The Ketogenic Cookbook is here

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The Ketogenic Cookbook is here

My new cookbook, The Ketogenic Cookbook is here!  Over 160 amazing keto recipes, over 380 pages, meal plans and much more. Many recipes are nut and dairy free and there is a keto meter on each recipe to tell you if it is more for weight loss or more for maintenance.  I worked over a year on these recipes and re-shot many photos to make it the most beautiful book possible.  Every recipe has a big beautiful photo.  I am very proud of this book!  Thank you all for your love and support!

Click HERE to get your copy today!

The Ketogenic Cookbook is here

Maria Emmerich

About Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


  • Leah Jones says:

    Way to go! Your excitement leaps through the screen! I’m excited that this cookbook has the meter and many dairy and nut free options! Again, Congrats! Publishing books are a big deal–a culmination of hard work!

    • Maria Emmerich says:


    • Mary Sizemore says:

      I so so so want to win your cookbooks. I loved listening to you on Jimmy Moore’s podcast telling about your new book. You make me feel like I can actually get better.

  • Congratulations beautiful! You earned this. You have been such an inspiration to me and I know you’ve changed lives with your existence.
    *loves much*

  • Ainsley says:

    Also I was going to share your book on Google but it has a picture of some bottles instead of the cookbook photo =/

  • Andi says:

    Maria, this book looks like exactly what I would expect from you…an awesome collection of keto recipes. I just don’t understand writing it with Jimmy Moore. I wouldn’t take any cooking advise from him and his name associated with the book is a let down.
    Just speaking honestly, you have a very good thing going. I have not felt the same about JM in a long time.

    • Tina says:

      I agree. Moore is a charlatan and I can’t support his partnership on this book. Why is his name listed first when Maria wrote the book? Something’s off here.

    • Terri says:

      I’m going to whole-heartedly second this. I debated whether or not to pick this book up because I’m not at all interested in supporting Jimmy (I actually was hoping there would be a link to the ebook here on Maria’s site so she would get more of the take, but no such luck…). I ended up buying the Kindle version on Amazon and was not terribly surprised – but happy – to see that the majority was clearly Maria’s work and the part one would probably attribute to Jimmy was little more than a glorified foreword in my opinion. I was disappointed to see that he appears to be getting top billing for the book as well.

      • Melinda says:

        Can we seriously stop with the admonishing of Maria about jimmy? She wrote a cookbook with a man who has contributed to the low carb community in a big way. I’m sure she didn’t have to do a background check with the politically correct police. This is just silly and is robbing Maria of well deserved praise and gratitude for a product that will benefit all of our lives.

  • Hélène says:

    Jimmy Moore’s taken alot of crap over the last year, which I think he doesn’t deserve. He just keeps on plugging on. Good for him!

  • Hayden says:

    I was about to order this book today…then someone mentioned the Jimmy Moore scandal. After reading about it in detail at the carbsanity blog and elsewhere, I can’t really support Jimmy Moore after I read about his behavior.

    I’ll continue to buy Maria’s other books. Still a fan, just bummed I won’t get this one.

    PS: (It would be interesting to know if Maria even knew about the Jimmy Moore – David Duke “scandal.”)

    • Maria Emmerich says:

      This is the first I have heard of it and don’t really know anything about it. What I can tell you is that I wrote all the recipes and took all the photos for this book (about 95% plus of the book). 🙂

    • janet says:

      why don’t we focus on congratulating maria and be appreciative of her diligent efforts towards bettering our health and sharing that with us. do you think your comments are focusing on that????
      don’t take this moment away from maria.

  • Melinda says:

    Received my copy today….I ordered it in January!! Soooo worth the wait! Congratulations, Maria & Jimmy, it’s beautiful! Been salivating all afternoon while reading it….I’ll be busy this week! Thanks for your work!!

  • Linda says:

    Is there much vegetarian content? Thanks!

  • Terrie says:

    Just got your cookbook and it is beautiful. Kudos to you and Jimmy.

  • Shannon says:

    I received the book yesterday and I spent hours devouring it! It is truly a work of pure genius! I do have a question. I made the tiramisu panda cotta, and tasted it before I poured it into my ramekins, it wasn’t sweet and I referred back to the chai pan a cotta which has 1/3 c. Sweetener, I added the amount or the tiramisu and it was just right. is this an error? Or am I just assuming it should be sweet?

    • Shannon says:

      Love/hate auto correct! Tiramisu Panna Cotta and Chai Panna cotta…

    • Maria Emmerich says:

      Hi, Yes, that got missed. I already sent it to publisher for correction in the next printing. Thanks!

      • Shannon says:

        It would be great if, there are other errors, to have them listed out on a blog post, with page numbers for those of us who purchased the original printed book. You could even add to them or make suggestions as a regular update to all your followers. We can make notes/corrections in our copies.
        Thank you and I do love the book, it will be used for many years to come!

  • janet says:

    congratulations maria. I appreciate your ongoing work and discoveries. thanks for keeping us posted with all the changes. what I like about jimmy moore is his ability to interview people in the health community respect their opinions and still be true to his own. I love how he does that respectfully without faltering on his own beliefs. I am grateful for all the health people out there, trying to get to the real truth of health rather than relying on big pharma and big food industry business (who have lots of money to sway their studies) who are just in it for the money. do we really believe big food business and big pharma wants to give us the highest quality with the best advice, when to do that cost a lot of money. I appreciate all the health people out there, whether I agree with them or not, because they are at least trying to do something about this food and medicine problems we all experience. thanks again maria.

  • Lisa says:

    The book is great! It’s nice to have more dairy free recipes. I remember a post back in January saying this book would have a dairy free mozzarella recipe? I saw the dairy free nacho cheese recipe but not the mozzarella recipe.
    Thanks! =)

  • Jennifer O'Riordan says:

    My copies (Yes, I accidentally ordered two because I forgot that I had preordered it and did it again!) arrived yesterday. I own all of Maria’s books, and I have to say this one is a masterpiece! There are some repeats of recipes, but I like not having to keep going from one book to the other to make two things that go together, so that’s fine. I love the way the recipes are marked as to whether they are nut free, dairy free, etc. and the level of ketogenic. I also like that the index at the back is printed in black and a decent size font. A few of her books have tiny, pale indexes that are pretty, but very hard on old eyes. This book is wonderful. Congratulations, Maria! Not sure what part Jimmy did on the book, but the production is gorgeous.

  • Sam says:

    Huge congratulations

  • Betty says:

    Love it! Best book yet! Can’t stop reading it! I love the format you use. Thank you!

  • Pam Harrell says:

    After reading all these lovely comments, I’m going to have to order your cookbook. Congrats Maria!!!

  • Enid says:

    I bough the book at my local b&n and I had been reading it and reading it. Tomorrow in going grocery shopping. I need to learn to eat Keto for my daughter who will had to be eating Keto the rest of her life to heal her condition. She has a rare for of epilepsy called Infantile spasm or west syndrome. She is almost 8 months and is eating avocados and coconut oil. Thanks for the cookbook this will help me so much.

  • Diane says:

    Love my new cookbook! I made the “Easy Peppermint Fudge”, last night & it didn’t harden!
    I used one can of Native Forest Organic Milk (unsweetened) Should there have been coconut oil in it
    as well? Should I only have used the heavy milk on top& not the watery bottom?
    It is delicious & we will be eating this with a spoon for now!
    Your Swedish Meatballs will be on our table tonight!
    We are living on your recipes & Love them!
    Thanks for everything!

  • Diane says:

    Lily’s Dark Chocolate (Sweetened with Stevia?)

    • Maria Emmerich says:

      That could have been the issue. Unsweetened baking chocolate has less moisture than a chocolate bar. 🙂

  • Diane says:

    Thank you so much! The Swedish Meatballs are fantastic!

  • Sue says:

    I’m going out to buy your book today! I had requested it from our local library, but is still on hold and I just can’t wait for it, especially after reading all the reviews. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your knowledge and skills with all of us; you are truly a special person. One question too – is unsweetened coconut an ok option? I just made a bread with that as a sweetener and it is quite good; the coconut adds about 1.5 carbs per slice. Thanks!

  • Krista Boutilier says:

    My book is on the way! Due to arrive on in 2 days and I cannot wait! I’ve been following a ketogenic diet off & on for the last 18 months and really need to refocus and get back on track after an all inclusive trip down south. I love your recipes and I plan on devouring all the info in this book!! THanks!

  • SarahH says:

    Ordered mine today, should be here in 5 days – so excited!!

  • Janine K says:

    I just went to the link for ordering but couldn’t seem to find this as an e-book. Is there an e-book version as I am in Australia and would much prefer to buy an e-book (because I am all for instant gratification and secondly I hate paying shipping.)

  • Terri B says:

    I absolutely love my book! So happy to have it with all your others. Quick question…when you make multiple casseroles and freeze for later, do you freeze before or after baking? For instance the Enchilada Casserole?

  • Kay says:

    Hi, Maria.

    I’m reading the ketogenic cookbook and have a couple questions.

    How ripe should avocados be for baking? Should they be as soft as I like to eat them or a bit firmer? I haven’t tried them baked before.

    Why do some recipes specify an equal amount of whey or egg protein (e.g. naan) whereas others specify half as much egg protein as whey (e.g. keto bread)?

    It’s a beautiful book and I can’t wait to make many of the recipes.



    • Maria Emmerich says:

      For baking, a little firmer avocado is good. In some things (like bread) the egg white reacts differently and an equal amount as Whey would make the bread collapse. Thank you! 🙂

  • Amy says:

    Does this book have dairy free recipes?

  • Alison Crabtree says:

    Congrats!!! will you ever publish the book in Spanish?
    Would love to buy it for my mom