Want a jump start to this lifestyle?  
Have you fallen off the wagon and want to feel amazing again as quickly as possible?  
Did you cheat over the holidays or at a party?
Go on vacation and slip up with your diet?

This package is perfect for you!IMG_2189.CR2

This package includes all natural supplements and tasty meals that are designed to cleanse and detox your body while getting you back into fat burning mode.  All new recipes, supplement plans, exercise tips and more.

Most cleanse and detox programs are loaded with inflammatory sugars.  Or they leaving you starving for days. Not with this program.  This revolutionary cleanse is unique and gets amazing results!

  • 7 Days of Keto Meal Plans that include 18 never before published recipes!  These meals are designed to help your body detox and are exclusive to this package (not published anywhere else).
  • Full detailed supplement plans that are designed to detox your body and liver.  Designed to get you back to weight loss and healing fast (actual supplements not included)!
  • Recipes are all gluten, grains, soy, sugar, dairy and nut free
  • My ebook “Keto-Adapted” ($15 value)
  • My BEST 2 hour Classes and slides and (The Keto Life class and slides and Beyond Keto Class and slides) ($60 value)
  • NOW INCLUDES FREE month of Gold membership to! Tons of support and even weekly webinar with Craig and Maria!



NOW ONLY $109!

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