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Ketogenic Podcasts

By January 22, 2017March 25th, 2024Nutrition Education

Ketogenic Podcasts

Ketogenic Podcasts

There’s nothing I love more that helping people succeed in their ketogenic journey which is why I love to do Ketogenic Podcasts! I have done a ton of ketogenic podcasts and thought I would help you by linking you to some of my favorite past interviews to help you along the way.

I LOVE listening to ketogenic podcasts on my runs and when I lift weights. The podcasts make my workout go by so fast!

This morning I will be on My Talk FM107.1 radio show called The Weekly Dish. It isn’t usually a ketogenic radio show; it is a show all about food and they graciously invited me to be on their show today. I have also done past shows on The Weekly Dish which you can find by clicking HERE.

Awakening Aphrodite: Episode 175

My Sugar Free Journey: Episode 14: The Role of Nutrition in Health with Maria Emmerich

Low Carb Conversations: 158: Maria Emmerich And Kathy McKelley Statham On Why Dads Tend To Get Fat

Lyme Ninja Radio: #106 Podcast 

Ketogenic Podcasts

Women’s Wellness Radio: Maria Emmerich: Ketogenic (Low-carb, High-fat) Cooking

Ketogenic Podcasts

Grass Fed Girl Podcast: Is Low Carb Right For You with Expert Nutritionist Maria Emmerich

The Keto Evangalist: Episode 40 – Maria Emmerich talks about keto misconceptions and common supplements

Live to 110 Podcast #72: Keto-Adapted Diets with Maria Emmerich

854: Maria Emmerich – KETO CLARITY Expert Interview

The Secret of a Gluten Free High Fat Diet with Maria Emmerich: GFS Podcast 40

Grass Fed Girl: Quick and Easy Keto Cooking with Maria Emmerich

Dr. Jason Jones: 019: Maria Emmerich: Better Brain, Better Health + Weight Loss

My Sugar Free Journey: The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse

Soul Work for Moms: Adoption, Letting Go of the Plan, and Making Each Day a Little Special w/ Maria Emmerich – episode #21

Ali Shapiro and Juliet Burgh: Episode #56: The Trend of 2017: The Ketogenic Diet with Maria Emmerich

40 Plus Podcast: Keto Tastes Great!

Ketogenic Podcasts

The Low Carb Leader: 019: Ketogenic Cooking

Ketogenic Podcasts

Craig on the Ketogeek podcast.

Craig on 40+ Fitness podcast.

Craig and Maria on Carnivorecast podcast.

Craig on the Find Genious Podcast.

Craig talking about Lyme on Radix podcast.

Craig and Life in the Fasting Lane Podcast.

Craig on Fast Keto Podcast.

Maria on Fast Keto Podcast.

Maria on Intelligence for your Life podcast.

Maria on Primal Blueprint Podcast.

Maria on Mind Body Spirit Squad podcast.

Maria on Life in the Fasting lane Podcast.

Craig on Carnivore Quest Podcast.

Maria on Keto Kamp podcast.

Maria on Vinnie Tortorich Podcast. (Feb. 2019)

Maria on Power Passion Prosperity Podcast.

Maria on Accelerated Health Radio (May 2020)

Maria on Fast Keto Podcast: Carnivore lifestyle (Dec 2019)

Maria on Fast Keto Podcast: Ask me anything (March 2020)

Craig on Fast Keto Podcast: PROTEIN to FAT RATIOS for Fat Loss (April 2020)

Craig on Fast Keto Podcast: Carnivore Q &A (November 2019)

Maria on Keto Woman: Family Life and Keto

Maria on Dr. Mindy Carnivore VS Keto: Which is better for you? 

Check out this informative podcast on keto and protein with Trent Holbert on Fit for the Kingdom! 

Maria discusses Carnivore on Ben Azadi’s keto kamp podcast! 

PROTEIN SPARING Episode on Fast Keto Podcast with Craig and Maria! 

Craig discusses vegetables and how they can actually harm the gut on Ben Azadi Keto Kamp podcast! 

Maria Emmerich NEW YEAR NEW YOU encouragement on Fast Keto Podcast! 

Human Nutrition Podcast: Maria discusses animal-based nutrition. 

Lonestar Podcast: Maria discusses bow hunting, family and more!

Food Junkies podcast: Maria discusses food addition. 

Craig on the Fast Keto Podcast talking about Protein Sparing Modified Fasts (PSMF).

I’m excited to share my interview on the Everyday Wellness Podcast with the host, Cynthia Thurlow. During our time together, we talked about Women, Keto & Weight Loss Plateaus: From Fertility through Menopause! 

Podcast with Jill Foos and Maria Emmerich on raising healthy kids! 

Maria Emmerich on The Bold Bitch podcast!

Shift with CJ: Maria Emmerich is interviewed on how to do Ketogenic diet for weight loss.

Fast Keto Podcast: Craig and Maria Emmerich discuss how to properly do a Protein Sparing Modified Fast! 

Cutting Sugar with Maria Emmerich on Ketones and Coffee Podcast! 

Maria Emmerich on Pederson’s podcast! 

Maria Emmerich on Dr. Tony Hampton Protect Your Nest Podcast

Maria Emmerich on Wendy Meyer’s podcast about how to get your kids to eat sugar free!

Maria Emmerich on Unsweetened Sio podcast! More on Protein Sparing Modified Fasting!

Maria Emmerich on Dr. V Breast Conqueror Cancer Podcast!

Maria Emmerich on Biohacking Podcast!

Maria Emmerich on the Biohacking Girls Podcast (in Norway)!

Maria Emmerich on Dr. Kiltz Carnivore Podcast

Maria Emmerich on Meatcute! 

Maria Emmerich on Stay Off My Operating Table

Maria Emmerich on Keto and Carnivore Diets on Low Carb & Fasting Podcast!

Maria Emmerich on The Boss Body Podcast discussing: Is the Keto Diet Misunderstood? 

Maria Emmerich on Awakening Aphrodite!

Maria Emmerich on Dr. Denise McDermott podcast! 

Maria Emmerich on The Boss Body Podcast! 

Maria on the B. RAD Podcast with Brad Kearns

Maria Emmerich on Boundless Body Radio!

Maria Emmerich on Dr Joy Kong’s Podcast! 

Maria Emmerich on Inflammation Nation discussing Protein Sparing Modified Fasting! 

Maria Emmerich on how the Carnivore Diet has changed thousands of clients’ lives! 

Maria Emmerich on Primal Kitchen discussing how to Lose Weight on the Ketogenic Diet!


“I want to make sure you understand what I mentioned previously, “THE PERSONAL HEALTH ASSESSMENT” YOU DID FOR ME 3 MONTHS AGO HAS BEEN A GIFT FROM GOD THROUGH YOU and your husband- you get a big hug and sincere gratitude from the bottom of my heart” – Gina

Get started on your path to Healthy Healing today! Click HERE to get started!

Ketogenic Podcasts

Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


  • Marlina says:

    This is awesome to know all of the podcasts you’ve done. I’d rather listen to you than a LOT of other podcasts out there.

  • Amanda says:

    Are you in the iTunes? I couldn’t find you

  • odette says:

    This is awesome ,now i dont have to look for you all over the place ,thank you so much Maria-and its so true,training goes so much faster when listening to the stuff close to our hearts.Please keep us updated on these podcasts.
    You are a superstar!!

  • Sharon says:

    Maria..i just listened to an interview you did and you said chia seeds were not good??? Can you give me more info on that? I eat them every day….

  • Susan Blaze says:

    Maria, I am listening to your book Keto Adapted on audio tape. I have downloaded the attached PDF with recipes and testimonials but wondered if you might have a PDF for the supplements you recommend in the book. I don’t seem to see them in the PDF and would love to get a list so I don’t have to bookmark every audio section. Thank you..and love the book!

  • Carol says:

    HI Maria,
    My husband and I have been doing the Keto cleanse for the last week. We were both paleo before and have slipped into this relatively easy. Our ketone readings are mostly from .09 up to 4.1. My question is: If your are doing keto and decide when you are out to have a desert or something that is quite high in calories, what actually happens to your body processes? Apart from being kicked out of ketosis, will it take another 3 weeks for your body to get keto adapted? Can it slip from one to the other without a great drama?. I’m 62, not overweight and am doing this for longevity and good health.

    • Jan says:

      I have the same question so would like to see the answer, but it’s not here.

    • Maria Emmerich says:

      Your body is going to store all the ad fat, the sugar causes inflammation in your body. You’ll probably feel like crap the next day. And you will probably be set back a couple days before you get back into ketosis. It isn’t worth it. Bring a healthy treat of your own if you can’t resist it.

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