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By September 18, 2019 Products I LOVE, sleep

BLUblox Giveaway

You all know I prioritize my sleep and that is why I love my BLUblox glasses and I wear them every evening while I am on the computer or watching television.

BLUblox now has a new product that also helps with sleep! They have a new REMedy Sleep Mask! In-depth research into light and health it is very clear from the academic literature that any amount of light hitting your closed eyes as you sleep, (such as alarm clock light, car headlights, or a family member turning on a light), damages your health and sleep. Studies have linked this kind of light while we sleep with increased insulin resistance, heart disease and neurological diseases.

I was surprised to read that none of the major sleep mask brands block 100% of light from hitting our eyes. None until BLUblox REMedy sleep mask was created! It blocks 100% of light whilst you sleep.

I love the BLUblox Sleep Masks because they fit all of us! They have created adjustable eye cups that velcro on and off so you can position them exactly to your face shape for a comfy sleep! They  also removed any elastic from the head band which means I no longer get tangled hair and no more wearing out your mask by stretching it!

My son Micah wanted to use them before I even had a chance to try them! We go camping a lot and I always have basic eye masks for us to use in the camper. Especially when we camp up north where the daylight is much longer! Those basic eye masks were often uncomfortable and I always had a hard time falling asleep with such a feeling on my face. BUT these new BLUblox Sleep Masks are fantastic! I immediately ordered an extra pair to keep in my carry on for long flights.

BLUblox is so generous they are giving away 3 Sleep Masks!


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Good Luck! Winner will be chosen Sept 29th!

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