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At the most basic level, food is electrons. Glucose and fat are suppliers of electrons to our mitochondria (the thing in all our cells that produces energy). NAD is the transport mechanism for those electrons. NAD+ traps electrons from glucose or fat. It is now NADH. NADH delivers these electrons to the mitochondria to be used as fuel turning back into NAD+. It can then go get more electrons to transfer to your mitochondria. NAD is a derivative of niacin. NAD+ also is involved in DNA repair which means it can help reverse or reduce the effects of aging. As we age, our NAD+ levels go down. It also can help the immune system as it increases NAD+ sensing nuclear sirtuin1 (SIRT1) activity. SIRT1 is an enzyme that regulates the immune response. In order to boost NAD+ levels, you can add the supplement linked below. It is a low dose (50mg), you don’t need much. Just a little will help tip the scales for NAD+. You can get a niacin flush about 20 minutes after taking it. Where you get hot and face gets red. It can be a little uncomfortable but is totally normal. At this dose it should be minor. Take ONE time daily on empty stomach.

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