What Causes Cravings

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What Causes Cravings

Testimony of the Day

In 2001 I felt like crap! Depression, anxiety, exhaustion, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, mononucleosis, candida over growth, Celiac’s disease, and an abundant of other food sensitivities. All unknown at the time. I just knew I hurt mentally, emotional, spiritual, physically, psychologically and I didn’t know why. No one did. I was a full blown vegan.

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With Maria’s guidance of supplements and staying 100% compliance to her diet, my gut has finally healed, my emotional health completely stabilized, my acne gone, excess pounds gone, brain fog gone, tired / fatigue gone. I am the healthy image I longed to be. It took time, persistence, patience, and self-discipline. It has been a journey that has paid off!” Lacy

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I want to help find and adapt recipes so we can enjoy our favorite foods, but I also want to help people feel better in other ways too.Yesterday, I had an interview with the ever so famous Jimmy Moore. One of my specialties is balancing my clients’ brain chemistry through food. Have you ever gone on a diet and no one wanted to be around you? This is what happens when we consume “diet food,” our neurotransmitters drop and we become another person.

For 90% of dieters, a deficiency in one of four key brain chemicals can trigger weight gain, fatigue, and stress. The key to losing weight doesn’t lie in deprivation diets; it lies in balancing our neurochemicals. Many nutritionists and advanced practitioners are focusing on how the brain affects our health.

1. Dopamine controls metabolism

2. Acetylcholine regulates fat storage

3. GABA curbs emotional eating

4. Serotonin influences appetite.

When these primary brain chemicals are balanced, our bodies are more able to lose those unwanted pounds.

balance your brain

How DOPAMINE impacts personality:

Dopamine regulates activity in the frontal lobe, the area of the brain that governs communication, motivation and the ability to experience pleasure. Deficits of this chemical have been linked to psychological symptoms like social anxiety, self-criticism, procrastination or difficulty maintaining relationships. But once deficiencies of this chemical are corrected, women often feel more energetic, sociable and confident.

How ACETYLCHOLINE impacts personality:

Acetylcholine influences activity in the parietal lobe, the area of the brain responsible for processing sensory information, learning, memory and awareness. Insufficient levels of this chemical can cause attributes like forgetfulness, difficulty prioritizing tasks and an inability to relate to others. But as acetylcholine deficits are corrected, most women experience increased mental clarity, greater creativity, quicker thinking and improved empathy.

How GABA impacts personality:
GABA is the primary neurotransmitter in the temporal lobe, the area of the brain that governs perception, attention, speech and motions. Low levels of this chemical have been linked to psychological symptoms such as insecurity, anxiety, excessive worrying, fear of new experiences, poor concentration and lock of impulse control, explains. But as GABA shortfalls are corrected, women regain calmness, dependability and objectivity.

How SEROTONIN impacts personality:

Primarily produced within the occipital lobe, the area of the brain that regulates sight, serotonin is associated with mood, ambition, decision making and the ability to experience pleasure. Research in the journal Science suggests that low levels of this brain chemical can cause psychological symptoms like depression, impulsivity, suspiciousness, shortsightedness or aggressiveness. Fortunately, increasing levels of serotonin quickly improves confidence, restores rationality and boosts feelings of happiness.balance your brain


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balance your brain

Happy Eating and Happy Reading!


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