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Hyaluronic Acid

NutriDyn Hyaluronic Acid is a nutritional supplement containing pure hyaluronic acid—a unique polysaccharide which works to support joint health and function. Ongoing research suggests that oral hyaluronic acid may be beneficial for supporting joint movement and lubrication, and promote cartilage and synovial fluid status.

Research has shown that individuals with arthritis typically have low levels of hyaluronic acid. Further evidence suggests that hyaluronic acid supplementation can help support healthy joint and cartilage integrity. Hyaluronic acid is also a crucial component of other human tissues, particularly the skin, working to support moisture retention and cellular hydration.

Benefits and quality differences of NutriDyn Hyaluronic Acid include:

● Supports joint and cartilage function and integrity
● Helps support synovial fluid health in articulations
● Supports joint lubrication and movement
● Helps with minor joint discomfort
● Supports skin tissue

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