Gluconeogenesis on a Ketogenic Diet

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Gluconeogenesis on a Ketogenic Diet

In this video we discuss protein, gluconeogenesis and why you shouldn’t fear protein with a ketogenic lifestyle.

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The type of protein matters too!

Whey protein is absorbed too quickly which can cause blood sugar issues. Drinking protein shakes are absorbed too quickly into bloodstream and can cause a spike.

Also adding a lot of fat to a large protein meal because too much fuel overall. Do not over-stuff your gas tank!

Vegetarian sources of protein are incomplete amino acids and do not stimulate muscle synthesis. Watch this video for more information on Protein:


Testimony of the Day

“Just wanted to give some encouragement to newbies and members to Maria’s Keto group who are frustrated with slow progress.  I was diagnosed with hashimotos in 1996 (before I was keto).  Gradually I gained 100 pounds and suffered from terrible joint pain, hair loss, brain fog, dry skin and increasing thyroid antibodies.  Finally I found a functional medicine provider.  Switched to nature thyroid (now Armour).  Figured out through researching it for myself that I needed to heal my gut, and decrease the inflammatory process that started it all.  Began to follow paleo aip and felt some better….

Still not enough, though.  Eventually I found keto and the Maria Emmerich WOL (Way of Life).  I have now lost 100 pounds over 18 months.  Chronic pain is gone.  My hair is back!  Skin is great except for the fact that I’m 64 and have wrinkles.

My mind is intact and I have actually gone back to work just because I like the challenge of using my brain now. AND… I am on 1/2 the dose of Armour Thyroid now, and for the first time EVER my thyroid antibodies (which were always 900-1200) are just slightly above the “normal range”…. So be patient and trust the process.  It’s so worth it!!” – Ellie

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  • Peggy kaufman says:

    Hi marie! My very sick brother just found out he has lyme disease,any suggestions on how to fight this? Thank you so much!

    • Maria Emmerich says:

      Sorry to hear that. It is a long process but if you get a good Lyme Literate doctor they can help you.

  • Analisa says:

    it’s here to stay. Who would have thought of 10 years ago how far we have comeMost impoprtant point is choosing words