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Carbs in Onions

By June 13, 2015September 27th, 2016Uncategorized

Carbs in Onions

As I work with recipes I am always tweaking them to make them not only tasty but also the most ketogenic that I can. Anything that grows under the ground is considered a starch. I always use yellow or green onions for the reason to keep carbs lower and I thought this chart, “carbs in onions”, would help you.


Carbs in Onions

Some of my favorite onion recipes are:

1. Onion Rings

2. French Onion Dip

3. Onion Carbonara

4. Onion Soup with Protein Crouton

5. French Onion Casserole



Phone Client Testimony: “Just started my journey your plan and within 2 weeks I’ve had changes that I can’t explain. I’ve been searching for an alternative to depression medication, thyroid medication and heal my so called perimenapouse symptoms.

These are my results in two weeks:
1. my skin cleared up from acne,
2. my period lasted 3 days, no pms,
3. no yeast infection due to hormones fluctuating.
4. My depression is lifting and I’m started to breathe again.

I’m praying that this is from learning to eat again and these good changes will stay. I don’t believe in the traditional medicine because it had never gotten to the root of the cause. I’m on this journey to heal and take back my body from the pharmaceutical company’s. I’m so happy that I found your website and that I could look at the success of other people and know this is the real deal and to believe that I’m doing the right thing.

I don’t have a before or after picture just right now because I just started but what has changed on the inside is something you can’t see.” – Donna

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Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


  • Peggy Deichelbohrer says:

    This is very good information to have. I have wondered about carbs in onions. I bet Vidalias are really high as they are so deliciously sweet. What about peppers? Not hot ones, but green, red, yellow & orange bell peppers? Is there a significant difference in them also? Talking about root vegetables, I’ve always wondered why radishes are lower carb when they grow n the ground!! I put radishes in with a roast and have fried them like potatoes. They lose all their sharpness and are quite bland. I might put them in a stir fry tonight. Happy eating everyone! Love you & appreciate you, Maria!

  • I suppose green tomatoes are better than red too, then?

  • Mary says:

    Great to know. Thanks! Planted yellow tomatoes and green onions and lots of greens this year … my keto adapted garden!

  • kerenli says:

    Maria, would you mind please giving link to info on how to use various sugar alternatives i.e. how they compare in quantity when using in recipes? Have searched all over but can’t find. Thanks

  • Carly says:

    Just wondering about where the client said they were looking for an alternative to thyroid medication. I have hypothyroidism and I take a pill every morning, I will have to do this for the rest of my life. As far as I know there is no cure for thyroid issues. You either produce enough of the hormone or you don’t. If you aren’t and you aren’t taking any medication for it that can very detrimental to your health specifically your heart.

  • Darlene says:

    In Dr Davis’ most recent book he endorses eating raw potatoes because uncooked they are lower in carbs. What are your thoughts on this?

  • Akt says:

    Maria, I just saw you no longer are on forum. I posted in your post “what I eat” bc Im confused between that post and blogs and the books. I read in your healthy metabolism book 25+gram fiber a day (I bet that’s higher carb thsn yall take in personally?) and from that “what I eat” post it was barely any fiber yall consume in keto day to day. My goal is to follow your personal day to day way so would you share how much fiber/carbs you eat a day? I think I read you dont eat fiber everyday, would that be Pure protien Fat days? I also bought most the suppliments you recommend.

    • Akt says:

      Also if your not eating much fiber bowel movements will greatly decrease in frequency and not to worry given drinking plenty of water and taking magnesium, correct?

      • Maria Emmerich says:

        Correct. You should still go #2 everyday. Too much fiber actually elongates the intestines causing irritation other issues. 🙂

        • Akt says:

          Thank you so much, that help Lots! Along with what you placed on forum about Pure Fat & Protien days. I should finish Keto adapted book within a week

    • Maria Emmerich says:

      I eat about 15-20g a day of carbs, almost all fiber. For weight loss I would stay around 15g a day or less. My newer book Keto-Adpated has a more refined look at this (from my last few years of experience with clients) than the Metabolism book did. 🙂

  • appletree says:

    Hi Maria,

    May I make a suggestion? As the onions themselves contain carbs, how about making onion infused oil? Thai shallots (the little red ones in particular) make the most amazing shallot oil which can be done with MCT oil. Just need to fry the cut up shallots (thinly sliced) on low to medium heat to infuse the fried shallot aroma. Once the shallots turn brown, the oil can be strained. That way, we get the smell and flavor of shallots/onions without the carbs. 🙂 I hope this is useful for some of the readers.

  • Jane says:

    And of course, my favorites are red and shallots! Another shift to make. Thanks Maria, you are a Godsend.

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