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Maria’s Keto Support Network

By December 10, 2015September 21st, 2016Weight Loss

Maria’s Keto Support Network

Maria’s Keto Support Network

Craig and I always had the goal to help more people at a more affordable price but we weren’t sure how to do that. I kept getting busier and busier with phone clients which was great to be able to help those in need, but I knew that not everyone could afford a personal phone consultation. So we pondered on how to help more and more people that needed help. (Thats why we have “Maria’s Keto Support Network”).

Maria's Keto Support Network

Keto Support Network (Keto-Adapted.com)

We spend copious amount of time answering personal questions on how to fix things such as chronic constipation, migraine headaches, PMS, depression, sleep issues and questions such as “Why is my cholesterol going up? Will glucosamine raise my blood sugar?” We answer these questions in a very timely matter for free (we were even busy answering questions on Thanksgiving!), which you can’t get the same help even from a doctor, especially not for free. And my answers will solve the problem instead of putting a medical band-aide on it with a prescription drug. I want you to HEAL your body, not just cover up the issue which causes more issues.

A phone client last month told me her doctor suggested using Miralax and told her, “You have always been that way, that is just how your body works.” She emailed me yesterday, “My husband is calling you the Miracle Worker! I am now going #2 every day and I feel so much better!”

Here is what they exciting new site will give members.

LIVE WEEKLY MEETINGS (gold members only, recordings available for silver members)

I like the idea of Weight Watchers and how they have weekly meetings to “check in” and discuss what is working, what isn’t working, struggles on eating during the holidays, family eating struggles… and that is just what this is all about! I will be holding weekly webinars for all Gold members where you can get live support from me each week. Silver members get to view the recordings of these session.


I am also a visual learner. I am more interested in making a recipe if I see a video of the process versus reading a long recipe. So I decided to invest in an expensive video camera and Craig has spent many hours on each video recipe tutorial so that you can be encouraged to make healthy Keto food for you and your family.

Dozens of cooking videos are in the works for our members.

Maria's Keto Support Network


Dozens of exclusive recipes with more coming every day!  Also a new recipe index to organize and find recipes quickly.

Maria's Keto Support Network

EXERCISE SESSIONS (gold members only, coming soon)

Yoga: I taught yoga for many years and I will be making some awesome yoga videos to add to the website.

Boot Camp: Coming soon!

Weight Training: Coming soon!


Location where we will post lots of education videos for understanding this lifestyle and why it is great for short and long term health.


This is your Keto support network. It is like a mini Facebook just for keto. You can make friend, make and join support groups and much more. Discuss your journey, work through issues and support each other on your journey.

Maria's Keto Support Network


A central location for questions and answers (silver and gold members).  Ask any questions about nutrition, supplements, ingredients and get answers from Craig and Maria.  And search all existing questions to find you answers fast.

Maria's Keto Support Network


This is your personal log on your ketogenic journey (gold members only).  Track your weight, ketone levels, glucose levels and log all your exercise and meals.  Really great for tracking progress and locating any issues with your journey.

Maria's Keto Support Network


This section (for silver and gold members) gives you all the information about the latest science and how it applies to ketogenic lifestyle.  WHO ruling on cancer and meat, ketogenic lifestyles for treating cancer.  We explain what the complicated studies means in easy to understand language.


Gold members also get free mini ebooks and meal plans (coming soon).  Silver members get discounted ebooks and meal plans (coming soon).


The Nutrition Network is a monthly membership where you can choose what level you want to be. Bronze, Silver or Gold. The Bronze membership gives you access to exclusive recipes, videos, educational materials and the support network (mini keto Facebook) for just $4.95 a month! That is less than the price of one latte per month!

In comparison Weight Watchers charges about $39.95 a month for their online support website and you don’t get the amount of  personal support that we are offering.  For our gold package (at the same $19.95 a month) you get a weekly webinar sessions with Maria and much more!

I will still blog free information and recipes on my blog, but I do want to emphasize that this is a great way for me to provide for my family while you benefit from one-on-one support for a very very low price.

I do not posts advertisements on my blog because I do not agree with the content they are selling and that is how many bloggers make money. This is a great way for you to get all the exclusive content you are looking for while supporting this site.

SO CLICK HERE to become a member today!


30 Day Accelerated Testimony: “Hi Maria, I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that as of today I have dropped approx. 43 pounds. I started on your meal plans and now am at a point where I would like to learn how to maintain my weight.

Do you have a recommended plan for that?

This has been a life changing experience–Thanks so much for your help-:)

Best Regards,


And that is just what my new website is for! Check out my new website called Keto Adapted.

Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


  • Michelle says:

    I was wondering what you would suggest as a corn syrup substitiute? I’m trying to recreate one of my grandmothers recipes and I want to make it low carb. Thanks.

  • Terry says:

    Mariaa and Craig, I’m lookinga at joining. What if I’m av complete ninny aboutt the ins and outs of Keto, macros, etc. I lost weight on WB, but it has crept back on. Not eating wheat, but got into gf foods. I’ll be 67 this month. I also cook for 3 other adults and 3 children who didn’t care for my woe on WB. Will I be taught about Keto, macros etc? Thank YOU from Terry D.

  • Jane Ann says:

    I am very interested! I have a couple of managerial questions. Would I be able to upgrade my group after first starting? Also, would I be able to discontinue should the need arise?

  • Laura says:

    I AM SO EXCITED! I DON’T MEAN TO YELL IN THE COMMENTS, BUT WHOO HOO!! Can’t wait to sign up. The site looks awesome. Great job. I know that must have been a tremendous amount of work.

  • Do bronze members get workout videos? And how long is each one on one for gold members?

  • Diane says:

    I was about to purchase the 30 day advanced plan and I wanted to see what the pros and cons of that program vs the Keto support network. The more help the better.

    • Maria Emmerich says:

      The Keto-30 is a meal plans and video package that gives you everything you need to follow this lifestyle. This Keto Support network would be a great addition to that package to enable you to get all the support and questions and answers to ensure your success. 🙂

  • Marthe says:

    Good idea, I will join for sure!

  • Leslie says:

    Hi Maria, will the Keto-7, Keto-30, and Keto-90 meal plans be part of the Gold package or are they totally separate requiring an additional purchase? You spoke about upcoming meal plans in the Gold package, so I was wanting to know if it is the meal plans specifically taken from those plans. Thanks!

    • Maria Emmerich says:

      Those are separate. Those packages are complete meal plan, recipe and video packages to follow for getting keto adapted. This site is for support and additional tools to help you stay on track. The future plans will be to have small ebooks of recipe and meal plans from the site over time. These will be completely different form the Keto-30 packages and can used to augment them with more plans.

  • samiyah says:

    So happy and excited for you Maria. This is my Christmas gift to me!!!

  • Rebecca Scavello says:

    Can you pay month to month or so you pay for the year up front?

  • Lynn says:

    Maria and Craig, WooHoo!!! This is absoultely what I have been hoping for!! THANK YOU!! We have been baby stepping since I recieved the 30 day accelerated keto for Christmas a year ago. But I have struggled and tried to imagine how to even have a consult. This seems perfect.
    The fact that it can help you provide for your precious family while assisting me in gaining heath for myself , my husband and our 5 kids is such a WIN-WIN!! What an awesome Christmas gift!!

  • Pam Harrell says:

    This is awesome!! I have been on this journey for a year now. Thank you for your blog, books and recipes. Added supplements but need help with heart pulpatations and migraines since I started this journey. Feeling pretty good thou. I will definitely check this out. Thank you.

  • Beth Merrill says:

    I signed up for/purchased your Phone Consultation which I will be beginning after the holidays. Should I sign up for one of these memberships also, or will the Phone Consultation be all inclusive? Thanks for all you do, Maria and Craig!

    • Maria Emmerich says:

      The phone consultation gives you everything you need to succeed. But this site would add even more. Recipes, support, etc. So they definitely can go together. 🙂

  • Cheryl says:

    I posted this question on Friday but I see it is no long here, please come back to me.
    I want to know about the use of Peanut flour in your products? If you aren’t allowed to eat peanuts as they are legumes and not actually nuts – why are you using peanut flour? Is this not very high in carbs? What would you rather substitute this with? Please come back to me.

    • Maria Emmerich says:

      No. It isn’t high in carbs. Peanuts are a legume. Some people may want to avoid. But it is very low in carbs.

  • Kat says:

    I’d like to know the cure you gave that woman for constipation. I’ve tried magnesium with no help.

  • Dahne says:

    Hi, I’m very new to this way of eating but being a type 1 diabetic, it Can be difficult to stay on track. You recipes look very inducing and I would love to try the chocolate biscotti first. Thanks can’t wait to read more and learn!

  • Theresa says:

    I am suffering from adrenal fatigue, its been a super stressful year, hysterectomy and family member passing. I have added carbs to help and it helps with sleep and stress but I am so foggy. I have looked for an adrenal program on your site and haven’t seen one. Is there another way to heal w/o adding carbs? Would your new program address these issues? I am 51 and have been Keto for 3 years with out a problem till this year. I do not feel like myself anymore. Any advise would be appreciated.

  • Amanda Reed says:

    I want in on this so bad!! I’m hoping to jump on the bandwagon after the holidays!

  • Carol says:

    Maria will you have an app?

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