Real Good Foods Poppers Giveaway

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Real Good Foods Poppers Giveaway


ALOHA! Yes! We are in Maui and we have so much exciting news to tell you! One piece of information is still a secret but… I have a great keto giveaway for you to WIN!

As we were stocking up at the grocery store we found so many keto products including Real Good Foods at Safeway in Kihei!

Craig’s favorite go-to keto foods that he makes while I am traveling and speaking around the World for work is Real Good Foods keto pizzas, keto enchiladas and his new favorite is their poppers!!!

I do not mind cooking while in Maui, it only take a few minutes to fry up fresh fish from the ocean; however, Craig and the boys also like to enjoy tasty keto football foods (while we watch football overlooking the ocean) like Real Good Foods Keto Poppers and keto Pizza Bites!

AJ is the owner of Real Good Foods and he knows that I travel a lot and he knows that Craig suffers from Lyme Disease, which makes life hard at times. He is so generous, that he often ships us Real Good Foods Pizza and Keto Poppers so we can enjoy tasty keto food without a lot of effort. His generosity has helped us through a lot of difficult times and I can’t thank him enough! Most of you know that we like to have all of our food delivered to our home so we don’t have to waste time driving to the store and waiting in line, BUT you can find Real Good Foods at most Walmart stores around the country.

If you have tried the poppers in the past, now is the time to try them again! They have reformulated the Jalapeno poppers to have much more flavor and they are delicious!

Real Good Foods understands that grain free and quality ingredients matter! There are no antibiotics used and he uses chicken and Parmesan for the wrappers of the poppers and for the crusts of the keto pizza! Extremely low carb yet packed with flavor!

AJ is so great that he offered to do a giveaway for our blog readers! He is offering to mail a gift pack of his delicious Real Good Foods Keto Poppers and Real Good Foods Pizza Bites!

If you would like to order some today, click HERE to check out their delicious options! Craig’s favorite is the chicken crust Supreme pizza!



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4. Comment below on how the keto diet has healed you or a loved one!


Winner will be posted on Feb. 2nd! Limited to U.S residents only.

Good Luck!

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“Hi Maria! I just wanted to thank you! I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 18 (even though I suffered from it for years prior) and have always had problems with my weight. I was on medication for anxiety and depression. With your guidance and help with Keto I am no longer on Lexapro, Wellbutrin or Xanax!

Most of my PCOS symptoms have gone away or are at least manageable. So thank you for all of your help!” – Melissa

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Maria Emmerich

About Maria Emmerich

Maria is a wellness expert who has helped clients follow a Ketogenic lifestyle to heal and lose weight for over 20 years. She has helped thousands of clients get healthy, get off medications and heal their bodies; losing weight is just a bonus. She is the international best selling author of several books including "Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet.".


  • Tracy Shafer says:

    Keto has helped me lose over 60 lbs so far, and I have so much more energy.

  • Kathy says:

    Keto works! I’ve seen it in person. Thanks 🙂

  • Rhonda Lynn says:

    Keto has helped me regain mental clarity, physical energy and a positive self image!

  • Kay Lynn says:

    In my seven months eating a ketogenic diet I have lost 27 pounds along with one prescription med, half dose on another and two diagnosed conditions. It’s a life saver, literally.

  • Katrina Carlson says:

    Keto has helped me completely eliminate my seasonal allergies. I was so bad I had to get a steroid shot every spring just to survive. Since following the keto diet, I did not have allergy symptoms at all last summer! That alone makes me want to stick to the lifestyle. The weightloss is just an added perk.

  • Kristy Thurber says:

    Keto is Awesome and so are Maria and Craig and their Cute little boys!!!! Thank you for ALL you do!!!!

  • Lori H Isaacs-Hoar says:

    My mother and I both started this diet almost a year ago. We both feel the best we have felt in a long time! The weightloss is an added benefit!

  • Donna Miller-Brown says:

    Keto has changed my life. I found Keto when looking for something to help improve my labs. Three months later my lab work is within normal ranges and I’ve lost 20#. I still have a lot more weight to lose but I’m feeling better than I have in years! So thankful to have found Keto and your cookbooks/ recipes!!

  • Natalie Bormann says:

    Going KETO lifestyle has decreased my inflammation. I use to towel anti inflammatory meds 2x a day. I no longer take any.

  • Debbie in TX says:

    Just starting on keto (previously low carb) and can’t wait to see the improvement!

  • Beth wewel says:

    Just starting out. Feel better already.

  • Jaci Kroupa says:

    I changed my way of eating to Keto a year and a half ago, due to several autoimmune diseases (including Lupus and Celiac) that were not responding to medications. I have eliminated all but one med, and have cut that one back significantly. As a side benefit, I’ve lost about 60 pounds and am down to 123 lbs. I feel almost fabulous! Thank you for your guidance and books!

  • Kari says:

    I wanted to try these!

  • Rosemary Lindsey says:

    Down 110 so far! Thanks for all you and Craig do!

  • Randi J Cook says:

    Keto has helped me to lose weight and I feel terrific!

  • Amy Fox says:

    Keto has helped me normalize my blood sugar and thyroid numbers!

  • Kristen says:

    Keto has helped me lose 40 pounds and makes my stomach/intestines feel so much better

  • Jeanne says:

    I feel better on keto

  • Billi D says:

    Keto has helped me and my family start to eat better so we can have better active lives!

  • Deb says:

    Have dropped weight & gastrointestinal issues have disappeared as well as most of my knee pain.

  • Toni Luchansky says:

    I have lost 45 lbs in 5 months. I consider it a lifestyle instead of a diet. I am enjoying your website and can’t wait to order some of your books.

  • Julie says:

    Keto has given me an extreme relief of my anxiety and ocd. It’s made my stomach issues completely go away and I feel all around better both mentally and physically!! We love your cookbook!!

  • Joanna says:

    Love your books and your amazing journey! Keto is such a wonderful and freeing lifestyle.

  • Debbie Duran says:

    I have been eating KETO since July 2, 2019 (I lost about 25lbs). I found Maria Emmerich’s way of KETO in late August and began that WOE September 7th. I have now lost over 55 lbs! This past month I had a follow up EGD because a few years they found evidence of Barrett’s. This time the biopsy showed no evidence of Barrett’s. Also, I have not felt any reflux or had any heart burn since I began this way of eating. In another month I hope to be able to lower my thyroid medication, which is the only medication I must take now.

  • Jacinta says:

    My family enjoys your cookbook and the KETO lifestyle!

  • Darlene Frybarger says:

    Keto has killed my sugar cravings and helped me lose 32 lbs. I’ve gone down 3 dress sizes and really feel much better!

  • Deana Smiel says:

    I am still trying to go ketogenic so I don’t reallly have a story yet. It’s been awhile that I’m trying, but I usually cave when I get home from work. When I’m in control of my food I do great but when I get home there’s so much easy junk to grab. I live with too many people in my family that really rebel if I don’t have it in the house. So I’m trying to come up with ways to get around that.

  • Trish says:

    My wife dropped her A1C from 8.9 to 5.4 in 3 months. I know we’ll continue to lose weight until we reach our goals, but even if we don’t lose another ounce, the benefit to her health is our biggest gain!

  • Moriah says:

    I just started Keto and I’m so excited to see my health improve. I’d love to try these products! Thanks!

  • Leslie McCloud Hilton says:

    Keto has helped me lose 90 pounds, I love this lifestyle and way of eating, I feel amazing and off my Blood pressure meds, asthma is better. I have reached my goal of 145, I used to weigh 234. I will be turning 56 this week but feel so much younger, and looking younger.

  • Edye says:

    It helped my friend get her health back on track.

  • Dee says:

    I am just starting my Keto journey, but I look forward to all the wonderful things that it can do for me!

  • kris says:

    Hubby’s joint pain is gone since we’ve been following maria’s recipes. Her cookbooks are fantastic!

  • Johnston Jennifer Stellfox says:

    Keto makes me feel more energetic

  • Nikki B says:

    Autoimmune Inflammation all but disappeared, I’m off all my meds, my very dangerous meds. I have more energy, feel younger, look younger, and I’m just lighter on my feet (20lbs off and lean muscle mass will do that!). I’m also more capable of being present for everyone in my life, without arthritis pain and instestinal issues…living Keto is an absolute no-brainer for me. I’ll never go back to eating the amount of Carbs I did, totally not worth the pain, discomfort, and disease!

  • Emily says:

    Keto helps my mom’s arthritis!

  • Charlena Gehl says:

    KETO is helping cure my GERD.

  • I have no more sinus or allergy issues!

  • Sonya Arce says:

    Keto has helped with my allergies. This WOE has helped me lose weight, have energy and is making me healthier!

  • Laurie Miller says:

    I have lost 60 lbs since I started Keto in May 2018. My seasonal allergies seem to have disappeared also. I finally found a diet that has become a lifestyle.

  • Laurie Miller says:

    I have lost 60 lbs since I started Keto in May 2018. My seasonal allergies have also disappeared.

  • Joanne says:

    Keto has helped both my husband and me to heal. We have both lost a bunch of weight, but mor importantly, my husband who was prediabetic has great blood sugar now, and he no longe has cavities every time he goes to the dentist. My undetermined autoimmune disease has caused me so much less pain. I used to take tons of pain medication, but now I take almost none. I have also been sick so much less. Before I went Keto, I was prescribed or injected with antibiotics eight times in nine months. Since going Keto a bit over 5 years ago, I’ve only had antibiotics a couple of times. Yay Keto!

  • Carolsue says:

    I have a friend who has lost a lot of weight and seems to feel and look much better as a result of the Keto diet she has been on. I may have to look into it further than I have!

  • Tina Coleman says:

    Thank you for this! I have always wanted to try them!

  • Tina Coleman says:

    Keto has helped me to feel better. I have thyroid issues, PCOS, I have had a full hysterectomy before 35 and lots of pain from endometriosis before that. I still have pain. Keto has allowed me to feel better and more like myself. On top of that I am down 42 lbs this year- and just keep moving forward. On to year two of Keto.

  • Amanda Dahlby says:

    I’ve been eating this way since 2002 for steady, sustained energy, and I can’t imagine ever going back. Your recipes have helped me greatly in expanding the possibilities of what I’m allowed to eat. The rest of my family doesn’t eat ketogenic, but even they like Real Good Foods products. The enchiladas provide a quick and easy workday lunch.

  • Kristine Reeves says:

    I am still losing weight on keto. I started at 268 lbs and am at 186 and on my way to 150ish which is my goal. I’m more active and have more energy!

  • kesha says:

    I am actually just starting on Keto. I can not wait to see the results!

  • Christopher Sorel says:

    slowly my gut and balance are returning with keto. More to go but slowly I am geting there

  • Kat says:

    Keto has helped heal my IBS.
    The enchiladas look really yummy, hope I can find them.
    Thanks for all your hard work and enjoy Maui.

  • Natalie says:

    I have more energy since starting Keto and my pants are fitting looser!

  • Laura Lindemann says:

    I do Keto for Cancer! I’m feeling stronger! I KNOW this WOE/WOL is helping me fight! Thank you Craig and Maria for all the help!

  • Randa Sharpe says:

    These poppers look really yummy. Hoping to try them soon.

  • Kristi says:

    I’m 21 days into Keto. So far I have lost 9 pounds and my cystic acne and my dermititis have vanished! I’m looking forward to hearing my body with food!

  • I can’t comment on how keto has helped me or a family member as I am just starting to dig more into keto (I’ve dabbled for almost a year).

  • Elena says:

    My Father and I have been on Keto for years and have both never been healthier. Hes 70 and looks like he’s in his 50s!

  • Gretchen Westwood says:

    I have been following you for over a year but have yet to dive into Keto. I saw your Keto Restaurant cookbook at Costco in December and thought it looked so good that it was time to dive in. I started Jan. 4, 2019, and while I am not down tremendously weight wise. . . . 6lbs. I expected about this much by now. The biggest thing I wanted to see, I am experiencing!!!! SLEEP! I am actually sleeping through the night from 10-7 without waking up from 1-4 like I had been. I am hopeful this will continue and that my body and hormones will heal

  • Sue says:

    1- Cognitive improvement. No more pausing during conversations to find the right words or phrases. 2- My joints no longer ache. 3- I have so much more energy. 4- I’ve lost a few inches. 5- I feel better about myself. 6- I’m no longer hungry. 7- I’m helping my daughter get on board to improving her life, too!!!

  • Kayla Tatterson says:

    I just started keto but I can already tell I have so much more energy and have better gastric function. My cravings have disappeared and it is giving me the motivation to stay on track. Thank you Maria!

  • I have lost 30 pounds on Keto.

  • JUDY WITCHER says:

    I haven’t gotten fully into Keto, but have been researching and making an attempt to eat lower carb for sure.

  • Barrie P. says:

    I feel so much better on Keto. I have lost weight and gained energy.

  • Stacey Hubbard says:

    I started Keto on October 8, 2018 due to health issues not for weight loss. I was 150 lbs at 5’2″ as of today, I have been removed from all prescription medications, discharged from 2 specialists and lost 25 lbs. This all in a matter of 3 1/2 months.

  • Susan M. says:

    The keto diet hasn’t healed me, but it does make Type 1 diabetes (autoimmune) easier to manage.

  • Heather says:

    Keto has helped me get my blood sugar under control!

  • Patricia says:

    I have not been strictly keto but very low carb and have lost 35 lbs. Now I have to lower my thyroid medication which is great.

  • Kellie says:

    It’s helped my entire family. We’ve all started on the journey to regain our health and lead better lives.

  • Vicki says:

    Keto is not just another diet, it’s a lifestyle for us now and we love it!

  • Wehaf says:

    My dad’s migraines went away when he went keto!

  • JoEllyn says:

    I just started Keto January 1st. Down 12 lbs so far!!

  • Nicole Flynn says:

    I am just starting. My sister in law started a couple months ago and I thought good for her, but I didn’t feel like started, wasn’t convinced. Well, I am now, she’s really doing a lot better energy wise too. She’s went down 2 pants sizes in those two months. I really like that there are many foods I can enjoy that’s keto friendly. I thought it was going to be kale and kernels or something.

  • Jen says:

    Keto has helped me feel better in SO many ways. Thank you for all the inspiration you provide here!

  • carissa says:

    Im starting into my 4th week on Keto now. My acne and itchy scalp has cleared up miraculously! If I would have known about this 10 years ago, I would’ve been on it already! My neck isnt so stiff, and I have more energy. I also love that my stomach hasn’t grumbled. I can’t wait to see more wonders after the 6 week mark!

  • Karen R Burney says:

    In five months I’ve lost 15% of my starting weight and feel I’m at goal.

  • Robin Clopp says:

    I am very new to Keto and I hate the taste of artificial sweetener. What is the best sweetener to use without that artificial taste.

  • jberry says:

    My sister has better gut health and has kept extra weight off.

  • Kathy Stem says:

    I’ve gone from a size 12/14 to 4/6 and this 55 yr old has never felt better!

  • Cassandra D says:

    Helped a loved one lose weight.

  • Cieara Reed says:

    Keto is helping me heal my body by reducing my medicines, one pill at a time. ❤️

  • Kathy H says:

    Following Keto has allowed me to drop 45 lbs & reduce the pain in my knees, I had a replacement done in Dec 2018 & was still having pain but after dropping some weight I feel so much better, more to go but I have no doubt I will get there.

  • Brandi says:

    Keto has been a blessing for my family. I’m the mother to 7 (I adopted) my daughter is finally off ADHD medication my husbands sleep apnea is improving and I’m off all blood pressure medications not to mention the weight loss (60 lbs for me and 45 for my hubby)

  • Melanie Lawson says:

    Keto has made my health so much better! I reversed T2 diabetes and got off of the Metformin. I was taking 150 mg daily of 3 different pills for my high BP, I am now down to one 20mg pill. My face has cleared totally up. No more aches and pains in my body. Plus, I have lost 80 lbs and I feel extremely good everyday!!!

  • Susan McCollum says:

    Helps to reduce inflammation. Rarely have to take RA med anymore. Flare ups happen when I eat non keto foods (usually when traveling)

  • Lara says:

    I decided to test keto for 6 weeks.
    In that time I lost 15 pounds and my plantar fasciitis resolved not to mention I sleep better. Keto lifestyle

  • Brenda says:

    Keto has definitely helped improve my energy level and my sleep!

  • Jan Kean says:

    Three weeks in and feeling great! Love the flavour of food and enjoy your recipes.

  • Jackie Gay says:

    Keto has given me life again! I’m not a slug anymore. I have so much energy that I can’t sit still for very long. I’m constantly up moving and doing things. I have enjoyed Maria’s easy to follow and delicious recipes…I actually love coooing again. Lastly, I have lost some weight still have a lot to go, but I feel so much better!!

  • Jennifer Brown says:

    KETO cured my Fatty Liver, helped me lose 30 pounds, decrease my insulin level from 19 to 7.3 and my fasting Blood sugar from 106 to 85 and ignited my passion to help others. I started a KETO Lifestyle Meetup group in my area to provide a supportive environment for fellow KETO’ers to hang out with each other.

  • Karen says:

    Keto has greatly helped reduce my inflammation and helped with digestion issues

  • Kathryn says:

    I’ve only recently started Keto but I love it! I love that you’re just eating real food that’s delicious, easy to follow recipes, and lots of support groups! I’m trying to lose weight and have all around good health. Thank you for the giveaway and all your hard work!!

  • ae minx says:

    I’m not losing as much as others have, but I feel better and healthier

  • Ledlie Burchfield says:

    I FINALLY have a NORMAL A1c…. 4.6! So VERY excited, as I have been a T1 diabetic for 45 years! The last 3 years we have been Keto, we have been feeling SO much better…and my husband has lost 95 lbs!

  • Started keto last May by reading your book. I’m almost down 70lbs, off my metformin for PCOS, off my PPI for reflux, feel better, more energy, never going back!

  • JoAnn Benson says:

    I have only been on Keto for 1 month but it has already made great positive influences! I feel more energetic and healthier! My husband is doing it along side me, and is locking it too! We make lunches together every morning together and enjoy making dinners every night! This new way of living has made us closer!

  • Kathy Robertson says:

    It has helped me control my blood sugar.

  • Judy Walker says:

    I have lost 117 pounds on Keto, I am no longer diabetic my A1C is 5.1 which my doctor is thrilled to see. I am sleeping more than I used to and I love this new way of eating. It took me a little over a year to lose my weight, but I carried it around for 40 years and I will never put the weight back on again. I am so much healthier than I was, get around so much better now. I no longer crave, pasta, breads or sugar, what I want more than anything is salted nuts. I only eat a few but that is my treat.

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