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 Estrogen Dominance

Testimony of the Day

“Hi Maria! On 02/15/13 I was diagnosed with a 12mm Pineal Gland Cyst after a severe migraine. In late July I flew to Colorado in hope of finding some answers and second opinions. I was given no information from the 2-3 Neurologist that I have seen as to what caused or is “feeding” this. The doctors are very unhelpful due to where my cyst is located (dead center of my brain). Their fearful that it will grow thus forcing them to operate, so they shove RX’s at me in hopes that something will help. Only more bad news followed. Not only was the Cyst causing problems, but I was also on my way to getting Type 2 Diabetes and leaky gut. I knew I needed to change my life and fast. 

I found out about “The Maria Way” from some very good friends. I have followed your plan since the being of August. On 08/20/13 just 2.5 short weeks of being GF, I had my follow up MRI. It showed that the cyst was now only 1.1cm in size. It had already shrunk 1mm! I know that sounds tiny but when you’re talking about something growing in the middle of your brain it means a lot! I have stopped all med’s and have been migraine and headache free for almost a month now thanks to you!

My skin has improved and my body has never felt better. I can’t wait to see how I feel in a month! My holistic doctors believe that a change in diet and the right supplements will probably shrink or even make my cyst go away. I am really looking forward to TOTAL body health. I truly do feel that “you are what you eat”.

I have never felt better! Not only am I losing weight but very soon I will be completely healthy! Thank you, Maria!!!!” Megan

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Did you know that men can have ‘estrogen dominance’ too? Yep, one of the causes of prostate cancer is excess estrogen in men. (reference). Both androgen and estrogen have been reported to stimulate proliferation of cultured prostate cancer cells.

Estrogen Dominance

This diagram demonstrates estrogenic carcinogenicity in the prostate. The numbers refer to references supporting the corresponding pathway of estrogenic action. (To find the references and diagram click HERE).

A well-formulated ketogenic diet has an intense and fast effect on cancer. All of your body’s cells, including cancer cells are fueled by glucose. Conversely, cancer cells have one huge mortal flaw; they do not have the metabolic adaptability to be fueled off of ketones, but your healthy cells can thrive on ketones. Therefore, since cancer cells need glucose to thrive, and carbohydrates turn into glucose in your body, then cutting out carbs literally starves the cancer cells.

HEALTH TIP: Excess bad estrogen in the liver and fat cells is a leading cause of breast, thyroid and uterine cancer in women, as well as prostate cancer in men. Cutting out all of the estrogenic factors is extremely important (which I list in my Keto-Adapted book). A supplement called Estrofactors helps detox this bad estrogen out of the liver which will in turn heal liver function and increase T3 production for thyroid patients. Click HERE to find.

Estrogen Dominance


Are you not going #2 everyday? Has your doctor told you that it is fine and that is just how your body is? Well, your doctor is wrong. Everyone should go #2 everyday…it is more important than you think. We are living in a sea of estrogens. When we aren’t properly excreting those toxic levels of estrogens, they get stored in our fat cells which is detrimental for weight gain. Fat cells make estrogen and estrogen causes fatty tissue growth. This is a vicious cycle we’d like to avoid. Excess estrogen is excreted in the bowel. When stool remains in the bowel for a longer time, as in constipation, the estrogen is reabsorbed.Some ways we get too much estrogen is exposure to chemicals that mimic estrogen such as many plastics (microwaving food in plastic dishes or using plastic wraps and containers) or eating non-organic food. Beef and chickens are typically given potent estrogenic substances (‘super-estrogens’) to make them more productive.

Our produce is often laced with these substances. People develop estrogen dominance as a result of a high-carb diet, consuming excess fructose, drinking alcohol, having a “Tired-Toxic Liver (see chapter in Secrets to a Healthy Metabolism), or environmental factors…all of which we have some power to control.

Estrogen Dominance


The liver is a filter of sorts. It detoxifies our body, protecting us from the harmful effects of chemicals, elements in food, environmental toxins, and even natural products of our metabolism, including excess estrogen. Anything that impairs liver function or ties up the detoxifying function will result in excess estrogen levels. If your liver is tired and toxic, a special diet plan would be in order to help.

Estrogen is produced not only internally but also produced in reaction to chemicals and other substances in our food. When it is not broken down adequately, higher levels of estrogen build up. This is true for both men and women, although the effects are more easily recognized in men. Alcoholic men with impaired liver function develop a condition called gynecomastia, with estrogenic characteristics including enlarged breasts, loss of male pubic hair, and belly fat.

Some signs of excess estrogen in MEN and WOMEN:

-Low back pain
-Weight gain secondary to insulin resistance
-Belly Fat Accumulation (A “Beer Belly” is really an “Estrogen Belly”)
-Fibrocystic breast disease
-Excessive PMS
-Menstrual disturbances–irregular and heavy bleeding
-Ovarian cysts
-Breast Cancer

Correcting Estrogen Dominance involves more than just correcting the estrogen-progesterone balance and supporting the adrenals. It is important to eliminate the factors as much as possible. Exposure to xenoestrogens , insufficient sleep, toxic exposure, poor nutrition (high carbohydrates, low fat/protein intake, low nutrient value), and stress are some common causes. I also have suggestions for supplements to help speed the process of healing. So, do you feel like you are eating the right way, taking the right supplements, and STILL aren’t going #2? It is most likely a food allergy!

Click HERE to rid your body of estrogens!

Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


  • Anonymous says:

    Thank for this article….I just found out from my wholitic doctor the I was full of plastic toxin. My sign were excess sweating and body aches…I just thought I was going through the change of life…I’m so thankful for your articals…I learn so much…Keep up the great Job…..

  • I’m glad I can help!:)

  • Anonymous says:

    what supplements would be recommened?

  • As for supplement recommendations, I need more information on what might be the problem. I do in depth assessments with my clients to help decide what they need. If you are interested in a consult, I’d love to help more;)

  • Nicole says:

    How do I get in touch with you to build myself a healthy (and affordable) diet plan?

  • I’d love to help you through this journey!

  • shebop64 says:

    Wow! This is me in a nutshell! I’m getting night sweats even though I had a hysterectomy almost 2 years ago. And I cannot lose weight, no matter how hard I try! I just wish that organic meats were accessable in podunk southern Iowa!

  • Anonymous says:

    My 3 year old daughter has been getting bumps on her face in a similar pattern as acne. One possibility the doctor mentioned is the tap water in our house. She also gets bumps on her buttocks and a raw, red inner labia. I don’t know if it is all connected or not but feels like something is affecting her hormones 🙁

  • Anonymous says:

    Hmmm, My hubby has issues with sweating and we thought that maybe it was an anxiety thing but maybe not. I really need to get in contact with you Maria and do the HAQ. Can one just do the HAQ? or is that part of other packages?

  • I can do just an HAQ for your husband. It retails for $50 online.

  • Anonymous says:


    One of the last things you mention in your article is that bar soaps can leach estrogen into our bloodstreams. What ingredients/chemicals do they have that contain estrogen? It’s surprising that of all things bar soap could cause estrogen imbalance.

  • There are a whole host of drugs that are administered via the transdermal skin patch.

    The pharmaceutical companies use the transdermal skin method, because they know it works like a charm.

    According to one study, it’s 95% more effective than taking medication orally.

    You simply apply the product to the skin, and within a matter of seconds, you’ve got the drug moving through your blood stream in double time.

    The cosmetics you smear all over your body are no different…

    A couple swipes of that deodorant, and you’ve got all kinds of goodies swimming around in your system.

    Propylene Glycol, used in the manufacture of polyester fabrics, fragrance, and if you’re really bad at choosing your products, parabens, a proven estrogen mimic.

    The cosmetic manufacturers will assure you that these chemicals are all extremely safe, and completely non toxic.

    Personally, I’m not buying it!

    For one, these substances are all tested individually, not as a whole.

    Who knows what happens in the body when you combine numerous chemical agents from your deodorant, soap, shampoo, cologne, conditioner, etc…


    With cosmetics, the Food and Drug Administration has no authority to require safety studies like it does with drugs and prescription medications.

    This means that cosmetics are among the least regulated products on the market.

    In other words, you’re taking the manufactures word that the product you’re smearing all over your body, 365 days a year, is entirely safe.

    Chemicals in Soap & Deodorant that
    Suppress Testosterone & Increase Estrogen
    We know for a fact the typical 40+ male in the US is swimming in estrogenic substances.

    Man boobs, fleshy hips and thighs, and suppressed male hormone levels are the rules now, not the exception.

    I believe the chemical agents you come into contact with on a daily basis play a huge role in this.

  • At Rutgers U in the summer of 2008, research with mice showed that four moisturizers promoted skin cancer. In that study, the ones used were Dermabase, Eucerin and Vanicream.

    Dr. Olsen tested 16 non-prescription skin moisturizers in all price ranges and sent them to a lab to be studied. The estrogen hormones estradiol, estrone, and estriol were found in six of the products. What was striking was that they weren’t listed in the ingredient list.

    According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, nearly 30% increase in the risk of breast cancer was due to women taking combination HRT (hormone replacement therapy) pills.

    Some experts say that when you apply estrogen directly to the skin it is worse than taking it orally due the absorption. Olsen believes that applying estrogen-laced skin lotion on a daily basis can be dangerous and possibly raise you risk to develop breast cancer.

    Please look for natural products that don’t add hormones, preservatives and additives. Stop by Miracle II Skin Moisturizer to read more about a moisturizer without hormones or additives. In fact it is recommended you use the product within six months due to the absence of preservatives.

    • Janet t says:

      maria is there a book you can recommend that discusses the estrogen dominance from the foods and skin sources and plastic. I want to learn more about this. but I have heeded your advice and removed a lot from my home. just want to understand the chemicals and stuff more. thanks janet

  • Alejandra says:

    Can flaxseed help with those dangerous leves of estrogen?

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi just wondering…. I have quit drinking , cook bake and eat the healthified way, take cla, l-carnitine, enzymes, omega 3, probiotics, green tea and reversetrol, magnesium and Vitamine c and zinc. I work out hard!!!
    Weight train plyometric circuits 4-5 Times a week cardio And yoga twice a week , whey protien with glutimine after training… Gained 2 lbs pants still tight have not lost an inch…how long should it take for my body to respond to the changes?

    • I can take 4-6 weeks of staying below 30g of effective carbs per day to turn your body into a fat-burner (fat adapted or Ketosis). That is with no cheating. You will then see tons of energy and weight loss, etc. Some people will see weight loss during this first 4 weeks, other it takes a bit longer (depending on how much they have to lose, etc) 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you so much for your reply ! Your recipes are Awsome my kids are all athletes and I have not baked in years because I have been anti sugar they love your desserts and it’s such a great feeling to be able to throw protein cookies at them after training or a game and know that it will help not hinder them.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am still not seeing any changes if Im not eating carbs and Im not losing weight am I eating too much fat? should I decrease my calories? I only eat foods you reccomend.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey Maria-just wondering if you know anything about preventing skin cancer. . .besides the obvious sunscreen stuff. . . Do you recommend any supplements, etc?? I would really appreciate any info. . .my mom had melanoma&the whole thing is so scary to me. . .any way to be healthy&preventative right?! Thanks!

  • Amanda says:

    Hello Maria,
    I have been on your plan for about two weeks now, not much weight loss yet but feel a lot better in myself.
    I have just found out that I have a large polyp/cyst in my womb which needs to be removed. I have found it near impossible to lose weight after having my son 4 years ago and being on Prozac for the last two years. I am now hopefully off the Prozac fingers crossed! I am almost certain that the Prozac raised my oestrogen levels and therefore caused weight gain plus the cyst.
    I have your Metabolism book and I am taking most of the supplements you suggest, but are there any others that you recommend for this particular problem?
    Or should I email you?
    Desperate to be healthy again and lose this unwanted excess weight 🙂
    Thank you!

  • Amanda says:

    Hi Maria,
    I’ve just signed up for a Health Assessment, so I’m looking forward to working this out with you 🙂

  • Val says:

    I just started to take Estrofactors. What are the normal changes to my period that I can expect?

  • Amy says:

    How long do you have to take the estro factors to reverse estrogen dominance?

    • Maria Emmerich says:

      Everyone is different. I would take for a couple months and see where symptoms are at that point.

  • Melissa says:

    I had a hysterectomy with everything removed but one ovary about 2 years ago. I have been beyond stressed and my dr recommended I go on Zoloft. He also said it would help with my hot flashes I was getting constantly all day and night. Didn’t help. They wake me at night and between that and peeing all night I don’t sleep great. He then put me on low dose estrogen and I feel like it’s not doing too much. I want to purchase at least a supplement plan maybe two from you but not sure which ones r right for these issues. I don’t have the money right now for a health assessment. I am also in the process of giving up all grains too cause I know they r bad and I am overweight. Thx 🙂

    • Maria Emmerich says:

      You would love the Personalized HAQ plan;)

      • Melissa says:

        I know I would cause I did one with u about a year and a half ago. I was having a lot of stomach issues at the time. I started to follow it but then my son got sick and we have been in hospital almost constant until recently. I just can’t afford one right now for the new issues so I thought a supplement plan might help just wasn’t sure which one to do since I have had a hysterectomy but still have one ovary and having hot flashes.

  • Amy says:

    I have been taking estrofactors for a couple weeks and it’s really been helping me! My belly fat is going down and my head feels so much better! It says on the bottle not to consume while pregnant or trying to get pregnant because of the vit A and birth defects. I want to have another baby, how long do I go off of it before I can start trying to have a baby?

  • Amy says:

    Thanks so much!!

  • Amy says:

    Is there anything you can take for estrogen dominance while trying to get pregnant?

  • Amy says:

    Can you take estrofactors when nursing?

    • Maria Emmerich says:

      Not while pregnant but should be ok while nursing. I would check with the manufacturer to be sure.

  • Amy says:

    Great thanks!

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