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Awesome Free Bundle

By February 2, 2016April 3rd, 2017Uncategorized

Awesome Free Bundle

I am excited to announce this amazing bundle deal that I am participating in. You get a combined value of over $1000 in ebooks and courses.  The best part, it is FREE!!

That’s right, from February 2nd to February 12th you can sign up and receive all of this:

30+ FREE E-Books

Multiple Bestsellers!

From The Best Minds In Self-Publishing. Featuring Steve Scott, Joanna Penn, Sean Platt, Chandler Bolt, my book Keto-Adapted and many more!

9+ FREE E-Courses

Full Length Premium Courses

Premium eCourses From Some Of Today’s Most Influential Authors, Writers, And Content Creators.

5+ FREE Audio Books

Today’s Top Thought Leaders!

Featuring Chandler Bolt, Derek Doepker, Matt Stone, Nathan Meunier, and more.

There are both Keto and Paleo resources here which make for a great diversity in content. And since keto is really just a subset of paleo (sub some of the sugars like honey for natural sweeteners, etc) there will be tons of content to help you.

Awesome Free Bundle

Here is a full list of what you get:

Premium Video

Paleo 101 On Demand – Paleo f(x)
Primal90 Videos – Rebel Health Tribe

Baking, Chocolate & Treats

Pumpkin Treats – Starlene D. Stewart
Decadent Paleo Desserts – Hannah Healy
7 Steps to Better Grain-Free Baking – Kelly Smith
Living Healthy with Chocolate (Sampler) – Adriana Harlan
Calorie Myth & SANE Certified Chocolate Recipes – Jonathan Bailor
The Nourished Kitchen Guide to Grain-Free Baking, Treats & Sweets – Jenny McGruther

Easy & Slow Recipes

Easy Paleo Recipes – Amanda Torres
5 Minute Paleo Recipes – Derek Doepker
Easy Paleo Dinner Recipes – Kristen Stevens
Easy Paleo Slow Cooker Meals – Arsy Vartanian
Paleo Crock Pot Entrees – George Bryant & Abel James

Fermentation & Gut Health

6 Foods You Should Be Eating For A Healthy Gut – Mark Sisson
Oh Lardy’s Guide to Fermenting Fruits & Vegetables – Kelly Liston & Tamara Mannelly
Homemade Fermented Drinks: Kombucha, Kefir, Kvass, Sodas & More – Hannah Crum & Alex LaGory

Fertility & Family

HER Fertility – Hannah Ransom
Baby’s First Foods Program – Rochelle Serna
Eat Your Way to Parenthood – Gabriela Rosa
Family Camping Handbook w/ Paleo Adaptations – Katie Kimball


Forever Fat Loss – Ari Whitten
Bodyweight Overload – Todd Kuslikis
Paleo Fitness July/Aug 2015 Issue – Paleo Magazine
PaleoFit & Meal Plan 30 Day Membership – Paleo Plan
JessaFIT 1 Month Membership – Sarah Fragoso & Jason Seib
Prime Time Trainer 101: Entering the Industry (w/ Audio) – Tony Federico & Roger Dickerman

Freshly New

Intro to Paleo – Abel James
Make a FRESH START w/ Whole Foods – Jenny Yelle
The Paleo Approach Quick-Start Guide Expanded – Sarah Ballantyne

Fruits & Veggies

Apartment Gardening – Jami Balmet
Salads Without Grain
– Hayley Ryczek
Cook Eat Paleo Smoothies – Lisa Wells
Simply Salads by Season – Kristen Michaelis
Brieftons Spiral Slicer Recipe Book – Thomas
Toadally Primal Smoothies – Todd Dosenberry
Have Your Fruits and Veggies Too – Laura Coppinger


Cold & Flu Season – Carol Little
Keto-Adapted – Maria Emmerich
Cleanse Yourself – Nat Kringoudis
The Simple Detox Guide – Alexa Schirm
Healing with God’s Earthly Gifts – Kate Tietje
Common Sense Home Remedies #2: Tummy Troubles – Laurie Neverman
How to Interpret Your Own Blood Tests for Optimal Levels – Jamie Koonce

Meal Plans

Balanced Keto @ 2 weeks – Leanne Vogel
$5 Paleo/Whole30 @ 6 weeks – Erin Chase
Crossfit Paleo @ 6 weeks – Nell Stephenson
Paleo In A Pinch @ 1 week – Nell Stephenson
Grain-Free March 2016 @ 1 month – Cara Comini
Lean Paleo Winter 2016 @ 1 month – Katherine Kyle
Everyday Maven Whole30 @ 1 week – Alyssa Brantley
The Healing Foods Method Keto @ 1 week – Vivica Menegaz
Autumn’s Warm and Earthy Menu @ 1 Week – Tara Wagner


Paleogasm – Camille Macres
Healthy Holidays – Tracy Ariza
Zenbelly Essentials – Simone Miller
Paleo Electrolyte Drink – Dr Brett Hill
The Grain-Free Snacker – Carol Lovett
Paleo Take Out (Preview) – Russ Crandall
Cuckoo for Coconut Oil – Jessica Espinoza
Cooking with Coconut Oil – Jennifer Saleem
Tradishen 3 Months Membership – Kate Tietje
My Natural Family 50 Paleo Recipes – Rebecca Baron

Skin Care

Eat Beautiful – Megan Stevens
Beauty’s Dirty Secret – Trina Felber
Quit Acne Recipes – Lauren Geertsen
The Holistic Mama’s Guide to Homemade Skincare – Roxanne King

Sleep & Stress

RELAX – Michele Spring
Overcoming Adrenal Fatigue – Laura Schoenfeld
Sleep Power Guide via Robb Wolf – Dr. Kirk Parsley, MD

Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


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