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Easy Low Carb Pizza

By January 23, 2015February 3rd, 2019Uncategorized

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Easy Low Carb Pizza


I grew up in Medford, WI; the origin of the first frozen pizza: Tombstone Pizza! It started in a bar located across the street from a graveyard. My dad worked at the bar making pizzas for his friend who owned it. When the pizzas stared to get popular, my dad’s friend asked him if he wanted to be a part of the business. He politely said no since my grandpa owned a plumbing and heating business and my dad always knew he was destined to be a plumber which he is to this day, as well as my brothers.

But it does make me think of the “butterfly effect” and how my destiny could have been different if he would have said yes!

I’m happy he declined! Not only because I love my job but because I also know how to fix plumbing and lay in-floor-heat!

Easy Low Carb Pizza

I almost should call this “Upside Down” Pizza because I’m using the cheese as a crust, but it is so easy, I had to call it “Easy Pizza!”

If you are not in the Wisconsin cheese lover area and are having a hard time finding cheese curds, click HERE.


Find this recipe in my new Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cooking Cookbook!

Easy Low Carb Pizza

Thank you for your love and support!

Easy Low Carb Pizza



Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


  • Ann says:

    I have GOT to try this! Cheese curds and pizza…..seriously my two favorite foods. Now if only we could get something that tasted like a Lays Potato Chip! 🙂

  • Jeanne says:

    Looks easy and good! My store in Texas just started carrying cheese curds. I would never have noticed if I hadn’t heard of them here. Thanks Maria!

  • Wenchypoo says:

    Maria–have you ever made a literal Upside Down Pizza? I used to back in the bad old days of grain-eating, but I don’t see why you couldn’t do it now (using a round cake pan or something). Care to try? I can no longer find the exact recipe I used to use, but it entailed coating the bottom of a pie plate or 8X8 pan with a mix of ground cooked meat and sauce, then a liberal sprinkling of cheese, then pouring a crust batter over top of it all. Then, when done baking, you place a large plate over top of the baking pan, grab the edges of both together, squeeze, then flip the pizza out onto the larger plate to cut and serve from.

  • Andrea says:

    Hi Maria, as usual another awesome recipe. Could you suggest alternative cheese? I have a hard time finding cheese curds. Thank you.


    Oh my gosh this is genius. Can I ask why only cheese curds and why not regular cheese?

  • helene says:

    so this is something i cudnt have the first month if following ur plan as it has cheese in it and olives and peppers and other veggies and all thats allowed is just a few types of leafy greens, rite? rly most of the recipes on the blog are for after the first month or two and then only occasionally? trying to get a handle and the keto adapted bk rly didnt help.

  • Bonnie says:

    Maria has a thin and crispy cheese crust in her Nutritious and Delicious cookbook. I love that recipe. It’s made with mozzarella and cheddar, eggs and seasonings. It’s easier than using flour and I like it better. This recipe sounds super easy! I am going to have to try this one, too!

  • Would the fat to protein ratio be too high in this recipe? What’s the ideal ratio for a meal?

  • Amanda Reed says:

    Gotta try this 🙂

  • Barbara says:

    Have never seen cheese curds in the supermarket over here… Singapore. Have just googled cheese curds and cottage cheese comes up a lot. Is this the same would it work or not? Thank you

  • b says:

    Hi Maria,
    Not sure if this is the right place to post this question – tried using your assessment inquiry link several times but I received no response. Perhaps the link isn’t working?? I would like to know if you have an assessment for chronic sleep issues. I have had a very long history ( most of my adult life) of insufficient sleep. About 5 yrs ago, I was diagnosed with Neurosarcoidosis. Thanks to finding your blog through the Wheatbelly book by Dr. William Davis, I began implementing a grain-free diet (initially I had eliminated wheat). About 1 year after diagnosis, my doctors (completely astounded) told me that my condition had completely disappeared! Of course I strongly believe that nutrition was a very important factor (though my doctors disagreed).

    Even with healthy nutrition, I continued to have chronic sleep issues (I believe it may be due to constant stress of noise from nerve damaged I endured from the Neurosarcoidosis — but I can’t be sure). Earlier this months I had a chest xray because I was developing a slight cough in my chest that seemed to be progressing. The xray revealed that I have early signs of Sarcoidosis in my lungs. How completely discouraging! I feel like I’m back tracking after working so hard to stay healthy. I am not sure but I think the sarcoid has returned due to chronic fatigue (as I read some of the symptoms in your book).

    I need some help and guidance on this as my doctor (Rheumatologist) would like me to restart treatment with Prednisone, which I strongly object to (or any other meds for that matter). Do you currently have an assessment for my situation? I couldn’t find a specific one in the list. Which one would you recommend?

    Thanks for all you do. It’s, in part, because of you and your knowledge that I was in remission for so long , about 4 yrs.


  • Linda says:

    In regards to cheese in general: I just started “dairy free” on January 1st due to ongoing muscle pain and skin issues that have not resolved (over a year of grain & sugar free living). I really, really miss butter & cheese!! Any suggestions for substitutes? How do you feel about DAIYA dairy free cheese alternatives? Thank you =)

  • b says:

    Hi Maria,

    Thanks so much for responding. I appreciate all your help.


  • Tanya Cox says:

    Does anyone know if you can buy cheese curds in Australia? I have not heard of the stuff before this email.

  • Chocolate Rose says:

    Just wanted to mention that I’ve been trying for years to find cheese curds and my Costco now carries them in the deli/cheese area. They have wonderful Vampire Slayer (garlic) cheese curds. I used them to make fake Poutine and they were amazing. I’m sure they’d be awesome as your pizza crust!

  • Jessica D says:

    I wanted so badly to try this recipe. But after two failed attempts I am sad. I could not get the cheese crust to flip. It stuck to the bottom of my skillet and I ended up with a greasy, gooey blob.

  • Debby says:

    Oh my gosh! So good! We made them as little crusts. Do they taste like flour pizza crust – no, but who cares! The flavor was all there. Will do again, frequently, with a variety of toppings. So far a margarita “pizza” and pepperoni “pizza” has been wonderful. I want to try adding a bit of oregano to the melting cheese for more pizza flavor.

    Addressing the sticking issue – yes, ours stuck on the first side and we scraped it off with a thin metal spatula, flipped it over, pressed it down a bit and browned the second side, then flipped it over again and finished the first side. It worked great but cooking long enough is the key. I ended up cooking it on medium heat in a good cast iron pan. The cheese worked best in a pre-heated pan. I lightly oiled the pan with the first crust then didn’t need to with the rest.

    Thank you Maria & Craig for your devotion to us newbie converts <3

  • Mary Jo says:

    Is this recipe available other than from the cookbook?

    • Maria Emmerich says:

      No. Sorry. The publisher now owns this recipe. I appreciate your support in purchasing my books 😉

  • Megan says:

    Today was exactly the kind of day we would have ordered pizza in our pre-keto days, but instead we tried this upside down pizza recipe from your cookbook. It ended up tasting good, but it definitely did not go the way we’d planned. Used cubed halloumi instead of cheese curds (as the recipe suggests), and the tiny cubes browned but did not melt together AT ALL. It was more like a pizza casserole or some sort of weird deconstructed pizza. Tasty, but sadly not pizza-like.

    Next time, we’ll slice (rather than cube) the halloumi and brown it on both sides and then give it the pizza treatment for a pizza-by-the-slice sort of meal. Also, WOW halloumi is salty! No need to invite bacon to the salt party, so we’ll try some other toppings.

    Thanks for the idea! Pizza is one of the top five things we’ve been missing since we started keto a couple months ago.

  • NATHALIE says:

    I bought your book and paper kindle. How long can we leave the pizza in the oven please ?

  • Jerry Emmons MD says:

    Hey there Maria. Made chicken a la king last night, your recipe was delicious!!!!

    Regarding the pizza… your recipe calls for either cheese curds or halloumi. Tried halloumi art it rarely, recipe says to melt the cubes together to form a crust. Unfortunately halloumi is famous for heating up and crushing but never melting / I even put the cast iron pan in the oven and brought the temp up to 450, still no melting together. I’m sure cheese curds melt together fine and will get those next
    Time, but Halloumi doesn’t melt together 🙂

    Thoughts ??

    Ps down 10 lbs in 7 days and not starving

    • Maria Emmerich says:

      I’m glad you are doing great!

      I’m sorry that haloumi isn’t melting. I would use it as a crust in that case. In pieces if they won’t melt together.

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