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Tests on athletes in training have shown chromium picolinate to promote lean body mass. As an active ingredient in GTF (glucose tolerance factor), it enhances the effects of insulin to insure its efficient use. Insulin promotes development of skeletal muscle in at least three ways:

1) Promotes intracellular uptake of free amino acids from the blood.
2) Enhances the rate of protein synthesis.
3) Decreases the rate of protein degradation.

Gamma Oryzanol, an extract from rice bran oil, has both hormone- like and vitamin-like effects as well as supports genital glands. Tests using athletes in training have produced:

1) Support lean body mass
2) Promote healthy lipid levels. It also has anti-oxidant properties similar to vitamin E.

The trace mineral Boron supports muscle health as well as promote bone health. Supplemental boron given to post-menopausal women promotes healthy estrogen and testosterone levels.

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