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The Best Keto Pancakes

By August 3, 2011December 3rd, 2020Breakfast, Nutrition Education


I’m am a bit frustrated this morning. I just talked to a new phone client who was on an acid blocker for acid reflux and it wasn’t working… so guess what? The doctor decided to ADD another one on top of that!

Definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

If you want to get off your acid blockers, I’d be honored to help you!



SO MANY people now are popping TUMS or acid blockers like they were an “after-dinner mint.” I want you to understand there are so many side effects to these. When you have acid reflex, what is happening is poor digestion, in part because the food you are eating no longer contains the enzymes needed to digest it.

Inadequate chewing and low levels of digestive enzymes will cause this gooey mix of “food” to lay in the stomach to ferment, which causes the stomach to expand and increase gas. As the gas rises, it gets trapped in the esophagus causing swelling and chest pain. This pressure overloads the stomach and pulls the gastro esophageal valve to the point where it opens. This abused valve allows stomach acid up into the esophagus. The esophagus doesn’t contain acid secreting cells like the stomach so this causes burning in the esophagus, which can mimic signs of a heart attack.

The stomach has cells that secrete acid; it is required to breakdown proteins into its usable pieces of amino acids. When acid production is inhibited, food isn’t digested. Instead, food remains in the stomach, fermenting by bacteria. The undigested brat bun (carbohydrates) ferments, undigested chips (fats) become rancid and the undigested brat (proteins) putrefy. This causes bloating, gas, and indigestion and over time malnutrition.When we go down the path of eating foods devoid of live nutrients, it results in acid reflux and any acid in the stomach hurts.

Prescription antacids decrease the pain but not without consequences. Antacids actually become addictive, resulting in a massive increase in stomach acid when you stop them. Your body constantly tries to make stomach acid (when you take anti-acid meds because you NEED IT), so it pumps out extra levels of a hormone called Gastrin that stimulates stomach acid. Therefore, when you stop antacids, the stomach makes huge amounts of acid. Which the pharmaceutical companies love because you are now addicted and don’t know what else to do.If you still think the problem is too much acid, think about this…The older people get the more likely they are to use antacids. This is interesting as stomach acid production decreases dramatically as people get older and we produce less digestive enzymes (which is why we lose the ability to taste foods).


1. FOOD POISONING: One of the main jobs of stomach acid is to kill harmful pathogens that may be present in the food before they can make you sick. If you consistently take acid blockers, you are susceptible to food poisoning.

2. OSTEOPOROSIS: Without stomach acid, your body is not able to digest food properly and you become nutritionally deficient. You can’t strip the calcium from your food and this will weaken your bones.

3. METABOLISM: They block the absorption of thyroid hormone.

4. REFLUX: Ironically, blocking stomach acid may also contribute to acid reflux!

5. IRON DEFICIENCY: You can’t absorb iron (which is essential for carrying oxygen to the mitochondria of our cells). An iron deficiency = restless legs, low energy, decreased ability to oxidize fat when you work out! BAD BAD BAD

6. B-12 DEFICIENCY: This can cause anemia, fatigue, constipation, brain fog, and nerve issues. One of my clients couldn’t feel his feet because of over use of acid blockers.

7. OTHER DEFICIENCIES: Being unable to absorb amino acids and healthy fats will increase depression, dementia, anemia, neurological issues, stomach cancer, arthritis… shall I go on?

1. Drink small amounts of room temperature water while eating. Drinking large amounts of cold beverages dilutes your digestive enzymes.

2. Skip the coffee, carbonated beverages, alcohol and aspirin until your intestines are healed.

3. Add in Aloe Vera supplements; it naturally repairs the damage that was done to the esophagus safely. Aloe Vera’s major ingredient buffers pH+ and it naturally speeds the healing process.

4. DECREASE Foods that cause the problems: food chemicals, vegetable oils, sugar, and starch. It could also be a food allergy/sensitivity; in this case eliminate gluten or the food causing the issue.

5. Eat foods that heal the intestines: coconut oil, bone broth, and any “healthified” recipe that has no sugar.

6. Add in supplements to heal the intestines so you can enjoy food again! Click HERE to get a detailed supplement regime to heal your acid reflux for good!


Here is a great testimony about these pancakes: 

“We really like the keto pancakes and recently I started adding unsweetened cocoa powder to them in a portion equal to the sweetener. My kids LOVE them! My nine year old went from eating two of them for breakfast to four. This is a boy who, due to ADHD meds, hadn’t gained a pound in two years and generally doesn’t have much of an appetite. He’s off the meds and eating GREAT!” Matt


“Healthified” PANCAKES:
4 eggs
1/4 cup coconut flour
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1 pinch nutmeg
1 pinch cinnamon
1 tsp stevia glycerite (or 1/4 cup Swerve)
OPTIONAL: Thinner pancake, add 1/4 cup vanilla almond milk

Mix these ingredients and let them sit for five minutes. Oil or grease up your pan and heat over medium heat. Pour batter onto hot pan and brown before flipping it. Cook until golden brown on both sides. Makes 2 servings

Traditional Pancakes = 371 calories, 50g carbs, 2g fiber, 8g protein
“Healthified” Pancakes = 208 calories, 11g fat, 14g protein, 8.9g carbs, 5.1g fiber (50% fat, 27% protein, 17% carbs)


Click HERE to find my favorite Syrup recipe!


Eating out and making healthy choices for your body can be tough! Clients often complain about acid reflux after a dining out experience; could it be hidden wheat in the OMELETS? YEP!  IHOP adds pancake batter to their omelets. That’s right – they add sugar, carbs and WHEAT to their eggs for the omelet base for “fluffiness”… yuck!

A spinach and mushroom omelet is 24 carbs and 7 grams of sugar! That just isn’t right.


Testimony of the Day

“In October 2102 I started on the path to having gastric bypass surgery after years of yo-yo dieting and being overweight since around age 8-9. I did everything from doctor supervised to phen-fen to WW to Medifast. My best weight loss was from Medifast but it quickly became too expensive and really was icky to drink shakes all day!

I had an initial health assessment and consult with Maria. I immediately stopped my diet coke addiction (over 40 oz a day) – that was the hardest one for me. During this time we started eating less wheat and sugar and by January 15th I got rid of all the grain products and went wheat free.

Since that consult with Maria in early January through today I’ve lost 51 lbs. The first 40 came of rather quickly and the last 11 have been slower, but are still coming off at about 1 to 1.5 lbs a week. All this with little exercise (since I’m allergic to it! Ha, Ha, Ha!) I canceled my WLS that was scheduled for April 2013 and couldn’t be happier. My moods are improved, I’m sleeping great, my body doesn’t ache all the time, my hands and feet aren’t always cold, I’ve not had a headache or acid reflux since late January, and my PMS is much better. I was experiencing facial ticks and vertigo type symptoms daily and the doctor didn’t know why but within 10 days of getting off the Diet Coke, they were gone and haven’t been back.

I still have a long way to go (another 75 lbs maybe) but am now confident I have the right knowledge and the right nutritionist (Maria) to help guide me. Maria’s books, blog posts, and facebook page are great and full of eye-opening insights. We like most of her recipes I’ve made – especially the treats! I would love to be able to afford one-on-one consults but our budget only allowed for the basic health assessment and email consult. Of all the things I’ve done to shed the pounds, paying Maria (including books, cookbooks, and one seminar) was the best money I’ve ever spent. Wish I would have found Maria sooner – I would have saved a ton of money on wasted programs. -Paula”

To get started on your path to health, click HERE. 

Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


  • I do want to point out that reflux can also be serious. I am in the category where all the veggies in the world won’t help. It is familial and my father is pre-cancerous.

    Without meds, I would be vomiting blood.

    So it’s great to try and deal with it naturally, but there are people who do have an actual medical problem. The cure rate for esophageal cancer is so low that it’s important people know when to seek help.

    Cutting sugar out of my diet and going low carb, helps but it’s not enough.


  • Oh my! You have a serious case!

    In those situations I have found a food allergy to be the problem. If you email me I can send you more information.

    Best wishes!

  • Anonymous says:

    I never really understood how serious a problem this is until my daughter (at the tender age of 12) was put on a FULL adult dose of Prevacid!!
    No way did I want her taking that but taking her off made her VERY sick. The Dr. told me Esophageal cancer is thought to be a result of the constant irritation (from acid reflux) of the esophagus.
    Obviously I don’t want her to develop cancer, but neither do I want her on all the chemicals!!
    Found this, have you heard of it??? I am now a part of the company!! She is totally free of the chemicals AND her reflux!!!
    This is one HAPPY Mom!
    Check out http://www.Alkalete.com call if you want more info!
    Peggy Jeffries

  • Thanks for writing Peggy!

  • Anonymous says:

    I never had acid reflux until I got pregnant, so I don’t have a family history of this, but my triggers are VEGETABLES – especially tomatoes, but also, to a much lesser extent, onions. No more red sauce for me, sadly.

    My gastroenterologist said that the sphincter that closes off the stomach from the esophagus became loosened during pregnancy because of the hormones that relax smooth muscles, and it never went back to normal afterwards. But I am not on acid drugs any longer; I simply avoid the triggers, or eat them in very small amounts.

  • Hi Maria. Thanks for the response. I may take you up on the email.

    I have looked at natural alternatives for GERD before and the side effects of some of the herbs are an issue for me.

    My hope is to actually maybe end up having surgery to tighten the sphincter.

    And yes some foods are definitely an issue:

    -spicy foods


  • Anonymous says:

    We tried these yesterday and they were edible with alot of butter and syrup,but the pancake itself was not anything like a regular pancake. I’m attempting to be positive here but still convey the odd taste of them. It was the texture I think. So then, we tried them adding some almond flour and baking powder, and it was better but still weird. Are you done with this recipe or are you still working on it, I really really want a pancake recipe my kids will love. (I follow you on facebook, but blogger has been weird lately and not allowing comments anymore since the changeover to google mail..it doesnt appear to recognize its own gmail addresses, so unfortunately I have to comment as anonymous)

  • Bummer! I guess it has been so long since we have eaten flour pancakes I’m not sure what to compare them to.

    Have you tried my Protein Pancakes? Those are a huge hit;)

  • Tez says:

    I guess I need to be much more aware of connections between body symptoms and diseases. How I wish that Doctors would explain these things! As I read through the list of side effects, I realize that I really, really should not be taking them, at all. I have been in treatment for Thyroid cancer and at the same time taking Prevacid. No wonder I’ve packed on weight and am exhausted, it’s a double whammy of the same side effects from two different sources!

  • That is interesting that you mention doctors… A few of my clients are doctors and are trying to learn how to help people to heal rather than put a bandaid on the problem.

    Happy eating!

  • DonnaRae says:

    I have a product called Better Stevia, 0 calories and serving size is 4 drops. Is that the same thing as Stevia glycerite?

  • Stevia glycerite will say it on the bottle. If you click on the word (in the recipe) it will link you to the products I use.

    Happy Eating!

  • Have you tried my DUTCH PANCAKES? Everyone LOVES those!

  • Karla says:

    I used to have horrible heartburn and reflux everyday. Then I started eating low carb and about 3 weeks later I was amazed to realize that I hadn’t had an issue for more than a week. Very cool! I knew it worked but didn’t know why. Thanks for the article.

  • Karla- thank you for your kInd words and taking the time to write;)))

  • Rachel says:

    I made this today but added strawberries to it! It was so good! The kids loved it! I just heated some frozen strawberries, smashed them (probably would have been great to put them in the blender) and added some stevia. Then I added mixed the tropical syrup in with it and it turned beautifully pink (my princess was in love!). Very tasty! thanks for the great recipe!

  • That is a great idea!

    I am SO happy your family liked it!

    Thank you for taking the time to write;)))

  • winterskisss says:

    Can apple sauce be substituted for half of the eggs i have noticed an eggy taste in recipes with coconut flour because of the need for so many eggs ?

  • Apple sauce (no sugar added) adds too much fructose. I would do 2 eggs and 1/2 cup real coconut milk.

    Happy eating!

  • I just made these and they turned out perfectly. However, given they are made with coconut flour, they taste very “coconut-ty”. Not wanting to put something sweet on them to mask the flavour (and negate my efforts to make something low carb) I decided to turn them into a savoury snack. I topped these wonderful pancakes with guacamole, sour cream, cheddar cheese and chili paste. D-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! (You can skip the stevia/sweeteners if you decide to go the savoury route.)

  • Thanks Rachel! That is a great idea!

    Happy eating!

  • Stacy says:

    Would any of the other sweeteners work here, and if so, how much? Thank you.

  • Anonymous says:

    My kids and I LOVE this recipe! We add blueberries to it because my son is a blueberry addict haha 🙂 Thank you very much for this recipe!

  • Can you make these in a waffle maker since I’m a horrible pancake flipper? lol

  • Anonymous says:

    These were brilliant Maria! My kids loved them! Which is funny cause when we eat out and have regular pancakes / syrup they won’t barely touch them. Awesome! Thanks for another winner!

    jacki Wilson
    North Pole, Alaska

  • I am making these pancakes for breakfast today. They are absolutely delicious!

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your recipes — just got your “Kids” book and am excited about reading the information with the recipes! Would taking antihistamines for sinus/allergy issues cause stomach irritation too? I am following Wheat Belly Way of Eating – (not getting enough good fats on some days) other than that following it to the letter. I stopped using Prilosec early on – that was a yay and have used it only once or twice…..I only use the antihistamine occasionally for sinus flair ups (use a CPAP daily) and/or allergy reactions–lots of allergens in the area. Their seems to be a correlation between me taking a allergy/sinus pill and the following day or 2 I have a GERD flare up. I have been following WBWOE about 9 weeks lost inches and 25 pounds. What you say is so true — I’m 63 and have been fighting GERD since my 50’s due to poor eating — which I thought was healthy. Oh – my name is Terry — don’t know how to comment unless I use Anonymous — not techy…..thanks

    • Thank you! Yes, antihistamines will cause stomach irritation for that too. 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for answering Maria – I love the kids book — I have 3 more on order – I retired and am helping my daughters family – 8yr. old, and 2 2year olds – (one of them soon to be 3). I do most of the cooking -so I am trying to change some habits and hope I can change some mindsets. Thank you so much for your information – love this site and fb site.

    • Good for you! Nothing more important that what we feed our children. 🙂

  • Belenda says:

    My son, an adult, had always complained of “gas” from early teens on. He was constantly popping tums, milanta, pepto and eventually moved on to prescription. Then it all came to a head 2 years ago to full blown SIBO, small intestinal bacteria overgrowth. The pain was unbearable. He is 6′ tall and dropped to 138#’s, was depressed and withdrawn….gave up hope of a normal life and really wanted to die. I was terrified for my sons life!! Doctors got him in this mess in the first place, so health insurance wouldn’t cover anything since it was “pre-existing”! Which was really his saving grace because he had to find alternative healing. I am happy to say he stumbled upon a great natural healing doctor and he’s almost 100% better. He has gained 5#’s which is something to be celebrated. But, what Maria has done with her books and recipes is awesome! Everything in her books is so informative and beneficial. I’m not sure anyone can appreciate her until they have known someone or personally gone thru some health or nutritional life altering devastation! These books and recipes are greatly appreciated by us. It’s helps me to change my own life and I’m slowly chaninging my daughter and grandchildren over to this better way of eating. My son will always eat this way forever. He will never go back to refined foods and heavy, empty carbs.

  • Rachel says:

    I can’t find your recipe for pecan nut butter in the kids cookbook (for kindle)… Can you tell me where to find it? It looks yummy!

  • Anonymous says:


    I just made these pancakes (the first recipe of yours I’ve ever tried) and they taste GREAT! I don’t even need syrup, as the Swerve adds enough sweetness to the pancakes themselves. It feels great to be eating healthy pancakes with no added sugars! Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into your recipes and all that you do for your readers. I know I speak for more than myself when I say that your efforts are greatly appreciated! 🙂

    Also, if there are any nut free substitutes for the almond flour and blanched almonds you use in your other recipes..I’d love to know. That would make my life so much easier! (Nut allergy here)

    Again, thank you!! 😀

  • malita says:

    I made these this weekend – they were good – very spongy – I had a few left over and as usual wrapped them up and put them in the fridge for a snack later or breakfast the next day – discovered they delicious cold with almond butter on them – it’s almost like a little cake!

  • ash ma says:

    I heard fish oil is good?? if so, which do you recommned?

  • Alejandra says:

    Talking about the digestive system, can you address constipation? All my life since I can remember I only go number 2 every other day (and not very well). I used to make myself a kind of “cereal” with chia seeds, oatmeal, bran, flaxseed, amaranth and other seeds. It was only then I was able to go every day. But since I have removed grains, all I´m left with is flaxseed, chia, other seeds and nuts. I recently added unsweetend shredded coconut for extra fiber but nothing happens. I eat plenty of veggies, drink enough water, I exercise. Nothing gets me going 🙁 Could you please write about this problem and if it can be corrected with diet and supplements. Why does constipation happen even if you add a lot of fiber, water and try to eat well? What am I missing? Do I still need more fiber? I have faith that with the change of diet (going low carb and grain free) will I get rid of constipation, but what if I don´t? Thanks again for your help.

    • As for the constipation, we NEED you to go #2. When you aren’t estrogen gets reabsorbed and is stored in the fat and weight loss is difficult. Take 200mg magnesium citrate at each meal to help pooping department!:) The bifido 3 times a day when it comes will also help with elimination. The bifido also helps with mood:))) If that doesn’t help, please add in triphala powder to help with movement of the intestines: http://astore.amazon.com/marisnutran05-20/detail/B003PG8RXS

  • Anonymous says:

    These are so yummy! A great pancake substitute!

  • Miss Niss says:

    made these this morning and absolutely loved them! i made them for me but my kids took most of them!!

  • WendyEliza says:

    Hello Maria

    Just wanted to get your thoughts…I have been wheat/grain free for just over 4 weeks and because of your blog and Dr. Davis I am on a very low carb and sugar diet as well. Recently I have been getting heartburn (I have never had it before) and it seems to be almost after every meal. I had to go buy TUMS and as I am chewing on them I read your entry on how bad they are. Any suggestions on why this might have started?? Thanks anything you can contribute I would appreciate 🙂

  • Jazz says:

    Hi – I frequent a few low carb sites and noticed quite a few people commenting on indigestion after about a month of low carbing/no sugar etc. I do not have any history of indigestion and after about a month of no sugar I aslo found myslef reaching for antacids. The good thing is it ended after about another month! I now have chalked it up to the healing process!

    Thanks for all your information Maria!

    • cemmerich says:

      That is probably true. There is something called the healing crisis where it can get worse before it gets better. 🙂

  • Nancy Cardarelli says:

    I made these last weekend and love them. I put Irish butter on them and a little Swerve and Cinnamon, roll them up and eat them!!!

  • Rina says:

    I was looking for healthy pancakes recipe!!! Yey! Just wanted to make sure, 2 servings, does the recipe make 4 pancakes so each serving is 2 pancakes or is 1 pancake a serving?
    Also, I am disgusted to learn about iHop omlettes. Do Dennis do the same with their? I thought I was ordering egg white omlette, it only had egg whites and veggies (I ask them without potatoes, hash browns or cheese).

  • Lynn says:

    What are your thoughts on the Raw Coconut Nectar by Coconut Secret?

  • Griffice says:

    I have been wheat free for 7 months and have enjoyed a migraine free life for the first time in 50 years. I am so grateful. However, since I have increased my natural fats I have suffered painful heartburn. I had my gallbladder removed about 4 years ago. I am now taking Cholacol before each meal and it takes away the pain but not the feeling of acid . I can lie on my right side and feel the acid flowing, so I move to the left side where there is some relief. I have eliminated sugar completely but use natural stevia. Is there another supplement that I can take to aid in the fat digestion?

    • cemmerich says:

      Yes: this is my gall bladder suggestions:

      Also only use MCT fats.
      Medium-Chained-Triglycerides (MCT) are different than Long-chained-triglycerides. MCT are absorbed more like carbohydrates and are used and burned quickly by the body and not stored in the fat cells and any extra are converted into ketones. This is why I am very specific even about the salad dressings my clients use. It is always best to make your own dressing (not to mention how easy it is too), but more so because I have them make it out of macadamia nut oil which is an MCT rather than olive oil (or other vegetable oils) which are a long chained triglyceride and will not turn into ketones for fat burning. (4)

      MCTs passively diffuse from the GI tract to the portal system (longer fatty acids are absorbed into the lymphatic system) without requirement for modification like long-chain fatty acids or very-long-chain fatty acids. In addition, MCTs do not require bile salts for digestion. Patients that have malnutrition or mal-absorption syndromes are treated with MCTs because they do not require energy for absorption, utilization, or storage. (5)

      MCT will speed up the ketone production process. In rare occasions, MCT oils have caused nausea in some of my clients if they take too much of it, so start out slowly.

      MCT oils:

      1. Organic butter: Fresh butter is one of the best sources of fat and medium chain triglycerides, according to nutritional experts and authors of “Nourishing Traditions,” Sally Fallon and Mary G. Enig, PhD. Butter contains about 12 to 15 percent short and medium chain fatty acids, according to the authors. This is the type of fat that can be used quickly by the human body for energy. Fresh butter, according to “Nourishing Traditions,” has both antifungal and antitumor properties. (6)
      2. Coconut oil
      3. Macadamia Nut oil (my Super Salad Dressing recipe)

  • Kim says:

    Just made these on a whim and they are really good. They are nutty and sweet enough that you don’t even need syrup. Can’t wait to make these for my 12 year old and see how he likes them!

  • Lizet says:

    Have you tried making “simple syrup” from erythritol? I would like to make it, but would hate to waste it if it does not work. I would like to make my own soda using erythritol and the Lorann cola flavor-I almost have it right, but I only had Xylitol and it did not disolve well in room temp water. Any ideas?

  • Sarah says:

    I have heartburn due to pregnancy some times digestive enzymes work other times I have to use tums. It doesn’t seem to matter what I eat or don’t eat. I have had some luck with hazelwood neckless instead of using bottles of tums I use just over half a bottle per pregnancy.

  • JAN says:

    Made these for the second time for dinner tonight. Delicious!

  • Sherie says:

    My sister and I have been eating low-carb, high fat (gluten/grain-free and sugar-free) for over a year now and it’s definitely made a huge difference in our weight and how we feel! We’ve both lost around 30 lbs 🙂 Unfortunately, in the last month, I’ve been noticing a lot of stomach discomfort and gasiness after certain meals, particularly meals containing broccoli / cabbage / lettuce …. etc. I visited my local GI doctor who of course has prescribed me omeprizole and ranitidine to combat the gasiness and discomfort, but I’m terribly worried that these will just make things worse. I just don’t know what I should do to help the stomach discomfort without taking medication. We’ve added a probiotic and are trying to eat the right things, but we’re at a loss. Any helpful tips or suggestions?

  • nikki says:

    I love these pancakes. I tripled the recipe to make enough. I used my nutri bullet to make them really smooth. They have asked for them again!!

  • Kristen says:

    Hi Maria,

    I am very interested in this and had no idea about the acid. My 5 year old son is on Prevacid for acid reflux. The doctor prescribed it and he took it for a bit to heal, seemed to do the trick, went off of it, and a few months later it just started again. I would love to break this chain & have him off any prescription for good. He is a totally healthy, happy boy besides this reflux problem he’s seemed to have since birth. I just checked out purchasing your Gastro Intesinal Supplement Plan and was wondering if you would you recommend them for a 5 year old? I could obviously benefit from it too but was wondering about him as well. Thank you so much, have always loved your recipes & wisdom!

  • abbyelyn says:

    Hey Maria! I’m still pretty new to this Ketosis diet (coming onto my 3rd week) and I’ve done a couple of your recipes now, and they’ve come out great and have tasted great….but I’m really confused. When I type the ingredients into my food tracker the data comes back totally different from what is on your website. For example the pancakes came back 252 cal, 14 gFat, 42 (?!) carbs, only 7 grams of fiber, and 18 g protein on my tracker…per serving. Now I know something is slightly off because I used Trader Joe’s Organic Coconut Flour and even on the bag it has 13 g fiber listed for the 1/4 cup…so I know the tracker is slightly off, but can you help me explain why it is so drastically different from your calculations? This also happened with your Saucy Beef and Cauliflower (not as much, but it was slightly different, and I used raw tomatoes that I just pureed instead of a canned salsa or sauce).

    …I’m a little upset that I might have just blown my whole carb load on breakfast… 🙁

    • cemmerich says:

      You have to watch what ingredients the trackers use. I have to sub the proper ones for every recipe I do. It probably used sweetened almond milk.

  • sophie says:

    208 calories for one serving ——— is that enough for breakfast?


  • Kate says:

    Oh my gosh. I just made a quarter-recipe in a mug and nuked it for a minute, topped with a little Nature’s Hollow honey. So so so good! It’s the perfect sweet! Thank you!

  • Darlene says:

    Hi Maria, I have almond flour on hand. What would the measurement be to sub almond flour in the recipe? Also, would I cut the eggs down to 2? Any other changes? Thanks for the great recipe. 🙂

  • Marie says:

    Oh boy, I don’t even know where to start. Started low-carbing almost 3 years ago. I was very thin before (eating loads of carbs and wheat) but eating low-carb and dairy-free ended my lifelong struggle with severe acne. So I keep eating this way. At the beginning I lost too much weight (not suitable when you’re already thin) because I wasn’t eating enough calories (just meat and veggies). I’ve been able to maintain a healthier weight for a while now eating lots of nuts, avocados, etc. Anyway, there’s a huge problem for me with low-carbing : I look 3 months pregnant all the time. I mean, my tummy swells a lot. But I go to #2 everyday, even twice a day. So I just thought: whatever, this is what I get from eating too much fat, still better than acne. A few weeks ago I started to get heartburn. I don’t know what started this; I had a lot of salad and chocolate for a while but I stopped eating those things and the heartburns are still there. It is just terrible, I suffer so much and don’t wanna take meds. I can see that I’m losing weight because I don’t know what to eat anymore but my tummy swelling is worse than ever and now with the heartburn pain… I even went back to carbs since yesterday (grains etc) because I never had these heartburn problems and I had an amazingly flat belly when I ate carbs. At this point I just wanna stop being hungry and stop suffering, and am worried about cancer and nutrients deficiency etc. I don’t know what to cut, somedays I cut the nuts, somedays the veggies, somedays something else… But I still suffer. And I’m hungry and losing weight. And poor (I’m a student). Does anybody have any not-too-expensive solution to offer (I cannot afford to buy tons of supplements that I am not sure will work; I bought Beano and aloe vera juice this morning)? I’m so sorry for my depressing tone, I’m just desperate right now. I can’t study because of the pain and fatigue from the pain, and it’s the end of the term… Thanks so much. And Maria I just wanna say thank you for your healthified sub, this has been a life-saver, but I’m not sure if the psyllium contributes to my tummy swelling…

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