Aussie Trace Minerals

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Aussie Trace Minerals

I adore supporting small businesses and Aussie Trace Minerals is a fantastic company to fall in love with!

I was enjoying a pot of tea with my friend Kristen when she told me a story about when her daughter was three years old and appeared to be drunk. It scared the living daylights out of her. After digging into the cause, she discovered that her daughter had gotten into a bottle of hand sanitizer, and it had soaked through her skin into her bloodstream!

Yep, our skin is our largest organ, and everything you put on your skin gets shuttled into your bloodstream, just as if you ate it. Pharmaceutical companies know this; that’s why they use topical patches and lotions to deliver medicine. In fact, many times
medications are more effective as creams than as pills because they are so readily absorbed through the skin. And so are the ingredients in any product you put on your skin!

I work with clients with damaged or leaky guts daily. Often times they do not react well to supplements like magnesium glycinate. Craig had a hard time absorbing minerals in his gut after he suffered with Lyme disease and had to take massive amounts of medication. That is why Aussie Trace Minerals are so awesome! Your skin is your largest absorbing organ! Since we don’t always absorb minerals through the gut, putting them on your skin is a great option!

Aussie Trace Minerals have a topical skin spray you can feel good about getting into your bloodstream. They also have drops that you add to your drinking water or any other beverage/food in order to boost your trace mineral and electrolyte reserves. There are lots of available Magnesium and Potassium in Aussie Trace Minerals with a total of 74 minerals!

Aussie Trace Minerals is great for helping with the dreaded keto flu, muscle cramps and other keto related complaints! Oh and they help BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM and help you stay strong when you are exposed to harmful viruses!

Aussie Trace Minerals is not only healthy, the spray also makes your skin soft! They also make oral versions too. Both are great ways to get a wide range of trace minerals.

I always have one of their 2 ounce bottles in my carry-on bag to keep my immune system strong when I am traveling around the World! I also love the peppermint flavor, but you can choose unflavored if you prefer.

Minerals can be helpful in boosting immune function. Even THIS video talks about how intracellular zinc can help with the coronavirus. Having more zinc resulting in more protection against the virus. This doesn’t mean you won’t get the virus, but it could help you fight it if you do get it. Plus it is just great for overall health and wellness. There are many other studies showing this benefit of Zinc and other minerals like THIS study. This study showed that zinc helps control infections by gently tapping the brakes on the immune response in a way that prevents out-of-control inflammation that can be damaging and even deadly.

Today much of our soils have been depleted of these essential minerals and trace elements.  Consequently, our food supply, including water and animal proteins aren’t filled with minerals like they once were. Trace Elements play an irreplaceable role in the biological functionality of the human body, and without minerals life would not be possible as they are the building blocks for teeth, bones, tissue, muscles and organs, and are required for blood formation and hormonal production.  Every chemical reaction, every thought, and every heartbeat in the body is dependent on minerals and trace elements.

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Aussie Trace Minerals is a small company that is VERY generous! They are donating a giveaway to 10 winners WORLDWIDE of two 2 ounce bottles each (small bottle or spray).


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Winner will be chosen on April 4th! Good Luck!

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