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Taurine: anti aging supplement

1. It supports healthy cellular energy levels

Research suggests that taurine supplementation supports the health of your mitochondria, which power your cells with energy. As we mentioned, that’s likely why it’s so often found in energy drinks.

2. Taurine protects cells against oxidative stress

Many studies have demonstrated that taurine plays a role as an antioxidant in protecting cells and mitochondria against oxidative stress. The healthier your mitochondria are, the more they can help you power through your day by supporting optimal cellular energy.

3. It supports healthy heart function

Taurine supplementation might support cardiovascular health, particularly systolic left ventricular function. This is likely due to how taurine can support cellular health, which of course includes the mitochondria in your heart (among your other organs!).

4. Your brain on taurine

Early findings suggest that taurine may help promote healthy cognitive function, particularly as you age–specifically when it comes to learning and memory. In fact, taurine has been found to be crucial to brain development of infants (who don’t make taurine on their own, and must get this nutrient from breastfeeding, formula and baby food).

In many ways, taurine actually acts like a neurotransmitter (molecules that transmit messages between cells). You’ll find it in very large quantities in the excitable tissues of the central nervous system. Taurine’s role is believed to be neuroprotective, so that your nerves and brain cells stay healthy even in the face of environmental and other stressors.

5. Taurine supports a healthy vascular system

Human studies have found that taurine supports already-healthy blood pressure levels and overall vascular function.

6. A sweet reason to supplement with taurine

Taurine won’t stop you from eating that donut, but once you do, it could help you metabolize it properly! That’s because taurine encourages the healthy metabolism of carbohydrates and sugars. Supplementation might support healthy glucose metabolism and insulin secretion.

7. It supports the healthy metabolism of fats

In an ideal world, we’d all avoid saturated animal fats (just as we should have probably passed on that donut). But if you do eat more than your share of fried eggs and bacon–say, for example, you’re a devotee to the keto diet–you might want to add taurine to your supplementation strategy. One study found that taurine supplementation helped participants maintain already-healthy cholesterol levels–even when given a high-cholesterol and high-fat diet.

8. Taurine supports healthy eyes

See here–we’ve got yet another reason taurine is so important! in studies involving both humans and animals, a taurine-deficient diet impacted the health of the retina. Why? Taurine might help protect the photoreceptor–the cells in the retina that respond to light.

9. Taurine may be a way to be kind to your kidneys

Early studies in animal models showed that taurine can help protect the kidneys.

10. Taurine and aerobic exercise performance

Whether you walk, jog or run, if you’re looking to optimize your cardio output, you might want to add taurine to your supplement regimen. Findings suggest that taurine supplementation might support your exercise capacity. Specifically, it can benefit your VO2 max and time to exhaustion.

11. Calling all gym rats: taurine supplementation could support intensive exercise

Not much of a cardio bunny? Taurine was found to benefit strength and power training performance, too. It may also promote healthy muscle mass. (This also explains why taurine is a popular choice among aging individuals, who take taurine to fend off age-related muscle changes.) So however you get your sweat on, taurine (along with a diet that contains plenty of protein) is the perfect exercise buddy.

12. Promote exercise recovery faster with taurine

Let’s face it: it’s not fun to waddle around stiffly after leg day! Taurine is a good supplement for those of us who tend to push ourselves to the max, because it supports muscle recovery. This means that your exercise recovery periods could be easier and shorter.

13. Taurine may support healthy gene expression

In your body, you’ve got taurine-sensitive genes that play a role in certain cellular functions. This means that taurine supplementation might help to regulate how your genes express themselves.


Taking taurine at bedtime can also act as a sleep aid, providing relaxing sedative effects that help you fall asleep naturally.

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