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THE BEST COLLAGEN (The one I personally take daily)

Ancestral Supplements brand of “Living” Collagen is virtually all collagen and consists of collagen derived from the marrow-bones, trachea, and scapula. Unlike 99.99% of the other commercial collagens out there, we call this “Living” Collagen because it is teeming with bioactive growth factors, including Insulin-Like Growth Factor I (IGF I), Transforming Growth Factor ß I (TGFßI) and Cartilage Derived Growth Factor (CDGF).
  • Targeted Support > Supports Joints, Bones, Cartilage & Skin, Hair and Nail Health… Supports Gut Lining Health Too!
  • Rich in Type I, II, III, V, And X Collagen; Teeming With Bioactive Growth Factors
  • Source: Marrow-Bone Collagen, Trachea Collagen and Scapula-Derived Collagen
  • Up to 100% Collagen
With regards to your question, the short answer is no, our “Living” Collagen is not hydrolyzed. Contrary to what some may believe, hydrolyzation is not required in order for it to be absorbed. Modern-day commercial collagens are produced from hides, hooves, and horns that are otherwise inedible, so they require the use of harsh chemicals and decreasing agents to be effective. Don’t get me wrong… commercial collagen peptides are awesome… they just happen to be only one of the 5 major players that make things like bone broth (and our “Living” Collagen) some of the most nourishing foods in existence. Our “Living” Collagen is produced from the cartilaginous parts from the innards of the animal (bovine) including the trachea and scapula. The processing you’ll find here is simple enough… we use an all-natural protease enzyme to remove non-cartilage material, then we freeze-dry it. That’s it! As such, our collagen retains ancestral properties in a whole-food matrix that are otherwise absent in the modern world:
  • Typical Amino Acids That You’d Expect From Collagen — Glycine, Hydroxyproline & Proline
  • Trachea-Derived Collagen; Rich In Type II Collagen
  • Scapula-Derived Collagen; Rich In Type II Collagen
  • Bone-Derived Collagen; Type I, II, III
  • Bioactive Growth Factors
  • Molecular Biodirectors
  • Glycosaminoglycans Proteoglycans — The Filler Between The Cells… Keeps Cells From Sagging
  • Chondroitin Sulfates — Lubricate Joints
  • Range of Trace Minerals

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