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Tribali Foods Giveaway

By September 22, 2017December 3rd, 2020Beef and Red Meats, Dairy Free, Egg Free

Tribali Foods Giveaway

I love having the opportunity to do giveaways like this! It makes me a little “giddy” in the morning! But let me start by telling you a little about Tribal Foods. They are a kind small business that contacted me a few weeks ago to see if I would like to try their organic beef and chicken patties. I of course said “yes!” We love our hamburgers and eat them almost daily!

I love having things like these Tribali Foods organic patties in the freezer for easy meals. When Craig grilled them up, it reminded him of his college days. He was a fry cook at University of Minnesota. He told us a story of a boy who came daily who would tell Craig how long to cook it and when to flip it; the burger was still totally raw, basically just heated enough to thaw the meat. I’m not sure if that would be ok these days!

We enjoyed Tribal Foods patties so much that the boys had seconds! I think I’m in for a surprise when they are teenagers! They are going to eat me out of house and home!

At first I was shocked to see carbs in the nutritional information, but as you can see it is from spices and things like green onions, peppers and garlic.

Tribali Foods can be found at Whole Foods in the freezer section or online HERE.

Tribali Foods is so generous they donated a box of organic patties to one lucky winner! It includes a sample 3 pack, a picnic blanket, a spatula and a cap!

It is Easy to Enter!

1. Like Keto Adapted on Facebook and share with your friends and family for bonus points!

2. Like Tribali Foods on Facebook!

3. Comment below on why you would like to win!

Winner will be chosen October 2nd! Good Luck!


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Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


  • Megan says:

    I also have 2 little boys who are going to eat me out of house and home when they are teenagers 🙂

  • Nikki says:

    Those chicken patties sound delish!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Yum! These look so good & super easy for late nights!

  • Julie says:

    I can’t wait to try them!

  • Joely says:

    I LOVE your site and would LOVE to try these patties! Yum!

  • Makency Hudson says:

    I miss having easy items like these on hand! I can’t wait to try them!!

  • Darlene Warner says:

    I have never tried these before and would love to!

  • I already have one teen-aged boy and another tween-aged, I can tell you the eating is non-stop!! 🙂

  • Lori Mayer says:

    These look yummy and so quick and easy for nights when I’m running the kids to and from sports! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Jean says:

    I would love to win these because they contain healthy ingredients that I would be proud to serve to my family. They are grass fed and grass finished and super convenient.

  • Beth van Duzer says:

    Juggling a tween and a teen with after school commitments, this could totally make rushed evenings easier.

  • Randa Sharpe says:

    What a treat to get to enter a giveaway. These patties sound divine!

  • Susan Clingman says:

    Just had major eye surgery 8/23 and another planned 10/3. These look quick and easy

  • Kim says:

    I am new to the keto lifestyle and follow Maria religiously! I’d love to win because I’d love to try these because they have healthy ingredients! My kids would love them!

  • jeanne says:

    looking forward to picking some of these up the ingredients look yummy.

  • Sonja Hawbaker says:

    My husband and I recently started a Keto lifestyle. He is a Type 1 Diabetic and has found that is is not using as much insulin! The Tribali patties would be great for those nights after a long day at work when we need a quick meal!


  • Sandy says:

    Would love to try these!

  • Brooke Small says:

    Sounds yummy

  • Kelly says:

    Three hungry boys to feed that love trying new things!!

  • Maria Farruggia says:

    Would love to try these.

  • Jacquie Z says:

    I would love to win and try these, they look delicious.

  • Katie says:

    Would love to try these! Looks Ike a great, quick meal!

  • Kerry says:

    The flavors sound good and who doesnt like easy? Love to try these for those days when you just want to get dinner on the table fast!.

  • Dawn West says:

    I love all of your recipes and suggestions and how you strive to make others healthy. I would love to try this product.

  • Susan jette says:

    We love to eat healthier and would love to try these organic product they look so yummy

  • Tammie says:

    Ooh this looks like an easy supper idea 🤗

  • Irma says:

    I love to try new products, especially when recommended by people who know!

  • Jaci Kroupa says:

    These look like a great alternative to eggs every day (we raise our chickens and fresh eggs, don’t get me wrong, but these look so much more tasty!)

  • Stephanie KL says:

    When I come back into the house after working outdoors, these patties would be so welcomed for dinner. I’m rather hungry after a hard day of work and need something quick and easy to prepare. If that’s not an option, I usually grab something I shouldn’t and regret it later.

  • Makenzi Ewing says:

    I would love to win because I like to try new products that fit into a clean and healthy lifestyle. I just started a new job and am looking for quick meal options for those VERY busy days when I do not have time to put together a full meal from scratch. These would be great!!

  • Krystal says:

    These look amazing! Would love to try them.

  • vini says:

    Would love to win so I can try something new! Thanks

  • Pam Roberts says:

    Love new meal ideas!

  • Henry De La Cruz says:

    Am I the only dude commenting!?!? Haha! I’ve been keto for a few months and enjoying life! My skinny 23 year old son loves the food too so he’s on board for the healthy reasons! It would be awesome to share this new product with the family.

  • Millie says:

    I would like to try these. Looking at the ingredients they sound yummy!

  • Stephanie says:

    I would love to win these since their ingredients look amazing! I made Maria’s Unami burgers so I would love to see how these taste compared to mine!!

  • Katie Rhodes says:

    I would love to win this giveaway! I have been reading many of the posts on the KETO adapted website which led me to Tribali Foods and I am very excited to try varieties of organic meat patties. I am 41 and have Parkinson’s Disease. Recently at a conference I attended I learned that I also have leaky gut along with some other GI problems. I have made many dietary changes over the last year, but now I am really focused on restoring my gut health. I am also motivated to implement changes into the diets of my 3 kids and my husband as well.
    Products like these make clean eating more convenient and tastier!

  • Cari says:

    I would love to have some more variety – and this looks delicious!

  • Donella Wick says:

    I always love trying new products, they look and sound delicious.

  • Becky says:

    I love to try new products that fit into the Keto WOE, and these sound great!

  • Jan Vaden says:

    These sound right up my alley. I would love to try them!! Hope they will be sold in one of the stores in Medford Oregon 🙂

  • Maggie McCoy Pogue says:

    I would love to win because they look like a great healthy food that would be easy to fix on a busy day!

  • Katherine Holtz says:

    Would love to try these as I am just starting my keto journey and have two young kids and a husband who are hesitant to join me. These would help me stay on track even on those stressful days where the work and home schedule is nothing but hectic.

  • Angela says:

    I’d like to win because after working with an expensive program full of soy, I’m ready to go full keto!

  • Deb says:

    Would appreciate being able to try these as it’s difficult obtaining organic, grassfed meats in my area.

  • Michele says:

    I’ve recently begun adapted to a keto lifestyle and this would be an amazing addition to the story.

  • Rhonda Lynn says:

    I would love to win because I’m always on the lookout for healthy convenient foods that taste good. I love trying new things but the market is so saturated with “keto” foods that taste horrible and I end up wasting my money. Any chance to try something new, especially for free, is a gift to my life!

  • Sheila Jimenez says:

    I would love to try these as I have never had them before

  • Amy B says:

    I’d love to try these to have a fast meal option when needed for my active toddler. Thanks for the opportunity to win this!

  • Sharon says:

    So hard to find grass FINISHED! People don’t seem to realize that those last 90 days count as much, if not more than, the rest of the time they are raised on pasture. Would love to try an easy to prepare and serve, entree for those hectic nights.

  • Kathleen Christen says:

    These would be a delicious win! I hope I can find them at our Whole Foods! They would be great having a quick cook option in the freezer. And yes, Naria, my two sons DID eat us out of house and home as teenagers! LOL!!

  • Kayleigh T Dornblaser says:

    I love patties be it chicken or beef. I took a tumble and need surgery on my right shoulder with me being right handed. Making my own patties will be out…boo, hiss. I know my room mate will not fix anything remotely low carb or healthy (thinks msg is the best for everything) . Anyway, I know I will be able to get him to grill these up for me since he loves to grill ‘his’ food. Winning these would keep me on track, allow me to heal and not suffer migraines from eating ‘his”/roommates food.

  • Lisa P says:

    I would love to win because these look delicious and it would be great to try them!

  • Dana says:

    I’d love to win because these sounds so convenient and delicious!

  • Kim G. says:

    I would love to give these a try!

  • Carissa says:

    I would like to win because it’s nice to have convenient, healthy items to choose from when time is short.

  • Becky says:

    Some days I just need a quick but delicious meal and I really REALLY love burgers! As Wimpy said, “I’ll gladly repay you Tuesday for a hamburger today” – bet you’re too young to remember that one! LOL

  • Vicky Garcia says:

    Would love to try these so that I will know whether my family likes it–I know I will, but I’m not sure about the kids. Yay!

  • Mona Kelley says:

    Something new to try! Sounds great.

  • Christine Mayfield says:

    I would love to win so I can stay on Keto when I am rushing around.

  • Lisa says:

    What a delicious way to stay on a keto diet when life is so busy. Super convenient and healthy!

  • Cindy says:

    All three burgers look delicious. I would melt some cheese and add a few slices of bacon! I love quick and easy meal options!

  • VIVIAN JONES says:


  • Jennifer Reed says:


  • Amy says:

    Because they look amazing!

  • Andrea says:

    Being a homeschool mom, I have to make breakfast, lunch and dinner at home every day. I’m always looking for ways to cook Keto and save time!

  • Marley says:

    Always looking for new ways to get quality sources of protein in that taste yummy ! Would love to try these!

  • Amy Norg says:

    I would love to win these, as I’ve been trying to feed my family more grass-fed meat – and these just look SO TASTY!

  • Irina Stiles says:

    Would love to win those patties.

  • Kristie says:

    I would love to try these, especially after looking at the ingredients list. No junk in them!

  • Kathy Willwerth says:

    I would love to try these. I usually try to cook from scratch but working full-time – this is a great option to have….

  • Amber says:

    I can’t wait to try these patties. Perfect for those busy days for a quick meal!

  • Nicole says:

    Looks delicious (AND clean!) I’d love to try them. 🙂

  • Abbie McAdams says:

    Sounds delicious!

  • Beth Sakshaug says:

    I love to try new foods! These look great!

  • Glenda Zielski says:

    Maria saved my life five years ago. I want EVERYTHING she recpmends♥♥♥

  • Holly says:

    Would LOVE to try these out!

  • Sarah says:

    They sound so yummy!

  • Patti Neyrinck says:

    These look so good would love to try them, all the flavors… These would be handy to have for the times you need a quick meal or if friends/family visit… Thank you for all you do… Love you Maria!!

  • Michelle says:

    Thank you for introducing new food items to us. I am curious about these and would love to try them!

  • Jennifer says:

    I would LOVE to win!! I’m always eager to try Maria’s recipes and the food companies that receive her seal of approval 😊

  • Molly says:

    These look delicious and it would be so convenient to sometimes have easy to make dinners on hand!

  • Sherry says:

    Would love to give these a try ! Looking for high quality patties like theses are a challenge thanks for sharing

  • Dana McDowell says:

    These look like a delicious convenient way to throw a quick dinner together!

  • Jennifer r says:

    I’d love to try these

  • Casey says:

    Would love to try some of these patties!

  • Michelle says:

    I am eating the keto way for more than one reason. I have Multiple Sclerosis, diagnosed 26 years ago, and am determined to keep walking, and be free from exacerbations ~ Keto has been proven to help with this disease, that makes it the WOE for me! My husband and kids have allergies and our PCP has promoted this WOE for them as well to improve allergy symptoms for life. These patties would fit into our lifestyle and be a quick and easy dinner for those busy nights!

  • BitsyK says:

    These look great. Always good to have some quick & easy options to help stay on track!

  • Sherry C. says:

    So many things have to be made from scratch on a keto diet so it would be great to have a quick keto meal on hand.

  • patricia says:

    These look so good, plus they look like they would be a quick meal

  • Shawanda says:

    This is my first time hearing of the brand and I would love the opportunity to try their products.

  • Sally says:

    These sound amazing!

  • Julia winik says:

    Sound good

  • Christa Lopez says:

    I would love to win because they look so delicious!

  • Deanna McKinnon says:

    I try to eat mostly organic & i also try to eat grass fed meats. I’d like to try this product to see if I like it. I’m looking for easier/mainstream ways of sourcing grass fed meats.

    Pick me, pick me.

  • Lori says:

    I would love to try your patties, Please!

  • Tonya says:

    I would love to win because I work 60-80 hours per week and having these would help keep me on track with my diet when pressed for time. I’d love to try this product!

  • Mary says:

    Eating super healthy at our home the last several months has helped my husband and myself truly feel so great. I enjoy reading lots of informative articles and scanning great sites like Maria’s- we haven’t tried the suggested grass fed meats spot lighted here, but hopefully will soon!

  • Jennifer D. says:

    I am not a meal planner at all. I love quick and easy!

  • Annette says:

    I love eating grass fed beef and this would be a wonderful item to keep in my freezer. I like that the patties are already formed and I can defrost just one for myself.

  • I’ve been following the keto lifestyle for a few months. Everything looks wonderful. Would love the chance to try it all!

  • DD Martin says:

    These would be perfect for me, being the only ketoian in the house 🙂 Easy meal for when the family wants something awful like pizza! LOL

  • Terra says:

    When I am able to find a product with ingredients I can identify, it makes me smile. I really like the fact that this combines the convenience for busy lifestyles and the nutrition I crave. Thank you for your pursuit of health and your passion for others!

  • Liane Shadden says:

    Looks delicious!

  • Amy Logsdson says:

    Looking forward to trying these very soon!


    I would love to try these. I am always looking for healthy foods for my family

  • Kathy Wolf says:

    Hi Maria! I would love to win because burgers are the easiest way to get my husband and two small girls to eat Keto! I always serve burgers with a salad and no roll and they go crazy! I would like be to try these. Thank you so much for all you guys do!

  • Joanne says:

    I would LOVE to win these because I cook a lot and also work a lot, and I’m not a very efficient cook, so I’m always looking for ways to make my dinner prep faster and easier. These sound like they could be a good solution!

  • Linda Gray says:

    Love to win, and try these burger!

  • Vickie says:

    So nice! First congrats on you alls weight loss and healthier lifestyle.
    I would love to win for a number of reasons..who doesn’t love a picnic..especially, promptu.
    All the varieties sound great..especially the beef and chipotle chicken..my new favorite spice.
    Easy to prepare and have on hand..even during a hurricane..urrrr..lol.
    Grass fed and organic proteins for a healthy way of eating.
    Thanks so much
    floridagld at yahoo

  • Kendra says:

    I would like to win because I like to try new things but hate the risk!

  • Sara says:

    I would love to win because I am embarking on my full-on keto journey tomorrow! These would be wonderful to try with my family!

  • Amber Mansur says:

    I would love to give these a try! Always need something quick and easy for the freezer.

  • krickt says:

    I’m all about the nutrient dense, new foods! I’ll try anything, once!

  • Dee says:

    They sound easy, healthy & tasty. I would love to try Tribali Foods Patties.

  • Lisa Brown says:

    I would like to win because these are convenient AND healthy. Double win!

  • Jamie H says:

    Never heard of them! Thanks for the introduction.

  • Kris Reeves says:

    I’d love to try this company product!

  • Jessica Thomas says:

    I have never been brave enough to order 🍖 online. Hope this would be a good experience.

  • Mark Gramaglia says:


  • Laura says:

    I work full time and am a full time student! So while I try to eat well, my convenience options always turn out to be take out! I’d love to introduce healthier convenience options into my kitchen so when I don’t have time to cook I don’t get totally derailed.

  • Pamela Foreman says:

    Tribali products sound amazing! Nutritious, convenient & DELICIOUS – it doesn’t get much better than that!!

  • Amanda Woodward (Gray) says:

    I am trying to find shortcuts for meal plans. I work 12-14 hours a day. I need a great product to add to my Ketogenic Lifestyle


    I’d like to try out this awesome looking meat. Talk about a time saver!

  • Erin says:

    These sound perfect for busy nights!

  • Kailee says:

    I would love to win because I’ve never been able to try these before and love convenient meals after working 12 hour shifts!

  • Nichole says:

    What a blessing this prize will be for one of us! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Kim says:

    I would love to try these as they look clean and sound delicious and I love to try new convenient entrees to have on hand to make meals easier as a working mom to two very active children!

  • Kimmy Ripley says:

    These look so fantastic. I am on a mission to eat healthy foods this year and I would love to give these a whirl!

  • Tammy W says:

    I’m excited about this contest and would love to try the products because I am in search for a more healthier eating regimen. I have had ulcerative colitis for over 10 years now and my diet has changed so much. When I started reading into the ingredients of these products, it sounds exactly what I need to encourage a great diet for my UC. I’m ready!!! Thanks a million!!!

  • Kat says:

    Wow! Yummy and convenient to help keep me on track. I’d love to win these.

  • Alejandra says:

    I would love to try this! Looks delish😊

  • Jacci says:

    I’d love to win these because having some easy go to items when I haven’t had time to meal plan and prep helps keep me on track! love all the new stuff you find and share with us.

  • Kayla says:

    These look and sounds great! Would love to try them! Especially for an easy meal for a busy family!

  • Crystal says:

    Would LOVE to try these. Looking for new, Keto-friendly foods!

  • Annamarie V says:

    I love that they are from grass fed beef and they would be easy to make a quick dinner with when I don’t have the time after work.

  • Carolsue says:

    I would like to win because these sound healthier than the chicken and beef patties that I normally buy! I’ve never used this product, but I would love to try it!

  • LJ says:

    Always looking for quick, good alternatives–these look great!

  • Lindsay says:

    would be great for an end of summer bbq! thanks!

  • Beverly says:

    Love to win and try keto friendly food that is all ready to eat

  • Christina says:

    I’m always looking out for ways to make this lifestyle easier when we are short on time.

  • Jennifer says:

    Looks great!

  • Nita says:

    What is the carb count per burger?

  • Jillian Fishburn says:

    I don’t live close to a Whole Foods and I really want to try these to keep my meals easier, better and more clean 😊

  • Monica says:

    I would love to try these burgers. Anything to make a hectic week a bit easier.

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