spring I would like to continue on with my healthy living, share my successes with friends, and get out and do spring things instead of being in the house.

  • Christina Castle says:

    My Spring goal is to Keto on and get into Onederland continue to improve my health and this lifestyle.

  • Tami Treu says:

    This past year has been a hard struggle in every way. My goals are to get my BP down and hopefully off the meds and get HEALTHY!!!!

  • Judi says:

    My goal is to continue being faithful with my healthy lifestyle and be more adventurous. I actually walked across a suspended obstacle course. My family is so proud. I am petrified of heights but actually walked on suspended and moving planks. Whew! I feel more confident in myself and I know it is my healthy lifestyle making me feel better physically and mentally.

  • Michelle Mason-Woodard says:

    My goal is to stop “starting over”. I want to become more consistent with adhering to the Keto lifestyle. I’m tired of being far and tired.

  • Lisa P says:

    My goal is to expand the number of foods I’m eating, after having been on a restricted diet for some time while addressing some gut infections.

  • Beth says:

    My goal this spring is to add exercise to my daily routine and lose the last 30 lbs.

  • Pam Roberts says:

    My goal is to be strong thru Easter and Memorial Day and have keto treats instead of sugary foods.

  • Dede says:

    My goals this spring are to be more present with my kids and keep going on the WOE without the distractions of Easter and spring break, add exercise in now and be HAPPY / GRATEFUL everyday.

  • Deborah Sikorak says:

    My goal this spring is to get back on track. I had gastric bypass surgery in November of 2013 and lost 150 pounds. I have put 20 pounds back on and I am not at all happy with myself. I am hoping the Keto Treats will be helpful in curbing my cravings for carbs!

  • Meagan Ference says:

    Continue my journey on the WOE.

  • patricia says:

    My goal is to get out into my garden and plant some new and different vegetables.

  • Marguerite O says:

    My goal is to get outside and walk. I get a little too comfortable in my winter nest and need to push myself back outside when Spring is sprung! The cookie bites look delicious.

  • Diane Wesson says:

    I’ve been eating Keto and low carb for 16 months now. I’ve lost 121 lbs. I’m no longer diabetic or have high blood pressure. I can walk instead of ridding a scooter.
    My goal for spring is to lose my last 4 pounds and to walk my first 5K.
    Not bad for a 63 year Old woman. Lol
    Love your recipes

  • Jennifer Schoenbein says:

    My goal is to get back to running outside now that the weather is lovely!

  • Amy B says:

    Spring goals:
    Enjoy gardening with my son, continue eating keto to manage my Hashimoto’s & thyroid issues, & to start a new business!

  • My goal is to truly give the Keto diet a full 30 days. My daughter and I both want to start eating healthy and exercise more.

  • Ron says:

    I am looking forward to spring weather to get back out in the yard and walking around the neighborhood!

  • lisa hood says:

    My goal this spring is to read more up on the keto lifestyle. Its only been a few months and still not feeling well.

  • Debra Schramm says:

    I’m looking to lose about 20 pounds, tone up and organize my house!

  • Candie Miller says:

    I’m working on getting healthy! Dropping pounds and loving the way my ketogenic diet makes me feel ❤️

  • Kerrey says:

    My goal is to recommit to my healthy eating plan and workout plan Every. Single. Day.

  • Linda says:

    My goal is to complete a 7 day fast

  • katherine rossa says:

    I have been using your tips and wisdom since January 10th and I couldnt be happier with the results. I lost 51lbs in 2.5 months which exceeded my expectations.

    My goal for spring is to stay dedicated and consistent. Check mu weight only once a month so i can focus on healthy habits and not reacting to the scale.. I dont set number goals for me.. Any weight lost will be a success… Thank you for giving me such a great jump start and science behind it..

  • Jill Enustun says:

    Spring Goal: to work out more and try to get my little one switched over to a more keto friendly lifestyle… Less pasta and cereal. 😬

  • Brittany F says:

    I’d like to continue to lose weight and gain strength. More than anything, I want to commit to a lifetime of this way of eating with the occasional treat. Having lost my grandmother to Cancer this past year I now see the value in nutrition in a way I didn’t understand before. My grandmother ate very well, ate tons of freshly grown veggies, very little meat, but a lot of bread as is custom in the south. I now realize how sugar and flour adds to weight and feeds cancer and that has become my primary motivation.

  • Linda Bertolini says:

    I will continue to “keto on” and try to improve stress levels and sleep.

  • Anita Easton says:

    Worth a try!

  • Carolyn Tabak says:

    Stick to my keto plan 100% and rid myself of another 25 lbs and headaches!

  • Virina Bush says:

    I could say it’s all about losing weight and getting fit, but that’s not all for me. For me, it’s about getting my life back again. I’m one of those people who try to be so organized and disciplined that I make lists of my lists, and then am so disorganized I give up. So, for me it’s all about living a lifestyle I can do One. Day. At. A. Time. It’s working!

  • Jean Frederickson says:

    My goal is to spend time taking my grandson for walks.

  • Cindy says:

    My goal this spring is to have more variety to my keto/low carb diet and add more healthy fats.

  • Julie worden says:

    My goal is to lose about 20 pounds and get walking . Really like the buckeyes peanut butter is my down fall .

  • Christy says:

    To continue my journey to healthy healing!

  • Reneé says:

    My goals are to vastly improve my health by following a keto way of eating. I want to get rid of my two prescription meds, for cholesterol and hypothyroid.

  • Jen G says:

    just started keto after hovering over many many keto groups for about 6 months. goal is to stick with it and hopefully it will be the answer for me!

  • Joanne says:

    My goals for the spring are to do some of the non-diet-related changes from the 30 DayKetogenic Cleanse, such as getting more sunlight and making my own hygiene and beauty products to get more chemicals and environmental toxins out of my family’s life. I will also do a full thirty days of the cleanse. I just had pretty good results (4% body weight loss) on 2 weeks of it, but now I’m at my inlaws, and there’s no way I am allowed to do all that cooking! Still Keto, though, as that has been my lifestyle for 2.5 years.

  • Debbie in TX says:

    I plan to walk more with my husband, work in our yard that needs major attention, and continue to build muscle. Would love to try the cookie dough bites!

  • Shawna says:

    My goal is to finish the 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse and then stick with the Keto lifestyle. I’m on day 10 and so far so good!

  • Martha says:

    Make me to a lifestyle

  • Nona says:

    My goal is to get the hang of this lifestyle and reap the benefits:) So far 3 weeks in and 10 lbs lighter. Loving Keto!

  • Susan D. says:

    Was just heading for your facebook page when I saw this post! I was going to see if you had some yummy sweet posted just for me.

  • Cyndi says:

    My goal is to get into the 150’s. I started at 250 and I’m consistently around 160. I’d like to get firmly into 150’s. Those last pounds are tough.

  • Linda says:

    My goals are to get more sleep and to limit my alcohol intake.

  • Kim Hayes says:

    Just started the 30 day Keto Cleanse and looking forward to all the benefits of getting Keto-Adapted. My other spring goals are to get all the Spring clean up yard work done in a timely manner……April showers cooperating. I thoroughly enjoy working outside and touching the earth & reconnecting after the winter cocooning. The Daffodils are blooming here in Iowa…..yeah!

  • krickt says:

    I’ve been stuck at this weight for a few months, now. My goals for mid to late spring are to lose this last 15 lbs, and figure out how life after dieting works. I mean, I’m going to be keto and gluten free for the rest of my life, but I need to figure out how to enjoy food a bit more and count carbs/calories/meals a little less. Right now, food is not a source of enjoyment, at its best, it’s a science experiment, and at its worst a source of anxiety. (how much can I eat? Will I stop my weight loss? Is it worth it? That kind of thing) I’ve got to get this figured out, and soon!

  • Heather says:

    Get my hashi’s under control along with my candida overgrowth. Move to a new house and possible new state. Who knows what else, but it’s a start!

  • cyndi jorgensen says:

    Thanks for the opportunity. I feel so much better not eating sugar.

  • Ellen Brower says:

    My goals are to get my carbs under control again and exercising more

  • Amanda says:

    My goal is to use my Zumba certification!

  • Toby says:

    My goal is to try dairy free for one week to see if it will kick my plateau!

  • My goal this spring is to lose the last 4 lbs I’m wanting to take off! I want to get my health far away from type 2 diabetes.
    The other goal is to get settled in our new home here in Astoria, OR! We should close escrow at the end of this month and are soooo excited to be out of our friend’s basement – though eternally grateful for our 7 months here while looking for a home! Oh to have a full kitchen again! We LOVE it here, having moved here 7 months ago and married 6 months ago! I’ve taken off 38 lbs with just a few more to go!
    Thank you for your help in this! I love your site!

  • Sharlene says:

    My spring goal is to get back on track. Thank you for all of the information you share with us.

  • Dee says:

    Where do I start? This summer I want to get healthier by eating low carb, clear the clutter from my home & plant lots of vegetables.

  • Darlene says:

    My goal is to walk more and watch my protein intake!

  • June J says:

    Wow! Lots of good stuff here!! I am new to keto just getting started!

  • monika says:

    regulate hormones.

  • Karla says:

    To continue on my Keto journey and lose more inches and weight. My two year anniversary of going Keto/Wheat Belly is April 6. It’s been an awesome journey so far. I am looking forward to what the future will bring. I also need to get more active and do some aerobic exercise.

  • Emily Wallace says:

    My goal this Spring is to start the 30 day cleanse!

  • Tracy Stewart says:

    My goal this spring is to learn more about Keto and do the 30 day program.

  • Becky says:

    I always set small goals each week and big ones each season. This Spring, as a family, we are reaching toward a complete pantry makeover and helping friends learn secrets to eating better. I have shared this website with many friends and they all love it! Thanks for being a driving force of empowerment!

  • Koshi says:

    Spring goal: Figure out how to motivate myself to start food journaling, and (obviously) actually do it!

  • Emsi says:

    My goal this Spring is to get myself and my family through the 30 Day Cleanse and assist my son in healing his tinea versicolor.

  • Juli V says:

    My goal is to continue my Keto journey and lose my weight and inches.

  • Stacy Madden says:

    Hoping I can get into my 14’s for summer

  • Dori says:

    My goal is to enjoy exercising outside more and make healthy food choices. 🙂

  • Nikki says:

    My spring goal is to be more organized and prepared in the kitchen. My kitchen pantry needs to be purged of non keto foods and restocked with keto foods. I plan to can my own veggies and stock my freezer with fat bombs. Thank you for all you do! ❤

  • Aliyah says:

    This spring my health/fitness goals are related to continuing to improve my diet, build muscle, and improve my cardiovascular endurance.

  • Kelly M. says:

    My goal is increased flexibility and muscle mass gain!

  • suzieq says:

    My goal for the spring is to ride and enjoy my horse more this show season.

  • Dana says:

    My goals this spring are to continue on my journey to a healthier me, and get back into water aerobics.

  • Natalie says:

    My goal this spring is to exercise a bit more and get more sleep

  • Kris Reeves says:

    My goal is to keep lifting weights the right way!

  • Amy says:

    My spring goal is to slow down and enjoy life more and to practice saying no more.

  • Mary says:

    explore more keto recipes

  • Kathy says:

    I want to do more bodyweight workouts – get leaner

  • Annamarie V says:

    My goals are to get the garden ready early this year.

  • Amanda Reed says:

    I’ve been stress eating for months. My goal is to move house without losing my mind, and to stick to keto again and get off the weight I’ve gained back, and finally get moving past my “stuck” point.

  • Kim Warren says:

    This spring I want to spring into a healthy fat/low sugar diet and reap the benefits of better health and clearer thinking!

  • Valerie says:

    I am hoping to shed a few of my winter lbs and focus more on strength training.

  • Jenny R says:

    This spring, my goal is to lose 30 pounds on the Ketongenic cleanse. 6 lbs down so far!!!

  • Corrie Broughton says:

    This spring to lose 20 pounds is my goal. I just got the book Ketogenic Cleanse for myself and my husband

  • Jonna says:

    My goal is to be able to fit in an airline seat comfortably for my Master’s graduation in December. I’ve already lost over 32 pounds, and I look forward to many more!

  • Jordan D. says:

    I’m starting a new job, so that means adapting to a new routine…gotta keep fitness and healthy eating a priority, so that’s my Spring goal!

  • julie says:

    My goal this spring is to have a garden!

  • Sarah Geist says:

    Muscle toning and running 3-4 miles!!

  • Shelia Reisinger says:

    Spring goal is to finish reading the 30 day cleanse and apply it to my life. Lazy keto – eat very few carbs but need to monitor it; I feel better but havent lost weight in a few months.

  • Lori says:

    I homeschool my son and with this beautiful spring weather, we are going to get out and do more physical activities, like mountain biking, baseball and hiking.

  • This spring I would like to lose weight and lower internal information.

  • Amy M says:

    My goal is to remove all dairy and to be more mindful of all of God’s blessings.😊

  • Lisa says:

    I have a 50lb weight loss goal for this spring. I hAve not felt this motivated since I quit smoking 12 years ago! 😎 I’m taking back my body 1 day, 1 step, and 1lb at a time!

  • Lorie says:

    Coconut Keto bites sound divine! My goal is to overcome my cravings for sugar!

  • Regina D says:

    My goals for Spring are to complete 30 Keto Plan from the Ketogenic Quick and Easy cookbook.

  • Jennifer says:

    My goal this spring is to lose weight. I have been doing Keto for almost a month and love it! I have 15 lbs left to reach my goal!

  • Maria says:

    My spring goal is to stay active in busy by working in my own garden and growing my own food. I even got chickens and ducks for eggs!

  • Sheila says:

    My goal is to learn more about the keto way of eating and to really become fat adapted and get my body burning sunset

  • Kris says:

    My goal for spring is to continue the Keto diet!

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