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Win Butcherbox

By September 12, 2017November 28th, 2021Beef and Red Meats, Contest

Win Butcherbox

ButcherBox is an amazing company that mails tasty organic grass-fed beef, pasture-raised pork and chicken right to your front door! They save me so much time by not having to run to the grocery store! I always have something to make. Even just grilling up a steak or frying up a tasty burger or pork chops for an easy keto meal; I have something from ButcherBox in the freezer I can easily make such as my smoked ribs (click HERE for tutorial video).

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Some people have gotten upset that I don’t support local farmers, but they are jumping to conclusions because I DO! We purchase a cow from a local farmer (a former client of mine!) however, I have so many clients who do not have the space for 3 full-sized chest freezers like we have. There are so many people living in small apartments with a small freezer and do not have the room for purchasing large amounts of meat. This is another reason I love Butcherbox, they work with quality farms and send just enough to fill a small freezer and last you the month. It is a win, win!

(Find my Deconstructed Egg Roll in my book The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse)

Now that school has started most families are busy with after-school activities and sports which can make dinners a bit tough. Plan plan plan = success. I always stay one step ahead of the game. I have a wonderful mother but even at the young age of 5 I remember after work she would stress out that she had nothing planned for dinner. We often learn from our parents and that is something I decided I didn’t need… more stress. So I often plan the next night’s dinner the night before. Sometimes I fill my slow cooker shell with a tasty dinner (click HERE to find some amazing slow cooker recipes), or I thaw out the hamburger and keto buns to make burgers, or I get everything ready to make my Taco Bar night. Whatever it is, I am always ready to have dinner done within minutes. Even thawing Butcherbox steaks to have ready to grill is tasty and simple.

I often make a triple batch of my Mama Maria’s meatballs with my boys on a rainy day and store extras in the freezer so all I have to do is cook them up and dinner is ready in an instant!

(To find my Mama Maria’s Meatballs check out Ketosis Restaurant Favorites)

Since Butcherbox knows how much I adore their company they are donating a keto gift to my readers EVERY MONTH! So make sure to watch on my Instagram @mariaemmerich and my Facebook wall Keto Adapted for giveaways!

Today you are able to win

It is Easy to Enter!

1. Follow me on Instagram @mariaemmerich and Butcherbox @butcherbox

2. Tag 3 friends who would also like to win!

3. Comment below on your favorite easy weeknight recipe of mine that your family loves!

Winner will be chosen one September 19th!

Good Luck!

Click HERE to get a the CURRENT Butcherbox Deal!

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 Thank you for your love and support!

Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


  • Josie says:

    I love all your recipes but I love to make the mexican meatloaf and have leftovers for lunch.

  • Linda says:

    Love, Love the deconstructed egg roll recipe!!

  • Angela says:

    We love Moroccan beef!

  • Tuesday says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Chicken Parmesan Meatloaf!! So delicious 🙂

  • Sandi Burch says:

    Oh lord, my favorite so far is Sweet and Spicy Shortribs!! The whole family devours this recipe!

  • Tuesday says:

    Also, which Instagram post do I tag? Yours or Butcher Box? Or Both?

  • Kathi West says:

    My favorite has to be the Protein Noodle Lasagna! Yum!!!

  • Randa Sharpe says:

    Have been eager to try Butcher Box!!! Sounds divine.

  • Pauline says:

    I lov the Meatloaf Cordon Blue, and the Pizza Supreme.

  • Wendy N says:

    Too many to name: meatloaf, anything from the 30 day cleanse book, or chicken pot pie from the Comfort book, or grill some chicken with anyone of your easy sauces, like Ranch, ……

  • Kat says:

    Wow, it’s difficult to choose just one favorite.
    We love most of your meals.
    Beef, pork, chicken we love them all, plus seafood.

  • Shannon says:

    I just got 2 of your cookbooks so can’t say I have a favorite yet BUT I made a grocery list yesterday and got things needed to make the turkey sushi and prosciutto roll ups as snacks, Mexican meatloaf and a few other meals for the week. 🙂 I just had the cookbooks spiral bound yesterday as well so that they lay nicely on my counter. So excited to try some of your amazing recipes!

  • Diana says:

    Made it again last night! Beef with Broccoli Stir Fry

  • Patty says:

    We love the Protein Noodle lasagna but honestly there isn’t a recipe that we have not liked. In fact, I’ve pre-ordered your upcoming book and can’t wait to try some of those out!!

  • Erin says:

    My family always loves Taco Tuesday. I do too because it’s so easy to throw together for a quick and easy meal. Cheese taco shells are amazing and give you that crispy satisfaction

  • Michelle says:

    We really enjoy the deconstructed egg roll. The entire family will eat it which is a big win!

  • Katie says:

    Our favorite weeknight recipe is a low-carb zoodle bake with Italian sausage and pepperoni, and lots of melted cheese!

  • Annette says:

    This sounds like a good solution to meal planning!

  • Allyson A. says:

    I’ve never heard of Butcherbox, and had no idea that one could get meat delivered to their door. I would be interested in trying them out.

  • Jaci Kroupa says:

    I am a fan of Slow Cooker Moroccan Beef….easy and the whole family loves it!

  • Jaci Kroupa says:

    Ummmm, how do I tag three friends? I don’t know what that means….. sorry!

  • Kelly says:

    Chicken satay for sure!

  • Jacquie Z says:

    I’m a fan of many, but Beef and Broccoli is a favorite.

  • Hallie Sylla says:


  • leigh h. says:

    I love Mama Maria Meatballs and so do my kids! So Delicious!!!

  • Dee says:

    We would love to win a Butcherbix to try it. I love all of your recipes but for a weekly family favorite which is easy to make I would have to say your meatloaf recipe.

  • Claire Moniz says:

    Short ribs is my favorite,only one of many …….lol

  • Sue Brown says:

    I love Tuna Cauliflower Casserole – it’s the first of your recipes that I ever made (just last night!) and I can’t wait to try more from the two books of yours that I recently bought.

  • Love deconstructed egg roll… but there are sooo many recipes I love!

  • Teresa says:

    We love all your recipes, but your tacos are our favorite.

  • Becky says:

    Chicken Avgolemono from 30 Day Cleanse….simple and delicious

  • Kari says:

    I have wanted to try Butcherbox! My family loves meatloaf!

  • Erin Ely says:

    Meatloaf cordon blu a gray meal!

  • Laura S says:

    Our easiest, and still very loved recipe is tuna casserole! It’s not fancy but it sure hits the spot!

  • Karan says:

    I am 75 . My wt is 190. 5’6″.Bmi 35.sedentary.help! How many cal? How any macros ? I want to do Keto,BAD.please please help me.I can’t figure out how. Please help me. Thx !

  • Sandy Sisk says:

    Taco Bar is our favorite for sure. Its quick and easy and satisfies everyone:)
    Butcherbox sounds AWESOME!!!

  • Kristy Thurber says:

    Your meatloaf is our favorite!!!!

  • Jen Polk says:

    Zucchini tot hotdish, I could make it, and eat it, once a week!

  • Pam Hardison says:

    My whole family loves the Zucchini Tot Hot Dish! It’s especially good when our zucchini from the garden is so abundant!

  • Cari Johnson says:

    Chili and meatballs oh and short ribs awesome.

  • Jessica rose says:

    Your meatballs…so much that I bought two of your cookbooks to make more of your recipes.

  • Shannon White says:

    Haven’t tried any recipes, yet. Haven’t been able to purchase the book.

  • angela Wagner says:

    Wings are easy and we can make BBQ for the kids 🙂

  • Joe Scudieri says:

    Meatloaf Cordon Blue is the best

  • Wendy Wilder says:

    Beef and Broccoli is my fav!

  • Lee Hemming says:

    Reuben pork chops! Love them!

  • Jenny says:

    We love every recipe of yours we have tried but your sloppy joes from the Cleanse cookbook is beyond a treat!!

  • Diane K Ristau says:

    My hubby loves the pork with cabbage from your 30-day Keto Cleanse book! Super easy to make too!!

  • Nicole says:

    Butcher box would be ideal..so my husband can see that the grass fed meat is worth it. I would love to win this.. Also my favorite recipe is the bread.. I love to .make it. Xoxo

  • Sherry C. says:

    My favorite go to meal of yours is the Kielbasa & Braised Cabbage from the ketogenic cookbook.

  • Joanne says:

    I’ve been dying to try Butcher Box! My favorite Easy weeknight meals are Deconstructed Egg Rolls, Chicken “Noodle” Stir Fry, Creamy Italian Chicken, and Chicken Caesar Sandwhiches. And Sloppy Joes…but unfortunately, one of my kids doesn’t like that one even though the rest of us love it! She’s just traumatized by eating school lunch Sloppy Joes once or twice!

  • Kris Reeves says:

    The meatballs are superb!

  • Carolsue says:

    My family likes Tacos and pizza

  • DD Martin says:

    One of these months I’m going to win a box, so I can convince my husband we need to sign up! LOL

  • DD Martin says:

    Oh and my family’s favorite recipe of yours is the pizza meatballs!

  • Wehaf says:

    We like your wings recipes, like your Mexican chicken wings. Right now I am doing the AIP so I can’t have the taco seasoning but I hope to reintroduce pepper, cumin, and chilis soon so I can have some spicy food again! In the meantime I will enjoy your other wing recipes.

  • Amanda S says:

    The Buffalo Chicken Cannoli is a hit every time!

  • Kim says:

    Cabbage noodle lasagna….amazing how everyone that tries it raves about it!

  • Pat says:

    This would be an amazing win!

  • Cassandra says:

    Maria, so hard to choose a recipe. One my whole family loves and I find really easy is Schweinshaxen. The meat comes out so tender and it is so good with the sauerkraut! Thanks for all you and Craig do Maria!

  • Trudy Towle says:

    I would love to try this! Not sure if I can win as I am in Canada?

  • Mia mcclary says:

    I dont do the pitty party thing, i have entered a handful of these but we desperatley need this butchers box, we are out of food and our bank account is in the hole.. my husbands bha did did not come in on sep1st we will have to wait till oct1st but until then we are donating plasma just to get a little cash. Pleeeease! if you guys need proof i will screen shot our account n everything.

  • Christine Mayfield says:

    We love your hunan beef stuffed peppers from the 30 day cleanse book

  • Lydia Payne says:

    It’s hard to pick one 🙂 Our favorites are: Tacos, Beef and Broccoli, and deconstructed egg rolls (makes me hungry just thinking about them…)

  • Liane Shadden says:

    Protein Noodle Lasagna for sure! AMAZING!!!!

  • Joey says:


  • Cindy Gilbert says:

    Love your chili

  • Kristen Martinez says:

    I am new to Keto so have only tried the deconstructed egg roll so far. So yummy! Excited to try Butcherbox!

  • AmyN. says:

    We just tried the Mushroom Ragu and it was a huge hit!!!

  • Marilyn says:

    Love the Chili and the Sloppy Joes. Just got an ice cream machine and I’m excited to try your dairy free ice cream. Thank you, Maria

  • Kailee says:

    scrambled eggs!

  • patricia says:

    Meatballs are always an easy do. Like you say, freeze ahead and you are ready to go.

  • Emily says:

    We use your coconut flour bread and make BLTs!

    • Mimi says:

      Hi Emily, your recipe must be different from mine (please see my comment below). I Used Maria’s recipe at dietdoctor.com but can’t find it here. Did yours have more flour? Thanks

  • Ruthann says:

    Just starting our journey but I’ve already gotten 3 of your cookbooks and went shopping today. Having a seriously tough time deciding what to make first. Oh wait, no I’m not. There’s bone broth simmering in the crockpot now lol Can’t wait to try the Butcherbox and see how they compare to my local meats

  • Linda says:

    My favorite so far is Mexican meatballs, but I have so many more to try. I’m sure there will be so many more favorites once I am able to try all the recipes in your cookbooks. Thanks for all the great meals!

  • Mimi says:

    Thrilled to have found you!
    For “Keto Coconut-flour Bread”, we are to fill a small bread pan 2/3 of the way full with the batter but the ingredients are 1/2 cup coconut flour, 1/4 tsp each salt/baking powder, 6 eggs and 1/2 cup melted coconut oil. With a base of only 1/2 cup flour, I couldn’t get 2/3rds full – in fact, not sure I even had 2/3rds of an inch! And this was to have been 12 servings. I’m very anxious to make mine look like the picture; please help! Thanks so much.

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