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Healthy Halloween

By October 11, 2018December 3rd, 2020Baby and Kids, Holiday Recipes

Healthy Halloween

I love Halloween and so do my kids! Often times when we think of Halloween, our minds automatically go to candy and chocolate! We still celebrate and enjoy Halloween without the sugar and so can you!

We are often told to see food as fuel and nothing else, but food is more than that. Certain foods trigger memories and emotions. It isn’t bad to enjoy food, my goal is for you to enjoy and fall in love with ketogenic foods so you can not only nourish your soul but nourish your body. So here are some of the ways we celebrate Halloween in a healthy and ketogenic way:

1. Spooky Breadstick Fingers with Pizza Sauce

Keto Foods for a Birthday Party

2. Spider Cake

3. Avocado Devil Eggs


4. Pumpkin Pie Sorbet

5. Pumpkin Cookie Balls

6. Make Bacon Wrapped Hotdogs into Mummies!

7. Keto 3 Musketeers 

8. Use a pumpkin cookie cutter to cut cheese into pumpkins! Simple can be fun too!

9. My kids love olives so I plan on making Olives Owls on a stick for a cute healthy Halloween idea!

10. Make Spooky Meatballs with Olives for eyes! Click HERE to find my meatball recipe!

11. Pumpkin Deviled Eggs: Recipe found in Quick and Easy Ketogenic Cooking 

We also have a Pinata filled with ChocoPerfection bars, and Halloween toys, stickers, tattoos.

Keto Foods for a Birthday Party


“Hi Maria!  First off,  I need to thank you again! You and Craig have literally changed our lives! You have opened our eyes to the way the SAD actually creates inflammation and disease in the body and the way to change our WOE to heal our bodies. So with a full heart, THANK YOU!!!

Before Keto, I struggled with weight. I would lose then eventually gain it right back. I suffered from migraines my whole life. I had arthritis pain in my feet. Pain in my back always. Getting out of bed was quite painful. I also suffered from carpel tunnel for about 20 years. I would wake up in the middle of the night because my hands and arms would be in so much pain. I would wake my husband up to squeeze them to help me get some sort of relief from the pain. I NEVER slept through the night. The last 10 months or so before keto, I had severe pain in my neck which went down my shoulder and left arm. It was constant. I had trouble turning my head. I carried my arm tucked up to my ribs like I was wearing a sling… except I wasn’t!

I was feeling hopeless. Thinking about all the pain I was in and how tired I always felt, I wondered what kind of life I would live as I aged. It was scary. I would try to “eat right” and exercise but not knowing we were still eating inflammatory foods, we wouldn’t see much change, especially with the pain.

One day I was thinking about all the health problems in my husband’s and my family. Not wanting my kids to have the same fate, I was determined to live a life that would teach them to live a healthy and active life. I wasn’t sure what that was but I read and researched everything. Reading about gene expression, I came across Keto. Then I found you! The proper way of Keto. We were all in! I just don’t see those junk foods the same. They are not treats, they’re horrible for your body and how it functions!

Now that we’re living the keto life, I have lost 25 lbs and my husband has lost 35+ lbs. We literally are different people! We feel amazing! We have this great clarity now. Feeling awake and energetic! I have not had one headache, let along a migraine. I don’t have carpal tunnel pain or weakness. No pain in my feet or back. Actually I have zero pain now. Nothing hurts anymore! I can’t believe it still. It’s amazing. After two weeks of keto, I slept straight through the night and I actually feel rested and refreshed when I woke up! I wasted so much time of my life feeling terrible. That’s not my life any longer!!!! Even my daughter’s eczema has cleared up! She hasn’t had clear elbows and knees for 10 years! It’s all so amazing!

Thank you Maria and Craig! It’s pretty amazing how you can help people change their lives and never even speak to them! We will always be grateful!

Nicole & Mike Gregory”

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Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


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