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Enter to WIN Keto Comfort Foods!

By April 23, 2017May 20th, 2017Uncategorized

Enter to WIN Keto Comfort Foods!

Happy WORLD BOOK Day! I have always been a lover of books and now that I am an author I feel that today is an extra special day to celebrate and today I have a special offer for you!

I love waking up and doing giveaways like this and today you can enter to WIN Keto Comfort Foods book before it is even released! Most cookbooks have 110-125 recipes and this book is FILLED with over 175 recipes to satisfy your taste buds!Enter to WIN Keto Comfort Foods

Writing Keto Comfort Foods was truly a labor of love. I love food and I will always love food; I just make things a little differently now than how I made them when I was heavy. Keto Comfort Foods is an important book to me because I’m competing against a multitrillion-dollar food industry that markets products filled with dyes, chemicals, and sugar to children. Providing cute keto treats keeps my kids happy. I also teach them how certain foods will make them feel good, be super-smart, and run fast!

We also live in a society that celebrates with food. Even when our children learn to go on the potty as toddlers, we reward them with food. Micah always asked for kale chips, but still, food was his reward. I hear all the time from parents who are frustrated when their kids’ Little League team goes out for ice cream after every game. One of my clients sent me a picture of the giant bag of Skittles that her type 1 diabetic second grader was given for scoring 100 percent on her math test!

I also wrote Keto Comfort Foods because cooking and baking are my therapy. I love to create beautiful food. I enjoy being in the kitchen on a rainy day. (If it’s nice out, I prefer to be outside on my bicycle or kayak!) I’m not one to meditate on a mat with my eyes closed. I like to think of my cooking and baking time as mindful meditation. Some healthcare clinics and counselors are using cooking or baking as a therapy tool for people suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. Sounds crazy, right? But cooking soothes stress, builds self-esteem, and helps curb negative self-talk by focusing the mind on following a recipe.Enter to WIN Keto Comfort Foods

Keto Comfort Foods is special to me because I want you to be able to stick to this lifestyle and not feel compelled to cheat. Having keto desserts available has helped me stick to this lifestyle for over a decade! If it were up to Craig, I would make meatloaf cake instead of my Death by Chocolate Cheesecake (page 310) for birthdays, but I love dessert. Having keto treats at home helps me say no to a slice of cake at a party. If I never let myself have a treat like keto ice cream (I always have some on hand), I wouldn’t be able to say no to sugar-filled treats. Allowing myself keto indulgences ensures that I never feel deprived.

And with the recipes in this book, you will never feel deprived, either! Whether your old favorite comfort foods were sugary desserts or carb-laden bowls of pasta, I’ve got you covered. Enjoy!

Click HERE to order on SALE for $15 OFF today! 

I would LOVE to see you post photos of you with the book on Facebook and Instagram! Those photos warm my heart!!!!!

Thank you for your love and support!



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3. Comment below on how the ketogenic lifestyle has helped you or a loved one!

Winner will be chosen May 2nd. Good Luck!

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A close friend of mine texted me that she was upset with herself because she is too busy with running kids to activities and helping out others that she hasn’t worked out in a month and hasn’t been prepping healthy foods.
I told her that I once felt very guilty about taking care of myself first but when I do that, everyone around me benefits. I am more patient, happier, and more able to give. I told her not to feel guilty of saying no to others… even on airplanes they tell you “Put your mask on first before assisting others.”
 Enter to WIN Keto Comfort Foods
Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


  • Carly says:

    This would be awesome to win! Thank you for putting on all these great giveaways, Maria <3

  • April M says:

    Thanks for another great book! I feel great on Keto and I’ve lost weight. I love this lifestyle!

  • Marianne says:

    I’ve been on the keto diet for 3 weeks now and getting bored…I’d love to have a new recipe book!

    • Julie says:

      On Feb 9, 2017, I had my fasting bloodwork to check triglycerides, cholesterol, blood glucose and A1C for my 2/14 doctor’s appointment. As the lab had made a mistake and not checked for blood glucose and A1C, I had to return for more bloodwork. However, as my triglycerides were 223, coupled with the fact that I had been struggling with prediabetic blood glucose numbers for years, I was already prepared for the news that I would receive a week later. Thankfully my adult son was acquainted with Maria Emmerich and the ketogenic diet, and sent me THE 30 DAY KETOGENIC CLEANSE. I got to work immediately. Before I got the unfortunate official diagnosis of Type II diabetes 3 weeks later, I had lost 9 lbs! My provider was duly impressed and asked how I had lost the weight, and I told her about the ketogenic diet, to which she replied, “I don’t really like it.” But she did agree to let me proceed with the diet and forego medication at this point. Three weeks later I saw my nurse practitioner for an unrelated appointment, and I weighed 9 lbs less than before-18 lbs lost in 6 weeks is almost miraculous for my metabolically challenged body. I will weigh again next week, which will mark 9 weeks into the keto lifestyle. After the second 9 lb loss, my NP began asking me HOW I was doing this and said she would like to try it as her blood glucose number was above normal at a recent check-up. She was so impressed with my progress, saying that I am a great patient and that I am doing everything right.! After 11 years on meds for blood pressure, cholesterol, and hypothyroidism, that was music to my ears! I am now well within a healthy BMI, and she postponed my next appointment slated for June until September! My blood pressure has also greatly improved. I look forward to continuing the learning process, and am committed to the keto lifestyle. Thank you so much, Maria!

  • Kristen says:

    I don’t get shaky and weak if I don’t eat every two hours. No longer a slave to sugar!

  • Jeanne Peter says:

    On keto for 4 weeks. Love it! Started because I wanted more energy, was sick of starving myself, and for potential weight loss. It has helped in all those areas. The BONUS is that my neurological disease symptoms are under control. When I started, I had no idea that could happen, so I certainly wasn’t it expecting it. It truly is a bonus and I will never turn back.

  • Amy says:

    The Keto diet has given me more energy and I feel wonderful.

  • Susan says:

    Down 130 lbs and still going!

  • Renee says:

    Only 3 weeks in and my wife and I already feel better health coming our way. It’s just going to keep getting better!!

  • Lola says:

    I love comfort foods. Yeh!

  • Lola says:

    The keto lifestyle has helped me have more control of my weight loss. I have tried tons of diets in the past with no success. I look forward to see where I end up.

  • Claire Moniz says:

    Has helped my whole family!

  • Melanie Binkley says:

    Keto lifestyle is helping me get back on my feet after some (horrendous to my health) years of care taking family members. It gives me more energy, clearer thinking, my body is shifting and no more heartburn and I digestion.

  • Brenda Middleton says:

    Just starting this journey and need all the help I can get! Thanks Maria!

  • Danielle says:

    Keto woe has helped me to view food differently, in a healthy way for nourishment, not eating out of boredom or for emotional reasons. I am satisfied and I’m losing fat. I want to be able to eat this way for forever 🙂 I also bought your book keto adapted and I love it! Thank you Maria!

  • Tess says:

    I just purchased “The 30 Day ketogentic cleanse” from Costco. I’ve made it through the first week with energy and enthusiasm and gearing up for week 2. I would like to have an alternative cook book to look forward to after 30 days because I feel I’ve found a lifestyle not a diet! Thank you Maria for this amazing information and support you offer.

  • Brenda says:

    As a nutritional practitioner, I was skeptical about flipping my macros to be heavier on the fats. I already was low carb (not very low though) due to SIBO diet. I decided to become my own experiment of n=1. In one week, I lost 7 lbs. — those pesky pounds that wouldn’t budge came off. With serum ketone testing, I was surprised at how quickly they appeared.
    With your fantastic and doable recipes in all your books, I’ve never felt at a loss for choices. In fact, without cravings, I am content and gaining energy, rather than pounds for a change. Thank you, Maria.

  • Toni says:

    Keto is our a major part of our life… I have watched the evolution of it for the last ten years I’ve been ketogenic and it only gets better! Your books continue to inspire not on me, but those that I’m able to influence with our lifestyle!! Keep ’em coming; they’re only getting better!!

  • Robin Symes says:

    Ketogenics has helped me drop 19 lbs and my rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and migraine headaches have disappeared. I love it.

  • Kim Henrichs says:

    My best friend has lost a lot of weight, but also FEELS so much better!

  • Ilana says:

    Since starting a Keto lifestyle, I have been able to get my diabetes under control. Additionally, my medications for diabetes, cholesterol and thyroid have all been reduced and I’ve been able to completely stop taking blood pressure medication. This has truly been a miracle for me!

  • Rowena Aitken says:

    It has helped reduce my Type II Diabetes but I fell off the diet over Christmas and am struggling to get back on again so a recipe book would be helpful.

  • Kathy says:

    I first learned about the ketogenic diet from my functional medicine doctor when facing skin cancer. He immediately recommended I start eating this way which eventually, combined with Vit C therapy, healed the cancer without allopathic treatment! Another “side effect” is that my T2 diabetes reversed and I was able to get off 7 prescription meds, plus I lost over 35 pounds. Since that time 4 years ago, I have maintained this WOE and have remained at a healthy weight easily because I love the food. I own a couple of your books and refer to them all the time and recommend them to my family members that have watched my transformation and are now following my example of a LCHF lifestyle and finding renewed health, too!

  • Linda says:

    I have been able to loose those last pesky 10 pounds and control my blood sugar. Maria and Craig are so knowledgeable. I would highly recommend any of her cook books.

  • Donna Monthei says:

    I’m not crabby anymore since I began eating Keto. My family is so happy and I approach everyday with a great attitude and enjoy it so much more!! Thank you for putting in the work to create such great recipes.

  • Karen says:

    Love your cookbooks! keto has helped me kick my sugar habit and lose weight. Only 10 left to goal.

  • Kaite says:

    The Keto diet helped me loose over 80 lbs. When I went off of it I gained back 90. I am starting the Keto journey all over again and I am planning on staying with it this time.

  • Diane Wesson says:

    I’m really living eating Keto. And I especially love your recipes. Everyone I’ve tried has been awesome.

  • Cindy says:

    I feel like keto is my little secret; I always have amazing energy and stamina. My non-keto co-workers are always sleepy and starving looking for their next cookie or cup of coffee to get them through the next hour.

  • Heather Jeffers says:

    Maria, your site has been a game-changer for me. I’ve been trying so many new recipes and feel great- and my blood sugars are totally stable!! It’s amazing to get to eat foods I love again!

  • Elizabeth Nelson says:

    My functional medicine dr. recommends Keto….been doing it for awhile now.

  • Yesenia Cruz says:

    My 12 yr old daughter and I were addicted to pasta, rice, and all things grains. We started Keto a month ago and are enjoying our freedom from grains. We feel better and closer to each other because we are on this journey together. Her friends motivate her and compliment her on her results. The challenge is finding foods that don’t always have her feeling left out. There are some things she misses but pasta is not one. Which is huge because that was always her go to meal.

  • TWalters says:

    The keto diet has helped me lose weight and gain energy! My favorite part about eating this way is not feeling constantly hungry!

  • Nancy says:

    Loving the keto life style!

  • Nancy says:

    Loving the keto life style!

  • Valerie says:

    I get less migraines and feel better in general.

  • Sharon says:

    I’d love to add your new cookbook to my “Maria Collection”. (Which currently consists of3 of your books.) I so appreciate your recipes and the research you’ve pulled together. Starting the Keto Cleanse tomorrow, prepping today. Thanks!

  • Natasha Garcia says:

    The keto diet has steadily been helping both myself and my husband.

    With me, It’s helping lower my chronic pain (to the point that I’m thinking of lowering my pain meds!), helping my IBS, and I’m losing weight for the first time in YEARS!

    For my husband, his stomach used to be big and rigid as a rubber ball, now it’s almost flat and it’s squishy-soft (meaning you can push into it without it pushing back at you)! It has helped eliminate his seasonal allergies and it’s helping his eyes (he suffers from evaporative tears). In addition, his terrible social anxiety and nausea from it are almost totally gone!!

    Keto is completely blessing our lives!!! I really hope to win the cookbook, thank you for the giveaway 😁😁😁

  • Phyl says:

    My friend feels so much better and has inspired me to get started.

  • Donna Davis says:

    It’s helped my concentration and memory!!

  • Jacquie Z says:

    It has helped more than I could have hoped for. My husband is a diabetic and was using up to 88 units of insulin daily. Now he hasn’t had to use any for several months now and lost 71 lbs.

  • Della Burruss says:

    Your recipes have enabled me to enjoy food and stay off diabetes medication!! Thank you!

  • Leann W says:

    It has helped my husbad lose 35 lbs in 2 months…I’m on my way too😊

  • Maureen lemaire says:

    Lost 25 lbs on the keto diet. Getting bored, I need some new ideas! A new book of comfort foods would be awesome!

  • Rana Durham says:


  • Gina says:

    Like the egg free recipes.

  • CJ says:

    Keto has helped me sleep better and have more energy, plus I no longer get “hangry” even when I’m hungry.

  • Jenny says:

    I have just learned about the keto diet this week and am anxious to get started.

  • Marguerite O says:

    I’ve been doing LCHF since last summer and lost the 15 pounds I gained after a fall left me with 2 broken wrists and a sedentary lifestyle. After the holidays, I allowed carbs to creep back into my diet and a few pounds creeped back on to my waist. For the last month I have been faithfully Keto and the weight is gone and I feel so much better. Just ordered your Quick & Easy Cookbook last night and have my husband convinced he should start eating a Keto diet before Ramadan starts so he is Keto adapted while fasting. As he has about 20 pounds to lose and some joint and pain issues, I’m hopeful we will both be in good shape for summer fun!

  • Lacie says:

    The keto lifestyle has helped me combat near daily, debilitating, headaches, get some autoimmune issues under control, and boost my productivity, and mood a ton! For the first time in several years I feel more in control of my life because I wake up feeling good instead of being ruled by my ailments.

  • Laura Bridges says:

    I have been living a ketogenic lifestyle since September 2016. I lost almost 40 pounds before having bariatric surgery in December, and as of last week have lost 100 pounds total. Thanks to your daily emails, your blog, and posts on my bariatrician’s private fb group, I have been able to become keto adapted. I would love to win your new cookbook. It would make an awesome birthday gift for me, as I will be turning 47 in a couple weeks.

  • Catt Roa says:

    I can’t wait to start this Keto way of eating! I have lost weight eating low carbs, but need the comfort foods and variety. With the comfort food cookbook, I think I would have the variety of meals and it would keep both my husband and I satisfied. <3

  • Leslie Shirkey says:

    I would love this book. My husband lost his job feb 2nd, still unemployed too. So we would be buying this if we had the income, but right now we dont. I am keto stong, thanks to you and slowly getting my family on board. Im from the south originally so i miss comfort foods. I homeschool my 3 girls too and full time student, on scholarships and just inducted into phi theta kappa, so i need a guide for fun foods!

  • Rebecca Chmela says:

    Keto has helped me shed unnecessary pounds, improved my inflammation and chronic pain, and, subsequently, has improved my mood! ***Bonus my husband LOVES the fact that meat isn’t off limits! Lol

  • Tina says:

    I have a clearer mind, more energy and have lost weight quickly.

  • Jodie says:

    My husband and I started with the Ketogenic Cleanse 8 weeks ago, have kept on a Keto diet; we have lost weight gained energy and clarity!

  • Mandy Wanless says:

    Keto is healing my PCOS and has turned my hubby’s 200-300 blood sugar readings to the 90 range! Love Keto and love Maria’s contributions!

  • Amy Beisel says:

    My husband & I have been Keto for just over a month. After him battling IBD issues since he was 6 years old, he is finally ok…no more meds, no more stress with going out to eat, no more worries. It has literally changed his life. Could not be more thankful! (I’m the main chef in our house, so I’ve done it to learn how to help him. But you know what, I’ve seen positive changes too!) Love the Ketogenic Cookbook, it has been a lifesaver.

  • Sheli says:

    I am just starting out with the Keto WOE….But I love everything I see so far…and I am enjoying looking at the Keto Adapted recipes and information!!!

  • Kris Reeves says:

    Eating keto has brought my blood sugar numbers down, I have more energy and I feel good!

  • Suzy says:

    Just getting started, but feeling really excited! Thank you for writing things out so I can organize my mind and visualize how we can do this as a whole family! We’ve struggled with the kids’ food choices away from home probably because of how restrictive I’ve tried to be with what we bring in. This changes everything!

  • Elizabeth Lamarche says:

    I am just starting to learn about LCHF diet and health and am so inspired by your blog. Your new book looks awesome!

  • Carolyn Pevey says:

    I’m a week into the keto lifestyle. I’ve already purchased two of your books and would love to add this book to my forming collection. I was recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic though I felt I was eating all the right things. I’m excited about becoming keto adapted, feeling the best I can feel, and extinguishing my pre-diabetic diagnosis.

  • Maria Lomax says:

    Thank you for all you do. ❤️

  • Patricia says:

    Would love new recipes, especially comfort food ones.

  • Tammy says:

    I’d appreciate a great resource like this one. I have a lot to learn, but I’m trying to get my health back in order

  • Alyse Grauman says:

    I have been keto since September. I love the way this lifestyle makes me feel. I am so happy you wrote a book with comfort food because I feel like there is a void in those recipes I think because people are afraid of triggers.

  • Emily Jackson says:

    Keto found me after the death of my father in January. I had eaten many many comfort foods after his loss. I packed on 12 pounds and found the eating style that had helped me lose 70 pounds after my fourth child and keep it off for 2 years was just not working anymore. My adrenals were severely fatigued after the traumatic loss and keto and intermittent fasting worked like a charm! I am now down those 12 pounds and have so much more energy and joy!!!

  • Sharlene says:

    The keto lifestyle has been wonderful for me, I have so much more energy.

  • Connie says:

    I started keto July 2016 in an effort to stop my progression into type 2 diabetes. Within 3 months my A1c went from 6.0 to 5.4. It’s now at 5.1 with a fasting blood glucose of 80 (down from 110). I wasn’t even thinking about weight loss at the time so it was a happy bonus that I lost 36lbs before Christmas! I still have more to lose but no matter where my weight ends up the health benefits, energy level and just plain feeling good keeps me motivated! Keep Calm and Keto On!

  • Kandie McMahill says:

    I preordered mine 2 weeks ago but wouldn’t mind 2!!! Mine will be here may 2! Would love to see more giveaways for instagram 😉 Thank you so much

  • Heather B. says:

    My 15 year old son and I have been following a LCHF lifestyle for the last few months, mostly with recipes from your books and website. We have so much more energy now, we’ve lost weight, and are really enjoying food that has fat, salt, and flavor! Thank you so much!

  • olga says:

    Yeah for your new Book!
    You are quite the cook.
    Comfort Foods Galore
    Please give us some more.
    Hurray! Way to Go!
    Because Keto is Neato!!

  • Kristy Thurber says:

    As someone else mentioned above I LOVE being Sugar FREE and feeding my 2 special needs boys a diet free of dyes, sugar, and chemicals!!!! We feel sooo much better!!!! I’ve got my Mom into this lifestyle and working on my sister in law who has Fibromyalgia.

  • Jilly says:

    Just started April 4th, long road ahead of me, but seeing results already!

  • Tristann says:

    Keto is helping me heal my body.

  • Erin Christopherson says:

    We started incorporating keto into our lives about four weeks ago. We thought it would be completely overwhelming, but have actually fully embraced the new lifestyle for the last three weeks. Our reason for keto is much different than I read here. Our 7 year old girl has intractable (med resistant) epilepsy. Her next Neuro appointment is this Friday and I’m hoping we get the green light to move forward completely; her meds are liquid and we’ll need to switch over to pills and start seeing a dietician before she can truly reach keto. In the meantime, we believe that this waybpg eating is already helping…she’s gained weight (just a couple of pounds, but she was at a very low percentile for a year and a half), teacher’s and therapists have noted improvements in clarity and disposition (she also has Autism and a developmental delay). We very much look forward to continuing this journey as a family and could really put a comfort foods cookbook to good use!

  • Jennifer Malinowski says:

    Keto has left me free of migraines for 4 months now, when I suffered for close to 20 years. 🙌🏻🙌🏻Keto🙌🏻🙌🏻 I love love love comfort food and really would love to have this cookbook!

  • Jennifer D says:

    My blood glucose has lowered!

  • Candace S. says:

    Can’t wait

  • Star Thomas-Wyse says:

    I’ve been Keto-ing for a month at the recommendation of my Dr.Arthritis pain is GONE!

  • Twila says:

    I love this Woe! I feel better than I ever have.

  • Cathy Davison says:

    I love your recipes and enjoy making the beloved creations that my family and friends enjoy a great deal. Even better is that they are healthy and our family and friends don’t even miss the sugars and flours. Thank you so much Maria for sharing your gifts.

  • Amanda says:

    This would be a great addition for my kitchen!

  • Dawn L. says:

    Greetings from the great state of Texas!
    I’ve been practicing a therapeutic ketogenic lifestyle since 2013. I had no idea you had all these wonderful recipes. I stumbled across your latest cookbook on Amazon. I debated if I should wait for the comfort keto edition. I’m loving the recipes I’ve made so far! Thank you for sharing your gift of cooking and baking for the keto lifestyle. Hugs.

  • Kirsten says:

    The migraines are lessening, the joints don’t hurt as much and I FEEL GOOD!!!! <3 this WOE so much.

  • Amanda Gaskey says:

    I purchased my dream wedding dress off of the rack 2 sizes too small, it wouldn’t even zip. But I needed the motivation! I found the way in keto! By the time my wedding came around I had to have my dress BROUGHT IN!!! I couldn’t believe it! Not to mention clear skin (I’ve always struggled with acne!) and no headaches ( I’ve always had migraines!)
    I recently packed some weight back on being in the first trimester and needing all the carbs, but I’d like to curb the headaches again and slow the gain by easing back into keto! I can’t wait to get my hands on this book!

  • Donna Shelton says:

    love your books. I have them all. this would be great to add to them

  • alfredo says:

    lost over 20bs, still have a way to go.

  • Lisa B. says:

    Changing to a keto lifestyle has helped me control my blood sugar. When I was diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia I was at a loss with how to keep my body from overproducing insulin. After some research I found keto! And have not turned back. Now my BS stays in a healthy range for me of 60-110.

  • Nancy Pepper says:

    Love your books. Makes life easier. I need some comfort foods though. Can’t wait to see your take on them.

  • Evelyn says:

    I am in desperate need of finding what works for my body. I had gastric bypass 11 years ago and not only am I more unhealthy than I was before, I have also gained back all the weight I lost. I’ve tried low carb, high fat diet but I found out I am allergic to casein. I don’t know what to eat now! I miss cheese and heavy cream so much.

  • Kim Hayes says:

    Starting to drop the pounds, feeling better, feeling my will power growing daily and my self control via the education portion. Really looking forward to being toned , fit and back to my old self.

  • Anna S says:

    Your newest book looks awesome!

  • Kris Smith says:

    Have both the 30 day cleanse and quick & easy ketogenic…has definitely made living this lifestyle easier to stick with. Not bored with the food and feeling 100 times better than 5 weeks ago!

  • Love the keto lifestyle! My blood pressure is normal. No more pain all over my body! Abd delicious food. No cravings for sugar! No brain fog! Love Keto!

  • Penny says:

    Ordered and waiting on your ketogenic cleanse book now. Reading the many testimonials of people going keto gives me hope. Would love this book as well. Thank you Maria for sharing your knowledge! So ready to regain my energy and health… 😘

  • Melinda says:

    I am 3 pounds away from my goal thanks to The 30-Day Ketogenic Cleanse. Giving up dairy was the best thing I did.

  • Elizabeth Jordan says:

    I have been on a low carb diet for a little over 3 months and have lost 30 pounds!! I have recently started hearing more about keto and am learning more about it and excited to jump more into the keto world!! I would love to win this cookbook!!

  • Ashley says:

    The Keto Diet gave me the clarity to re-evaluate my relationship with food and become a better/healthier woman!

  • Jen says:

    I am just getting started on keto, but my main motivation is to help neurological issues in my kids. I have heard so many positive things! If I am not blessed to win this cookbook, I hope to buy it someday. I love all your recipes that I have tried so far! <3

  • Michele Roberts says:

    I’d love to win. I need some help. I’m bored with my “normal” meals

  • Judith Daley says:

    As a T1D I’d love this book to help keep my BG levels in check and to stay GRIT!! 🙂

  • Amanda Brannon says:

    I am almost done with my 30 day Keto Cleanse and I LOVE this lifestyle and the recipes! So much great health information in that book, too. Keto has helped me with more energy, less medications to take for sleeping each night (looking to eliminate all of them eventually), and focusing on healthy Keto choices rather than sugars and carbs. I’m working my way through my kids favorite meals and making a Keto version for them – fun!

  • JoAnn says:

    Would love to add to library of your books!!

  • Patricia Foltz says:

    I am so excited to have found your website and information on facebook. I ordered your cleanse book and would love to have the keto comfort food recipes. Thank you for all you do.

  • Donna says:

    I have been keto for awhile but I’m stuck a bit so trying to shake it up!

  • Colleen says:

    So excited to get this book!!! Maria is an extraordinary cook, her recipes from her other books are delicious!!!

  • Amber says:

    I don’t do social media anymore so I just ordered your book. I own all of your books and every time a new one comes out I am blown away by your talent to continue to create so many new recipes. 3 years ago I started Keto after my last baby, got back to my high school weight, and than fell off the wagon and gained it all back. My silly self tried all the stupid diets again and realized this is the only way to go without feeling like I’m super deprived. So I’m back! I’ve already lost 7 lbs in 10 days. I’m also a Gold member on your Keto adapted site. It has been so inspiring! I haven’t been home to sit in on your webinars yet but I have watched them all. Really, really great information!

  • Brianne Elliott says:

    I have been keto for a year it has helped me lose 42lbs. This book would make my collection complete.

  • Rebecca Dodd says:

    The Ketogenic lifestyle literally saved my life. I’ve lost so much weight, reversed prediabetes, and learned information that saved me from an imminent heart attack!

  • Erin S says:

    Keto has helped me lost the weight needed to do IVF, and had helped me feel better all around. 🙂

  • SLP says:

    I have been following your blog for a few years now but I have only committed to the lifestyle and started your 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse, 31 days ago. I have tried everything for weight loss, this is working for me! After 30 days I’m down 14 lbs and several inches. I haven’t been working out at all due to doctors orders for adreal fatigue issues. I have no more sore joints. My acne has been clearing. And most importantly, my seizure activity appears to be changing for the better. When I see these results after this short time, it has me excited about my future with the Keto lifestyle. I plan to get all your books eventually!

  • Kathy Verdun says:

    Been keto 2.5 years now and have never felt better. Discovered your site a few months back and love it! This woe has changed not only our family but our extended families and friends. Thank you for what you do!

  • mrsmimigal says:

    pre-ordered! 🙂

  • Amanda McMichael says:

    I’d love to get this book! We are 7 days into the cleanse and I’ll need more recipes when it’s over!!

  • patricia says:

    keto has helped me lose weight and maintain my weight. So thankful!

  • Amy says:

    Me and my two oldest of seven kids have been diagnosed with celiac and we as a family eat a real food diet. We would like to see if we can improve our health more and looking to get started with a ketogenic lifestyle. I would love this cookbook to give me recipe ideas. Thanks!

  • Patti matsalla says:

    Love the other books can’t wait to use this one

  • Lindsey says:

    I love Maria’s cookbooks and I would love to add this one to my collection!!!!

  • Yvette says:

    I’ve been preparing my family for a huge transition of low carbing for our son. He is almost 2 years old and our itty bitty prince was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. You have been my go to Maria. I’ve been printing so many of your recipes, I’d love to own this and add to my arsenal. A weapon of choice for our new life struggles. Thanks for the opportunity. Love and light…

  • Samantha says:

    I’m a Maria convert. Have been for several years. The only reason I haven’t purchased this one is because so many of her books have so many repeats. But I’d love to win it!

  • Jennifer says:

    Excited to start this journey!

  • Beverly says:

    My other Maria cookbooks are practically worn out. I’d love to have this new Comfort Foods book!

  • Catherine says:

    My A1C is down out of the pre-diabetic range and I am losing weight – hooray!

  • Kris says:

    We as a family have taken on this new way of eating and love the way it makes us feel. ( the weight loss isa wonderful bonus) can’t wait to get some recipe books!

  • Sandy Munn says:

    I have lost 30 pounds so far since going Keto. My husband has found that his joints don’t ache like they used to since he gave up sugar.

  • Sheryl says:

    A1C is coming down. Actually sleeping at night and not coming home from a rather stressful job and sleeping for hours. It’s great!

  • Teresa says:

    I am starting the cleanse in May and am very excitied

  • Gisela says:

    Help me to feel more energetic and I’m finally found a way to eating healthy and enjoy it!

  • Kim Warren says:

    I’m needing to get weight off for better mobility, and to help with mood issues. Keto seems like the way to do this healthfully!

  • Pam says:

    I started my keto journey 2 years ago. I have lost 20 lbs total. I say its a journey because all the education Maria teaches us and learning to prep food to stay on track. Its overwhelming at first. I am struggling right now but will get back on track. Thank you Maria for your education, books and blog.

  • Kristina says:

    I would LOVE to have this book. I have experienced many benefits from a low carb lifestyle, I lost 60lbs before I got pregnant and I’m now nearly in my 3rd trimester. I fluctuate in weight by 5lbs, but have not gained back the weight I lost and I dont really look pregnant, but I feel incredible and my pregnancy is very healthy! I have also had the privilege of knowing how astonishing Keto has been for a very close loved one of mine. Thank you for all you do and the tremendous effort you put into all of your recipes!

  • Sue Richards says:

    I have been doing keto since Mar 7, 2017. I have lost 11 lbs. and feel pretty darn good! It is a journey and I will keep going to reach my goal weight.

  • Julie says:

    I would absolutely love to win this book!!
    It looks fabulous!

  • Shayna says:

    Love your books!

  • Tammy says:

    Started eating Keto after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. It has helped me get control of my blood sugar. Thank you for the wonderful recipes that you share.

  • Diane says:

    Looks like great recipes! Would love to win and share successes of using the recipes!

  • Beth says:

    Hubby and I are doing this together and would love some new recipes thanks for the chance.

  • Michelle F. says:

    I love the keto lifestyle because it is one where I am never hungry and get to eat delicious food. Thank you Maria for all the wonderful recipes you have created to help keep me on track!

  • Terri says:

    I started keto in January so far I’ve lost 15 pounds and I’ve gone from having headaches almost daily to only having two in the past month! My mid day exhaustion is gone and so has that starving feeling I would have a few times a day. I have the 30 day cleanse book and would love to add another of your fabulous cook books to my collection!

  • Michele says:

    I have two of your books and love ❤️ them. Not only are the recipes delicious but the photos are stunning. Pizza sticks are my favorite.

  • Naila heintz says:

    40 lbs down. More importantly my blood pressure it down to a normal 34 year old. Yah

  • Alison says:

    I love the energy being keto has given me.

  • Michelle B Nellos says:

    I have three of your Keto books and I cook almost exclusively out of them (and Im a good cook!). Today I had guest over and they loved you BBQ pulled pork.

  • Marsha says:

    Would love to win. Staying over after rough time with gastric sleeve surgery.

  • Rachelle says:

    Was able to finally lose weight and feel so much better on Ketogenic diet!!!

  • Amy says:

    Since starting the keto lifestyle my whole view on food has changed. Looking back, I can’t believe how much carb laden food I ate. I’m working on healing my body, eating good food, and learning to rethink/relearn how I look at what is good for me. I know change doesn’t happen overnight, but I fell better than I have in years, and it’s thanks to my new keto lifestyle and revamped relationship with food.

  • Kristie Z says:

    I’m excited to start this journey! Wish me luck!

  • Lori says:

    It’s helped me become educated about what I’m putting in my body and to really enjoy and even crave healthy foods!

  • rosemary pfeiffer says:

    I have been eating low carb/low sugar for a while now and have lost over 50 lbs. I have always known about all the sugar in the foods I used to eat,but didn’t care then. Now I have been watching all the cooking videos on youtube to see how easy the recipes are to make. There are so many wonderful things to make.

  • Roz says:

    When I am doing Keto I feel great and have lost a lot of weight. Having cancer made me want to stay away from sugar.

  • Conny Fox says:

    I just bought your book the Ketogenic cleanse. I started reading it and it is very interesting. So much good information. My husband and I want to try this. I am also hearing and reading so many good things about all of your books.
    Thank you for all your research and recipes. I would like to add more of your books when i am able to.

  • Karyn says:

    My journey with keto has only been for about three weeks but I know that it’s going to need to be a part of my future. Finding you and this book have made me realize that with those that have gone before me I can get through this life change.

  • Sandra says:

    Eating keto is much easier than I thought. The meals in Maria’s book are all so delicious so they make me want to continue with this way of eating. I’ve lost weight but more importantly, I feel great.

  • Rhonda says:

    With the help of your 30 day cleanse book, my youngest daughter is excited once again to get her weight under control!

  • Fiona Young says:

    I find it so confusing all the choices of different diet options and I haven’t made much progress in loosing weight even with the changes I’ve made so far. After reading the comments on your page, your way of life seems to get great results for increase energy and weight loss.

  • Melissa Payne says:

    Keto has helped me heal my body from the inside out. I’ve been on numerous different medications for psoriatic arthritis and in just a few months I feel ready to start weaning myself from my pain meds and stelara. I have also noticed that my hormones are better regulated and I have been able to stop taking my hormone replacement meds. I have lost about 10 pounds and would love to lose another 40-50 to be at my desired goal weight.

  • Tasha Roedl Rhodes says:

    I love Keto, out is the only thing that has really helped me control my health.

  • Precious says:

    My body have a new glow since I started this way of eating with the help of ur book

  • Candice says:

    I’m on the start of week 6 as of tomorrow and I’m so happy that I am doing Keto. I’ve tried everything in the past to get healthy but this is the first time that I am really enjoying myself while doing so. I was so addicted to sugar and carbs it was ridiculous and since doing Keto, I don’t have those cravings anymore and it’s so easy for me to say NO!

  • Jacqui says:

    I am new to keto living and I’m still working out how to do it but having this cookbook would definitely help me along that journey!

  • Karyn Paul says:

    Keto has vastly improved my energy levels and helped with my cravings. I do struggle with comfort foods, but take each day as it comes.

  • April says:

    Keto has improved my whole family’s life! Lots more energy. But most important, when you are healthy on the inside it will show on the outside!

  • Carolyn Shepherd says:

    I am doing the 30 day Keto cleanse book currently. Keto has changed our life for sure, my husband lost 70 pounds in 6 months while I hit a stall. Got the book and have lost 10 pounds in almost 2 weeks which is amazing after hitting a wall. Can’t wait to get mor of your books, I’d love to transition my kids from GFCF after 8 years to this. Thank you!

  • Joanne says:

    I did lose weight when I started Keto about 2 1/2 years, which was why I started and now weigh less than I have for my whole adult life, but I actually was never officially overweight based on the guidelines (just based on my comfort and clothes), so it may not seem that impressive. The most impressive way my life has changed is that my immune system seems to have strengthened, and I’m not getting sick all the time, plus my pain level has reduced so much that I no longer take medication for joint pain all the time! Yay! Now, I’m working on healing my gut from all those NSAIDS I took over the years.

  • Caitlin says:

    Really helped my gut! Weight loss hasn’t been my focus, just a better relationship with food and my body.

  • Katie Nappi says:

    Keto has changed my life forever! Not only has it changed my entire outlook on food, it has helped me gain so much energy and confidence in my life.

  • Linda says:

    I am in less pain when I stay on the keto way

  • Cassie says:

    I’ve been doing keto to almost 6 months because i had really high triglycerides and i love it! Getting over the keto flu was hard but the reward is so worth it. This book would be awesome for getting the rest of my family to join me!

  • Leslie says:

    Keto has changed the way i eat and think about food. I feel so much more awake and energized and I no longer get cravings for junk.

  • Arlene says:

    Less bloating!

  • Jennifer Zahradnik says:

    Just starting and really need meal ideas that my three kids will enjoy too!

  • Jill O'Hara says:

    I’m less than a week into getting started, but I’m already noticing how much better I’m feeling. One struggle for me, is the contradicting information through different sources. I heard of this plan through a family friend, whose grandson is dealing with cancer and doctors have put him on this regimine. It seems to be helping him get through his treatment, so that is telling in itself.
    I’d like to find recipes to share at family gatherings and get-together.

  • Susan D. says:

    I have tried so many new things that I never would have thought of before…….

  • Elizabeth Groff says:

    Who can complain about lower numbers on the scale and more energy?? Not I!! I love your recipes and the keto way of life. Would love to get my hands on your two most recent cookbooks!!! Thanks you for all that you do :0)

  • Julie Ship says:

    Keto helped my friend Jodie and now I’m hoping it will help me. I’m having trouble sticking with this past the two week mark and turning to recipe books for help. I’m hoping to get more ideas in visual paper format.

  • Kathy G says:

    Just discovered your website and look forward to visiting (and using your recipes and advice) very often!

  • Chelsea says:

    I have been on the Keto diet for a month and love it! I have lost 4 pounds and no longer crave carbs. I love to cook and am a HUGE baker and have only dabbled with a few Keto dessert rcipies, but would love to try more. I live in a warmer climate, so I am very excited to try making Keto ice cream this summer!

  • Ivonne says:

    I want to win this so bad!

  • Paula Cordero says:

    I have lost 5.8 lbs in the first week. My husband is amazed at the food variety and the tastiness as well as satiety of eacj meal.

  • Cynthia says:

    Need to get started on my keto journey! Can’t wait to get this book and look through the recipes.

  • Veronica says:

    I have three of your other books. Would love to add this one to the collection!

  • Veronica says:

    Keto has helped lower my blood sugar, and I feel so much better.

  • Shaylee says:

    I’ve suffered from severe migraines most of my life. I’ve taken topamax 200 mg daily for as long as I can remember. Since I started following a ketogenic diet I’ve been able to decrease the amount I take from 200 mg to 25 mg daily! I haven’t had a migraine since I became keto adapted, I’ve also lost 30 pounds and my cholesterol has decreased 30 points. I have so much more energy, I can keep up with my three young children now. Keto has changed my life and I’ve never felt better!

  • Heather says:

    I lived a Keto lifestyle for 2 years and loved it! I got pregnant and was so sick and nauseous and tired, I just couldn’t even fathom the meal planning necessary to keep it up (plus baby wanted potatoes in various forms, lol) so I’m starting it up again now. It would be awesome to have a fresh batch of recipes to try! Especially comfort foods!

  • Juli V says:

    Keto has helped me lose weight and control my insulin levels.

  • Stephanie KL says:

    Since on keto, I have not experienced bloating, gas or foggy thinking. I have more energy and my sinus condition has improved. So it’s a win-win all around!

  • Sarah H says:

    Within the first couple of days of eating this way, my inflammation in my legs was completely gone! I feel better overall, and love the foods I get to eat!

  • Darci says:

    I have every single one of your books (except this one!), and they are my go-to for gifts! Thank you for sharing!!

  • S.G. says:

    I am on my second week of my Keto lifestyle, so far so good. I have already lost over 5 pounds, excited to lose more as I am still trying to determine which Macros will work for me.

  • Samantha Vilendrer says:

    Happy World Book Day! The Keto Diet is helping me feel great physically and mentally! This cookbook looks awesome!💕📚🎉

  • Chelsea says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Noadiah Malott says:

    I am so thankful you share your success with everyone. I love your recipes!

  • Amber says:

    Down 24 pounds so far- keto is the best! Love all of your books Maria!

  • Amber Mansur says:

    Down 24 pounds so far- keto is the best! Love all of your books Maria!

  • Susan says:

    Due to an autoimmune disease, I have been forced to eliminate most carbohydrates from my diet. I already have your Quick and Easy cookbook and look forward to trying the recipes in your new Comfort Food cookbook.

  • Pat says:

    I love your books, and have lost 23 pounds since starting Keto, most of them since starting the Cleanse. Dairy and nuts still aren’t for me, not even the two brazil nuts/day my naturopath wants me to eat for selenium, so I mostly back to the strict Cleanse without the nightshades and onions.

    Because I’ve already ordered the book (and just found out it’s coming earlier), I will donate it to our local library.

  • Jenny Mathweg says:

    Hey Maria! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to get the truth out about health. I’m cheering you on! I love your blogs, recipes, books and YOU. Your work is awesome. You are leaving your mark in this world by turning the health world upside down. Thank you for being you and showing us your big beautiful heart ❤️ I have preordered the book and I’m excited to get it. I’m helping my sister learn what you teach. They have a lot of health problems. She and her family are on the 30 day Ketogenic Cleanse along w/ my family. I know she would love your new cookbook. She’s loving the keto journey and lost 5 bls in first week of cleanse 😘💖😍love and blessings jenny

  • Liz says:

    I love this life style. I’m down about 37 lbs so far. My husband is even getting more interested in joining me on a keto eating plan… Yay!

  • Ayrn says:

    I love the book I have and my husband and I have been trying really hard to stay on a keto diet with our two little ones it makes it a bit difficult. I love how you look at food and can’t wait to read more about you Maria way!!! Bank you for alluou do

  • vini says:

    Helped me succeed at feeling healthier!

  • Ashley says:

    Ketogenic eating has helped me get past food issues & helped me cope better with life’s stresses.

  • Terry says:

    It helps hubby keep his blood sugar in check since he’s T2D.

  • Sheri says:

    Love your recipes, Maria. Thank you!

  • Luan S says:

    Finally I have normal blood sugar numbers! All thanks to living a keto lifestyle!

  • Janet Morton says:

    I’ve lost 8 dress sizes 72lbs and dropped over 40 tablets from my daily medications. Totally changed my life for the better.

  • Amanda says:

    Keto for 3 months but REALLY want to check out these books!

  • Sonia Parent says:

    This is my new way of eating and having your cookbooks definitely help in making a variety of great recipes. Thank you for the chance to win another.

  • Jackie says:

    When I first experimented with Keto, I lost 10 lbs overnight it seemed! I also am type 2 diabetic with high blood pressure so this diet was made for me. I am always looking for LCHF recipes. Without recipes, I would be lost and fail at living a Ketogenic lifestyle so thank you very much for this opportunity!

  • Becky Brouse says:

    Doing Keto for health reasons…..major improvements for me. I am POSITIVE keto will be used for many diseases in the future.
    I love that you make everything yummy delicious….can not wait to get this book!

  • Becky says:

    The Keto diet has helped me take control of my life! I would love more inspiration with a new book!
    Thanks for all you do!

  • Barbra Bennett says:

    This keto way of life has been an amazing transformation for me. I have more energy and I’m sleeping like I should. I’m eating real food and it’s delicious. Thank you, Maria!

  • Heather says:

    I’m 32 years old and overcame epilepsy at age 20 years old by going keto and low-carb. I’ve been free of seizures, medication, depression, acne, excess weight, and a life of eating sugar, refined carbs, and processed foods ever since. Low-carb CHANGED my life. I’ve since gone on to get my degree in nutrition, I’ve coached others to change their lives, and although I’m able to eat slightly more whole food carbs now, I can still jump back into ketosis quite quickly. I’m also still seizure and medication FREE!

    Keto and low-carb living are truly the future, I believe. And I just LOVE your books, Maria. They’re the most beautiful cookbooks I own and I’ve been waiting for your new one to come out so that I can make my family all kinds of truly healthy recipes to enjoy. They know the benefits of low-carb, but they always tell me they could never go without their comfort foods. Thank you for this giveaway, I would love to share your recipes with them!! 🙂

  • Mary says:

    I have been Keto for 9 months. Got off 8 prescriptions and lost 63 pounds. Still have a long way to go but Maria’s books are getting me there.

  • Katherine says:

    I have been getting your recipes for a while, you are awesome

  • Artavie says:

    Just started keto your site great for research. I love it

  • Diane Wollenburg says:

    I’ve been following you for over 8 years. When I first did your keto diet, I lost 15 pounds in a month. Although I love the keto diet, I have had trouble totally staying with it because of family, friends, and just knowing how some foods tasted soooo good! I would love to win this comfort foods book and have hope it will help me end my struggle with those foods and sugar once and for all!!

  • Amy B says:

    I’ve never felt better!!
    Keto + Hashimoto’s=Stabilized

  • Lisa Marie says:

    We have just recently started this as a lifestyle change. I am looking forward to seeing how it works with my kids and their educational development as well as a weight loss path for myself.

  • Amy Banner says:

    getting back into it after a huge cheat day (ahem…month). Anyway, my son is on keto for seizures and it has saved his life. Although I have to tweak them for his ratio, Maria’s books give me endless ideas for him!

  • sophie says:

    I am hoping keto will take the hormonal imbalance away.

  • Randi Sue says:

    At age 60 and just gave up on losing weight, could not drop a single pound for several years. I decided to just be content not gaining weight. Started keto 2 months ago and down 20 lbs and even my daughter has noticed my increased energy.

  • Christe Korenko says:

    I’m just starting back on a Keto lifestyle and starting to feel like myself again! I would love to enjoy fresh new recipes to help me succeed in my journey back to amazing health! Thanks Maria!

  • Liana says:

    I’ve been following a Keto diet for about ten months after showing signs of PCOS but not meeting the qualifications for diagnosis and having bad reactions to prescriptions. I feel great now, have lost weight, have hair regrowth.

  • Bob says:

    I have your book Quick and Easy Ketogenic cooking, it is fantastic as it really gives a good explanation of Keto. I decided to change my eating life style after my uncle died at the age of 64, we were more like brothers. He was a diabetic and at time over weight. My father is also overweight, I love them both but i did not want that to happen to me. So I eased in to keto after reading your book and found that this is something I could do for the rest of my life. I feel great. I have been at this for 5 weeks and have lost 20 Lbs with a goal of losing 40 more. The energy is great. The satisfaction of eating this way without feeling hungry is great. I learn more every day and make tweaks to my food diary. Thank Maria!

  • Linda says:

    New to Keto….just ordered your Quick and Easy Keto Cookbook from Amazon. I like that you have a vegetarian choice as I am less of a meat eater. Mostly I would eat chicken or turkey burgers. Going to try this way of eating and hope to control blood sugar levels and feel the health results that many people have commented on. Looking forward to this journey!!

  • Kathy says:

    I love your recipes and would love more to try. Thank you!

  • krickt says:

    If it hadn’t been for your innovative and delicious recipes, I would have given up. Keto has changed my body, my body chemistry and my outlook on life.
    I can’t wait to get this book.

  • Amy says:

    Maria, your books along with keto clarity, grain brain, and wheat belly have helped my husband and me get on the path to health. I’ve been overweighty entire life, I know how it feels to do everything the medical establishment tells you to do and be told by these same physicians that you are lying about what and how much you eat. It’s became a frustrating, demoralizing existence. After going keto in October 2016, my husband has lost 38 lbs and I have lost 37 lbs. It’s the lowest my weight has been since high school. It’s amazing and uplifting to be part of the keto community, where there is support and encouragement offered every day. I love your books and can’t wait to see what new recipes you’ve come up with in Keto Comfort Foods. Thank you for all that you do! Keto on 😀

  • Mary Springowski says:

    I’m just starting this. I’ve researched many diets because I have pulmonary sarcoidosis. This is an INFLAMMATION disease which is often mistaken as autoimmune. I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I really believe that this diet could save my life! And May 2nd happens to be my wedding anniversary! Thank you for doing this research!

  • Emily S says:

    The ketogenic diet has helped me lose some vanity pounds and has improved my chronic headaches.

  • Aimee says:

    Love your books. They’re packed-full of amazing information that has helped me greatly. Thank you!

  • Julie Crabb says:

    My liver doctor suggested a ketogenic lifestyle for an overworked liver and pancreatitis issues. When I stay on it consistently, I feel the best that I ever have. When I “fall off the wagon” and eat processed foods, I can immediately tell a difference in my body. Its toxic!
    Maria’s site was the first one I came to when I started to research this diet the doctor told me of and I downloaded all her ebooks at the time. It was a wealth of information and, while I know Maria supports Pruvit and the Keto OS folks, I have sadly seen many “distributors” give so much false information about ketogenics and ketosis in their attempts to sell the product that its concerning! Thankful that you still keep putting good information out there!

  • Nicole Smith says:

    I would LOVE to win this book. I started the Ketogenic Diet 2 years ago and stayed steady for 6 months, until I was having stomach issues and had to see a gastroenterologist (not related to Keto). I started back up on Keto a month ago to help with my fertility health. We have been trying to conceive for 2 years now and my fertility specialist recommended it. It has also helped me shed extra weight from hormone imbalance and has greatly helped with my migraines!

  • Mandy says:

    I have lost 16 pounds and my joint pain. Have been on keto for just under 2 months. My husband is now starting with me and his birthday is the 2nd.. so would be fun to win this for him 🙂

  • Tammy Northrup says:

    I’m still in the early stages but my constant cravings are mostly gone!

  • Haley Daye says:

    Low carb has given me so much more energy, focus and less weight, lol!

  • Ashley Jimenez says:

    I can’t even begin to say how you have changed my life! I have been on this journey for only a month, my scary and unpredictable blood results are now NORMAL, I have lost 20 pounds, I am not depressed and most importantly I feel great! I can’t do anything but talk about “ketolife” and I swear I am addicted and I owe it all to you! I have bought two of your books and would die to have this one! I strive through my work day just to come home and try new recipes, I can’t wait to find more 🙂 I just want to thank you!

  • Jennifer says:

    This diet has really changed my life! I am losing weight and I feel incredible! I am so looking forward to this new cookbook!

  • Carolyn Black says:

    I have pre-ordered your Comfort Food cookbook for myself, but I would love to give my daughter a copy if I were to win this giveaway. My daughter is a struggling full time college student, working full time and. Getting her teaching credential In Special Needs Educarion. This would make her efforts of eating right, so much easier. Thank you Maria for all you do to help people lead healthy lives.

  • Janet says:

    My SIL has lost over 100 pounds living the keto-adapted lifestyle. My doc told me to lose 30 pounds so my SIL told me to get Maria’s 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse as it is a blueprint for living the lifestyle. “Lots of information and provides meal plans and shopping lists.” Just the thing for a busy, older college student. I started the 30 day keto cleanse this morning and am looking forward to healing my body with this lifestyle and Maria’s help.

  • Kris says:

    I’ve lost 30 pounds and never felt better! Your recipes are fantastic and I look forward to learning more.

  • Megan says:

    I’ve been following your 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse book for 6 weeks now. This book is on my shopping list for once I reach my goal weight and/or get pregnant (which is my true reason for starting the cleanse, the 35lbs I’ve lost so far are a bonus!)

  • Trish F says:

    I”m just starting out Maria, but I have high hopes that the Ketogenic lifestyle will not only help me normalize my weight, but also help me get well from a chronic illness. I am psyched, my doctor and health practitioner both have been getting me to go on this way of eating and I have swayed that way but not totally and haven’t seen any results, I suspect one needs to go all in to get results, so I am all in, my very quality of life depends on it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • julie says:

    It’s helped regulate my blood sugar which is a wonderful thing!

  • Krystal M. says:

    My younger sister already purchased your Quick & Easy Keto cookbook and has convinced me to join her on trying this diet! I looked over your intro about yourself and your philosophy on food, I have to tell you on how I appreciate your love on cooking and baking. So when I saw that you also written a cookbook on comfort food, I knew this was going to be a life-changing/take a healthy stand on how I will eat food. Wish everybody the best of luck winning this book!! Either way I plan on buying this book! Thank you Maria for giving us a guideline and adding to the splendor of this diet!!!

  • Carolsue says:

    It helped me lose some weight and to feel better overall!

  • David L Griffin says:

    So glad to find someone willing to fill in gaps and help a newbee into Ketogentic lifestyle. With my wife being a diabetic patient which found no pharmaceutical help after thousands of dollars. And having a three death coronary episode almost a year ago. I recently found a cardiologist online which was promoting low/no carb. Little did I know how much our lives would change in under 2 months. Excited to learn not just new way of eating but coming also!


  • Lauren Brown says:

    I’m going to do this. I’m going to get healthy NOW. No.more.putting.it.off.
    Thank you for writing these books and the guidance it gives us!
    I am on page 16 of The 30 Day cryogenic cleanse as I’m writing you.

  • Leesa Haines says:

    I have been eating ketogenic for 5 weeks. I have lost 20 lbs and feel great. I have tons more energy and my arthritis symptoms have completely disappeared.

  • Traci Gangl says:

    Just starting a keto lifestyle and one of my biggest fears is losing comfort foodS. Looking forward to achieving some of the great results I’ve seen!

  • Tamara Abboud says:

    I have not done the Ketogenic diet, but I am perusing books right now to start. I came across your book on Amazon and would love to win this book. What a great way to have my family enjoy it with me.

  • Sherry C. says:

    Because of my ketogenic diet, I have not needed treatment for my blood cancer. Cancer cells feed on glucose and I am starving them with this diet!

  • Debi says:

    Just started eating the Keto way. Still need a lot of ideas for meals and this book would be awesome to win. I’m kind of the type of person that needs to see what I can have or make.

  • Jennifer kersting says:

    Can’t wait to order my copy and have these recipes on hand

  • Gisela says:

    I’m looking forward to start the ketogenic life style, to gain back my energy and be able to be active again plus lose the extra weight I gained during my last pregnancy. It has been hard to get rid of it! And this seems as a opportunity to accomplish all of them. Hope to win and start my new life! Thank you Maria ♡

  • Stephanie Carley says:

    91 days Keto and I have never felt better! It’s helping my arthritis tremendously.

  • Monica says:

    Yes! Pick me pick me ! 🙂

  • Kristy says:

    The keto lifestyle has changed my entire family. We eat healthy avoiding sugar and carbs. (Bad carbs that is) Meal time is so much simpler cooking healthy. It’s fun to experiment with new veggies and recipes. We have learned that the Keto lifestyle isn’t about doing without, it’s about finding new alternatives. We love it and live by it to live longer and healthier.

  • Lorraine Baldelli says:

    I am looking forward to getting back in to keto. I tried it before and didn’t lose much weight as I had terrible hormone problems that needed to be addressed first. Now that I have done that I sure could use your new book..:)

  • REbecca says:

    Been on keto for almost a week. Knees are already pain-free. Only have 10 pounds to lose, so am really doing this for other health reasons. Looking forward to how this can malevolent me healthier. Thank you for your inspiration, Maria!! Would love this cookbook!!!!

  • Jessica Williams says:

    Just started keto adapted life style, we love the recipes and need ore! Thanks for all the hard work!

  • Kirstie M says:

    I was diagnosed with PCOS two years ago. After two different surgeries and continued pain and issues I decided to try the ketogenic diet after my mom recommended it to me. I am so thankful I tried this lifestyle on a whim. I have never felt better! Keto on! 😊

  • Kristy MacCulloch says:

    I love being Keto! I have lost weight which is great but I also love the brain clarity that comes with this lifestyle & how clean my teeth feel! It’s amazing ❤️

  • I ha don’t to adopt a keto diet because I was experiencing an autoimmune disease that caused me to cut so many foods out and I stil wasn’t feeling great. Now I have more energy and feel so much better. I don’t love to get access to this book because I cook everything all the time and coming up with recipes is really hard sometimes. But I don’t have the option of cheating because I’ll get sick.

  • Kathy says:

    You have the best recipes! Love all of your books!

  • Pam F says:

    Just got the 30 Day Cleanse Book! Excited to get started and thankful for all the recipes in the book!

  • Lindsey Fohrer says:

    I love all of your books. I am looking forward to getting this one!

  • Lara Miller says:

    I just started following this page a week ago and it’s helped me get back to the keto lifestyle. I have a lot of weight to lose and I know it can be done through this way of eating. I’ve had and still have questions about keto, but some have already been answered, thanks to Craig and Maria.

  • Christina McNeal says:

    I want keto to change my life. It’s so much to learn where to start.

  • Claire Vorhis says:

    Loving the cleanse and I’m only 2 days in. Thank you for representing this amazing way of life and for putting it in print.

  • AnnaMarie Walraven says:

    Still new to keto but really liking how much better I’m feeling and finally loosing weight for first time in several years of trying different eating plans. Been slowly headed this way of eating but finally found it!! Down 7# in first month. Enjoy the recipes I have tried from Maria! Would love to hold this cookbook and use in my kitchen :).

  • Vivian Ruble says:

    Awesome! I had no idea it was out! Would love to win… always ready to try new recipes! Keto has changed my life (since 2003) as I no longer struggle to keep weight down, or with an out-of-control appetite. What a freedom!! It has also influenced many of my family members to eat this way.

  • sommer says:

    just started keto, but would love some more recipes for some variety. thanks

  • Jody Wallace says:

    I’m in the early stages, but Keto has made me feel “alive” again. I can’t believe the difference I feel by limiting carbs!!!

  • Teffany Fegler says:

    I am still fairly new at keto and definitely need cookbooks! I seem to be eating the same things over and over with very little variety. This isn’t a diet to me but a change in my lifestyle! I need to figure out how to do this long term and I really think your cookbook would be the start I need!

  • Betsy says:

    I was able to lose about 27 pounds by going on a Keto woe! Today I did something I never probaly would’ve done before, I walked a 5K with a friend. Jogged a little bit, which even surprised myself and it felt so good! Best thing is we finished! I have no more knee joint pain since I’ve lost that weight which is an big plus! One other important thing is that losing weight helped me get rid of scar tissue pain I had in my abdomen from a liver surgery. I am a short person so getting rid of that middle has done wonders for me!

  • Bobbie Jo says:

    Keto has helped me by getting a handle on my Hashimoto’s symptoms. I can’t wait to try out your death by chocolate cheesecake!!

    Bobbie Jo

  • Jo says:

    Thanks Maria for all you do !! Would love to add this book to my collection of your works 🙂

  • Rebecca Dodd says:

    I need this for Mothers Day!

  • Cheryl Wilner says:

    Learning everyday the health benefits of the Keto Lifestyle. I love Keto Adapted and the two cookbooks I have Quick & Easy Letogenic Cooking and the30 Day Cleanse. Both have helped me with my journey. Cleanse Day 1 starts tomorrow!! Would love to win this one for my next step!

  • Tammy F. says:

    Thank you for the chance to win one of your books! My whole family has made the switch to eating keto since mid January. Our health has improved greatly! As a Type 1 Diabetic, I have experienced the most controlled blood sugar levels since my diagnosis 20 years ago! The energy and weight loss we have experienced is amazing! We love to try new keto recipes and we’d love to add your book to our list of go-to keto favorites!

  • Michele Roberts says:

    I have been able to keep my weight where I’m comfortable. Still not where I wanna be. I’m a work in progress. Thank you for all your recipes and great advice! ❤️

  • arlette says:

    keto has changed my life. i suffer from PCOS and from epilepsy. with keto i have dropped the dosage of my epilepsy medication which has helped my body and family dramatically! i believe in a few more months ill see changes to my PCOS condition too. this recipe book could help me stay on track and introduce me to more reasons why i love the keto lifestyle. plus more variety could help my kids and hubby into joining the force of keto with me.

  • Misty says:

    Keto has been a total game changer for me.. I have PCOS and the ONLY thing that has cured my symptoms, is a dairy free Ketogenic diet. It has changed my weight, my mood, my complexion.. I am just so thankful that I learned about keto!

  • Sandra DeCoux says:

    I would love to add the book to those I have! Thank you for all you do … God bless you and your family.

  • Donna says:

    Of course I lose weight doing keto, and that is a great thing, but more importantly, it allows my body to heal from inflammatory conditions like tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and arthritis. That is a miracle that modern day medicine cannot perform! Thank you, Maria, for caring enough about others to go against the raging tide and share your knowledge with us!!!

  • anita says:

    so excited at possibility of winning this new cookbook. newer to keto, already seeing improvements I fasting blood glucose !!!

  • Katie Leonardo says:

    So far, its helped me to lose 55 pounds! 😁 💗

  • Kylie says:

    Wow an actual cook book. Everything is always on the internet. I love the hard copy of a book. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful book.

  • Ron Webb says:

    I would love to win The cookbook I’m a type 2 diabetic 56 years old trying to find a way to get my disease under control without medication

  • JWanish says:

    I am new to this lifestyle but I’m
    Hopeful it will benefit me in my management of my auto immune issues

  • Natalie Leas says:

    I had liver issues for several years. Last month I had my 6month check up and my liver counts went down.

  • Melissa Sharpe says:

    I’ve lost 125 lbs in 9.5 months following a ketogenic way of eating! I love it and so does my family. My husband has lost 60 lbs I need the same time frame. Thanks for your books and inspiration.

  • Nadine Gurto says:

    Keto is helping me manage my diabetes with the least amount of insulin possible

  • Beth says:

    Husband had metabolic syndrome and I had a few pounds to lose and I have a lot of inflammation so it was a perfect plan for us .

  • Lusine Roy says:

    Would love to win this amazing book

  • Monique says:

    Fairly new to Keto but already feeling an improvement in how I physically feel. I don’t feel sluggish or unsatisfied like I did prior to eating Keto. I’m not much of a good cook or very creative so i need recipes to stay on the Keto path. Would really love to enjoy some comfort food 🙂

  • Susie Luciya says:

    Keto <3 although my journey had just begun (or I've been playing with this way of life for about a year before accepting it is the best!) I have now committed to this way of life. The way I feel is unbelievable. No brain fog, no bloating, digestive issues(years of IBS suffering) have completely gone away! I feel amazing with more energy and not feeling deprived are all amazing benefits I've noticed.
    But most of all, eating this way makes me feel like the best form of myself. This is great for me and has allowed me to reach goals ij the last year i never thought I could. And also a big benefit for my almost 2 year old daughter! I have the energy to play with her and be the best mom possible & teach her healthy habits along the way!

  • Jennifer Bolden says:

    Keto has helped me lose 20 pounds so far and reduced my migraines.

  • Sabrina says:

    Keto has really changed my life! I had my thyroid removed due to cancer and eating keto has helped me regain my health!

  • JulieJ says:

    I just started Keto and already noticed a positive impact on the way I feel! Looking forward to trying out more of your great recipes!

  • Tracy M says:

    Keto hasn’t helped me yet as I am still learning and getting ready to deploy – look forward to being healthier!

  • Laura says:

    I would love to win this book and learn more about the keto lifestyle #

  • Sara Vandewalle says:

    I am down 8lbs in 21 days and 7inches overall. My mood has been so much better, and I’m just feeling better altogether!

  • Jacqui Jansen says:

    The Keto lifestyle has changed my life for the better! Moods are more stable and my body doesn’t ache all over anymore! And the weightloss is a great side effect as well! 😉 Would LOVE to win this book so keep this way of living sustainable!

  • Karen says:

    I just feel better when I eat this way. Yes I miss pasta and rice. But I’ll get over it!

  • Raven says:

    I bought one of your books because I was looking for a Keto book and bought yours only because I liked the vibrant photos and they recipes looked easy to make. I am so grateful that I decided to pick that book up. I am now following a Keto diet and starting to incorporate it as well into the way of thinking and living for my son. I have cut down his carbs and sugars significantly and he is much happier and healthier child. I am learning every day and love trying out new recipes.

  • Bonnie says:

    Started on 4/2/17 and the fog lifted within a week! Would love to add this recipe book as Comfort Foods have been my downfall in the past. Thank you for all you do.

  • Vashon says:

    I need this in my life

  • Dropped 50 lbs in 6 mo on Keto Lifestyle between Sept 2015 and May 2016. BUT, I have gotten ‘sloppy’ and have gained 10 lb back! Yikes…this is my 3rd restart and I just have to loose at least 30 lbs to get to the 170’s! Always LOVE Maria Emmerich’s blogs, emails, books and the kids are just too adorable for words. Such a beautiful and loving and healthy family! Right now, I’d love a new Maria Emmerich book! BTW: Insulin went from 9.2 to 5.4~~ (I had previously ended up hospitalized w/656 BS reading…that is when I was “Insulin Resistant”) Worked hard reading everything I could get my hands on to achieve this goal. Did it once, planning on doing it once again!

  • Nina says:

    Since starting the ketogenic lifestyle I am happy again. I can think like a normal person. No more brain fog. I have my energy back. I feel like I am supposed to. I am a functioning human being.

  • Colleayn says:

    I would love to win this book. I am still what learning good foods and variety I need to add to my day. I am reading your book now. Thank you for everything you are doing! It is so helpful.

  • Tracy Roy says:

    Just receive your book a Ketogenic Cooking book last week and we are already addicted! Love everything about it. Recently started keto with my hubby and feeling better and more energetic already. Can’t wait to see results. Thank you for creating these amazing books ❤

  • Brooke Rolph says:

    Keto hasn’t changed my life forever!! I want to shout from the mountain tops how wonderful it really is!! My husbands type 2 diabetes is finally under control and I have lost 27lbs effortlessly it seems 🙂 I would love to win this book!!!

    • Brooke Rolph says:

      Keto has changed my life forever!! I want to shout from the mountain tops how wonderful it really is!! My husbands type 2 diabetes is finally under control and I have lost 27lbs effortlessly it seem 🙂 I would love to win this book!!!

  • Pam says:

    This would be awesome. I’m t2d and need to get on control. I need help to achieve this lifestyle.

  • Scotti Erickson says:

    I would love to win this book!! Keto, in particular Maria’s WOE, has eliminated bloating and gas after eating. And – my hormones are balancing out and my acne has reduced significantly.

  • Mary Sheiko says:

    KETo has helped me lose weight and heal my body.

  • Katrina says:

    I feel so much better and my blood work reflects improved health since starting Keto.

  • Janet Armour says:

    I’m looking forward to living the keto lifestyle to get blood sugar under control. Your 30day Ketogenic Cleanse is my starting point. Your delicious recipes make it so much easier!

  • Alison Valenzano says:

    Thank you so much for all your hard work Maria and Craig! My family is feeling so well and we can’t wait to make it through the cleanse and start more recipes! <3

  • Katie J says:

    I’m starting my keto journey tomorrow! What better way to celebrate this new healthy chapter in my life than with a beautiful cookbook! After watching my sister benefit so greatly from the ketogenic lifestyle I can’t ignore the facts and have to get myself healthy, too. Thank you for the chance to win! ❤

  • Jessica Chavez says:

    The best resource!!!

  • Dave says:

    Keto has given me so much more energy, I feel great all day – no more 2:00 slumps!

  • Kari Leslie says:

    My husband and I started the Keto Adapted Lifestyle in February and have lost a combined weight of 50 lbs. I have more energy to run around with my 5 year old and his symptoms from epilepsy have diminished greatly!

  • Traci McLaughlin says:

    Keto has given me back my life! I never realized how bad I felt until I didn’t feel that way any more. Mentally, physically, & emotionally I’m feeling better. I no longer go to bed each night fearing I’m thing to die in my sleep.

  • Carla Manson says:

    I would love to win~ I’m so keen to lose weight and feel better, yet struggle to stay on track! This would be super beneficial to ME!

  • Mona Edmonds says:

    I have less pain when I faithfully follow keo.

  • Candice says:

    Maria and this lifestyle got rid of my migraines and sypmtoms for my asthma. I am healthier and Never felt better.

  • Raymonde Dixon says:

    Just starting this journey, it would be awesome to win

  • ann barrett gardenhire says:

    would love to win!!!

  • Andrea Nodal says:

    We are working on implementing the ketogenic diet in our house amd I already can see the positive effects in my house. We have more energy, my son’s acne is starting to clear, and the level of concentration is improving for school work.

  • Justine says:

    Our family recently started the Ketogenic Diet due to one of our toddler’s recent diagnosis. I purchased your “Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cookbook” and we have absolutely LOVED every meal made from it. Although my husband was skeptical, he has found your meals to be quite tasty AND filling. Our toddlers even approve, which is HUGE when doing food changes! 🙌

    I look forward to adding more of your cookbooks to our kitchen library, especially your Comfort Foods one! 🙏

  • Paula says:

    I’m starting my keto diet and this book would be a great help. Congratulations!

  • Stephanie KL says:

    Maria — May I ask where the winners for your book have been posted?

  • Chris says:

    Where can we see who won?

  • Rosa says:

    Hello everyone,
    I attempted keto for nearly 2 weeks. Struggled and failed. I didn’t really notice a difference in how much better I felt until I went back to carb filled foods and felt terrible. Now I know keto is what I need to have more energy and feel good.

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