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Nutrients with a Keto Lifestyle

By July 1, 2016July 18th, 2022Main Dish, Nutrition Education

Nutrients with a Keto Lifestyle

We often get asked “without fruits and whole grains, how do I get my nutrients with a Keto Lifestyle?”.  So Craig went to work and recorded the nutritional analysis for all the ingredients in typical meals that he eats.

Nutrients with a Keto LifestyleKeep in mind, this is a typical maintenance day for this lifestyle.  This would be pretty similar to a typical day for Craig and I.


3 Eggs Avocado Benedict


3 ounces Salmon

2 servings Keto Fudge

End eating Window

2 cups Chili with cheese and sour cream

Daily Macro Totals

Calories Fat Protein Carbs
1762 141g 89g 38g


We broke down all the vitamins and minerals we could find in ingredients tools online.  Here are the totals for this day.Nutrients with a Keto LifestyleAs you can see, many of the nutrients listed are at or well above 100% of the daily recommended allowances (RDA).  Plus, in our paleo days and if you are on good well water, you get lots of calcium, magnesium and potassium (source). Magnesium and potassium are also supplements most of our clients take because our water and food supply doesn’t have as much as it once did. Also we need less calcium they the RDA recommends. With plenty of vitamin D, K2, Magnesium and other co-factors, calcium intake isn’t really an issue.

This is just a one-day snapshot.  If the next day you eat some avocado, spinach and kale, you will easily make up difference in E and K. So this lifestyle can easily get you all the nutrient you need to be happy and healthy, without the added sugar and carbs of fruit and grains.

Also of note, in maintenance Craig (5’6″ male of 158 pounds) eats about 1800 calories a day in maintenance. This lifestyle is very nutrient dense so less calories are needed as well. For more on that go HERE.

Source: Our book Keto. Click on the chart to find it.


Platimum Member of Keto-Adapted.com: “One of these days I will be home on a Sunday and can join you! This past weekend I was hosting my sister and her family and we took them boating on the Chesapeake Bay. I think I talked about you and Keto the whole weekend!!

I felt so good. And even after having to eat in restaurants, I managed to lose a pound… which means I am 16 lbs. down from starting April 24 (7 weeks!) and I’ve seen the best improvement since finding you, using your recipes, and taking the supplements you suggested which was about a month in (May 24 or so).

So that’s 8 lbs. in just 3 weeks! My doggie died during that time and I’ve been miserable so I don’t even know how I lost the weight during all that. My face stopped breaking out too which is incredible. I’ve never had good digestion– I’m gluten intolerant, no gallbladder, no appendix, and everything shows up on my complexion when I’m upset. I’m seriously in awe of what being in ketosis has done for me. I mean, I finally feel full and stop eating during a meal!!! That is so crazy for me!!! Thank you Maria!!!” – Bethany

You too can join Craig and I every Sunday on our live weekly webinar so you too can stay the course!

Click HERE to get started!

Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


  • Karla says:

    Question: for someone who (according to the keto calculator) is on advanced keto and gets a total of 7 grams of daily carbs, and 40 grams of protein, how does the nutrition stack up then?

  • THanks for sharing what your meal days look like, Maria! I’ve always been curious.

  • Sunshine says:

    I would starve to death if that was all I ate in a day.

    • Libby says:

      So eat more of the same type of food but in reality, you wouldn’t. It’s nutrient dense and would serve your body well.

  • janet says:

    i thought i remembered you had said that you ate 10 grams of carbs a day or less? above it says you eat 38 grams of carbs on that particular menu that you shared. is that right?

    • Maria Emmerich says:

      This is a good example of what Craig eats. He usually is around 30g of carbs or less. I stick to about 20g or less.

  • Nancy Perkins says:

    I was also curious of a daily menu and the amount of it time involved to prepare. And the simplicity of the ingredients to buy. My drawback to joining a menu plan. Simplicity and common ingredients to a daily menu. Thanks for the snapshot menu.

    • Maria Emmerich says:

      Planning and preparation is key. In this example I would make a big batch of this chili on the weekend and store in single servings sizes for the week. 🙂

  • Jackie says:

    This helps a lot! Thank you, Maria!

  • Hope says:

    I’ve been learning and soaking in so much from your blog. I’ve been getting different macros for different calculators on all kinds of websites. Ha! And I’ve been reading contradicting info. Do you suggest hitting the protein macro AND the fat macro? Or hitting protein as a goal, and using fat as a lever and if I want to lose weight, to eat less fat than the suggested macro. This is where I’m confused- thanks Maria!

    For instance, your calculator told me: (didn’t include the decimal points)
    10g carbs
    59g protein
    124g fats


    • Maria Emmerich says:

      I would shoot for 20g or less total carbs, 60-75g protein and 110g or less fat. Don’t add fat to hit the number. Just use fat to stay satiated.

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