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“Dear Maria, I wanted to write you a quick email to again thank you and to give you an update on my progress. Two different people this week have used the word “unrecognizable” to describe me. I have now lost 50 pounds by following your guidelines and amazing recipes! I am not quite to my goal of getting back in my bikini, but I have full confidence that I will get there…and soon! All of my old clothes are literally falling off of me as I have lost a shocking 8.5 inches off of my stomach, 8 off of my waist, 5 off my hips, and 5 off of each thigh! I cannot even wear old blazers and jackets since they also are giant on me now. Shopping for a new wardrobe is so exciting! When I started learning about nutrition from you, people we questioning whether this was the right choice for me. A lot of people doubted that I would be able to stick with the plan. I am happy to report that I have successfully made a lifestyle change. Your support and information through phone and email were key pieces to my success! The scale has never gone up since I started consulting with you. Finally, I went for my physical this week. My blood sugar was very high when I started consulting with you. In fact, I was just about to start medicine to correct it. It is now completely normal! My blood pressure had been high as well, and that has resolved. I feel great, better than I have in years and it is all due to you! Thank You, Maria! You are a hero!”


“I have lost 135 Lbs in the last year and a half. My life is so different now, I had a son, after playing with him for 15 minutes I would need to sleep for 2 hours. I had Sleep apnea, high blood pressure, my hands would hurt so bad I had trouble holding my phone. I want to thank you, for all that you do.”

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