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How to Change Your pH

By October 4, 2016December 3rd, 2020Moods and Hormones, Nutrition Education

How to Change Your pH


The other morning I had a client who had breast cancer and her doctor wanted her to take a supplement that made her blood more alkaline. I gently told her to not waste her money and that food and supplements do not influence your body’s pH balance. BUT that she could change her pH with other ways that most people do not do and are FREE!

I wanted to elaborate on how we can change our pH so Craig and I included a fantastic science article on our website Keto-Adapted.com, where we have personalized one-on-one help with macros, personalized meal planning and shopping lists, exclusive recipes and cooking videos, workout videos and yoga videos, as well as a science section where we help you comprehend the leading science in easy-to-understand articles. But since we have so many people mistakenly believe you can change your pH with food, I knew this article must be shared with all of you!

Effects of Food on Body pH

A common question we get is can you change your bodies pH with food? The theory behind this (the alkaline diet) says that we leave behind an ‘ash’ from what we eat after it is metabolized and this ash can be acidic or alkaline. More alkaline means for basic on the pH scale. More acidic means more acidic on the pH scale. They recommend to use urine pH strips to test your bodies pH.

The reasoning for this they say is that a slightly alkaline body is beneficial for health especially for lower cancer risk (link), osteoporosis and other diseases. But it has been shown that the cancer creates an acidic environment around itself (link). So it isn’t the body creating this condition. The pH of the blood no longer determines the pH of the cancer.

Can Food Influence Your Body pH levels

The proponents of the ‘Alkaline Diet’ say that you can change your bodies pH through food. The theory is that foods leave behind an acidic or alkaline ash. The type of ‘ash’ is determined by the context of acid forming components such as phosphate and sulfur and alkalis such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. This means that animal products and grains are acid forming and fruits and vegetables are alkali forming.

While it is true that these foods will make you urine more alkaline or more acidic, making the blood more alkaline or acidic is a completely different thing. So your urine pH strip may change but that has no relation to your blood pH.

Food does not influence your blood pH. The body tightly regulates the pH of your blood and body fluids and diet cannot influence these levels (linklink). So what does regulate our blood pH? Our kidneys tightly regulate our bodies pH levels. They kidneys are very good at dealing with ‘acid ash’ and when we eat things like proteins the acids produced are quickly buffered by bicarbonate ions in the blood. This creates carbon dioxide which you exhale through the lungs. It also creates salts that are excreted by the kidneys. During secretion the kidney create new bicarbonate ions which returns to the blood to replace those used to buffer the acid.

Our bodies have a very tight control of the pH based on food eaten. Your body controls your pH to a slightly alkaline level of 7.4. So food does not effect the bodies pH level.

How to Change Your pH

Enabling a Healthy pH in Your Body

So what can enable your body to keep a healthy pH level? As we have shown in THIS article, 99% of the molecules on our body are EZ Water. EZ water gains a charge (gains electrons) from light (mostly infrared light).


When this EZ water in the body gains charge it is gaining electrons. Our body uses electrons for fuel (from food or light). More electrons means more alkaline molecules. So adding electrons enables your body to not only have more and better fuel sources (more electrons) it enables a more stable alkaline environment. Just make sure the light you get is in a circadian rythum to ensure cellular health and good sleep cycles (link).

What else can create more electrons or charge on the body?  The earth is negatively charged. So by Grounding to the earth you gain electrons and also create a more alkaline environment in your cells. So the prescription is pretty simple. Get outside in the sun with you shoes off and enjoy nature!


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Just wanted to update you on my ketogenic journey! My results have been mind-blowing in less than two weeks!

I have lost a total of 7 pounds in that time and am feeling absolutely wonderful! My energy is amazing and my body feels great! No stomach aches or discomfort after eating!

I love the recipes that you have “healthified”. All in all I am absolutely amazed by what this new way of eating and living has done for me! Thanks again Maria! Can’t wait to see where I’ll be in a few weeks/months/years! You’re awesome! Breana”

Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


  • Interesting. Maybe I’ll try some barefoot running!

  • janet says:

    the article How to Change Your pH which you have posted does not answer the question how to change your ph. it seems that the focus is on buying a water system. the ez water system site does not indicate what their system does. the ez water system simply negates any other water source but the ez water system site does not indicate exactly what this system does? does it get rid of bacteria, or chemicals??? it doesn’t say anything like this. i don’t understand this. this does not seem right to me.

    • Maria Emmerich says:

      As this post says, this is a free sneak peak to the type of science posts we do on our subscription site keto-adapted.com. Those links are to other science articles on our site keto-adapted.com explaining grounding, light and EZ water.

      • Heidi Burger says:

        I absolutely love everything that you do but the EZ water is quackery and though I may still subscribe to Keto-adapted in the future, I would have more confidence in your advice if you didn’t promote something like this. Thank you for being a great presence! Love your energy!

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