Guilded Grey Jewelry

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Guilded Grey Jewelry

Instead of rewarding myself with food anymore, I love to celebrate a milestone with Guilded Grey Jewelry!

I get asked all the time when I do interviews where I got my necklaces! The only jewelry I wear is Guilded Grey Jewelry. It isn’t just because I adore the unique designs of the multi-tiered necklaces, it is also because the designer, Tamara, is the sweetest woman! I love supporting small business and getting the know Tamara has been a pleasure. The love she puts into her work really shines through! She is so talented and has designed pieces for Ryan Seacrest and her pieces have been feature in Vogue Magazine!

I recently ordered a few Guilded Grey necklaces and earring for Christmas gifts… many of Tamara’s pieces sell out fast, so I wanted to make sure to get these pieces for gifts before they are sold out. You all know that I rarely go to the store, I love shopping for Christmas gifts while sitting by the fireplace on a chilly evening.

After my jewelry came, Tamara asked me if I would be interested in offering 50% OFF earrings for my readers! I of course said YES! What’s not to love about a jewelry sale???

Not only is Guilded Grey a great way to celebrate a health milestone (rather than rewarding yourself with a “cheat day”), these earrings make a wonderful gift for your Thanksgiving hostess or holiday gift for your friends and family!

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