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Maximize Your Metabolism is UPDATED

By September 21, 2011June 25th, 2020Weight Loss

Testimony of the Day

“I purchased your 30 day accelerated meal plan package around November and have lost over 35 lbs. (I started cutting out carbs in August by reading your blog) My doctor had warned me about my weight gain so when I saw her in January for routine blood test she was ecstatic about my results, both in my blood numbers and my weight loss. Thank you so very much for all of your shared knowledge! Now, my naturally thin husband and kids are on board…BTW, hubby and 1 son have genetically high cholesterol, looking forward to their blood test results after 6 months on your program! My best friend and her family have purchased your assessment and books and are on their way to great health also! I praise God for you, Maria! Thank you!” – Susan

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A year from now, you will thank yourself!



I first want to say that most authors don’t mind leaving un-updated information and books out there for purchase, but as for me, after doing lots of research of the new and exciting science of nutrition, I couldn’t sleep at night knowing that people were reading information that I put out there that wasn’t up to my current standards. If you have my last revision, it is still good, but I often wondered why a small number of my clients and readers didn’t have the results I was looking for, so I decided to sit down and update Secrets to a Healthy Metabolism so everyone can succeed. Some new information includes:

ALL NEW Pantry List: What is in MY pantry!
New Information on Oils
New Tidbits added in the chapter on Exercise
ALL NEW information on Alternative Sweeteners

  • What to use and why
  • What NOT to use and why

ALL NEW information on Alternative Flours

  • How to convert Almond Flour and Coconut Flour


  • Burning Brown Fat
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Protein Days

Other new tidbits:

  • Chapter “Milk Does it ‘Do A Body Good’”
  • Nutrient Timing
  • How to get fiber without grains

New foods in the charts to balance you hormones


Check HERE to find it at: www.amazon.com


Thank you for all of your support and interest!

Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


  • knmkendall says:

    I LOVE your book! I bought it on Kindle in June and have learned so many things. Thank you for your amazing work. I wonder if there is a way to get my Kindle book updated with your new revisions, or do I need to buy the book again? I don’t know how that works, but I’d love to have the new information. Thank you for any direction you can give me!

  • Thanks SO much for your support!

    I changed quite a bit because I had things in there that I wouldn’t eat and I felt like I needed to help people become more successful! Such as beans and “whole grains”! Yuck. Bad bad bad

    If you read this blog you will pick up on a lot of the information.

  • Anonymous says:

    I also bought the kindle version and would love an update on that please?

  • Thanks so much for your support!!!

    I just uploaded it to Kindle last night so it should just take them a few days;)

    Happy reading!!!

  • Anonymous says:


    I am trying to buy you’re Third Revision of Secrets to a healthy metabolism But Amazon only has the Second Revision. How can I buy the third?
    Thank You Dee

  • Rachel says:

    I’m so excited for a new update! I have been wanting to get your books. So, are you going to be updating all of the books? This is a huge expense for me, so I won’t be able to get them twice.. want to make sure I wait for the updates if they are coming. Let me know! thanks 🙂

  • Thanks Rachel! I only needed to update this one so you are good to go! I don’t need to change the other books. I am very happy with them:)

    Happy Reading!

  • Rachel says:

    Thanks for the quick response! I will go ahead and order them through your amazon store. Also, I was wondering, like ‘anonymous’ above, why the newest metabolism book on amazon says it’s the 2nd revision and not the 3rd…? I want to make sure I get the correct edition. thanks 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Maria, I bought a protein shake for after workouts and the 3rd ingredient is fructose. What are your thoughts on fructose? I normally avoid all sugars and i eat very clean. I’m thinking of returning this shake.

  • Hey all-

    The book IS the new one on http://www.amazon.com

    Sometimes it takes them a few days to update the description.

    Thank you SO much for your support in ordering my books!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Maria,
    I just orderd the new upated book on Amazon! Thanks so much for updating it, as with you, the older version seemed outdated to me too–many things I questioned. I apprecaite all you do to help keep us healthy. Oh–by the way my surgery went well..I may subscribe to your email support again soon too. ~Linda

  • NO FRUCTOSE!!! This is why I only use Jay Robb Whey protein:) It is also hormone free!

    This is in my NEW book too!
    Why FRUCTOSE is so harmful:
    1. Fructose can only be metabolized by the liver; glucose on the other hand can be metabolized by every cell in the body. Fructose raises triglycerides (blood fats) like no other food. Fructose bypasses the enzyme phosphofructokinase, which is the rate-limiting enzyme for glucose metabolism. Fructose is shunted past the sugar-regulating pathways and into the fat-formation pathway. The liver converts this fructose to fat, which, unfortunately, remains in the liver = FATTY LIVER DISEASE. Consuming fructose is essentially consuming fat! This is why I see so many children with fatty liver disease…they aren’t drinking alcohol, they are drinking sodas, juices and consuming too much fructose!

    2. Fructose reduces the sensitivity of insulin receptors, which causes type II diabetes. Insulin receptors are the way glucose enters a cell to be metabolized. Our cells become resistant to the effects of insulin and as a result, the body needs to make more insulin to handle the same amount of glucose. We also start to produce insulin as a defense mechanism even if we don’t eat and sugar or starch. YIKES! This is why we should allow our children to eat so much sugar and starch either…even though they are thin and active, you are setting them up for an adulthood where they can’t enjoy a dessert without reaping the adverse effects. I grew up on Fruity Pebbles and skim milk for breakfast, Cocoa Pebbles for dinner, which is why I am so sensitive to glucose.

    3. Fructose is high in uric acid, which increases blood pressure and causes gout.

    4. Fructose increases lactic acid in the blood. High levels cause metabolic acidosis especially for those with conditions such as diabetes.

    5. Fructose accelerates oxidative damage and increases aging. Fructose changes the collagen of our skin making it prone to wrinkles.

    6. High consumption of fructose leads to mineral losses: iron, calcium magnesium and zinc, which can lead to low bone density (osteoporosis). It also interferes with copper metabolism. This causes collagen and elastin being unable to form, which are connective tissue that hold the body together. A deficiency in copper can also lead to infertility, bone loss, anemia, defects of the arteries, infertility, high cholesterol levels, heart attacks and inability to control blood sugar.

    7. Fructose has no effect on our hunger hormone ghrelin and interferes with brain’s communication with leptin, which is the hormone that tells us to stop eating and you CAN become leptin resistant! (please read the chapter on HORMONES in Secrets to a Healthy Metabolism for charts on FOODS to Eat and FOODS to NOT EAT to balance your hormones properly.)

    Happy Eating!

  • steph says:

    Hi Maria,

    I just got the new revision on my nook. It somehow deleted my older version. Could there be a programing glitch that thought it was the same book? I can’t een tell if it is the new one becuase the old cover picture is there. the intoroductions seems the same as the old one. I so love your books, just didn’twnat to loose one I already paid for. Any suggestions beyond contacting B&N?

  • knmkendall says:

    Thank you! You are such an encouragement to me. Yes, I read your blog faithfully and I’m very thankful for it. I hope your revised book does well and that your message reaches more people!

  • Every eBook vendor treats this differently. Because this is the same book, just revised, Nook automatically updates you to the new version. So you get the new version for free! It is still the same book, I have just updated a lot of information that the latest science has shown to be true. Apparently Kindle doesn’t do this auto update but I have heard some people that have called Amazon Customer Support and they remove the book and give them a $9.99 credit (what you paid). You can then download the new version and use to credit so you can get the new version that way for free on Kindle. Thanks for your support!

  • winterskisss says:

    Hi Maria , where can I get information on nutrients for nerve pain , my husband has seen so many doctors and had so many tests but the pain stays and they say there is nothing showing on the tests that everything is normal . He is 48 and has spinal pain and migraines .

  • Thanks for your interest! I have lots of information on pain in my book: Secrets to Your Weight Cravings and Mood: http://astore.amazon.com/marisnutran05-20/detail/1456424548

    I also write about supplemental help in Secrets to a Healthy Metabolism.

    Thanks again for your support!

  • Stephanie says:

    It doesn’t look like Barnes and Noble have updated their version yet.

  • Kellijo Little says:

    I purchased this book last week and couldn’t put it down from the start. I ended up purchasing 3 others books from Maria. I can’t wait to put the things she talks about into practice in my own life. I found the writing to be very easy to read, even considering the nature of the scientific information. Well worth the time and money. Thanks!

  • G&G Martin says:

    Maria, We got the edition of “Secrets to a Healthy Metabolism” with the forward by Dr.Davis. Does it have the revisions in it? Love this book and all of the wonderful and helpful information. I am wondering if you have ever had occasion to give advice to anyone who has had their thyroid removed (because of cancer) and their gallbladder removed and also had a hysterectomy? I am 76. When we first started Dr. Davis’ program both my husband and I lost weight. He continued to loose, but I seem to hit a plateau and can’t seem to loose any more, but I need to. We are very thankful to you and Dr. Davis for helping us gain better health and live a better life style in our eating habits. We bought your cook books too and have loved everything we have tried. Thankyou.

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