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Homemade Perfume

By August 27, 2014February 18th, 2023Uncategorized


30 Day Accelerated Testimony: “Here is my before and now (not after because I’m not finished yet) I started at 212 and these pants were too tight. My painful acne is gone. Joint and muscle pain is gone. I feel awesome. My journey started when I wanted to clear up my painful cystic acne. I realized it had to come from something I was eating but I didn’t know what. My boyfriend would get sick after poker night and drinking beer so we decides to see if gluten was his issue (I was excited he was in board). After getting the inflammation to improve I decides to keep making changes. That’s when I discovered Maria Emmerich and I gave up sugar. I feel amazing.

My friends have noticed and want to know my diet plan. I know now that I will never be able to go back to my old unhealthy eating. This has been such a life changing (and saving) process for me. Add yoga and Pilates into the mix and I am one centered, happy, and excited girl. I just had my 37th birthday and I feel like I did as a teenager ( light, low stress, and able to take on the world). Thank you both for giving me the tools to make myself a much better me. I love the new me.” – Christy

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 homemade perfume


My favorite place to go on a mini vacation is Sundara Spa in the Wisconsin Dells. It is a sanctuary like no other. At first I didn’t like it. It was almost too peaceful! There are “quiet” rooms and no cell phones are allowed. I almost had separation anxiety! lol But after an hour at the spa, I was totally relaxed and finally enjoyed a book cover to cover.

Anyway, at Sundara, they have a “Hydrating Mist” that you spray on your body after you do a body scrub and I always LOVED that smell. Craig was so thoughtful, he ordered me a bottle for Valentine’s Day. That smell immediately brought me back to memories of Sundara and I soon used up the bottle.

When I went online order another bottle, I was shocked at the price and didn’t order it. But I mentioned this to my friend Julie who does massage therapy and she said, “make your own!” She helped me look up the oils they used and I quickly jumped onto my Amazon Prime account. Each oil I needed cost about $4 a jar. I saved a copious amount of money by making my own! Thanks Julie for the recommendation!

homemade perfume


Everything that you put on your skin gets absorbed and can create a toxic liver… I even had a client get out of the danger zone of high liver enzymes just by changing her topical make up and skin lotions! Your liver governs how effectively you lose weight as well as our moods.

In my new book Keto-Adapted, I included a chapter on Tips for Success. I like to make new goals for health all the time. If you do something 16 times in a row, it becomes a habit. This chapter was meant for you to pick new goals to work on and once you accomplish those, pick a new goal to work on for 16 days. Number 22 is all about your topical products. Here is a snipet from my book:

#22: Change your skin care and topical products. The liver can become congested from not only the foods you eat, but all of the make-up and soaps you use on your skin! I had one client who had her liver enzymes go back to normal once she ditched all of the lotions and make-up products she was using!

Remember the health and fitness magazines I referred to in chapter 2 on pure protein and fat? Well, I despise them for a whole other reason. I realized that the entire magazines are filled with nothing but advertisements, even the articles. I flipped through one magazine’s ten-page spread on its top choices for make-up and lotions. If the magazine writers really knew what happened to your body when you put those toxic chemicals on your skin, they wouldn’t be pushing fake tanners and toxic sun screens.

Everything you put onto your skin gets shuttled into your bloodstream just as if you ate it. Think I’m crazy? There is a huge pharmaceutical industry that uses topical patches and lotions for medical use. Many times, the topical medications are absorbed better than oral ones. So it would be silly to dismiss the effects of all of the toxic junk we apply daily.

Stop and think about everything going on your skin and gums:
Toothpaste and/or mouthwash
Shampoo and/or conditioner

I am one to enjoy wearing a light perfume. I love Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea, but dare I put it on my skin? Absolutely not! I put it on my clothes. I suggest you start doing the same.

homemade perfume

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homemade perfume


 Click HERE to find the oils and perfume spray bottle. It is so easy to make and makes an awesome gift!

Homemade Perfume

Maria Emmerich


  • 12 drops Sandalwood oil
  • 12 drops Rosewood oil
  • 12 drops Geranium oil
  • 12 drops Clove oil
  • 12 drops Lavandin oil
  • 12 drops Palmarosa oil
  • 12 drops Patchouli oil
  • Water to dilute


  • Place oils in a perfume spray bottle. Add 1 cup of water to dilute and spray as needed!


Another Great Testimony

“We started keto lifestyle 2 weeks ago I have lost 5 lbs and my husband has lost 7lbs !!! I haven’t read your book yet but my mom has it so I will after she is done. I follow you on fb and Pinterest. I also have read a lot on your blog. I love your recipes and all your info. Thanks!!” – Nichelle

Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


  • Sami says:

    I too agree that your skin being the biggest organ has to absorb everything you put on it! I haven’t used perfume or store bought creams for ages, and make my own soap. I’ll give this recipe a try, sounds easy enough. Thanks

  • That’s an ingredient in commercial perfumes that I should look out for?

  • Peggy Deichelbohrer says:

    I use Kari Gran all natural skin care and Tropical Traditions coconut based lotions and moisturizing cream. Google them! I have been very happy with them. All pure ingredients.

  • Lisa says:

    For lots of information about ingredients in cosmetics of all types from many producers, and for information on the ingredients themselves, please check out http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ where you will find the Environmental Working’s Groups “Skin Deep” database.

  • Karin Rush says:

    Sounds lovely! Please be careful choosing your oils. I use a few different brands that have been carefully researched but many brands are not 100% essential oil EVEN if they say that on the bottle because companies are only required to have a small amount of the actual oil and can add many other ingredients. I wouldn’t put oils I don’t trust on my skin because I don’t know what’s in it.

  • Janet t says:

    Maria, you are so generous to us. THANK YOU! was just thinking about doing something like this. I have followed all your recommendations in that chapter you quoted above and got my daughter to do about half of them. thank you. I have noticed a difference even in my body odor in adapting a wheat free, sugar free and keto diet. I even made homemade laundry soap works great and is a 0 or 1 on ewg list , switched to miracle II soaps and deo stone, use traditions expeller pressed coconut oil for skin. thanks Maria for all you do. you are an invaluable resource in my life of health.

  • Kathy says:

    Thank you for sharing your story and wonderful photo and the lovely perfume spray recipe. Thank you Maria for your blog. Thank you for all the inspiration I received from you both today. Really great 🙂

  • Krisha says:

    @ Linda – fragrance is the ingredient in commercial perfumes (and other personal products) that you should look out for. They are known endocrine disrupters. Check out EWG Skin Deep.

  • Belinda says:

    Hey Maria! If I have your 30 day plan and health assc. is it possible to get just a phone consult and if so what would be the cost? Thanks so much 🙂

  • G says:

    Your “homemade perfume” recipe calls for “water to dilute,” but water by itself cannot dilute oil. Even if you shake (which you didn’t mention), the oils stay on top of the water. Surely your purchased product had an emulsifying ingredient — glycerin or alcohol or something else. Please followup using a more scientific approach or ask a chemist friend (or even a nerdy/scientist-type fellow cook). I know you knew this and just didn’t think about it. Shoot, making homemade mayo uses the principals of emulsion. Imagine what would happen if you said to crack some eggs into a dish and add oil to dilute. Kinda the same………… 🙂

  • linda says:

    For a year I have been rubbing a bit of Tincture of Iodine on my neck – the same stuff my Dad used to dump on my cuts. I had read that it will be absorbed (the brown stain fades away) as long as your body is needing iodine. Does this sound like it might be a good way to get iodine? I don’t like the taste of the edible form (in oil).

  • momof8 says:

    I have done two consults with you over the past several years. I am down over 40 pounds. My MD recently did thyroid testing on me and as a result put me on compounded t3. it is making a big difference. I wasn’t on it when I did the consults with you. What about l-carnitine in the am if you are hypothyroid? some of reading says l-carnitine in high doses is not good if you are hypothyroid. I take 3 g every AM and have for about 2 years. can keto eating make you hypothyroid?

    • cemmerich says:

      I would ask the MD about the carnitine.

      Keto usually help with hypothyroid. It is usually a selenium issue, maybe also iodine. Usually this is easily corrected with a handful of Brazil nuts every day along with increased shellfish in the diet. Or you can take a supplement.

    • cemmerich says:

      And way to go on losing 40 pounds! That is great!

  • wrick says:

    Maria — How about pets? I have been concerned about using treatments for fleas and ticks on my dog, given the impact of the chemicals being absorbed into his skin (he’s a 15 lb Havanese).

    I believe you mentioned you have dogs. Do you have any recommendations for safe products for flea/tick control? Or dog food recommendations? 🙂 thanks

    • cemmerich says:

      Yes, some is true for them. We feed our dog Hana beef hearts (we buy cheap in bulk from butcher, have them ground up and feed it to her raw). Then supplement with bones or bone meal. 🙂

      • wrick says:

        Thanks for the tip on food. Any advice on treatments for fleas and ticks to avoid absorption issues?

        • cemmerich says:

          That is tougher. The most natural method is to comb with a fine tooth comb after each time outside. But that can be tough. We try to do a combination of topical tick protection (only the couple months that ticks are bad in our area) and then brush and watch for them the other months. 🙂

  • angela says:


    So how close is this recipe to the one that you used at the spa? And as far as the quality of the essential oils that you are using, are they organic? I’m a little nervous about using oils that aren’t organic for the same argument above that toxins will be absorbed in the body. I really really want to make this but I’m not sure the best quality oils.

  • Dalena says:

    Do you know anything about Systeme 41 skin care system? It says its all natural without chemicals and Im looking for a skin care line like that.

  • Dalena says:

    I tried that but it does not have that skin care system. I was wondering what you thought?

    • cemmerich says:

      Sorry, not familiar with them. You can also search on that site any ingredient in their product that sounds suspicious and get a rating for that ingredient (lower is better).

  • Katherine says:

    You’re supposed to use almond oil or some other carrier oil in your perfume

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