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Dairy Free Ice Cream

By September 17, 2013December 3rd, 2020Desserts, Nutrition Education, Vegetarian, Weight Loss

Testimony of the Day

“Hi Maria! On 02/15/13 I was diagnosed with a 12mm Pineal Gland Cyst after a sever migraine. In late July I flew to Colorado in hope of finding some answers and second opinions. I was given no information from the 2-3 Neurologist that I have seen as to what caused or is “feeding” this. The doctors are very unhelpful due to where my cyst is located (dead center of my brain). Their fearful that it will grow thus forcing them to operate, so they shove RX’s at me in hopes that something will help. Only more bad news followed. Not only was the Cyst causing problems, I was on my way to getting Type 2 Diabetes and leaky gut. I knew I needed to change my life and fast. 

I found out about “The Maria Way” from some very good friends. I have followed your plan since the being of August. On 08/20/13 just 2.5 short weeks of being GF, I had my follow up MRI. It showed that the cyst was now only 1.1cm in size. It had already shrunk 1mm! I know that sounds tiny but when you’re talking about something growing in the middle of your brain it means a lot! I have stopped all med’s and have been migraine and headache free for almost a month now thanks to you!

My skin has improved and my body has never felt better. I can’t wait to see how i feel in a month! My holistic doctors believe that a change in diet and the right supplements will probably shrink or even make my cyst go away. I am really looking forward to TOTAL body health. I truly do feel that “you are what you eat”.

I have never felt better! Not only am I losing weight but very soon I will be completely healthy! Thank you Maria!!!!” Megan

Click HERE to start your journey to a keto-adapted diet!


Cancer and Ketogenic Diet

Did you know that men can have ‘estrogen dominance’ too? Yep, one of the causes of prostate cancer is excess estrogen in men. (reference). Both androgen and estrogen have been reported to stimulate proliferation of cultured prostate cancer cells.

Almond Joy ice cream

This diagram demonstrates estrogenic carcinogenicity in the prostate. The numbers refer to references supporting the corresponding pathway of estrogenic action. (To find the references and diagram click HERE).

A well-formulated ketogenic diet has an intense and fast effect on cancer. All of your body’s cells, including cancer cells are fueled by glucose. Conversely, cancer cells have one huge mortal flaw; they do not have the metabolic adaptability to be fueled off of ketones, but your healthy cells can thrive on ketones. Therefore, since cancer cells need glucose to thrive, and carbohydrates turn into glucose in your body, then cutting out carbs literally starves the cancer cells.

HEALTH TIP: Excess bad estrogen in the liver and fat cells is a leading cause of breast, thyroid and uterine cancer in women, as well as prostate cancer in men. Cutting out all of the estrogenic factors is extremely important (which I list in my Keto-Adapted book). A supplement called Estrofactors helps detox this bad estrogen out of the liver which will, in turn, heal liver function and increase T3 production for thyroid patients. Click HERE to find.

Unlike healthy cells that can get energy by metabolizing sugar in the mitochondria, cancer cells appeared to fuel themselves only through glycolysis, a less-efficient means of creating energy through the fermentation of sugar in the cytoplasm.

If most aggressive cancers rely on the fermentation of sugar for growing and dividing, then take away the sugar and the cancer can stop spreading. Meanwhile, normal body and brain cells switch to generate energy from fatty molecules called ketones, the body’s main source of energy on a fat-rich diet.

The healthiest way to stop feeding cancer cells isn’t to increase protein while subbing out excess carbohydrates; it is to increase healthy fats. Too much protein will increase glucose also via gluconeogenesis. I know I have written that many times, but it is such a common mistake that people make when cutting out carbohydrates. Limit protein to high-quality organic and pastured sources only.

Almond Joy ice cream

To read more on how to become keto-adapted and starve those cancer cells from glucose, click HERE.

Almond Joy ice cream
3 cups (2 cans) unsweetened coconut milk
2/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder (optional)
6 TBS Allulose (keeps ice cream soft)
1 tsp stevia glycerite
1/2 tsp Redmond Real salt (helps it from hardening like a rock)
1 tsp almond extract (or vanilla)
OPTIONAL: Homemade Almond Joy Chocolate Chunks

Whisk cocoa powder in a small amount of coconut milk, until smooth. Then add the rest of the ingredients and whisk until well combined. Make according to your machines instructions. This ice cream will get very hard in the freezer, but I just set it out for 20 minutes before serving. Enjoy! Makes 6 servings.

Traditional Ice Cream = 266 calories, 24 carbs, trace fiber
“Healthified” Ice Cream = 276 calories, 6.5 carbs, 2.6g fiber


For MORE recipes with coconut milk, check out my cookbook: NUTRITIOUS AND DELICIOUS!

Almond Joy ice cream

A great story!

“My son has had eczema since he was 1 ½ years old. He has a severe allergy to dust mites, and with a fully carpeted house and no money to replace them, he is basically allergic to our house. His arms, stomach, back of knees and neck were covered with eczema, and I have been so worried he would get MRSA or something akin to that since he has so many open sores.

I talked to my son and suggested he go further than just being gluten-free (he is allergic). We made lists of what foods he wanted me to make to be able to succeed as grain and sugar-free. After lots of cooking and only a week, his skin looks so much better. I wish I had taken before and after pictures because you literally would not believe the change.  

The extra added benefit of going grain and sugar-free is that his ADHD is less evident. We had been managing his ADHD by avoiding certain foods and chemicals in foods, but he has become so much more even-keeled. 

At only 10 years of age, he is convinced of the benefits of eating this way.” –Stacy

Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


  • Cart Ridge says:

    What a neat post! Looking forward for more post from you. Thank you for sharing!

  • Kathleen says:

    More great reasons to consume coconut milk. I am chronically fatigued AND have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. I’ll be sure to include it more often in my meal plan!

  • Anonymous says:

    This product wasn’t on my radar until now. I have seen the So Delcious/Coconut milk products and the agave-sweetened ice cream, and have long wished for an erythritol-sweetened option. Thrilled to know this exists. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jennifer says:

    This post is so enlightening. Thanks!

  • Anonymous says:

    How Funny! I was just creating an ice cream recipe tonight that I named Almond Joy. I used coconut cream kefir and coconut cream from Tropical Traditions – check out their products Maria. You’ll love them! I used the same sweeteners as you but I also added chopped almonds and unsweetened chocolate bits. Have not tried it yet but my husband loves most of my ice cream creations!

  • kell says:

    Hi Maria,
    Although i am missing your posts, I hope whatever is keeping you away is something real good 🙂
    thanks for all your insight and recipes, its the best out there for sure!!

  • Thanks Kell-

    I just thought that I am adding more information on each post, I want to make sure people take the time to read all the information rather than skimming it:)

    I am also on a deadline for a new book. I am trying to finish before we leave to meet our 2 sons in Ethiopia.

    Thanks for the concern!

  • Kristen says:

    I was just wondering what your credentials are? Are you a registered dietitian or did you go to school for nutritional science/food science/another health science? I cannot find any information on either of your websites about it and am really curious…thanks!

  • Hi Kristen!

    Thanks for your interest. I have a bachelors degree in nutrition. 🙂

    Happy eating!

  • body lift says:

    Coconut milk contains vitamins, electrolytes and minerals. Coconut milk is a vegan drink with low cholesterol, so highly recommended for those seeking low-fat food.

  • Actually coconut milk is very HIGH in saturated fat and cholesterol. It is the food that most resembles a mother’s breastmilk. This however WILL not raise heart disease. Benefits of saturated fats is one important issue seldom emphasised.

    Rather than being harmful, saturated fats:

    * are needed for energy
    * are need for hormone production
    * are needed the absorption of calcium to prevent osteoporosis
    * preserve the integrity of cell walls
    * protect cells against attack from viruses
    * help the body to store and use beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids
    * impart many other health benefits

  • Gigggles says:

    Oh wow that looks so yummy!! Thanks for sharing.
    I only use Splenda because it’s what I happen to have and I’ve never used erythritol or xylitol or stevia glycerite.

    Can I use Splenda to replace any of them?


  • The first two ingredients in Splenda are dextrose and maltodextrin, which are carbohydrates that are not free of calories. One cup of Splenda contains 96 calories and 32 grams of carbohydrates, which is substantial especially for those with diabetes but overlooked due to the label claiming that it’s a no calorie sweetener.

    So, no, I wouldn’t use Splenda…

  • Anonymous says:

    what if you don’t have an ice cream maker – how could you make this? It’s sounds really yummy.

  • I’m not sure how to make it without an ice cream maker…It is totally worth buying one:)!

  • Jacqui says:

    I am so excited to try this! It’s in my ice cream maker as I type this. I did have to make one change, so I hope it works. I didn’t have 2 cans of coconut milk, so I used one can, and added plain, unsweetened almond milk to make up the difference. I really hope it works!

    I am really looking forward to making many of your recipes! I just found your website, and it’s awesome! Thanks!

  • Thanks so much for your kind words Jacqui!

    It may be a bit hard with the almond milk after you freeze it, but just let it sit out to soften before eating;)


  • vjbakke says:

    Are you concered about the lining in the can leaching into the coconut milk? All cans are lined with some type of plastic, most times it’s BPA.

  • Anonymous says:

    Can you comment on the difference between coconut cream and coconut milk. I assume that coconut cream is the solid portion that rises to the top of coconut milk in a can?

    Also, SoDelicious makes a coconut milk in a carton like almond milk and rice milk.

    • Yes, it is the thick part at the top of a can of coconut milk (you can make it rise more by putting in the fridge first). There are some coconut cream products out there but most have a bunch of added sugars. 🙂

  • Sheridan says:

    This is very good! It freezes nice and hard, so I think it would make great fudgesicles!

  • Janet Layne says:

    My sister is always giving me neat food packages. She gave me several packages of coconut milk powder that contains only coconut and you reconstitute with water. I haven’t used it yet so I don’t know what it tastes like. All the words on the package are foreign except I can tell it came from Thailand. She also gave me a package of “Pure Creamed Coconut” that is shrinkwrapped and comes in a box about the size of almond extract. The brand is Grace. I haven’t tried it yet since I have a couple of jars of coconut cream from Tropical Traditions. I love everything coconut, especially coconut water right from the coconut.

  • Robin says:

    Hello Maria,
    Thank you for what you do. I have some of your books and I follow you on facebook. I sent you close to this same message on another part of your site so forgive me that it is repetitive. I wasn’t sure the fastest way to get a response. I am a student in the NTA (Nutritional Therapist Association) program right now. I have a real passion to learn about neurotransmitters and amino acid therapy to help people with sugar addiction (including myself). I would like to become certified in this therapy. Where did you get your training with the amino acid therapy and do you have any recommendations of any specific programs out there?

  • Penny says:

    Maria, I made some yummy coconut milk tonight using coconut flakes and water. I was wondering if homemade coconut milk would work in the ice cream recipes.

  • Nancy M says:

    Help…what am doing wrong? I am using the Cuisinart ice cream maker and processing for 30 minutes. The ice cream comes out with tons of ice crystals. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

  • DeDe says:

    Good recipe but I wasn’t fond of the salty taste. Next time I’d add less than 1 tsp. I also added a banana!

  • Cassie says:

    I just made this ice cream tonight for the first time and it was delicious! I didn’t have enough coconut milk on hand so I used unsweetened almond milk to fill out the rest and chopped up some chocoperfection dark chocolate (2 squares) and some pecans and threw that in as well. It was just what I needed to satisfy my sweet tooth and one small bowl was plenty. Now I have the rest tucked away in the freezer so I have a healthier option on hand when the next hankering strikes!

  • Kate says:

    I just made this and can’t say enough about how delicious it is! Thanks so much! I miss ice cream!!
    I can’t wait to go to Whole foods tomorrow to get more coconut milk! 🙂

  • Anny says:

    Followed the recipe exactly, but it tastes too salty and bitter. Anyone have that problem too?

    • Maria Emmerich says:

      You can omit the salt if it is too strong for you. As for bitter, that would be from stevia. Did you use what was described above? Stevia glycerite is less bitter.

      • Anny says:

        Thank you, Maria. Yes, I used the NOW brand Better Stevia Glycerite. I’ll try again without salt and lessen the stevia. The texture was wonderful, just the taste was way off. BTW, thank you for everything you do. I have Type 1 Diabetes and follow Dr. Bernstein’s low carb method, so your recipes really help. But I also have chronic fatigue for the past 5 years, that no one can figure out. I used to be a ultra marathoner, now can’t even go out for a good walk. Losing my mind trying to figure all this out. Thank you again.

  • Shirley says:

    Is there a reason why you cannot use all Swerve and no Stevia in this ice cream recipe? I started going low carb recently, and my daughter just introduced me to Swerve and Stevia. I do like the taste of Swerve. I have been using Trader Joe’s organic liquid Stevia, but am just not that fond of the taste. Of the things I have tried so far, I have only been able to tolerate this Stevia in iced tea. I had not heard of Stevia Glycerite until I came upon your website. Is there a difference (including taste) between Stevia and Stevia Glycerite?

    • Maria Emmerich says:

      It is just a taste thing. I find the sweetness to be more balanced this way. You can use just Swerve if you like. 🙂

  • Hannah says:

    Hi question. What’s your take on the so delicious sugar free coconut ice cream? It is sweeted with chicory root extract and erythritol. Thank!

  • liz says:

    Just made this a few minutes ago — quick easy recipe and I can’t wait until it freezes. I did pour a bit into a cup and it tastes delicious!

  • Pam Roberts says:

    I felt it was too salty. Could be the pink salt I used. Will make it again with half of the salt.

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