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Low Carb Universe 2019

By December 21, 2018April 1st, 2019Events

Low Carb Universe 2019

As some of you may know, Craig and I had the honor of attending the Low Carb Universe event in Mallorca Spain this November. We are excited to announce that we have both been asked back to speak next November!!

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This event was one of the most intimate and amazing experiences we have had in a long time! Hanna and Bitte take care of every detail during this amazing event. First lets look at the location.

Mallorca Spain and the Hotel Esplendido

This beautiful hotel is set right on the bay in Mallorca. This bay is just beautiful with swimming right out front, a little trolley that goes back and forth around the bay and lots of little shops. The rooms are amazing too! Check out this view from our room!

The hotel is really cute and cozy with a spa, relaxation areas, workout areas and even an upper pool with an amazing view!  Seriously, look at this view!!


Another awesome part of this event was the food!  You get Lunch and Dinner included and everything is keto! No temptations around. Just fresh fish, meats, low carb veggies, cheeses and more. This was such an amazing part of this event as you didn’t have to worry about w

hat kind of food you were going to get! It was all keto.


Last but not least, you get to attend lots of amazing presentations and breakout sessions! You learn about this lifestyle and how it can heal your body. There are also intimate breakout sessions where you can interact with the speakers and get questions answered.

And the speakers are top notch! There is a ton to learn for beginners and even for those that have been keto for years. There are also breakout sessions for yoga, primal play workouts, dance and more to get your body moving!

All the speakers haven’t been set yet, but Craig and I will both be presenting and I’m sure the rest of the lineup will be amazing!

Sign Up for 2019!

Starting today you can sign up for next years event! I can honestly say that this event was one of the most relaxing I have attended. And I got to know some amazing people and make some great friends.


CLICK HERE to sign up and get all the details!



“I just have to share my husbands transformation with y’all – he is absolutely incredible! In 18 months he has lost over 200 pounds – from over 400 pounds to 176! He was facing a kidney transplant, had 3 heart attacks, and numerous vascular issues. He is a testicular cancer survivor and the biggest warrior I know! He is strict Keto – no lazy Keto, no carb ups, no eating off plan. It was a matter of life or death – he chose life! He knocked out a 5k for World Cancer Day – I couldn’t be more proud.” – Laurie

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Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


  • Wow, what an event! How beautiful.

  • I have a comment to whomever edited the wonderful 50 reasons fat is good. I rec’d it when I signed up for your newsletter. The content is excellent, but there are several editing errors that should have been corrected that make me loathe to forward on to anyone. I’d be happy to edit for you all….I just want a corrected PDF so I can send to friends

  • Tamara Proctor says:

    I was listening to your podcast on YouTube with KetogenicGirl this morning while working out. So glad I did because you mentioned how much your family loves your meatballs. I just happened to be making our traditional Italian meatballs for our Christmas dinner tonight. I have a few of your cookbooks so I looked up the recipe. Substituted ground mushrooms for breadcrumbs. What a hit! The concesces was everyone liked them better! (I would have just skipped the breadcrumbs and ended up with dry meatballs.)

    Yesterday was my Ketoversary! I have lost 67 lbs but gained so much of my health back. Because of the advice in your books my neuropathy was 80 percent gone in a week, 100 percent after a few months. No medication ever helped the pain, believe I was sold after that!

    I’m off 5 medications the one that thrills me the most to be off is the antidepressant. I had been on it for over 30 years and had not even hoped to come off.

    Thank you for the easy to understand nutrition advice in your books. They really gave me a great foundation and got me off to a great start!

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