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Maria’s Favorite Things #6

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Phone Client Testimony:“I just wanted to let you know that I am down 30 pounds.  I am at my lowest since 2009 and it feels good. I am so glad that I found you and followed your blog for many years before taking the plunge.  

vitamix giveaway

Thanks again so much and also for encouraging me in the beginning to stick with it.  And to have the fat bombs.  🙂 I remember being just starving, but it was worth it.  Also I went through a really busy project at work where they were bringing in food, which I put on some weight, but now that has come off.” – Maria F.


vitamix giveaway

 (To find this recipe, click HERE).

What is Xylem Sap?

One thing I find interesting is some people’s reluctance to try alternative sweeteners like Erythritol and Xylitol.  Many times they think they are artificial sweeteners due to their chemical sounding names.

While this is typically a good instinct when looking at ingredient labels, in this case it is not warranted.  Erythritol is a sugar alcohol or polyol.  It is found naturally in some fruits and fermented foods.  From the Wikipedia page it is “almost noncaloric, does not affect blood sugar, does not cause tooth decay, and is partially absorbed by the body, excreted in urine and feces. It is less likely to cause gastric side effects than other sugar alcohols due to its unique digestion pathway.”  The typical manufacturing process involves using yeast to ferment glucose (typically from vegetables).

When using good non-GMO vegetables, this process is no less natural than distilling maple syrup. I think that this is somewhat similar to calling salt “sodium chloride”.  Salt is mainly sodium chloride but if we said “put some sodium chloride on my eggs” instead of “put some salt on my eggs”, the perception is very different.  Or like calling Maple Syrup what it really is, Concentrated Xylem Sap.

I love Swerve sweetener for many reasons.  It gives the best results in baked goods and is a good value compared to other healthy sweeteners.  It has ingredients that are GMO free, doesn’t affect blood sugar, zero calories and gluten free.

Swerve has two primary ingredients, Erythritol and Oligosaccharides.  Erythritol is made by fermenting glucose with Moniliella pollinis (a natural microorganism found in honeycomb) which breaks down the glucose and yields erythritol. Erythritol also naturally occurs in many fruits and vegetables like melons, grapes, asparagus as well as fermented foods. It is classified by the FDA as a zero calorie, 4-carbon sugar alcohol that does not affect blood glucose. Oligosaccharides are sweet, non-digestible carbohydrates extracted from fruit and vegetable sources. They are similar to fiber and can help stimulate beneficial bacteria in the large intestine.

 vitamix giveaway
Swerve really does care about their customers! They have generously donated a Vitamix blender! I don’t even have one but one lucky winner will score this awesome kitchen gadget!

It is easy to enter! All you have to do is:

1. Like Keto Adapted on Facebook and share Keto Adapted with your friends and family!

2. Like Swerve on Facebook!

3. Comment below what your goals are for the year 2016?

Winner will be chosen on December 27th! Good Luck!

AND THE WINNER IS… Erin Wright! Congrats and thanks everyone for entering!


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Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


  • diana says:

    I love Swerve, since I do not make or eat to many treats it lasts a long time for me

    • Herbie Gallant says:

      I’ve always wanted one of these, and can’t afford it. I would make a lot of great recipes that I find very time consuming now. I’d also use it in conjuction with the great book, The Ketogenic Diet cookbook.

  • Wendy N. says:

    Stay on track with my healthy way of eating!

  • tabitha says:

    I have always wanted one of these. I am down 25Lbs since I started your program. Thanks for everything!

  • Carol says:

    My goals for 2016 are to start weightlifting. I’ve had amazing success with keto dieting for weight-loss this year, but I am not happy with my body composition. I need more muscle and strength.

  • chyanne huyser says:

    To get the whole family eating keto!

  • Deb S says:

    The amazing thing is that keto was the only way I actually found the energy to being to strengthen. No other “diet” does that! Most diets actually sap your energy.

    Keto is a lifestyle change for the better! Swerve makes it fun & easy!

  • Rene Hughes says:

    2016 goals are to be healthier…trust the process!

  • Sav says:

    I’d love to have a vitamix. They are amazing. I love to make smoothies, grind up almonds for homemade almond flour and milk and more! it’d be amazing to have. My goal for 2016 is to be my healthiest, most loving me possible.

  • bev says:

    My goal is to continue on…I have been following your woe now for almost 5 years and it has evolved into eating keto. At 56 I have never felt better and 10lbs from goal weight! With a total loss of 115 lbs! Thanks to Maria! A huge goal for 2016 is to run a half marathon…I am working towards it anyway🏃

  • kelli says:

    Would so like a blender that actually works and that lasts longer than a few months at a time….and Swerve is by far my favorite sweetener, I have to buy it every few months

  • Jenna L says:

    To finally get healthy!

  • ieva bell-shippee says:

    I have always wanted a Vitamix. I follow a very healthy way of eating and this is really an essential tool.

  • Amy says:

    My 2016 goals are to incorporate this lifestyle for my whole family!

  • Betty N says:

    My goal is to keep eating healthy and take more walks on the beach.

  • Emily says:

    We just had our 9th baby. I’m 1 month postpartum and had been in ketosis for the past 2 pregnancies with awesome results but i always seem to give in to carb cravings at the end of the pregnancies. So my goal is to get back into ketosis (i’m on day 4!) and lose 25 pounds before i’m pregnant again. :o) Other goals include drinking more water and increasing my lifts.

  • Tina N. says:

    My goal is to keep eating keto including desserts!

  • Hannah says:

    I hope to get back on track! I’ve had so many set backs this year in trying to stay Keto, and I’m looking forward to a fresh start!

  • Anne-Marie says:

    My goal is to make sleep a priority again…I’ve found myself burning the candle at both ends and not only does it make me tired during the day, it makes it harder for me to cook the good food that I want to for my family!

  • Chuck Gough says:

    Loving your website, and especially the giveaways!

  • Ashley Nicole says:

    My goals this year are to continue on my health journey… to become stronger and more full of life. I have come so far! Exactly two years ago yesterday, I was discharged from the hospital and given a walker due to my serve Rheumatoid Arthritis… I was only 30! I decided that I was not going to let this disease control my life and did loads of research. I started my journey right then. It took me some time to find keto, but I feel so blessed that I did. It’s made a tremendous difference (almost 90 lbs!) and I no longer have a walker.

  • Katherne O. says:

    my goals are to stick with a diet and exercise regime and be healthy for baby #2!

  • Mary Catherine Anderson says:

    My 2016 goals are to keep an open mind and keep learning! I just ordered my first bag of Swerve and I am excited to work with it!

  • Sarah C says:

    2016 goals include completing a half – I don’t care if I have to walk it, although I’d prefer to run… have to get arthritis pain under control first though.

  • Jamie Deann says:

    For 2016 I will be healthier and be more active. I will work harder to teach my kids good habits.

  • marilyn c says:

    My goal is to keep my blood sugars normal and to lose another 25 to 30 lbs. The weight loss had been stalled for a while but when I found your site and started using you recipes, the lbs are starting to drop again.

  • Brenda says:

    I am finding time and ways for myself to be healthy through what I eat and exercise. This is leading to my family wanting to join me in good health. We are wearing or blenders making smoothies, but we continue to have less and less sweets and bad for you foods around.

  • Leigh says:

    Our blender doesn’t lock into place anymore, so we have to hold it down. We just used it way too much, I suppose! Hoping to upgrade to a really nice, dependable one and this is one the short list!

    • Leigh says:

      And besides a new blender, my goal is to stay the course on low carb/sugar free eating. I feel so much better. I can’t imagine going back!

  • Brandy rhea says:

    To stay on a healthy eating road!

  • Tasha Eldridge says:

    I want to get back on track and start feeing better again

  • Sarah says:

    My goals for 2016: To be fit & healthy…Build my business and find a great apartment…or house!…😀😀

  • Angelika says:

    Less mindless eating in 2016!!

  • Denise S. says:

    Continue my healthy lifestyle with consistent exercise & eating!

  • Debi says:

    I list every thing a year ago in a house fire. Still have not replace everything. This would help.

  • Marcia says:

    my goal is to regain my health – drop some of the weight I have put on over the last 2 years, follow Keto and restart exercise – just got the Keto Adapted Cookbook for inspiration!!
    I love Swerve just need to get to baking

  • Michelle case says:

    My goal is to stay on track, there will be slips but I have to remember to get back up..

  • Denise says:

    Definately start taking more time for myself!!

  • Jillian M says:

    My goal for 2016 is to really make the maria way my way without straying….had a rough 2015

  • Melanie says:

    Eat healthier and reduce stress!

  • Rosa says:

    My 2016 goal is definitely to stay on track with my WOE and keep losing weight and getting healthier every day.

  • Jana says:

    To get back on target – Make more Keto desserts!!!!

  • Kelly says:

    Complete my first year or eating Keto. May 4th, 2015-16

  • Kelly says:

    Keep losing weight and continue to find new and fun ways to exercise.

  • Kimberly Speaker says:

    My goals are simple; to continue to eat healthy and reap the rewards of better health!

  • Alisha westervelt says:

    My goal is to continue to educate people on the benefits of ketones in their life!!

  • RebeccA P says:

    2016- the year of the children in our home. It is time to get them totally keto adapted. It is a bit of a challenge since other people love to cram carbs in their perfect little bodies. We are printing shirts that say, “Please do not feed this child! (except food she/he brings from home).

  • Megan says:

    Our goal this coming year is to reach even further into health and whole body wellness. To archive what most say is impossible. Reach for the stars and even if you miss you are still further than most 🙂

  • jennifer says:

    to heal, be healthy and be happy…

  • Amanda Reed says:

    I love Swerve. Not just the product, the whole company! Next year, I’d really like to lose the rest of my weight. But even a pound a week would be nice.

  • Stephanie says:

    For 2016 I would like to find a career niche as well as raising more of our own food like pork and honey.

  • Kimberly Grentz says:

    2016 will be another year full of keto-goodness accompanied by a mindfulness based outlook on life. Swerve helps to bridge the gap between keto and the sugar-filled traditions. With mindful eating, keto, and some creativity, 2016 will be a great year!

  • Susie says:

    Next year my goal is to live every day in the moment.

  • Heather says:

    I will turn 40 in January. I know I need to turn my health around. I want to accept my flaws as they are, but I need to lose weight so I won’t have to have joint replacements within the next 5 years.

  • Lori McPhetridge says:

    To keep my diabetes under control with good food

  • Lori A. says:

    My goal is to get back on track with my healthy lifestyle. I’ve derailed a bit lately.

  • Lea N says:

    I plan to reach my weight loss goal in 2016! 45lbs. down, 50lbs to go!

  • Minnie says:

    My goals are getting healthy! I’ve been battling Lyme disease and Rocky mountain spotted fever for too many years and its not pretty!

  • Siobhan says:

    my goals for 2016 are to lift more and get my family healthier. we have a farm that I lift hay bales and I would like to be able to lift them more efficiently. I have followed keto for pver a year and would love to get my family to do the same!

  • Desi says:

    I want to be a better keto cook, Maria’s cook books will help that goal! Oh yes, and to collect ALL of Maria Emmerich’s cook books 😀 PLEASE KETO GODS HELP ME 😀

  • Lisa says:

    My biggest goal is to stay on track with healthy eating and living and to be more active. Thanks

  • Rosa says:

    My main goal is to keep off the weight I have lost and not go back to my old bad habits

  • Sue says:

    I look forward to better health in 2016 , I am working on losing more weight but also getting healthier and exercising more . Thank you for all your time and effort you put into your recipes, your plan and all the research for us ! Merry Christmas !

  • Dani Schweitzer says:

    My goals for 2016 are to be more active as a family, and eat just a little bit healthier as a family.

  • Katherine Herron says:

    My goal is to be less lazy and take better care of my health. If I don’t do it who will? Thanks for your very informative site.

  • Sandy S says:

    My goal is to get healthier. Eat healthier and get more movement everyday.

  • Angie says:

    My goal is to continue on my weight loss path to my goal of 40 lbs loss! I am currently down 17 lbs! Thank you for your chance to win!

  • My goal is to get back on track! I fell off the wagon and have been eating chips!

  • Tina says:

    Earn my blackbelt in taekwondo and learn how to make kombucha and coconut milk kiefer.

  • Nicole says:

    Share my Keto results with others!

  • aisha says:

    my goal is to be back on track and be energetic again :(((

  • Brittany Crews says:

    My goal in 2016 is to stick to keto and get healthy. I would live to convert my husband, too!!

  • Rebecca Scavello says:

    Would love to win the vitamix! I use swerve all the time!

  • Erin says:

    Clear out the clutter, physical and emotional.

  • April says:

    To finish meeting my goal of my weight loss and keeping my sugar under control. I would love to win this.

  • Gayla says:

    Would love to win so I could make more healthy creations for my family

  • Maggie McCoy Pogue says:

    My goal for 2016 is to keep off the weight Ive lost and continue to stregthen my body! Keto living is the way to go!!!

  • Becky says:

    My 2016 goals are to always find time for myself for fitness. To watch the foods both my family and I put in our bodies making sure they are nutritious choices and build my business!

  • Jennifer says:

    My goals for 2016 are simple. I’m going to make a conscious effort to eliminate all processed food and sugar. I’ve started edging out the bad stuff by increasing my daily leafy green intake. I’ve already noticed a big difference in how I feel. I know that when I feel better its easier to make good decisions for myself. 😊

  • Cindy says:

    My goal is to continue my low carb lifestyle and try to guide my daughter in removing bad carbs from her family’s diet. Grandkids eating too much processed junk.

  • Veronique says:

    I love swerve! By far the best keto-friendly sweetener out there for baked goods. I’ve also been dying to have a Vitamix. My trusted blender finally broke down and now I’m stuck using my stick blender to make smoothies… no fun.

  • Amanda says:

    My goal this coming year would be to start more weight lifting.

  • Deb Brandt says:

    My goals for 2016 are to continue on my journey of health. I am working on, and will continue, eliminating as many toxins in my life as possible and eating clean. It has been a slow steady journey that I am anxious to continue on.


  • Rebecca says:

    To continue drinking my Keto/OS daily and follow my Keto eating plan closely.

  • Lynn says:

    My goal is to keep eating healthy and keep exercising. I love swerve too!

  • Jacqueline says:

    My goals are to be a size 10. Take a trip to Hawaii. Get into an accelerated BSN program. And have an amazing Keto//OS business and have Gemmations by JB just explode with business!

  • Jennifer Terrien says:

    Goals, graduate RN school in March and beat my sugar addiction! To be fabulous in my 40s!

  • Nicole D says:

    My goals are: keep eating healthy, be more active, and get my backyard landscaped.

  • Jacquie Z says:

    I would love to win. My husband has diabetes.

  • MariaP says:

    My goal is to spread the word about Maria’s “healthified” eating so I can help other people who need healing. When I used to eat the standard American diet, I was very sick with a severe case of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I could barely walk and was told I would be in a wheelchair if I didn’t take the prescription drugs. I did research and found a new way of eating. I love Maria’s website and her recipes. I have almost every cookbook she has written! I can’t believe that I am now off of prescription medication and going to the gym and lifting weights. If I can feel this good, I know so many other people can find relief for their suffering by going against the grain and eating this high-fat, moderate protein and low carb, but nutrient-dense, way of eating!

  • Revonda says:

    My goals for 2016 are:
    To be consistent
    Lose my last 60lbs (68 so far gone)

  • Barbara says:

    Continue to eat healthy and loose weight! 🙂

  • Liz S. says:

    My main goal for 2016 is to continue on my anorexia recovery journey.

  • Colleen B says:

    My goal is to get more sleep and start consistent exercise that helps my body and doesn’t hurt it. I already do pretty well on food so the other lifestyle stuff is where my focus will be a little more this year! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Jamie says:

    First time I’ve heard of Swerve!! I’m so excited to find it and try it!

  • Susan D. says:

    My goal is to try to find some joy each day………..

  • Jamie says:

    My goal for 2016 is to learn more about this way of eating.. my type 2 diabetes is out of hand..I have to get it under control. With these alternatives I believe I can!

  • nancy Anderson says:

    My goal is to regain my energy through healthy living. Experiment with new recipes and enjoy LIVING!

  • Tashuna Rod says:

    To stay 100% keto and drop 50-100lbs.

  • Christine says:

    I plan to continue to get healthy and learn more about my health and put it into practice, so that I can reach my goals and finally be at peace with my body and how I look and feel.

  • Stacy Carroll says:

    Would love to win this

  • Terri Bullard says:

    My goal for 2016 is to lose the weight ingrained after my mother’s passing.

  • Carole Douglas says:

    I really want to be able to convert all my eating to low carb, to continue to lose extra weight, but also I feel so much better. 🙂 I love making my own flours/butters. Love your site. <3

  • Rose says:

    In 2016 I’d like to encourage my family & everyone I know to enjoy life through this WOE. My results have inspired some family, but I want them all to be healthy! I’ll be using swerve to make some desserts for Christmas, hopefully everyone will want the recipe and be surprised it’s sugar-free!!!

  • Lisa says:

    My goal is to be the healthiest weight (only 10 more lbs to go) and have the healthiest body and make my 40 the healthiest time of my life up to this point. It has been a dream of several years to have a vitamix blender. It goes on my Christmas list every year but can’t afford one so this would be the best gift ever!

  • Lori Grigg says:

    I would LOVE to win this amazing product!!! I love eating low card/ No carb and have managed to lose and keep off 80+ Pounds! MY goal is to help my fiancé who is a AML survivor lose the weight he has put on while battling different side effects from Chemo, Radiation and stem cell transplant! Vitamix will help a tremendous amount!

  • Rachel says:

    One of our family’s goals for 2016 is to continue what we’re doing but to find more joy in the process together.

  • Teresa says:

    To complete my goals I made in 2013!! Improve my health and drop the weight.

  • Casey D. says:

    I have little baby step goals that I reach for, but for 2016 I WILL reach my ultimate goal of weight loss before the ringing in of 2017.

  • Candice says:

    My goals are to be a great role model for my girls of staying away from the sugars and continue to keep exercising and trying to be healthy!

  • Barbara U. says:

    TO stay the course.

  • Cara says:

    My goal is to get pregnant again and have a healthy, happy pregnancy, delivery and baby!

  • Sari says:

    I would absolutely love to win a vitamix! I know it is the top of the line and I would use it for so many amazing recipes! Crossing my fingers!

  • Katherine says:

    I need to take one day at a time and to remember that I can do this because I am worth living life to the fullest.

  • Stacey says:

    I have 2 goals that I really need to work on… One is to be more organized and the other is to eat more healthy, whole foods. 🙂

  • Laura says:

    My goal is to finally have the healthy and lean body I have always wanted before I turn thirty!

  • Jessica says:

    My goal for 2016 is to start my whole family (2 adults, 3 kids) on a healthier journey. I’ve just started a keto lifestyle and I know it will be easier and healthier for us all if we do it together.

  • Misty says:

    My goals are to focus on time and money management and to limit social media.

  • Kiley says:

    My 2016 goals are to go for more walks, get my deadlift over 350 lbs, and spend more time reading all the books I’ve collected on my Kindle! 😀

  • Julie B. says:

    My 2016 goals are to:
    1. Being prepared in the kitchen
    2. Lose 25-30lbs
    3. Maintain this weight loss through a keto-adapted way of life
    4. Committ my family to a healthier way of life by having less sugary options at home.

  • Shirley w. says:

    Always wanted a vitamix! Would love it if I had the chance to win it!

  • Candy says:

    I have lost approximately 40lbs and so had my husband! In 2016 my goal is 15 more pounds gone and MOVE MORE!!

  • Gina says:

    My goals are to continue with my healthier eating lifestyle, continue to lose weight and to be the best me I can be every single day!

  • Dawn says:

    Goal for 2016, get eating well, back to exercise, weight loss.

  • Judy W says:

    I love Sweeve & have been using it for several years! It helps me stay on track whenever I want a treat. My goal this year is to continue on this quest to eat right and getting healthier.

  • Sherri says:

    My goals are to try to eat healthier and keep on working out!

  • Ayn says:

    I want to get off my diabetes meds and eat healthy for the rest of my life!!

  • Denise says:

    I have several of your cookbooks and follow you via several social networks. My husband and I have been eating the Keto way for almost two years. Vitamix and Swerve are both awesome products. Would love to win!

  • Shauna skinner says:

    As soon as I am done breastfeeding I am starting your advanced weight loss program. My goal is to lose 50lbs this next year!!

  • My goal for 2016 is to get vack, and stay on track with living love carb…and to lose weight again that I need to, especially after just needing an angiography this past Friday…I need to take better care! I didn’t need a stent, no major blockages, but need to watch, because the are small ones I need to take care of! Starting back with a 60 day long carb breakfast smoothie challenge would be awesome!

  • Elaine Rohne says:

    My goal is to get back on track the Maria way. I feel much better when eating this way, but i fell off in a bad way and sugar is tearing me up. It is so addicting and my body hurts because of it.

  • Patti C says:

    Continue using Pruvit in the new year, and continuing my food plan and weight loss with the help of your recipes. Lost 30 pounds in 2015!

  • Anne says:

    For 2016, my goals are to get back into an exercise routine focused on weight lifting and walking. Would love to drop a few pounds too, but really want to build muscle at this point. Winning the Vitamix would enhance our healthy eating and let me try making some new recipes. Swerve is a staple in our house, but especially during the holidays. Made a delicious pumpkin pie last week! Would love to win one!

  • Trisha says:

    My goal is to lose another 60 lbs! and then maintain FOR- EV-AH!

  • Melisa says:

    My goals for 2016 are quite sizeable. My plan is to reduce my consumption of overly processed foods. Even the ones that say they are healthy. Losing weight is a must. I’ve gained back so much over the past few years. I originally lost over 100lbs, it’s time to lose it again…and keep it off.

  • Theresa says:

    To continue working on my family’s and my health. Try to enjoy every moment!!!

  • A goal for 2016…I have a few, but the one that pops into my mind the first is to maintain our Low Carb way of eating as a family. My 7 yr old daughter was diagnosed with T1D when she was 2 and this is the first time in 5 years that we feel empowered in her management of diabetes. So my goal is to keep on going…and thank goodness for delicious recipes like yours! It makes it all so much more doable! Thank you!

  • Darcy says:

    My goal is to get back to low carb eating and lose the weight from my last pregnancy and more.

  • Debbie Whetstone says:

    My goals are to lose weight and feed my family healthy food. I’d love to win the Vitamix.

  • Debra Schramm says:

    My goal is to lose 25 pounds and exercise more.

  • Clare says:

    Need to get back on track! Had a lot of stresses the past year. I know a VitaMix Blender would be really helpful to help me do it. (I love Swerve! Thanks for introducing me to it years ago!)

  • Giselle Rodriguez Cid says:

    I’ve become a Swerve convert! once I used it, I’ve never used anything else in my recipes. My goal for 2016? To continue in this lifestyle and inspire others in my family to do the same! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Karyn says:

    My goals is to continue to get healthier and to make wiser choices more often. To gather the tools, tips and tricks to make the choices second nature and to continue to educate myself always!

  • Monica says:

    Learn new recipes with Swerve. I’ve always avoided sweeteners in the past, but not having treats makes it harder to stay on track.

  • Linda says:

    I love Swerve and have converted recipes with it successfully! I am hopeful for more demand for these types of products in the future!

  • Linda says:

    The Vitamix I bought in 1982 is finally dying. I sure would like a new one.

  • Amanda says:

    My goal for 2016 is to get into shape. I’ve lost 60lbs over the last 2 years, but I would like to tone up. 🙂

  • Amy says:

    2016 goals are to be happy and healthy. I have let stressors get me off track from my eating right and tracking care of myself and I need to put myself first! No more excuses! Also my goal is to do much more outside activity!

  • Stephanie KL says:

    My goal for 2016 is to take my health more seriously by planning meals ahead, exercising and getting outdoors to enjoy nature.

  • Kristin says:

    Getting back on track. Sadly, I’ve fallen off the wagon the last few months. I also want to give up diet soda. It seems to be the one thing I can’t conquer!

  • Carol says:

    I want to have weight loss in 2016. Need all the help I can get.

  • Darla says:

    to get off meds (except maybe thyroid meds); be healty and happy!

  • Liz H says:

    I soooo need this

  • Gina says:

    I think getting all my annual checkups that I have not taken care of annually this year, that and finding a house 🙂

  • Esther R. says:

    I have loved your recipes for many years. Thanks for all that you have done for me.You make a great mom to 2 cute little boys.

  • Brenda says:

    Making progress with excercise!

  • Linda F says:

    In 2016 I want to maintain my weight and continue to find and prepare good tasting, healthy low carb meals. So many of those little girls from my graduating glass are overweight now while I am at an average weight. It is a reversal of health status! Dec 27 is our 32nd wedding anniversary! Hope I win!

  • Peggy Deichelbohrer says:

    I am still sold on the Vitamix I bought at the MN State Fair in the ’90’s. I had one problem with it prior to the 10 year warranty expiration and Vitamix sent the part I needed and included the necessary tool to install it. I LOVE it and use it nearly daily. This year I bought them for each of my children’s families for Christmas. I make all my salad dressings in it and many other uses. Absolutely worth the money even if you have to buy it! I actually got reconditioned ones for my kids. They look brand new. 🙂

  • Lisa Lilly says:

    I love swerve and erythritol! It’s so nice to know I’m eating healthfully and still being able to have treats! Just yesterday I hit the 50-lbs-lost mark and my goal for 2016 is to lose my last 23 lbs! Thanks, Swerve, for being generous enough to donate a Vitamix!

  • Patti says:

    This would be great to use with all your wonderful recipes!!! Thank you for all your help in this WOE Lifestyle… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family!!

  • Mary says:

    Simplify, and plan ahead more. We are much more successful with Keto when we plan ahead and try not to complicate things too much.

  • Simone says:

    My goal for 2016:
    Convince my family that there is a fantastic life waiting for them even without sugar and wheat.

  • Michelle says:

    My goal is to be a better version of me and find a passion that helps in that journey

  • Ali Tyler says:

    In 2016 I would love to gain more muscle, lift weights more, smile more and get results from genetic testing 😀 Thank you!

  • Christy says:

    My family of 8 has ALWAYS wanted one of these!!

  • Cheryl Hulme says:

    My goal for 2016 is to become a healthier, better me!

  • Michelle L. says:

    My goals for 2016 are to continue to lose weight. Swerve is amazing and what a great thing to include a Vitamix!

  • Hannah says:

    I would love to have a vitamix. 🙂 My goal for 2016 to to reach for my best in health and fitness. It’s a daily process and one I love!

  • Jaime says:

    To kick candida to the curb for real and to healthify my family some more

  • Betty says:

    My goal for 2016 is to get healthier. I want to lose weight while feeling good,and I want to be able to keep the weight off. Keto lifestyle is what makes me feel good and healthy.

  • Debi says:

    The recipe at the top goes to another web site. Is this new? Why? I don’t understand.

  • Jill says:

    Keto is the only way to go.

  • Stacy says:

    2016 is the year I get back on track! I am going to do the keto diet whole hartedly and make sure that I get my husband with me along with my 4 kids!! I have come so far in the last 18 months but know I can do better. My kitchen aid blender took a dump a while back and the vitamix blender would be AWWWESOME SAAAUCE!!! Merry Christmas Maria and Family!! Cheers to 2016!!

  • Jacqui says:

    Less stress. Better ways to deal with stress. 2016 is probably going to be an incredibly stressful year, but I will face it with health and peace.

  • Jennifer Kemhus says:

    2016 goals, finish prerequisites for nursing program and apply for nursing program, lose 40 more pounds and work towards fitness goal. Get Celiac and IBS issues as resolved as possible.

  • Tiffany says:

    I love your newsletter! I look forward to coming to work everyday to see what new information you have for us! You are awesome!

  • Stephanie says:

    While I eat LCHF, I’m not in ketosis. My goal is to PLAN meals for a week at a time, and get and stay in ketosis!

  • Amelia says:

    I use my blender for so many things but it doesn’t always work so well. I keep telling myself when it goes out I can save to upgrade to a vitamin.

  • Tara Pantera says:

    Goals…hmmm…to eat less carbs. Carbs are my spirit animal.

  • McDonna says:

    My 2016 goals for my health are to lose weight AND get fit

  • Jacqui K says:

    In 2016, I want to get back to making healthy choices all around-food, exercise, meditation. I have really gotten off track over the past year and know how good I feel when I follow your eating plan/advice. Need to trade-in my sugar for some swerve! Thanks for the opportunity and happy holidays!

  • Kat says:

    To stay on track and continue losing weight.
    Also try many more recipes.

  • Linda says:

    Find a stress free job that I love!

  • JE says:

    My goals are to keep on keepin’ on and to step up my workouts!

  • Jill S. says:

    My goals for 2016: To keep on keeping on with eating healthy, moving my body, and loving the process!

  • Karen Bell says:

    I’m type 1 diabetic, and I really started eating LC/HF about 6 months ago and initially was losing weight, but I’ve stopped losing and have even gained some back. My goal after the hussle and bussle of the holidays is over is to refocus my diet and figure out the perfect balance for me to finish loosing that bit of baby weight and still maintain great blood sugar readings! I’ll be researching your blog as part of that! This Giveaway is so amazing and will be a great blessing to who ever wins!!! Thank you for all your amazing recipes and information <3

  • arm2008 says:

    I’m going to reduce my protein intake overall, and my animal protein intake specifically, to see if I can work toward being a low carb vegetarian

  • Antonia says:

    I already managed to convince my mom to eat keto, now my goal is to convert my dad too!

  • Debbie Jennings says:

    I want to incorporate exercise into my lifestyle the same way I have changed my eating.

  • Sheri says:

    My goal for 2016 is to stay on track. I feel so healthy, clean and have so much more
    energy when I stay on track. Thank you Maria!

  • Jean says:

    My goal is to keep focused on eating keto.

  • joanna n. says:

    2016 goals: trust Jesus w/ my health while i continue to do my best to take care of the temple of the Holy Spirit

  • Michelle K. says:

    I have been making chocolate chip cookie dough bites with my Confectioners Swerve and loving them. Thank to Swerve for sponsoring a wonderful giveaway! I’ve always wanted a Vitamix because it’s such an amazing high-powered blender and it would really help me on my journey to a healthier life.

  • Elaine Markley says:

    My 2016 goal is to continue the keto lifestyle as well as my spiritual path.

  • Janet says:

    My goal is to cook more, and try to also even eat healthier.

  • Laura says:

    My goals for 2016 are to take better care of myself. 2015 was a very stressful and emotionally tumultuous year, and I really dropped the ball on self care. I started drinking too much wine and not caring about my diet. As a nutritionist, it was a big deal. I’ve worked through the issues in 2015 and am armed and ready to take charge in 2016!

  • Mary says:

    What a giveaway, Maria! This would be a huge blessing for me in the kitchen. My 2016 goals are to continue my new keto lifestyle, continue to feel better and have more energy, get into a consistent fitness schedule. If I lose weight, great! I need to, LOL. 2016: NO FEAR!

  • tine tine says:

    Life changer…The whole ketogenic way of life is definitely a life changer. I can, without a doubt say, that I have never had such a clear/focused mindset in all my 50 years. I feel better and I think clearer everyday. The addition of Keto OS into my daily regiment has shown a very evident change for the good in my clarity and energy level. One good way to put it is, I am a more stable person because of it. Also, the use of Swerve has been an important change from sugar.

    I remain amazed at how this type of eating and discipline has lowered the pain in my body. Because of that, I find myself with a better attitude which is good for me and all whom I come into contact with.

    Although my original primary focus was weight loss, I find the additional effects to be very satisfying.

    My goal for 2016 is to diligently keep doing what I’m doing with the high good fat diet supplemented with Keto OS and swerve…..it has become an unbeatable combination for me….and a real life changer.

  • Julie says:

    Ongoing, continuing the improvement of me!

  • Julie Sharpe says:

    I love Swerve and use it every day. Would love to have the Vitamix too!

  • Heidi M says:

    This would be heavenly!!! Goal to establish a fitness routine.

  • S Randolph says:

    The vitamix could bring food prep and my diet to a new level

  • Kristen says:

    Trying to buy more organic. We live so far from stores that carry it, it can sometimes be hard to procure. But the effort is always worth it!

  • Christine says:

    That would be a blessing! For 2016, to continue to live the keto life!

  • S Randolph says:

    The vitamix could bring food prep and my diet to a new level. Would love to win it!

  • Jan says:

    My goal is to get back on the LCHF lifestyle full time. I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit.

  • Lori says:

    My goals for 2016 are to eat healthier and lose 30 lbs. by meal planning and finding an exercise routine I can stick with. Also decluttering my home of things that we no longer need, use or love. And finding more ways and time to help those in need – family, friend, neighbor or stranger. Thanks for the giveaway. I’ve wanted a Vitamix for a long time

  • Kathleen says:

    My goal for 2016 is to stay on track with getting healthy and feeling better! I want to continue to increase my energy and fitness levels!

  • Jes says:

    My goal is to eat healthy and get healthy for myself. To take charge of my life.

  • Lisa W says:

    I love using swerve in baking! Maria’s pies, cakes, cookies, fat bombs, tea, and more. It fills that need for sweet without the carbs! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of a Vitamix. I’ve been using my mom’s old Oster from the 80’s. It works better than all the ones I’ve found…but not well. Hoping to win so I can try out a REAL blender! PICK ME! 😉

  • annie says:

    I love your cinnamon roll recipe. I love using Swerve. I would love a Vitamix as I do not have a mixer and do things the old fashioned way!!

  • Michelle says:

    I want to continue eating a Keto lifestyle and become more committed to it. I have been eating a combination of keto and low carb lately.

  • Crystal Syverson says:

    I want to lose the baby weight and feel amazing on my wedding day in October!

  • audrey says:

    my goal is to get a six-pack!!!!

  • Debbie says:

    My 2016 goals are to stay on Keto//OS, lose weight and start going regularly to the gym. Thank you for all you do to help all of us! I’ve wanted a Vitamix ever since my niece got one a couple of years ago.

  • Glenda Zielski says:

    I am going to stick with the Maria way – you have changed my life!!!!! Using your new best selling cookbook!

  • Shelia Bailey says:

    My goal is to lose weight and be healthy. (I have DM, Type II.) However, another goal which is as important is to help my 16-year-old daughter lose weight. She also has recently been diagnosed with a disorder which is adversely impacted by weight.

  • Anna J says:

    I want to be a more positive and relaxed person in 2016 – might even try meditating!

  • Deborah M says:

    My goals for the coming year are to finish the fat loss I’m working on, develop my own website selling survival, hunting & camping gear, and be debt free.

  • Elizabeth Moreno says:

    My 2016 goals are to keep on working hard towards a healthy happy me

  • loyri halliburton says:

    My goal for 2016 is to keep the weight off and continue to live a healthy lifestyle!

  • Sharlene says:

    I really love your books, recipes, and blog. I feel it’s helped me to improve my health over the last year, since I found your information. Thanks so much for delivering great value! And I’d love to win a Vitamix!!

  • esperaanza says:

    I plan to keep Keto and spread the love with educating my family on Keto and lowcarb. Need to bring back the fats

  • jill says:

    I really need that

  • Pam says:

    My goals are to be back at a healthy weight before I turn 50 in April. And then to continue on a Ketogenic eating plan. I think it has finally clicked with me that this is a healthy, doable, lifestyle for countless reasons and not just a weight loss plan.

  • P.J. Stietz says:

    My 2016 goal is to consistently maintain my diet in order to control my diabetes. This is always a tough one, but my body can’t keep handling the back and forth.

  • sue says:

    Vitamix is great! Love it for making p-nut butter with some swerve to add a touch of sweetness, and no salt for hubby … LOVE Swerve … wish they still sold it on their website. Thanks to Vitamix, Swerve and Maria for opportunity to win! sue in CA

    • sue says:

      oops, so excited about the giveaway I forgot to post my goals for 2016! Goal to stay healthy, strong as I go into my 65th birthday and to keep my Keto lifestyle and promote it whenever I can. I’m even getting a new dr. who promised to become knowledgeable about Ketogenic lifestyle b4 my appt in March … maybe she will even promote Keto to her patients!

  • Denise says:

    I plan to continue trying to reclaim my health, and creating a much more natural, healthy environment to live in. Doing everything from scratch can be time consuming and a little daunting sometimes…..anything that could lend a hand would be greatly appreciated! 😀

  • Karen says:

    I plan on making this my healthiest year ever !

  • Jen says:

    I have been wanting a Vitamix for along time but cannot afford to buy one. My challenge in to maintain a keto diet to become healthy again and remain seizure free.

  • My goal is to develop more great recipes to show others how easy it is to eat Keto!
    A Vitamix would help!

  • Dani says:

    My goal is to lose 50 pounds, tone up, and feel great!

  • Daphne says:

    Ready to rock another marathon….this time fueled with Ketones and not Glucose!!! I’m SUPER Excited!!!! *\0/*

  • Jenny Mathweg says:

    My goal for 2016… Ketogenic diet all the way!! I’m going to get to the size I was in high school size 6-8. I have wide hips (3 kids later)so it might be an 8. I’m going to focus on strength training 3x a week to get strong and have definition. I will start up running again and participate in a 5k w/ my 10 yr old daughter. I need my energy and strength to keep up w/ my 10 and 4 yr daughters and my 1 yr old son! I purchased the Accelerated package on Black Friday. I so enjoy reading Maria’s books, videos and other teaching materials. I have about 50 lbs to go. My husband and I will be doing the program together.😃 So very excited for this journey w/ Maria’s help and God it’s going to be possible to finally get fit!!

  • Sheli says:

    Goals for 2016:
    Unplug more in the evenings and let work wait until daytime hours.

    Cook more meals that the entire family will eat together.

    Run a half marathon and PR agian

    Make mindful chioces with my food even when hurried.

  • Linda says:

    Learning to cook low carb. Maria, thanks for your great information and recipes.

  • Lee says:

    Just want to lose 10 pounds

  • patricia says:

    Continue my goal of eating healthier and getting my husband to eating healthier along with me.

  • Linda says:

    Love to win this … you guys are fantastic!

  • Kelly says:

    I want to be healthy and happy in the new year!

  • Jill DeMasters says:

    Would love love love this!

  • Holly P. says:

    My goals for 2016 are to continue on my health journey and to help my daughter get her high insulin levels lowered.

  • Kelly Gentz says:

    My blender is dying so a vitamin would be amazing!

  • Sarah says:

    My 2015 goal is to become more organized. 🙂

  • samantha says:

    I would love to find out more about this!!

  • Michelle says:

    my goal is to get my son totally on board to this way of eating. He’s 75% there!

  • Susan Lynn says:

    I really need to get back on it! I’ve allowed sugar to slowly creep back in and my gut is not liking it! My muscles ache, my tummy is rebelling and my energy is in the dumps…

  • Juli V says:

    My goal is to continue to eat healthy and go to the gym more often.

  • Heather says:

    I’ve been low carb for a few years but due to some health issues put on some of the weight I had lost. I plan on getting myself back to my previous weight (-35 pounds) in 2016, get my medical issue under control (FODMAP diet for a few more weeks per docs) and try to figure out how to relax more (yoga maybe). Happy Holidays everyone!

  • Sarah says:

    Some of my 2016 goals are to reach my 1 year anniversary of sticking to Keto without cheating (which in the past when I stuck to keto for awhile a “little” cheat would last months before I “got back on the wagon, so cheating cannot be an option for me!)

  • Konnie Schilling says:

    My goal is to lose this baby weight that crept back on after finishing breastfeeding.

  • Elea says:

    Hello and thank youuuuuuu !
    I’m starting a new way of eating : lots of vegetables , no sugar , no meat, free gluten . A real challenge! So, I need to equip my kitchen with that change. I count on this contest and luck smiling at me !

    I’m from France, it’s a big deal ?

  • Steve says:

    Love the recipes, the generosity, and most of all the inspiration!

  • Amy says:

    My goal is to become more overall healthy. Lowering my A1C is a main goal, along with losing weight so I can do more with my kids.

  • Molly says:

    My goal for 2016 is to increase my income by 15%. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  • John S says:

    My goal is to stay healthy (keto) and gain more muscle!

  • Elizabeth says:

    My goal for 2016: get back to my pre-pregnancy weight (or lower!) so that I’m in a good position physically to begin another pregnancy!

  • Lynn B says:

    I really need to get healthy before it’s too late. Hoping to win, thanks for the chance!

  • BettyAnne says:

    10 pounds to go in 2016!!

  • Teresa says:

    My goal for 2016 is to take out sugar filled foods from my kids diet (one every 2-3 weeks) and replace with ketogenic alternatives.

  • Sandy Munn says:

    My goal for 2016 is to try more keto recipes and keep them in my menu rotation. Also to get more active through the winter months when I’m not as active as I am the other seasons.

  • Debbie says:

    For 2016 I want to get off my last blood pressure medication through diet and healthy habits.

  • Heather says:

    My goal is to take Keto eating from a diet to a lifestyle. I have had two battles with Cancer and recently a hysterectomy. I feel that a complete 100% committment to this way of eating could do wonders for my immune system. Would love to win the Vitamix. Good luck to everyone!!

  • Tracey says:

    Continue with keto and good health!

  • brandy boone says:

    I plan to make keto a big part of my life. I need to make healthier choices and the grocery store and buy no more processes foods

  • Viola Peachey says:

    I want to get back to eating healthier again and lose some baby weight.

  • Theresa says:

    My goal for 2016 is to continue to eat healthy and exercise more.

  • Staci says:

    My goal for 2016 – lose the 12 lbs I have gained back over the last year.

  • andrea says:

    More weight to lose but also need to work on my recently diagnosed autoimmune disease. Want to be healthy for many years to come – that is my goal for this next year 🙂

  • Kate Helton says:

    To lose the baby weight 🙂

  • Jennifer Bolf says:

    I goal for this coming year is to finally get my health back. I’ve struggled this year with Thyroid disease, doctors just blowing me off, no energy to help myself. Finally had Thyroid removed due to cancer and I haven’t felt this good in years so I am so ready to jump back on the healthy train, lose weight, gain muscle and feel great once again

  • Sherry says:

    Goal for 2016 is to be more present in the moment and spend more time not thinking or worrying about the future..

  • Diane says:

    Happy holidays! Hoping to continue being healthy and happy in the new year! I hope the same for all of you.

  • Judy says:

    Get back to eating “friendly” foods. Why do we do all the work to get there, only to keep backsliding into the old bad habits???

  • Molly says:

    I love Swerve and I love you!! So much I could do with this VITAMIX. WHOO HOO
    Happy Holidays

  • Christel says:

    my goal for 2016 is to lose 100 more pds. I am down already 30 pds and am Keto adapted! I also couldn’t do this without swerve!!! I need my coffee with sweetener!

  • elise says:

    I would like to finish losing the last 9 pounds and incorporate more fasting

  • Laura French says:

    My goal right now is to win this!! I need it really bad!! lolol♡♡♡

  • susan mongeau says:

    My goal is to get healthier.

  • Jae W says:

    Hopefully reach my goal weight and start maintaining! Also i want to move closer to work!

  • April says:

    To experiment with new recipes!

  • Hannah Thorne says:

    My goals for 2016 – to get stronger, to be more balanced in mind/body/spirit/time commitments and to try more Maria Emmerich recipes (so good!)…and win a vitamix 😉

  • Christie says:

    This is my year of 10’s. Ten years ago I finished my Nursing degree, I had my last body building show, I will be 40 years young and last but not least, I married my best friend! So this is my year. I will be in the best shape ever. Hit the gym, got a trainer and am working on a fitness show in June. Will renew our vows in the same sands of Hawaii. I will become a rep and team rider for an up and coming SUP maker. And last, become a real estate agent and flip houses as I once did, 10 years ago. This is my year!

  • Sandra says:

    My goal would be to follow through on what I am learning about healthy eating. It’s easy to know these things but hard to put it into practice!

  • Christianna Wheeler says:

    What a nice gesture. Merry Christmas

  • Holly says:

    Going for my 40th high school reunion in October… would like to be proud of how I look. Vitamix would sure help!!!

  • Lisa says:

    To improve my overall health.

  • Stephanie says:

    Two of my goals for 2016 are 1. To expand and improve upon my low-carb culinary abilities and 2. Start and continue strength training.

  • Amy says:

    Fine tune my health, lose weight and up the exercise!

  • Judith says:

    I’m 20 years old and struggling with chronic fatigue… I have always been very healthy but now I’m putting all my efforts on the recovery🙏 always thought a vitamix (high quality blender) could help because you can eat a lot of vegetables and fruit at once! Love your blog Maria and thank you❤️❤️❤️

  • Kailee says:

    To stay active and happy!

  • Rachel H. says:

    My goals for the coming year are to consistently get to the gym three times a week, lose at least twenty more pounds (I’ve already lost 60), and to get stronger and leaner.

  • Lynnette W. says:

    My goals for 2016 are to increase my lean body mass and improve my overall cardio health.

  • Michelle says:

    Stay strong and get to my goal weight…have started KetoOS to help me to my goal

  • Sherry says:

    Stay on track with my fitness and health goals!

  • Angel says:

    I’m working on my commitment to stay healthy for 2016!

  • Marilyn says:

    continue with my healthy lifestyle, take the dog for more walks, enjoy the little things.

  • Sarah B says:

    I would love to use the blender to make some keto friendly coconut butter.

  • Sara says:

    My goal would be to try and be more creative with what
    i eat

  • Kathy says:

    This blender would be awesome to own and use on so many if your recipes.

  • Kari Schumacher says:

    My goals for 2016 are to continue to become more humbling with everyone I meet and to listen more to my surrounds and understand what it is that people are missing in their life and try to help them fill that void with positive energies!!

  • Amy says:

    My goal is to walk closer to God and to show Jesus more in my attitude, actions, and words.

  • Lori says:

    I love the comment above me ^
    I would love to finally get back in shape in terms of exercising.

  • Katrina says:

    I want to be more diligent about eating healthy!

  • Tiffany says:

    My goal for 2016 is to make sure my family feels loved. We have been through a lot this past year and tempers have been short. Praying 2016 is a smoother ride.

  • Kristina Kohler says:

    My goal for 2016 would be to continue my weight loss Journey. and drink more water.

  • Jill says:

    My goal for 2016 is to get my family Keto adapted!

  • Vicki Ejibe says:

    My goals are to keep improving my health, inspire others to get better, and enjoy my older age!

  • Howard says:

    The Vitamix is a very nice blender. After about 5 years, we sort-of wore one out (actually, I can probably fix it if I can get a repair manual) and bought another (very lightly) used one.

    The Vitamix is one of the very few blenders that can be use by a blind person. I know this because a blind lady that I was tutoring on how to use a screen reader to use her computer bought one, and loves it!

  • Howard says:

    Oh, forgot to mention my 2016 goal. That is it figure out how to repair whatever malfunction is keeping me from losing that last 50 lbs, after I lost over 100 lbs so easily…

  • Stacy says:

    In 2016, I want to celebrate daily the joy of living without chronic pain, morbid obesity, depression, and so many other ailments I have collected in my 48 year old life
    journey. I want to live life through my faith, relationships, and experiences rather than through the numbness of eating “poison”. I am grateful for Maria’s wisdom and efforts as they have brought me enlightenment as to what I can do to heal myself. A Vitamix would be such a great tool in my arsenal to achieve these goals.

  • Donna says:

    To be healthy and happy!

  • Crystal says:

    My goals for 2016: Start losing weight to avoid having to have gastric by-pass surgery (I have some severe back, hip, knee issues due to weight). And to start my son to eating healthy as he already has hyper insulinemia, NAFLD, (and other developmental disorders (autism spectrum). We’re trying to avoid going on diabetic medicine (I mean crazy they just want to shove a pill at him rather than have him modify his diet … argh).

  • Joan says:

    My goal for 2016 is to prepare more green healthy drinks. A Vitamix would be perfect for that!

  • ErinK says:

    Stay on track and reach my goal weight and stay there!

  • Teri Law says:

    My goals for 2016 are to beat diabetes. I have already had lung cancer and breast cancer, and I beat those. Now I am attacking diabetes and obesity. I am down 12 lbs, (thanks to Swerve and learning about low carb high fat!) I don’t have a Vitamix but its on my wish list! Where would I be without my Swerve dessert recipes??!! My blood sugars are in control (80-90’s) and I feel that by this time next year I will be down at least 50 more lbs!!

  • Joanna says:

    My goals are to get a job, save money, be a great aunt and continue to improve my health!

  • Danielle Levy-Wolins says:

    Continue to appreciate and respect my body 🙂

  • samiyah says:

    WE all want to win this!!!

  • samiyah says:

    WE all want to win this!!! In 2016 I want to get into the best health of my life!

  • Kae says:

    I wish that Swerve was available in my little town but I will get some more when I’m in OKC! But I sure could use a Vita-Mix…I don’t have any type of blender!

  • MelissaC says:

    Goals: weight loss, fertility, gardening, more chickens, add hogs or lambs

  • Goals… like so many years before… to simply get healthy.

  • Nancy says:

    I love Swerve and regularly use it in place of sugar. For Thanksgiving I made a Paula Deen pineapple dish that required 1 cup of sugar; I used only 1/2 cup of Swerve and the results were phenomenal! My 2016 goals are to get out of debt completely and to get healthy. A Vitamix machine will help me meet both goals.

  • Dahlia says:

    My goals are to add more (good) fat to my diet and to change up my exercise routine.

  • Megan uhrich says:

    After finally achiving my goal if becoming a RN in 2015. It is my new goal of finding myself this next year in 2016. I love swerve in my previous endevors in keto way of eatting. I have previously dabbled in eatting this way and plan and fully commmitting to conquer obesity ince an for all. Ty for allowing me to follow your page its a great combo with swerve .

  • wendy G says:

    I love Swerve, my only complaint is that it’s not available EVERYWHERE! My goal is to keep working on improving myself, contribute in a positive way more and to keep my eye focused on what is important and let go of what isn’t. God bless and keep you all this holiday season and for the new year coming!

  • Leslie says:

    My goal is to figure out how to properly eat to manage this awful menopause gain! Due to endometrosis and severe complicated cysts, at 35 yrs old they had to take everything. So now I am just about in post menopause. I was evidently pushed into perimenopause while having the issues, so then everything removed, I felt better but gained 25 lbs in my belly/butt area. I follow a lot of your recipes but dont have everything I need to do it. I am also in college full time AND I homeschool my kids. So, if you dont know, evidently post menopausal makes you CRAZY, over weight AND ambitious! ha! My goals is to figure this weight thing out! Lord help me! Ive never had the chance to try swerve. Often times, at my stores its sold out. So Ive been using another stevia one. I think more expensive but its good.

  • Tonya says:

    My 2016 goal is to get healthy and learn how to fix the right foods for us. Eliminate wheat and grains.

  • Renea says:

    I haven’t tried swerve and haven’t been as successful as a lot of people making comments. In my lifetime I quit smoking and quit drugs but this food addiction is HARD!! Maybe 2016 will be the year I figure this out and conquer this!

  • Kim says:

    My goals. Oh wow. Long or short version lol? Main goal is to maintain my healthy weight and keto lifestyle. I have RA, Lupus, polychondritis and DDD. Keto is saving my life. I’ll never go back!

  • Suzie says:

    Reestablish healthy eating!

  • Lauren H says:

    My goals to have a healthier family. I know it starts with me making healthier changes.

  • norma says:

    beautiful machine. I love it and swerve and you. 🙂

  • Keegan says:

    Focusing on health and finding strength 🙂

  • Hanna says:

    My 2016 goals are to work on healthy eating, and increase my strength!

  • Lindy says:

    For 2016 my goals are to loose the last 20 lbs. I have already lost 80 eating the Maria way. I am so grateful I found your website. I love swerve and would love to vitamix.

  • Stephanie Intagliata says:

    My 2016 goals are to continue living and learning ways to be healthier, to build better relationships and to have financial security so that I can contribute to my family!

  • Alexandra robertson says:

    My 2016 goal is to lower my. blood sugar to a healthier level. I tested way to high and am trying the keto diet to live my healthy life.

  • Stacey says:

    My goal is to eat healthier by adding more fruits and vegetables daily via smoothies and soups.

  • Tovah says:

    I am looking to become more dedicated to this way of living and eating.

  • Ilisa Ailts says:

    My goals for 2016 are to keep rearranging my life to become more and more healthy. I would love to get my photography business caught up as well, namely my website. Oh, and my own kids photo albums too 🙂

  • Dawn Newark says:

    ❤❤My new year’s resolution? Put kindness first, treat others well, pay it forward and NEVER take anything for granted!

  • Katie disimone says:

    Travel and try new experiences.

  • Kathy says:

    Lose that last 15 and help my friends who are trying to adopt this lifestyle. I do lots of sample recipes for them so they can see how it is possible!

  • Christi says:

    My plans for 2016 are to continue on my journey with Keto Os, I have never been so motivated in my life with the wonderful product. I have type 2 diabetes in my family history and have had to watch my dad go thru 2 amputations and knew I needed to do something to not follow down that same path. Thanks to Keto OS and Maria for the help and inspiration and help needed to succeed.

  • Clare Johnson says:

    To become more educated on health and wellness. As well as having the hunger and motivation to exercise! 🍎🍏🍊🍋🍒🍇🍇🍉🍓🍑🍑🍈🍌🍐🍐🍍🍍🍠🍆🍅

  • Carina says:

    Hey there, I would love to win Merry Christmas

  • Allison says:

    My goals are to lose 15lb, finish nursing school and start my new career as an RN! Also to get a step closer to my CDE.

    • Jeanne says:

      As a RN of 20 years, I BEG you to preach Keto to diabetics when you get your CDE! Sadly, most refuse to, and continue recommending over 100 grams of carbs per day… Sad

  • Julieanne says:

    My goals are to continue going more than once a week to CrossFit, and to continue to eat more of a Keto style diet.

  • Patti Hill says:

    I love the Maria way. I would like to lose 20 more pounds in 2016. I will lose 20 more pounds in 2016. 🙂 I have lost 45 so far and feel great. Meds are almost all gone. What an amazing way of eating, and I’ve got several of my friends started on this path. You can talk all you want about this but when people see the results they are way more interested. Like I say, My kids don’t listen to a word I way, they are too busy watching what I’m doing.

  • Robin says:

    Goal for 2016 is a fast recovery from knee replacement with a keto diet being a big part of that recovery!

  • Aimee says:

    2016 will be my time to move and shake, getting my flexibility back to where it was, and to tap into my inner joy. Thanks for the support!!

  • Jane says:

    Learn to meditate and experiment with recipes.

  • Jill DeMasters says:

    2016… is my year! In every way! Regaining my health, my body, my mind and my life! Woop!

  • Debbie says:

    Learn how to follow diabetic lifestyle!

  • Dimitrea S. says:

    My 2016 goal is to be a ME advocate. Not to sound selfish, but I want to spend as much time on my development as I do with my career. I want to invest more in my health, emotional wealth, and happiness.

  • Debbie Gubi says:

    I love swerve and would love to use it in the vitamix. hope I win it 🙂

  • Sheryl Smith says:

    My goal is to get healthy again. Health wise, this way of eating is the one that makes the most sense to me to reverse/control a few medical conditions. I also feel a lot of self confidence has been lost by being overweight, so getting back to a healthy weight is of high importance to me.

  • Morgan viers says:

    My goals are to lose 15 pounds and gain upper body strength greatly!

  • Tammy Albright says:

    My goal for 2016 is to lose 30 pounds. Lost 50 in 2014, gained back 10 in 2015. Eating healthier everyday and back to rollerblading 12 to 15 miles a day.

  • Regina Clack says:

    My goal for 2016 is to lose 40 pounds and tone up.

  • Jeanne says:

    Maria, I have been reading your blog since 2010! I AM a believer! I SO want the Vitamix to help in making yummy Keto food.

  • My goals are to plan accordingly so that I have a wholesome low carb meal on the table 6 nights a week. I am hoping to add more soups to the dinner rotation as well as protein smoothies for me and the occasional fruit smoothie or blender “ice cream” for the children.

  • krickt says:

    I’m hoping to have my weight goal before the beginning of the year!
    But!!!! I’m a cheer coach now, and I would like to be able to show my girls that an old lady can do a toe touch, front hurdle and a herkey, all without hurting herself! So after that last 15 lbs comes off, I’m going to start some gentle conditioning, and get my leg muscles ready for the landing (the only part that hurts me at this point, I can get up in the air, but landing hurts for a few days after!)
    I already have all the energy I need to keep up with them, since they are loaded down with all the grains and sugars that are the SAD, so now I just need the conditioning and muscle to “show ’em how it’s done!”

  • Tracy says:

    Thank you. I love the change in my eating habits and lifestyle your blog has started.

  • Bonnie says:

    I know I need to get more sleep and make my own needs more of a priority. I tend to take care of everyone else first. I’m definitely sleep deprived. I want to maintain my weight, take time to do things I enjoy, like spending time with my grandchildren, and enjoying a nature walk.

  • koshie says:

    Certainly a timely question — I hadn’t considered it until just now! It shall be my goal to reach goal weight (a loss of 20 lb). Another goal will be to make certain commitments in trying to stay in better touch with my friends and family.

  • Jamie says:

    Maintain weight, eat real food, strength train and love on my family.

  • Cindy says:

    I’m hoping to lower my blood sugar by recommitting to eating low carb/keto.

  • Christina says:

    I’m hoping to lose 50 pounds in 2016!

  • Cindy says:

    My goal is to get healthy and lose weight!

  • Laura says:

    My goal for 2016 is to continuing learning more about Keto and helping my body recover from years of not understanding how important what is eat and how it effects my body. I am so thankful that I discovered Maria’s blog and recipes. I learn something new every time I visit.

  • amanda says:

    My goal for 2016 is to continue on keto, become more healthy and increase my exercise!

  • Melissa Lowe says:

    My goal is to heal my gut……I also wouldn’t mind dropping a few pounds!

  • shaunie says:

    I woul d have to say to do more yoga

  • Carolyn says:

    One of my goals is to feed my family healthier food.

  • Kimberly says:

    Goal: to reach my goal weight. about 35-40 lbs to go.

  • Rachel says:

    I am hoping to get more organized, more financially stable, and get healthier! I love the idea of having green smoothies to get more nutrients, but my blender doesn’t do very well with breaking up leafy greens. Thanks so much for having the giveaway!

  • Emily says:

    We’re getting married! I want to look and feel great!

  • Eva says:

    I call 2016 my 50th year. It’s going to be a keto life 2016!

  • Pamela says:

    Two of my goals for 2016 is to get healthier by making better food choices and regularly incorporate more exercise to keep my A1C at an optimal level. The information in Maria’s books and blog help me tremendously with the first goal and I guess I’ll just have to get to it to do it to achieve the second.

  • Tina says:

    My goal is to purchase your Keto program and start living!

  • Jamie says:

    My goals for 2016 are to lift weights and begin to get lean and strong. I am only 2 pounds away from goal weight thanks to a Ketogenic lifestyle. I hope to expand my cooking regime this year and learn and implement new Keto friendly recipes for my family and I.

  • Jei says:

    Rebalance my health.

  • Anastasia says:

    My goals for 2016 are to start lifting heavy weights regularly and to stay on track with my health and fitness.

  • Wren says:

    I love how Swerve has allowed me to enjoy many of the sweets I love without the guilt. I no longer feel deprived because I have it as a sweetener option that won’t make me diabetic or fat.

  • Marina says:

    my goals are to continue on keto adapted and start lifting weights to get healthy, were I want to be.

  • ellen casper says:

    Develop lean muscle and eat healthier.

  • Cinnatam says:

    To truly get my mind wrapped around this way of eating and enjoy it.
    To get healthier physically, emotionally and mentally .

  • Kristel says:

    I’m at a weight loss stall so I would like to move on and lose more in 2016!

  • Jameson says:

    I could really use a vitamix… It’d be so amazing to actually have a gift under the tree this year 🙂

  • Kate says:

    Would love to win this Vita Mix…

  • Cheryl says:

    My goals for the year 2016 are to bring my blood sugar levels down and lose weight.

  • Jody says:

    Lose weight, reduce blood sugar, balance horomones

  • samantha says:

    my 2016 goals are to lose the last 10 lbs [ive lost 50 so far thanks to keto] and TONE it up!! also, to be more frugal with spending and saving money, and to visit our family in maine!

  • carol says:

    My goal for 2016 is to stay keto adapted and get my family healthy.

  • Heather says:

    My goals are a healthier lifestyle and Getting to know “me” better.

  • GiGi Eats says:

    My blender is one of my best friends, LOL! I’m always willing to expand my friends group though 😉

  • Diane says:

    I do use Swerve to bake with right now. My goal is to ‘swerve’ 🙂 and start one of Maria’s plans to become healthy. I’ve been sitting on the side lines reading and dabbling in your keto recipes – a little bit too long. Time to take control. I’d love to add the blender to start my journey.

  • Joie says:

    I want to try keto to keep my blood sugar balanced.

  • Stephanie says:

    OH, wouldn’t it be wonderful to win a vitamin?! I would enjoy making many of your keto recipes.

  • Caitlin says:

    I would love to give this to my mother-in-law! Thank you for sharing the love this Christmas. 😀

  • Robin says:

    My 2016 Goal is to get healthier. I would love to win a Vitamix! They are wonderful. I had one but lost in a house fire and insurance did not allow budget for replacement. I haven’t tried Swerve yet but will now. Just learned about it here:)

  • Pan says:

    I’m trying to get a couple pounds lighter so I have a buffer zone below my goal weight. Once I get there my goal is to maintain it.

  • Pam says:

    M y goal for 2016 is to get off all my medications. I have been eating keto for a year now thanks to Maria’s blog, cookbooks and books. Love reading newly posts from Maria. Thank you.

  • My goal is to get my blood pressure down and heal a fatty liver following the keto diet.

  • Robin Worthington says:

    My plan for the new year is to get back to low carb, grain free lifestyle. I want to get off all medications, lose weight and just be healthy.

  • Diana says:

    Maria, I am smitten like a kitten with you and your wonderful bloggity, and who doesn’t love vitamix?!?! Happy holidays to everyone and good luck!

  • Erica says:

    Goals are to encorporate more strength training in my week.

  • imee says:

    to be happy

  • Paula says:

    My goal for 2016 to continue losing the weight I started in 2015 (50 plus pounds down), hit my goal & finally maintain for the first time in my life!

  • Patricia Delgado says:

    1/1/16 will mark my one year anniversary of changing my lifestyle. Over the course of this year I have dropped close to 50lbs and gained so much! If everyone only knew how horrible sugar and carbs really were.. Anyhow I adore swerve it’s always a staple here both granular and powered. My goal for 2016 is to gain more confidence with my cooking abilities so I can attempt to tackle some of Maria’s recipes that intimidate me and also I hope to transition my autistic daughter to a sugar free lifestyle little by little. I have read she would really benefit from it but she literally eats about 5 different foods (all carbs) and it’s gonna be a long and difficult road. Happy holidays!!

  • Kim says:

    my goals are to be healthy and happy

  • Jennifer D says:

    My goal is to lose 20 more pounds and see if I can be a kidney donor for a friend.

  • Erica Callahan says:

    I’d love a Vitamix! I grind my granular Swere when I run out of the confectioners’ Swere! This would’ve so handy for so many reasons. My goal for 2016 is to have a healthy baby, make lots of healthy baby food, & stay Keto adapted!

  • Brenda says:

    Lose another 30 lbs

  • vanessa says:

    Prioritize myself.

  • Kim says:

    Be healthier – eat more greens, work out, and lose 20#

  • Barbara says:

    I will returning to college after 24 years to get my BSN. I have enrolled and signed up for my first class. It is an accurate description program and my goal is to be finished before my 46th birthday in August, 2017.
    I also have the goal of walking daily. I have to get moving… Consistently.

  • Patti says:

    Walk 5x per week!

  • Lucia Retkovska says:

    In the coming year I would like to be even more persistent in eating a healthy diet while cutting on sugar, gluten, processed food, lactose and other animal based products. My plans for next year are all about creating a community in Fuerteventura where I recently moved, bring people together, inspire them and teach them towards more happy, healthy and fulfilling life. I would like to be even better living example of a healthy and sustainable diet and its effects on our overall happiness. For workshops that I would like to arrange I will need a quality mixer, at the moment I am not sure if I can afford investing in a Vitamix mixer. Winning a Vitamix mixer would be an incredible gift for me and for my project. If I win the Vitamix mixer I invite you all to join our community in Fuerteventura and have a nice Green Smoothie with us. Love & Shine. Lucia

  • Sally says:

    I would like a Vitamix! I want to do more juicing in 2016!

  • Stephanie G says:

    My goal for 2016 would be…being more flexible to change and stepping out of my comfort zone.

  • Tara says:

    I love Vitamix!!!!!! My goals for 2016 is to start eating clean and that starts with reading Maria’s new book. I have read her other books years ago but I believe keto is the way to go!! I have been cleaning most chemicals out of my life and food is the last thing I need to get clean. Lots of emotion going into this change but I know I can do it with Gods help and my determination. 🙂 Thank you Maria for your help!!!

  • Annie Smith says:

    Get my priorities back in order: spending purposeful time daily with my husband and children. Not just going through the motions. Getting up early to make sure I’m abiding with the Lord and being connected to the vine. When these are in focus it’s so much easier for me to be healthy in my diet and exercise.

  • Sandy J says:

    My goals for 2016 are to take better care of myself, hopefully with all the right foods, more exercise, and losing some weight. Hopefully encouraging my husband to do the same!

  • Nikki says:

    I love swerve, I made Italian pillow cookies last week. A vitamin would be awesome!!!!

  • I’d love to have a healthy New Year. I want to do my best to help my diabetic husband successfully continue his road to good health. (He has been off meds for more than 5 years!)

  • Andrea says:

    My goal is to reach and maintain a healthy weight and feel more confident!

  • Hannah says:

    My goals are to gain muscle and have more energy!

  • Kristie W says:

    My goals include mindfulness, gratitude, and a healthy approach to self care!

  • Genie says:

    Keep the sugar low and the fiber high

  • Amanda Whitley says:

    my goals for 2016 is to get healthier and be more organized.

  • Michaela says:

    My grandma and Auntie both love theirs! I’d love one, they are an awesome tool to have in the kitchen when eating healthy! ♡

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