Examples of Maria’s press, podcasts and more.

Live Cooking with Halle Berry!

Halle Berry’s Favorite Cookbook!

CLICK HERE to read about Halle Berry’s favorite cookbook, my Cookbook “Keto Comfort Foods“!

Keto Chef on the TV series “Reversed: A diabetes Docu Series”.

Book Rankings:

#4 rated Keto Book on ezvid wiki.


Chicago television show: Click here to find to check it out:

Swerve Corporate cooking videos:
Brie and Walnut Flappers
Bourbon Chicken
Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins
Lemon Pound Cake
Chocolate Glazed Doughnuts

Live cooking segment on Good Day New York.

Kare11 News cooking segments

Twin Cities Live TV show

Radio shows:

John Tesh Radio

Cities 97 radio

FM107.1 The Weekly Dish radio show

Many Seminars. Some recent ones:

Low Carb Houston (Craig)

Low Carb Universe (Maria)

Low Carb Denver

Appearances and Events:

UBS health presentation

Medtronic: healthy employees presentation

Target Corporate Offices: healthy employees Class

Sex offenders psychologist education on food and behavior Conference

Presentation and demo in Moscow Russia

Low carb Universe in Mallorca Spain

Italy Keto Tours (2018 and 2019)

CNY fertility clinic New York (Multiple appearances)

Halle Berry’s Favorite Cookbook!

Publications and Magazines:

Good Morning America article HERE.

GAYOT’s List of the best keto cookbooks.

Saute Magazine feature

Clean Eating Magazine feature

Article published in Men’s Fitness magazine

Many top itunes ebook lists (here, here, here, etc)

Recipes in Good Food magazine March 2017.

Contributed to article for the “Fashion Spot”, October 2016

Article in River Falls Journal, January 2015

Article in Saute Magazine March 2017

The Washington Book Review best cookbooks list 2017.

Muscle and Fitness magazine article in 2016. article.

Paleo Magazine article.

Paleo FX articles (Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4)

Expert Roundups:

Carnivore Style roundup.

Personal Trainer roundup.


Dr Robert Kiltz Podcast (Craig)

Dr Tony Hamptons Podcast (Craig)

Fast Keto Podcast (Maria)

Fast Keto Podcast (Craig)

Radix Podcast – Craig talking Keto and Lyme.

Maria and Craig on 40 Plus Fitness podcast.

Craig on Ketovangelist podcast.

Craig on Keto Savage podcast.

Craig on Keto Geek podcast.

Craig on High Energy girl podcast.

Maria and Craig on the Low Carb Leader podcast.

Maria on Ben Greenfields podcast.

Craig on Dr Anthony Gustin’s podcast.

Craig on Robb Wolf’s podcast: Episode 396 – Craig Emmerich – Keto Success and Protein Sparing Modified Fasts

My Sugar Free Journey: Episode 14: The Role of Nutrition in Health with Maria Emmerich

Low Carb Conversations: 158: Maria Emmerich And Kathy McKelley Statham On Why Dads Tend To Get Fat

Lyme Ninja Radio: #106 Podcast 

Ketogenic Podcasts

Women’s Wellness Radio: Maria Emmerich: Ketogenic (Low-carb, High-fat) Cooking

Ketogenic Podcasts

Grass Fed Girl Podcast: Is Low Carb Right For You with Expert Nutritionist Maria Emmerich

The Keto Evangalist: Episode 40 – Maria Emmerich talks about keto misconceptions and common supplements

Live to 110 Podcast #72: Keto-Adapted Diets with Maria Emmerich

854: Maria Emmerich – KETO CLARITY Expert Interview

The Secret of a Gluten Free High Fat Diet with Maria Emmerich: GFS Podcast 40

Grass Fed Girl: Quick and Easy Keto Cooking with Maria Emmerich

Dr. Jason Jones: 019: Maria Emmerich: Better Brain, Better Health + Weight Loss

My Sugar Free Journey: The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse

Soul Work for Moms: Adoption, Letting Go of the Plan, and Making Each Day a Little Special w/ Maria Emmerich – episode #21

Ali Shapiro and Juliet Burgh: Episode #56: The Trend of 2017: The Ketogenic Diet with Maria Emmerich

40 Plus Podcast: Keto Tastes Great!

The Low Carb Leader: 019: Ketogenic Cooking

Healthy You radio interview HERE.

40+ Fitness interview HERE.

Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast.

And Many, Many More!