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The Carnivore Cookbook

The Carnivore Cookbook

Craig and I are VERY excited to announce the release of our new book The Carnivore Cookbook!

The Carnivore Diet somewhat started after we adopted Micah and Kai. Life was so busy juggling a baby, a toddler and work. Carnivore simplified my life! Plus, my boys didn’t like vegetables. I thought they needed to eat them, so Craig and I started to research the most nutrient dense foods. GUESS WHAT? It is not veggies with the most nutrients, it is BEEF and ORGAN Meat! My boys LOVE bologna, hot dogs and sausages, we just make sure to get organic products from US Wellness Meats which makes the most delicious Tomahawk Ribeyes, bologna and hot dogs without sugar and even braunschweiger without sugar! Click HERE to check it out!

We were also desperate to find something that would help Craig with the pain he has from Lyme. Nothing was working and he tried everything! Once he eliminated all plants and the anti-nutrients (like oxalates) that came with them, which can cause pain, his pain was greatly reduced! A low oxalate food plan was essential to having my husband back. No one seems to understand how Lyme has changed his life and eating Carnivore has finally provided relief.

Carnivore is a great option for anyone who has any chronic disease or issue like autoimmune, mood issues like bipolar, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, fibro, Lyme, or other chronic issue that have seen some relief with keto, but not total resolution or reduction in symptoms. Carnivore can be the next step to realizing full relief. That is why we outlined the carnivore autoimmune protocol (CAIP) in this book to give you the tools to fully heal and reverse your issues and find your threshold for what foods you can add back in and keep symptoms away.

Here is a sneak peak into The Carnivore Cookbook:

I love carnivore so it was sad to see people that think it is a limited diet. It can be if you aren’t inventive. So I jumped into the kitchen to create the most delicious carnivore recipes!

Click HERE to check it out! It isn’t just a cookbook! It is FILLED with science and help on your success on the carnivore diet!


“Hi Maria! I’m on Day 12 of carnivore. I am thrilled that I’ve committed to doing this for myself. I am sleeping better, my weight is steadily moving down. I am able to work all day while fasting. My sinus issues are mostly gone (thanks in part to giving up stevia). For months my skin was chronically dry and flakey in the T zone. My complexion is near perfect now. Acid reflux? What acid reflux? Gone! The right food is the best medicine! Looking forward to what a full month of carnivore brings.” – Susan

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Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


  • I am so looking forward to my book coming ! You have taught me so much and I’m looking forward to the next level. I have my goals set and I’m ready to go. Thank you for all your hard work !!

  • DB says:

    I hope the science will convince my family I’m not crazy 🙂

  • Rosanna says:

    Dear Maria and Craig,

    Thank you for all that you do!!! You both are AMAZING! Does the bok include recipes for raw meat and fish like steak tartare and ceviche?

  • Lesley Parent says:

    I can’t wait until next month when my book arrives. I remember ordering it … maybe last summer?! … and January delivery felt so far away but I knew it would be something to look forward to for juicy reading pleasure during dark January nights.

    Even if there weren’t the myriad health improvements you mentioned, the life-changing relief from disordered eating would be worth it to me to stay carnivore. I hope the ED community will eventually embrace the carnivore diet and see it for the incredible ammunition it is in the fight against eating disorders. Yes, there is a huge psychological piece to ED, but many of us could only do battle against the psychological piece once we had the physical part in order. MEAT HEALS.

    So glad Craig has found some relief, and that you are able to find sugar-free meats for your boys. I will always wish I had raised my children the same! Happy Holidays to you and yours, Maria!

    Lesley/silvercarnivore in Chicago

  • liya naidorf says:

    You guys don’t stop in red light! good job!

  • Abigail says:

    I am on day 11 of the Carnivore Diet and I have never felt better! I don’t know much about Carnivore, so I’m excited to learn and try some new recipes.
    Thank you for writing this book!!

  • Eliane says:

    Can’t wait to get mine!!! 🙂

  • Shawnda Kovacs says:

    So, are you keto or carnivore? I’ve been carnivore for 12 weeks and have GAINED weight 😭 struggling so much with that. When I’m carnivore, I’m not in ketosis because my protein is too high. I do IF daily from 16-18 hrs. I eat 2x a day. I’ve done the spectrum of trying different meats. But most recently I’m doing daily sardines OR salmon, bone broth, raw egg yolks, heart, tongue, liver, and marrow. I’m trying to find sweetbreads and kidney, but haven’t been able to yet. I usually do cheese once a week.

    Curious of your thoughts!!

    • Maria Emmerich says:

      Maria goes back and forth. I (Craig) stay carnivore to help manage my Lyme disease pain. Carnivore is just a subset of keto and is still very much ketogenic. Blood ketones have little to do with results or your state of ketosis. They only thing that determine whether or not you will be in nutritional ketosis is how many carbs you eat. If you stay under 20g a day you will be in nutritional ketosis.

      Do you do measurements? Many women find this helps them when going carnivore as most women under eat protein so when eating carnivore their body finally gets enough and builds muscle. So tracking measurements can tell you more about body re-composition as that doesn’t show up on the scale.

      • Shawnda Kovacs says:

        Thank you for your reply! I used to measure but definitely don’t now. NONE of my clothes fit and I feel miserable. I’m not measuring for my sanity!! I’ve never under eaten protein because I weight train; I’ve always been a high protein eater.

  • Shawnda Kovacs says:

    I’m happy to omit it. I actually have a plan to do 30 days no dairy in January to see BUT having a hard time seeing that as a factor in the weight gain if it’s just once a week.

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