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“Hi Maria! I’ve been putting off doing this for awhile but finally decided its time to share! After 10 years of struggling with my weight due to the effects of enduring chemo for breast cancer, I was frantic to find answers. I don’t know how I stumbled upon your blog, but it has worked wonders for me. 

You can see the left photo I was very pasty, puffy, and miserable! About the same time (one year ago) that I decided to follow your plan, my husband was having extreme digestive issues, he’d had ah Pylori, was unable to sleep at night due to bile and acid problems-no matter if he ate a banana or pizza! He was about to go on a special diet to try to remedy his problems as Prevacid and every other rx was doing no good at all. The problem was, everything his “new” diet proposed, was completely opposite from what I had been reading about and was preparing to try. I asked him to do one thing for me first. That was to try this “other way” (“Maria way”) for 2 weeks to see what would happen. I told him I’d be happy to prepare his meals separately if necessary but if he would please give this a try first.

He agreed and his heartburn and indigestion went away within 3 days!!! He has never turned back!!! He dropped 30lbs quickly-he wasn’t overweight but now he looks great! It took my body a bit longer to acclimate and begin the fat burning process but I did not give up. I kept hard at it, as well as exercising faithfully.

By week 8 I began to see some changes. My clothes began to get loose, and by month 3 I had lost 20lbs. The photo on the right is me 3 months into this change. I was thrilled. I will never ever go back to that old way of eating…and I love when you post the question about what some of the worst questions or comments we get from people-it never stops! But that will not deter me from my plan. My 16 year old daughter does not need to lose weight but she has embraced this way of eating and now I am working on my three younger children. (A little more difficult) I have breakfast and dinner down, just mastering lunches and snacks!!!” – Kari

If you want to get started on your “after” photo, click HERE. The 30 day meal plans will help you take the planning out of your Pure Protein and Fat days. 

salad dressing


One question I get all the time from clients is, “How much protein is too much?” Well everyone has a different tolerance, just like with carbohydrates. I work with lots of extreme diabetics who can eat more than 60g protein a day (about 20g at each meal). In order to become keto-adapted, you need to turn up the healthy fat intake to push yourself over the adaptation divide as quickly as possible.  If you don’t like fatty cuts of meat, you can add medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) to your diet.

Medium-Chained-Triglycerides (MCT) are different than Long-chained-triglycerides. MCT are absorbed more like carbohydrates and are used and burned quickly by the body and not stored in the fat cells and any extra are converted into ketones.  This is why I am very specific even about the salad dressings my clients use. It is always best to make your own dressing (not to mention how easy it is too), but more so because I have them make it out of MCT oil rather than olive oil (or other vegetable oils) which are a long chained triglyceride and will not turn into ketones for fat burning.

MCTs passively diffuse from the GI tract to the portal system (longer fatty acids are absorbed into the lymphatic system) without requirement for modification like long-chain fatty acids or very-long-chain fatty acids. In addition, MCTs do not require bile salts for digestion. Patients that have malnutrition or mal-absorption syndromes are treated with MCTs because they do not require energy for absorption, utilization, or storage.

MCT will speed up the ketone production process.  In rare occasions, MCT oils have caused nausea in some of my clients if they take too much of it, so start out slowly.

MCT oils

1. Organic butter: Fresh butter is one of the best sources of fat and medium chain triglycerides, according to nutritional experts and authors of “Nourishing Traditions,” Sally Fallon and Mary G. Enig, PhD. Butter contains about 12 to 15 percent short and medium chain fatty acids, according to the authors. This is the type of fat that can be used quickly by the human body for energy. Fresh butter, according to “Nourishing Traditions,” has both antifungal and antitumor properties.

2. Coconut oil

3. MCT OilCoconut oil has both long and medium chained triglycerides (MCT). You can make MCT oil from coconut oil which is all medium chained triglycerides which is an awesome fat because it doesn’t require bile for digestion! I use this in place of butter for all my baked goods and it holds flavor like no other oil so it makes great salad dressing. 

salad dressing

Here is a great Pure Protein and Fat recipe for you initial days of weight loss (but no tomatoes on those days!).

To read more on why and how to rotate Pure Protein and Fat days, check out my book: Secrets to a Healthy Metabolism.  Thank you all for your kind words!

1/2 cup SkinnyFAT MCT oil
1/2 tsp stevia glycerite
1 tsp Celtic sea salt
1/2 tsp fresh ground pepper
1/2 tsp fish sauce (see below)

OPTION: Add 1 container of sardines, diced fine (for a healthy dose of omega 3 and calcium)

Place all ingredients into a salad jar and shake vigorously. Use for coleslaw or drizzle on your salad greens. Makes 5 servings

Store bought Asian Dressing = 160 calories, 10g fat, 0g protein, 12g carbs, 0g fiber
“Healthified” Asian Dressing = 195 calories, 22.4g fat, 0g protein, 0g  carbs, 0g fiber (100% fat, 0% protein, 0% carbs)

salad dressing

Coconut Vinegar nutritionally exceeds other vinegars in its amino acid, vitamin and mineral contents, and is an excellent source of FOS (a prebiotic that promotes digestive health). In addition to using in your favorite dressings and marinades, our Coconut Vinegar may also be used instead of apple cider vinegar for skincare or with any internal cleansing program. (This delicious vinegar does not have a coconutty flavor.) Click HERE to find.

One staple that every cook should have in their fridge is Fish Sauce. It is a special ingredient that takes good food to amazing food. Fish Sauce, mushrooms and aged cheeses have something called “UMAMI.” Umami is a pleasant savory taste produced by glutamate and ribonucleotides, chemicals which occur naturally in many foods. Umami is subtle and not generally identified by people when they encounter it, but blends well with other tastes to intensify and enhance flavors; it makes food delicious. Red Boat brand is traditionally fermented, not with wheat like most others. This bottle will last you a LONG time – you only use a few drops per dish, it’s strong stuff!

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