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From a phone client who is a body builder and was stuck at a plateau:

“Good morning!! I have great news!! Even though I am still waiting for the results from my blood work I weighed myself this morning and I lost 3.5 pounds since Wednesday!! I don’t know why I wasn’t losing weight before I haven’t changed anything. I have been feeling great too, I don’t think I’ve had anxiety at all this past week!! Thank you!!” Jessica

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CLA and Weight Loss

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) helps increase lean muscle mass. It is a fatty acid that is found in some of the foods we eat. At one time, beef, turkey, lamb and dairy were exceptional sources; however, when we changed their diet from grass to grains, the levels of CLA dramatically decreased in meat and dairy products. If CLA is present, it is found in the fatty portion of milk. Drinking skim milk will never provide the benefits of CLA.

Weight Loss SupplementCLA not only reduces fat but also preserves the muscle tissues. The most amazing part is not that it makes fat cell smaller but it prevents a small cell from becoming fatter. A low calorie diet often helps a person lose weight for a short period, but once the cravings take over and the diet comes to a halt, that person is even more likely to gain back the weight. CLA seems to stop this undesired weight gain from happening because it causes you to hold onto valuable muscles during weight loss. Studies show that CLA is also helpful in lowering blood sugar levels. In one study almost 2/3 of the volunteers had a reduction of blood glucose level and triglyceride levels.

This supplement helps in reducing fat at a faster rate. At least 3.4 grams per day must be taken in order for it to show its effect in our body. It has been shown in numerous studies that people taking this supplement have around 6 pounds of weight lose as compared to others.

When taken in effective doses, CLA decreases body fat, especially in the area of the abdomen. Various studies prove the following additional benefits:

1. Increases metabolism and is evidently very beneficial for thyroid patients.

2. Lowers high cholesterol level and triglycerides at a faster rates.

3. Increases the growth of muscles which stimulates our metabolism.

4. Lowers insulin resistance and therefore assist in controlling weight.

5. Decreases Adrenal imbalances, which decreases abdominal fat stores.

6. Calms hormonal shifts; an area of concern to migraine sufferers and thyroid patients.

7. Enhances our immune system.


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