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Social Media Censorship

By February 15, 2020February 7th, 2021Uncategorized

Social Media Censorship

Social media is an important avenue for reaching followers and helping people for free information. It also enables new followers that find you and your information or connect with your story. We have spent 10 years working hard to build our social media presence and our reach in order to help others succeed and get healthy. I now has 198,000 followers of my Facebook page Keto-Adapted and 154,000 followers on my Maria Emmerich Instagram as well as a growing presence on my Maria Emmerich Recipes Instagram page.

But there is a dark side to social media that has recently become worse and worse. These platforms have started censoring content and a rapidly increasing rate. It started with a good intention; stopping fake stories and information from becoming so widespread. But that is not what it is now doing for many people in alternative medicine and lifestyles.

Right around the time our new book The Carnivore Cookbook was published at the beginning of this year Craig and I both started having issues on Facebook. First, Craig got banned from posting in any groups (one of the biggest outlets for reaching people on Facebook) for over 8 weeks now (as of the posting of this article on February 17th). He can’t even post in the groups we made like our Keto group, Keto Carnivore group and The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse group. The craziest thing is there was no warning. He just went to post some helpful free information in one of our groups like he always does, and he got this message.

No explanation and no reason given for blocking him with no end in sight. We thought it might be a couple days, but it has been almost two months now. He has clicked the link to let them know, asking why he is blocked, how long he will be blocked among other things. He has done this at least 20 times with zero response from Facebook.

Then I started having issues. About 3 weeks ago I was posting to our page and scheduling posts and I was suddenly logged out. When I try to log back in it asked for verification by sending a photo of myself. I did this and then I got this message:

I wasn’t able to even log in for 2 days. During this time none of my scheduled posts on my business page (Keto-Adapted) went out, my personal page disappeared from Facebook, all my comments and messages got removed and people couldn’t contact me. It was like I was erased. Once they verified it was me, thankfully it all came back including my personal page Maria Wojcik Emmerich. The last few days I was able to log back in but, I was shadow banned. I could post to my personal page but nobody would see it. Not even Craig would see it come up on his wall. I posted the COOLEST Whale Breach next to my paddle board and no one even commented! That’s when I knew something was up! Before this, my posts would get 5,000 plus views and I now I am getting 15. Basically, the only people that saw it were those that came to my personal page. Here is what our followers are saying:

“I’m trying to make a comment on your facebook page keto-adapted and they are not letting me do that! Maybe because I’m a fan they blocked me too”

Two Days after this last ban, I am still shadow banned as you can see by this person’s chat. She can’t reply to me and can’t see any of my private messages to her. This is shadow banning.

Clearly, as you can see from this person’s responses, I must have been saying abusive things. That encouragement and gratitude I gave her. This is where Facebook is reaching too far with censorship. Here is more from one of our Certified Keto Coaches:

“I posted on the addictive nature of sugar and it was blocked within minutes with a big stamp on top of the graphic stating that it was false information. I didn’t make a screen shot (which I should have). I ended up deleting the post. I followed it up with a reliable study on the subject. Obviously it is addictive, yet someone doesn’t want that fact known?” – Kim Wallace

About 1 1/2 weeks later it happened again; I was totally blocked… for no reason at all. Anyone who runs a small business like we do knows how much that can impact you. Not being able to reach your followers and not having any content going out for days really can hurt a small business. It also stinks because I enjoy seeing my friends Facebook posts!

Some people have mentioned that on Facebook the process for any reported person or post is take it down or disable until reviewed. But that puts way too much power in those with malicious intent. A person that doesn’t like me telling people to eat animal proteins could keep reporting me and getting me blocked (and my voice censored) and I have no recourse to stop it. And there are people out there with that intent. We have been told from our fans that vegans are joining carnivore groups to report posts and get them shut down.

This isn’t an isolated issue. Many people in the alternative health and lifestyle community are seeing this happen.

And others that follow carnivore like this:

Meanwhile Facebook denies they shadow ban, but just applied for a patent for shadow banning. Facebook is clearly doing shadow banning on a regular basis and extending it to more and more sectors. Extending it to the nutrition space, where nobody knows for sure what the correct diet is for anyone and limit the speech of those promoting Keto and Carnivore diets because they don’t think that is the right diet, is dangerous. What is next?  Religious beliefs? Well, that is already happening:

This is a very slippery slope. It started with good intentions, to limit fake news. But now it has gotten into ideological beliefs and that is censorship.

What Can We Do About It?

There are a couple things we can do about this. First, get more media visibility to this issue. We are working on that and it’s why we did this article. Hopefully if enough visibility gets on this topic they will reverse these unfair rules and shadow banning.

Next you can sign up for our newsletter! Our newsletter will give you access to all our information, sales, summit and other content that will never be filtered or censored.

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Most important, we have a community here that we have developed over the last 6 years that has tons of content, tools and support directly from us. No censoring. Craig and I answer all the questions through this website and it is really affordable. You can join for as little as $8.75 a month (one year of silver).

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Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


  • Darren says:

    I just shared this on my existingtoliving page. I totally agree. As far as fake news let them post it. It is up to the reader to verify the facts instead of blindingly thinking it is true.

  • Andrea Lawry says:

    This makes me so sad as I follow allot of Maria’s pages, to better equip myself in learning to eat Keto.
    She is truly the person to follow , along with Craig!

  • paige Usry says:

    This is scary! I love receiving your info! Facebook is getting too big for it’s britches!

  • Jennifer says:

    I’m having the same issue, but in my case it makes zero sense. I’ve been blocked on Facebook three times in the past 6-8 months. I use Facebook primarily for attending Facebook live events to learn from other bloggers. My last ban was because “I had posted too often.” Weird, since I have posted less than five times in the past 6 months. 🙄
    Hopefully working together we can get this issue addressed.
    Good luck!

  • Melisa says:

    This is frightening. I just stopped my FB-not deleted but closed it for now over a wekk ago, before you sent this out. There must be a bias in the workers at FB on what they have decided is healthy eating. or not. You have done so much to help so many folks figure out what the real problem is with their health.
    If there is something we can all do to help let us know.

  • Mira says:

    “It started with good intentions” – unfortunately, there’s no good intentions in censorship.

  • Susan Hawthorne says:

    Many people are being effected by this, Maria. And most of it is simple idiotic.
    I run 2 groups on fb, LearnKeto and KetoSchool, and Im unable to tag any of my members unless I’m friended to them!
    On my fb profile, I’ve been slapped into fb jail for participating in posts with my fellow authors! (I write Fantasy, SpecFic, and Women’s Inspirational fiction. )
    There are author pages that run promo days where you can list your book links and tag authors and readers to see the list so they can find their new reads… many of us have been smacked down for tagging.
    They’re doing a lot of this because they want us to buy ads (either sponsored ads or promotion of posts on our fb page. Reminds me of the strong arms who’d go into restaurants and stores and require the owners to pay them for “protection”. Welcome to Cartel FaceBook. 🙁

  • Christine says:

    Thank you both for all you do! I have several cookbooks and will purchase carnivore next! The censoring is absolutely chilling. Time for a safe social network. I know mewe is a good place to start. Excited to fully integrate this lifestyle!🤗

  • Lilli Jensen says:

    I also find it very scary. I’m such a great fan of yours. Would it be possible to start some sort of a petition and start mailing Facebook ?? I must admit I don’t now where to write or connect with Facebook to find the right people, responsible for the blocking of you. I couldn’t image what you have done wrong and I follow you on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and here on the internet. I have never seen anything abusive. I just don’t understand it. The world is going Crazy. Maybe we could all connect with a lot of carnivore / Keto people to do it together. We shouldn’t allow the big pharmaceutical companies to dictate us how to eat. The big companies must have bought Zuckerberg. They are the only ones losing a lot of money, if to many people get healthy.

  • Jan says:

    As some of us warned, free speech censored is not free speech!! Even so called “fake news” at times has been only fake in the eye of the beholder. We’ve suffered for over 40 years with the “fake news” cholesterol scare, supported by gov’t, the media and health professionals. This is another slippery slope. Keep fighting on, Maria & Craig. We’ve got your back! (Seems about time for a new social media platform, doesn’t it???)

  • Cheryl says:

    Maria, issues like this are being addressed in Congress. Contact your senators and representatives. Yours would be a perfect example of what is wrong with the practice.

  • Janine Erickson says:

    I’m so sorry this is happening to so many! I was really wondering what had happened because both you and Craig are always posting facts, encouragement and support. I personally think that they will shut more and more good people down that are trying to help people regain their health and help people realize that sugar and other things are truly killing us! I love, respect and admire you and Craig! I will always have your back and support you 100%. I don’t like what I’m seeing Facebook do to anyone that is trying to help other people. Sending my love and hugs to you and your family!! Stay strong!!

  • Joy says:

    This TOTALLY makes sense to me! As soon as I heard politicians saying we shouldn’t eat meat like hamburgers red meats esp how cows are bad for the environment etc I thought…. I wonder what’s going to happen to Keto information??‽!!! Because the Keto way of life has helped me and my daughter IMMENSELY with health issues I am very very concerned. At least I have my books …. for now……
    But especially with the word CARNIVORE in your latest works definitely a red flag to “them”

  • Very disturbing. I am a health blogger as well, but have not had this issue yet. Very aware that it is coming though. I am building my subscription group off of FB b/c of this. So sorry to hear about these issues. I do hope they relax a bit.
    Kate Tietje and her husband of Modern Alternative Mama are working on building a new health site that will have none of this censorship, called Colleqtiv. It is only being beta tested now but you may want to connect with her and get involved.

  • Judith says:


    Please contact the Bollingers on TTAC (The Truth About Cancer). Their friend, Mike Addams is working on an alternative social media. Hopefully, it will come soon and then we can all say goodbye to FB forever.

  • Todd W. Coleman says:

    Keep spreading the truth!

  • Shirley A. Hanes says:

    While I follow your and other Keto websites I would not have expected to have trouble with FB, however I have been blocked from making posts or replying to other’s posts for reasons I don’t understand except that I have classified some politically biased ads as spam. Recently I was unable to delete posts! I mentioned FB and censorship in a post and am surprised I am still on the site-probably because I am small potatoes.

  • Laurie says:

    I just shared this to the Common Sense Home page on Facebook. We’ll see how many people they allow it to reach before it gets shut down.

    I’ve skirted the edges of the bans on social media, but many friends have been affected. Google has completely throttled my reach on natural health content. (I used to have a number of home remedies that were extremely well ranked before they handed over the top spots to sites like Healthline.)

    This censorship sucks.

  • Frun says:

    Just came across this article on the r/ketoscience subreddit on Reddit.

    Absolutely ridiculous. You try to share life-changing information and it gets shot down.

    Do they not want us to be healthy? Is keto / carnivore really that stigmatized?

    We could ponder these questions all we want. All that is important is that we bring attention to matters like this and help as many individuals as we can.

    Love the post though! It really exposed the detriments of having a network / group via Facebook. Unfortunately, I’m sure this won’t be the only platform that will do this.

    Best Regards,

    • Maria Emmerich says:

      Thank you! Yes, we need to stick together to fight this. We need to keep getting this message of healing out there!

  • Mary says:

    I recently experienced this same situation on Instagram. I was in IG jail for several days, with no warning. I couldn’t post anything on my feed page, I couldn’t like any posts or make comments on any posts. I got th same message Craig got and even though I clicked on the OK button, I got no reply from Instagram. Something needs to be done!

  • Erin Martin says:

    I started following your blog 7 years ago when I started my keto lifestyle change. I stopped using FB about 5 years ago due the their practices. They are a business and when someone signs up for an account they agree to their terms. They can do as they like and have many times before without any repercussions. It’s sad to see people who are trying to do good things get banned but it’s very political (even if they say it isn’t!) and donations or favours called in my big companies will always end up winning out.

  • Natalie Chernyavsky says:

    Once a follower, always a follower. You, guys such an inspiration.<3

  • The ny says:

    well… live by the facebook, die by the facebook, i suppose.

  • Carey says:

    I’m not on Facebook, but wanted to show my support, so I just purchased your Keto Air Fryer cookbook (only one I didn’t own!)😉

  • Xisca says:

    Who would have thought such a basic freedom would be challenged? Let’s try to ask for it to be guaranteed! It is not about religion nor speech, so we need freedom of diet, of food choice. Same rights for everybody!

  • Use alternative platforms that are rising up to replace the dying FaceBook morass. There are several which don’t shadowban nor will they delete any post that is not actually illegal under US law. These include:
    Some of these are a bit tricky to use, but are improving as their user base grows. All of these site *are* growing, whereas FB is shrinking.
    Beware, however — you can’t completely delete a FB profile. In fact, FB keeps profiles on people who have NEVER created an account there.

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